Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 75

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“This Du Shaofu’s is just too strong, it's as if he had undergone a metamorphosis.”

“A late-Xiantian actually suppressed a peak Xiantian. Du Shaofu is too strong…”

The experts from the five families were just as shocked. All of them could clearly see that in that exchange, both of them had gone all out but Cao Qitai still lost by a large margin. Du Shaofu occupied the absolute upper hand.

The Qin Family people turned pale and with ugly expression on their faces. This result was also something out of their expectation.

“Does this mean that Cao Qitai lost?”

Gazes fell on Cao Qitai one after another, having experienced such a defeat, does he still want to continue? If this continues, he would not gain anything in the end.

“I already told you, I am very strong.”

Looking at Cao Qitai, a tiny smile appeared on Du Shaofu’s face, in his heart however, Du Shaofu was lamenting, this Cao Qitai is really strong ah, just now, he really used his full force against Cao Qitai, and he just barely suppresses Cao Qitai down.

He didn’t know why but Du Shaofu had a feeling that this Cao Qitai was still hiding something. Therefore, till this moment, he did not relax.

Suddenly, Cao Qitai’s pale face returned to it’s usual ruddy complexion, and send Du Shaofu a smile. But the smile was a little gloomy, making people feel uncomfortable looking at it.

As Cao Qitai’s ruddiness returned, it attracted the attention of the people around the square.  Instantly, more and more people were staring at Cao Qitai while whispering among themselves.

“Kid, you are indeed very strong but don’t think that you can win against me like this.”

Staring at Du Shaofu, Cao Qitai’s voice became colder, “ You are able to make me use my real strength, you really made me see you in a different light. Unfortunately, today, you are still destined to be defeated in my hands.”

After he said that, the energy fluctuations around Cao Qitai increased once again, and it continued to increase.

A terrifying aura was gathering around Cao Qitai, causing the sand and dust to swirl up in the wrecked battle ring like a typhoon. The increasing energy from Cao Qitai carried a trace of frigid coldness, making everyone feel as if they fell into a frozen world.

When Cao Qitai’s increasing energy stabilized, the atmosphere around him actually has vague runes floating.

“Early Pulse Connecting, God, Cao Qitai is actually an early Pulse Connecting  warrior!”

“So powerful!”


The crowd and the experts from the five families on the platform seats were all shocked. With Cao Qitai’s age, to be able to cultivate till Pulse Connecting level, this definitely proved that he has a great talent.

Whereas the Qin Family bloomed into wide smiles, a huge difference from their somber expressions earlier. Cao Qitai being a Maidong level warrior also came as a shock to them.

It was a well-known truth that in cultivation, advancing from Houtian to Xiantian is the real first step into the cultivation world. And from Xiantian to Pulse Connecting was another glass ceiling.

Between the Pulse Connecting level and Xiantian level, there was a substantially huge gap to overcome.

In Xiantian realm, one opens the Shenque and accumulates xuanqi.

Whereby in the Pulse Connecting realm is where the martial pulse is opened, building a connection with the martial pulse to use its ability.

Martial pulse was absolutely crucial to a cultivator, and its importance will show itself once the warrior entered the Pulse Connecting realm.

“Not good! This Cao Qitai hid too deeply, an early Pulse Connecting warrior, Shaofu is in danger.”

Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong’s expression tensed up. How could they not know, there was already a huge gap between a peak Xiantian to a Pulse Connecting realm expert, not to mention that Du Shaofu was only a late-Xiantian at the moment!

“Hmph, Du Shaofu just wait for your bones to be dismantled!”

An Hu, Bai Tianming, and those that had a grudged with Du Shaofu mocked. Initially, their hearts were feeling uncomfortable from watching Du Shaofu superseding Cao Qitai, but now that Cao Qitai had revealed his early Pulse Connecting level cultivation, they can’t wait to see Du Shaofu being abused by Cao Qitai in the ring.

“Pulse Connecting realm; he had actually broken through to the Pulse Connecting realm.”

An Long was stumped for a second, he thought that if it wasn’t for Du Shaofu, this year’s champion would definitely be him…

However, looking at Cao Qitai’s strength, he realized, that even without Du Shaofu, he still doesn’t hold any chances.

Receiving consecutive blows, An Long’s heart refused to accept it, he cannot accept that he, who had been stronger than everyone else since he was little was actually suppressed by others.

When his aura stabilized, Cao Qitai lifted his head up. His frosty cold eyes stared gloomily at Du Shaofu, a cold sneer was raised at the corner of his mouth, Cao Qitai’s hands started to form seals with rapid speed. Streams of frigid cold qi invaded the air as mysterious runes appeared following Cao Qitai’s hand movements.

Runes circled around him, balls of lights flickered constantly as the energy fluctuations became increasingly stronger; an icy cold qi locked onto Du Shaofu.

Being locked on by a frigid qi, Du Shaofu frowned unknowingly. As the target, he was the clearest of all between the difference Cao Qitai earlier and the current one, he was many, many times stronger.


In less than a breath’s time, the exposed surface of Cao Qitai’s skin was bursting with runes as if he had connected with something.

When the last handseal was completed, an abundant force combined with xuanqi rushed out from Cao Qitai’s body, condensing into a giant pure white, surreal snow eagle.

The giant snow eagle wrapped around Cao Qitai as if it was alive, spreading a cold atmosphere in the square that seemed like it could freeze the square any time, the terrifying momentum shocked everyone’s soul!

“Demonic Ice Snow Eagle, I didn’t expect that Cao Qitai’s martial pulse spirit turned out to be the Demonic Ice Snow Eagle. This is one of the top demonic beasts on the beast list. To procure such a beast as a pulse spirit was not an easy thing!”

“Really makes me jealous ah, if there was no backing, to capture a Demonic Ice Snow Eagle as a pulse spirit, at the least it needed a Pulse Connecting level warrior. It is a midsummer dream for me!”

“Connect to the martial pulse to summon out the pulse spirit, this is a Pulse Connecting level warrior’s strongest attack. This Cao Qitai wants to kill Du Shaofu!!!”

“Not necessarily, in my opinion, Cao Qitai had entered the Pulse Connecting level not too long ago, he has yet to fully master how to use his pulse spirit, he could probably use a little of its power.”


Following Cao Qitai’s change, the five families’ camp and the crowd broke out in a commotion, those with keen eyesight could immediately tell the exceptional points, and the appearance of the Demonic Ice Snow Eagle was enough to raise envy amongst the five families.

“Kid, it ends here. You are no longer my opponent. After all, we’re of different levels.”

Cao Qitai’s lips hooked up in a vicious sneer, his voice sounded hoarse in the cold air, like sharp ice blades that cuts the eardrums.


The vague shadow of the Demonic Ice Snow Eagle spread its wings before the crowd, creating a storm of hail.

Cao Qitai’s body looked as if he had fused with his pulse spirit, runes continued to flicker, bringing an oppressive pressure crushing towards Du Shaofu.



Pulse refers to the martial pulse

Changing the terms for Xiantian layers -early Xiantian, mid-Xiantian, late-Xiantian, and peak Xiantian

Maidong realm to Pulse Connecting realm