Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 74

Edited by Fingerfox


Cao Qitai not only broke out but went into berserk mode, at this moment, a fierce momentum bursted out from his body, white colored xuanqi covered his whole body.


An oppressive and tyrannical power swept out, causing some people who stood close to the battle ring unable to breathe as if the air was frozen.

“Peak Xiantian, Cao Qitai is already a peak layer Xiantian!”

Judging from the oppressive energy that was released from Cao Qitai’s body, the experts from the five families were also shocked. A peak Xiantian, Cao Qitai’s strength actually reached such an extent.

“Let me see your strength, I want to see if it is as strong as your mouth!”

Cao Qitai looked at Du Shaofu, his eyes carried a trace of chillingcoldness. The moment his words were out, his body flew straight towards Du Shaofu like an arrow.

“I just said that you’re a man marrying into a girl’s family, you don’t have to be so angry ah.”

Du Shaofu also moved. Almost at the same instant that Cao Qitai dashed forward, a pale golden light spread out from Du Shaofu’s body. Making the same move as Cao Qitai, Du Shaofu dashed towards the opposite side.

As the both of them made their moves, the tense atmosphere in the square broke out in an uproar!

“Late-Xiantian, Shaofu already broke through to late-Xiantian.”

At this point, Du Zhenwu, and the other experts were finally able to see Du Shaofu’s strength from the xuanqi fluctuations around him.

In a split second time frame, the two figures in the battle ring collided together, bringing an insurmountable impact of energy.


At the moment of collision, a thunderous explosion rang out. Two different colors of xuanqi broke out in ripples of energy like waves on water.

Gravels scattered in the battle ring after the impact, Du Shaofu who was shrouded in a pale golden light was pushed back one step. The ground underneath his foot split.

“Deng! Deng!”

Whereas Cao Qitai, who was shrouded in a white glow staggered back a dozen steps. With every step back, the stone pavement beneath his feet exploded into dust, before finally balancing his steps with a stamp of his feet.

Cao Qitai lifted up his head to look at Du Shaofu with shock in his eyes. He had never expected that with his cultivation being a level higher than Du Shaofu, and the physique cultivation technique he had gotten from his sect, he still ate a loss against Du Shaofu.

“How could he be this strong!”

Just now, Cao Qitai felt like he collided with a terrifying beast, Du Shaofu’s physique is too horrifying.

“This is their real strength, both were very strong ah.” Bai Family’s Bai Jiru muttered to himself softly.

“Du Shaofu seemed to be slightly stronger, a late-Xiantian’s physique could actually win over a peak layer Xiantian’s. This physique is a little too unbelievable.” Ye Baolin said in shock.


After a short pause, while everyone was still in shock, Cao Qitai attacked again.

This time, Cao Qitai no longer used the head on confrontation against Du Shaofu but relied on his speed to reappear in front of Du Shaofu. Hands forming seals, a lightning-quick finger print stabbed towards Du Shaofu’s throat, fast, ruthless and accurate.

However, Cao Qitai underestimated Du Shaofu’s speed, when the finger print shot out, Du Shaofu’s silhouette had avoided the spot from early on.


When Du Shaofu appeared again, a piercing fist punched on the finger print.


As the fist and finger collided, an aftermath of energy swept out, sweeping the dust and sands off the ground.


The two young man’s figures flashed all over but never going out of the battle ring, exchanging moves every time. Based on speed, retreating once, attacking then moving to another spot. Their speed only increased as time flowed by instead of slowing down.

Around the square, many people were sighing at this scene watching the blurred images, relying on their eyes, they could only see the spheres of pale golden and white light flashing and vaguely elongated afterimages in the battle ring at most.

Everyone’s attention was pulled to the battle ring in the middle of the square by the two blurry figures.

The entire square grew silent, other than the occasional sound of fighting coming from the ring.


The two had started another round of exchange, and at this time, the corner of Cao Qitai’s mouth curved up into a cold sneer, his hands rapidly formed several seals and a large amount of xuanqi were infused into it, turning into a left and right white palm print.

“Piercing Flower Sealing Palm!”

Cao Qitai yelled, the palm prints seemed to be in an unsteady manner, however, it had closed off Du Shaofu’s path of retreat.

“What a strong martial technique! Probably a peak Xiantian rank skill that is nearing the Dong rank.”

“Similar to the xuanqi fluctuations coming out from Cao Qitai’s body.”

“Indeed, he is Liuyun County’s Duke son, extraordinary ah.’

After Cao Qitai launched his martial skill attack, many experts with keen eyes were sweating in Du Shaofu’s stead. Both of them had exchanged more than twenty moves, and this time, Cao Qitai had gone all out to deal with Du Shaofu.

Du Shaofu had clearly felt the power behind the white palm prints. He quickly formed handseals and xuanqi flooded out from his meridians, gathering in his palm. Instantly, Du Shaofu’s momentum pierced sky high.

People in the square could feel the rush of spiritual energy from far away, gathering towards Du Shaofu, causing the space to ripple.

“It’s like he’s trying to connect his martial pulse, or is this a Dong rank martial skill.”

“It looks like the Du Clan’s Raging Storm Waves Palm, isn’t it a Xiantian rank martial skill, how could it be so strong?!”

Du Shaofu’s moves and the horrifying energy gathering around him once again made him the center of attention.

“How can the Raging Storm Waves Palm be so strong as if it is different from the one that the ancestors passed down ah.”

Du Zhenwu, Du Zhixiong, and the rest of the present Du Clan people were also shocked upon seeing Du Shaofu’s display of the Raging Storm Waves Palm. They knew for sure that it was the same Raging Storm Waves Palm of the Du Clan, but it was also undeniable that its power was way stronger than the one that they had practiced.

“Raging Storm Waves Palm!!!”

Just when the white color palm prints were about to hit him, Du Shaofu finally managed to shoot out the palm.

Three palm prints crashed together, creating an earth-shattering explosion. In a heartbeat, one wave of wind after another diffused like the raging storm waves.


Space shook, the square quivered, the bluestone pavements on the square whirled off with the violent waves of the wind, scattering numerous dust and gravels in the air.

Two silhouettes retreated at the same time, accompanying the scattering gravels.

“Deng! Deng!”

Du Shaofu was thrown off six steps that were deeply ingrained on the stone pavement. When he finally steadied himself on the sixth step, his face was a little white.

Cao Qitai staggered back a total of thirteen steps, the stone pavement beneath his feet turned into dust, his eyes were glaring fixedly at Du Shaofu at the end.


Without warning, Cao Qitai spurted blood from the corner of his mouth, disbelief was clearly written in his eyes. He cannot accept that he lost to someone with a lower cultivation.


If you can’t imagine the fighting scenes, refer to Ep. 01, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Time: 29:45) just add the glowing spheres to it :)