Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 76

Edited by Fingerfox and Lifer


The demonic snow eagle flapped its wings, and as a result, gravels and dust twisted into a whirlpool while frigid cold air was released that seeped into the bones of the onlookers. All around the eagle screamed of destruction.

Terrifying energy fluctuations rippled that even a peak Xiantian would have a hard time contending it.

Maidong realm and Xiantian realm were totally different in terms of power, and thus, it's hard to overcome.

“Really strong ah. Connecting to the martial pulse is considered as Maidong level, yea.”

Du Shaofu moved as the eagle enshrouded in white runes swooped down. At the same time, however, the pair of eyes that followed the eagle’s movement narrowed. Afterwards, a golden light shot out from under Shaofu's feet, rising up and covering his entire body.


Before the crowd’s eyes, the surreal demonic snow eagle crashed onto Du Shaofu.

At this moment, Cao Qitai’s hands looked like the demonic snow eagle’s pair of sharp claws. It then pierced through the golden light, burying into Du Shaofu’s shoulder as if it wanted to tear Du Shaofu into pieces.


In that brief second the stone pavements under Du Shaofu’s feet cracked under the pressure, stones shooting out and dust rose up in the air.

“No matter how strong Du Shaofu is, in the end, he still lost.”

“Cao Qitai is a Maidong level warrior. This is too big a blow!”

In between the shocked gasps was sighs of contemplation, and at the same time, cold sweat soaked their bodies in place of Du Shaofu. The result was obvious in everyone’s eyes.

However strong a Xiantian was, it still couldn't rival a Maidong level warrior, and with a demonic snow eagle pulse spirit at that.

At the same time the stone pavement cracked underneath Du Shaofu’s feet, the pale golden light shrouding Du Shaofu enlarged and runes started emerged from the surface of his skin.

Afterwards, an overbearing aura broke out from Du Shaofu’s body, trembling the space like a demonic beast king soaring skyward. The overbearing aura made it hard to breathe.

Meanwhile, the demonic snow eagle seemed to show a trace of fear in its ferocious eyes like it sensed something it was most afraid of. Consequently—not knowing the reason why the eagle became like that—confusion surfaced on Qitai's eyes.

Qitai's hand tore five holes on Shaofu's robe but other than that was nothing. His hand was actually blocked by Shaofu's skin! It was akin to attacking the hardest steel, Qitai was unable to penetrate even half an inch. This result gave birth to a strong sense of dread in Cao Qitai's heart.


Du Shaofu’s left hand—that was like a dazzling golden wing made out of runes—swung out, that, in turn, created a huge tornado of energy that striked on the illusory silhouette of the demonic snow eagle.


Hidden in the golden runes was an unending force that slashed out, tearing the white figure into smithereens with ease. It's extremely overbearing!

“Not good!”

Cao Qitai turned pale and wanted to retreat at that instant.

However, before he could execute his retreat, Du Shaofu stamped on the ground lightly and appeared close to Cao Qitai faster than lightning.

Watching the opponent’s frightened face, a bright smile appeared on Du Shaofu’s face. Bringing a tyrannical force, his five fingers twisted the long robe at Cao Qitai’s chest. Both figures paused in this posture for a moment.


Afterwards, Du Shaofu leaped several meters up into the sky. In midair, his body made a somersault turn, borrowing the power to push himself up higher in the air. All the while, Du Shaofu was holding Cao Qitai up above a dozen meters from the ground. Du Shaofu then swooped down like a goshawk, with Cao Qitai below him, crashing into the hard stone square ground.

All of this happened in an instant, quicker than the speed of lightning!

Crashing into the ground like a meteorite, that kind of visual impact was indescribable with his overbearing style!


A thunderous crash rang out, and strong tremors traveled through the ground. The scared Cao Qitai recieved Du Shaofu’s fall like a straw bag. The impact of the strong crash created a pit in the city square.

“Pulsate fist!”

Even when Cao Qitai was buried into the ground, Du Shaofu continued his attack. A fist punched out, and a large fist print shot down directly on Cao Qitai body.

The fist looked bigger on Cao Qitai’s pupils, increasing the fear in his heart. The blurred purple-robed silhouette raised fear that came deep down from his bones as he was enveloped by the fist.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

One punch with thirteen layers of overlapping force, and sounds of broken bones were heard along with the blasts. The cracks on the ground enlarged and deepened.


Blood spurted out from Cao Qitai’s mouth uncontrollably; his body sunk deeper into the earth from the force of impact. Once again, gravels and dust rose in the air.


Silence. The entire city square was deadly quiet.

What just happened felt like a dream.

The five families’ experts were dumbstruck like a wooden chicken. The scene was hard to believe even though it happened right before their eyes.

“Young lord!!!”

“Dare to use such a cruel trick! Kid, present your life!”

In the stillness of the square, two loud shouts rang out at the same time. There were two people that weren’t part of the Qin Family that stood out in the family's camp. One short and one tall middle-aged man jumped into the battle ring, heading towards Du Shaofu. Xuanqi surged violently from their bodies, the terrifying flow of energy made the space tremble.

These two people’s cultivation was many times higher compared to Du Shaofu and Cao Qitai.

“Who dares to touch my Du Clan’s people!”

“Dare to touch my nephew, you’re the one looking for death!”

Two consecutive loud shouts followed behind. Just when the short and tall middle-aged man rushed towards Du Shaofu, Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong leaped out at the same time. Intense energy fluctuations broke out as two attacks fell on the backs of the short and tall men.

Detecting the intense energy behind them, the short and tall men had no choice but to turn around. Their attacks that were originally intended for Du Shaofu were sent towards Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong’s direction.

*Bang! Bang!*

The sound of collisions resounded as four figures go against each other. Their xuanqi grew stronger, winds whistled as the force swept out a large area.


The four figures retreated, both Du Zhenwu and the tall middle-aged man staggered five steps. Apparently, both were equally matched.

Meanwhile, the short middle-aged man went against Du Zhixiong—but just like the other pair—the two also retreated five steps from their collision. However, Du Zhixiong opponent’s fist was shaking in pain and was internally injured due to the rebound energy brought by Du Zhixiong. Obviously, he ate a big loss.

“Shaofu, are you alright?” Du Zhenwu rushed to Du Shaofu’s side immediately.

“Eldest uncle, I am fine.”

Du Shaofu shook his head, but his expression changed on a minuscule level before the short and tall men could notice. Du Shaofu then picked up the fainted Cao Qitai from the pit below, hanging the body his hand.

“Brat, what are you trying to do?”

Both of the middle-aged men’s faces turned ugly. If anything happened to their young lord, they are finished.

Du Shaofu’s expression darkened as he watched the short and tall middle-aged man, and the said, “The two of you attempted to attack me, yet you have the nerve to ask me what am I trying to do?”

“Brat, if you dare to touch a hair on my young lord’s head, you will die without an intact corpse!” The tall middle-aged man did not expect that a junior had the guts to threaten him.