Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 79

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“Third Steward, it’s bad!”

Somewhere in a majestic building of Stone City, a burly man ran into the side hall—flustered.

Inside the hall, an old man of over a hundred years old was sitting while embracing a young beauty in his arms. His head was buried deep into the beauty’s bosom. When the burly man ran into the room, he became furious and snapped, “Huang San, if you can’t give me a good enough reason for interrupting me at this time, be prepared for punishment this instant!”

“Third Steward, we just found out that there was a thirty-three thousand xuanbi of bet note in one of our betting notes.”

Huang San explained fearfully to the old man while his eyes glanced furtively at the beauty in the old man’s embrace, causing a burning desire in his eyes. However, the old man’s shout made him shudder in fright and he quickly looked away.

“So what if there was a thirty-three thousand xuanbi bet note, how serious can it be.” The old man replied in a somber voice.

“Third Steward, that thirty-three thousand bet note was placed on the Bai Family’s Bai Mei. That is a thirty-three thousand xuanbi! Even giving all of our profits this time, it is still not enough to reimburse that note.”

Huang San burst instantly into tears and whined. Who would have thought that with Bai Mei’s strength she could actually enter the top four position? And their betting points actually issued out a thirty-three thousand xuanbi of bet note. Thinking of the betting odds against Bai Family’s Bai Mei, cold sweat dampened Huang San’s back.

Hearing Huang San’s explanation, the old man’s face changed for the worse. He then jumped out from his seat, nearly throwing off the charming beauty in his arms to the floor. Anxiously, the old man asked, “Did you find out who that note belongs to, quickly go and find out?!”

“We already found out, this big note was made through my hands. Also, it was the Bai Family’s Bai Mei, so I remembered it clearly. It was a young man wearing a big hood. I can’t make out the face but from his voice, he shouldn’t be too old.” Huang San said confidently.

“A very young voice, wearing a big hood. Has he come to claim?”

The old man asked and a cold light flickered across his eyes, no one knew what he was thinking in his heart.

“Not yet. We just found out that there is still this bet note.” Huang San replied.

“He has yet to claim it. Moreover, he probably doesn’t belong to our Stone City. In that case, he shouldn’t blame us for being ruthless!”

The old man looked up, a sharp light gleamed in his eyes as he stared at Huang San and made a throat-slashing gesture. “You should know what to arrange when that person comes to claim it….”

“Third Steward, I know what to do. I will make sure it is clean, and will not leave any traces.”

It seemed that this was not the first time Huang San did such things. After he nodded to the old man, his eyes once again fell onto the charming woman before leaving the room reluctantly.


The early morning of the next day, the earth woke up full of vitality.


Du Shaofu breathed out some foul qi from his mouth. He then stood up from his cross-legged sitting position and stretched lazily. Sounds of cracking bones could be heard as if they contained an abundant force within.

“Tomorrow I will be going into the Ye Family’s Lightning Pool. Then, I should go and collect the debt today.”

A smile was apparent on Shaofu’s face as he refreshed himself, and left the courtyard.

Treasure Descend Firm was quite well-known in Stone City. And it was also one of the betting points during the Five Families Junior Competition.

The sun rose higher in the sky. On the streets, a purple-robed young man wearing a big hood was seen outside of the Treasure Descend Firm. After giving the firm plate a glance, he stepped into the building.

When this person entered the building, lights flashed across the many eyes watching him.

“I’ll claim this bet note.” The purple-robed figure placed a bet note over the counter while glancing at a shrewd-looking middle-aged man standing behind the counter.

After receiving the bet note, Huang San’s eyes flashed unnoticeably. He then said, “Congratulations to you, dear costumer. This bet note has the highest winning odds. Please follow me inside to claim your winnings.”


The purple-robed silhouette nodded and followed Huang San to the inner courtyard without hesitation.

“Quick, close the doors.”

While the purple-robed figure walked into the inner courtyard, several figures were moving in the dark—closing the doors.

“This customer isn’t a local Stone City resident right?”

In the inner yard, Huang San suddenly turned around and stared at the purple-robed figure under the big hood.

“What does this got to do with me claiming my winnings? I placed a total of thirty-three thousand xuanbi on Bai Family’s Bai Mei to last till the final four spots, and according to the betting odds of one hundred and sixty times, you should give me a total of five million and two hundred eighty thousand xuanbi. Quickly give it to me, I am very busy.”

When he heard the huge sum being mentioned, Huang San’s face twitched heavily. He couldn’t make out the expression or features under the big hood, but from the voice, he was very sure that this person was a fledgling.

They have never imagined that Bai Mei would be able to hold on till the final four. He heard that Bai Mei was close to Du Clan’s Du Shaofu, and only managed to achieve such a result under his protection.

Thinking about this, Huang San wished that he could tear Du Shaofu apart. If not for him, Treasure Descend Firm would not suffer such a humongous loss.

However, Huang San was well aware of his capabilities. Not to mention that his strength couldn’t even do anything to Du Shaofu just for the fact that he is part of the Du Clan, the Treasure Descend Firm already can’t afford to provoke Du Shaofu.

“What bet note, I don’t understand what customer is saying.”

Huang San’s gloomy expression returned to normal as a cold laugh came out from his mouth. He couldn’t afford to provoke Du Shaofu, but the person in front him was another story. This was not his first time doing this kind of thing. When he was still in the Morning Light beast hunting team the number of demonic beasts, and human lives that ended in his hands were countless.

The hooded young man lifted his head, and Huang San could feel a sharp gaze from inside the hood.

“You mean you don’t intend to pay my winnings. I am giving you one last chance, don’t make yourself regret it.” From within the hood, a cold voice sounded.

“Haha, regret? In this Stone City, other than the five families we are not afraid of anyone!”

Huang San laughed, the Treasure Descend Firm was not afraid provoking anyone other than the five families of Stone City. Furthermore, they were backed by one of them, otherwise how else could they stand firm in Stone City?

Huang San stopped laughing. A cold light then flashed in his eyes as he waved his hand and shouted: “Attack!”

*Sou! Sou!*

Subsequent to Huang San’s order, more than twenty figures appeared from different corners of the yard. They leaped towards the purple-robed young man with murderous intent, and trapping him in a fan-shaped encirclement.