Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 83

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In the middle of the underground cave was a deep looking pool that was over a hundred meters wide. Inside of it was not the usual ordinary water, but a viscous, milky white substance.

Lightning slithered in the viscous substance. Just by looking at the pool, the potent and brutal energy from within shocked the hearts!

“Lightning Pool! This is the Lightning Pool!”

Du Shaofu’s eyes shone with ecstasy. The violent lightning energy inside the pool did not frighten him at all. Instead, a look of anticipation emerged on his face.

Feeling the abundant energy force inside the pool, he believed that cultivating here could definitely enhance the physique refining law he was practicing.

Although the energy in the Lightning Pool was potent and violent, Du Shaofu had a certain amount of trust in his current physical strength that the lightning energy would not seriously injure him. In fact, the stronger the energy, the better it was for him. However, for safety’s sake, he swallowed the little pill Ye Zhijin gave him earlier and jumped into the milky white pool.


Instantly, lightning streaked and white drops of substance splashed everywhere.

*Honglong! Long!*

Just as Du Shaofu dived into the Lightning Pool, his presence seemed to have triggered something. Loud and deafening rumblings shook the cave, and the lightning pool rolled and surged angrily. Streaks of lightning awakened, rushing towards Du Shaofu from all around.


Thick streaks of lightning that looked like pythons lashed on Du Shaofu like they wanted to tear him into pieces, and at the same time, the pressure in the pool started to increase.

“Not good, why did it become so strong suddenly!”

The sudden ferocious reaction of the pool made Du Shaofu shudder from head to toe.

Moreover, Du Shaofu noticed something else—there was a sense of weightlessness in the pool like his body was light as a cork in the viscous milky white substance that was thousand times denser and heavier than he was. Inside the pool, each inch he moved was made with great effort, moving yet not moving.


The increasing pressure and the power of lightning became more horrible as the current became more violent, ‘attacking’  him from all directions, drilling into his body, nearly tearing him apart.

Even with the physique that he was confident in earlier, he could barely contend against the large force. His internal organs nearly flipped over from the impact, and he almost spurted a mouthful of blood at the abruptness of everything.

However, exactly at this time, Du Shaofu felt clearly the Impedance Lighting Dan’s effects had started to work. The medicinal effect coursed through the veins along his body, and then something flowed out from his pores, turning into a layer of translucent film that wrapped over his entire body.

This layer of film seemed normal, but it actually deflected half of the violent lightning energy and pressure off his body, instantly reducing the overwhelming pressure on him.

Still, the lightning energy and pool pressure targeting Du Shaofu did not lessen; the sense of weightlessness remained, making it extremely difficult to move. Great effort was exerted for every move as if there was an immovable huge mountain blocking his path.

More and more force gushed into Du Shaofu’s body, making his hair rise at the savageness of the Lightning Pool. If it wasn’t for the dan, he would probably be torn into pieces of meat by now.

“Start practicing the physique refining law!”

Du Shaofu’s hands quickly formed seals and continued as he had planned—to enhance his physique in the Lightning Pool.

As seals flew from his fingers, the lightning energy current gathering towards Du Shaofu became more violent and turbulent like there was a force attracting them to him. In the Lightning Pool, the pressure increased parallel to the energy, the hundred meters wide pool had turned into an ominous land….

Time flowed by while Du Shaofu was practicing in the Lightning Pool. In the Wild Beasts Mountain, a big event was taking place. On the outer area of the Wild Beasts Mountains where the Spirit Hunting Group convened, none of them knew why the Du Clan would suddenly launch a large-scale attack on them.

The clan had amassed quite a number of experts for this task, and they cleaned up the Spirit Hunting Group swiftly without much effort.

Moreover, Stone City had dwindled into an eerie silence after the lively Five Families’ Junior Competition event ended.

This kind of silence made some people who were sensitive feel extremely depressed. They had a feeling that this was an advent before a storm.

“Du Zhenwu, Du Zhixiong, I will see how long you can feel proud. I will absolutely not let this go!”

In one of the An Family's courtyards.

An Qingsong’s voice was filled with hatred, and his face was dark and sullen. This time, his family had suffered a huge loss for nothing.

He will make them pay for this.


Waves of mountains in the horizon painted a background of a multitude of green foliage. Crowning the mountain peaks were lit with misty fogs, moving with the breeze.

The edges of horizon seemed to connect to the city buildings.

Under the glow of the sunset, the evening sky looked like a fallen autumn leaf.

In a majestic grand hall, a sharp light flickered across the eyes of a middle-aged man in a fitting yellow robe. This person exuded an awe-inspiring aura. The middle-aged man has a tall stature, thick, muscular arms, firm bulging chest, and a low husky voice as he said to the tall and thin old man next to him, “Heng Lao, how is Qitai’s injury?”

The thin tall old man replied, “His injuries were very severe, his internal organs was impacted. Fortunately, there was no danger to his life. After my treatment, he should be able to recover very soon.”

“It's hard to imagine that in a small Stone City that kind of extraordinary kid would appear. This time he hurt my son, he can only go to hell!”

The brawny man turned sullen, he then shouted in the grand hall, “People, inform Stone City’s Qin Family, once there is a movement in Stone City, they must send a message here immediately.

“Yes, Lord Duke.” In the grand hall, someone replied and went to carry out the order.

“Lord Duke, that Demonic Lightning lion won’t be able to last long. As long as we got the arcane bone and blood essence, then Lord Duke would be able to advance a step further. The Young Lord, will also benefit from this.” The slender old man said in a light voice.

“Stone City is mine!”

The yellow-robed man nodded, a violent atmosphere fluctuated around him.


Pain. Pain that sunk deep into the marrows. Du Shaofu felt his body was about to be shredded by the pressure and the lightning energy any moment. An endless barrage of lightning flashed on the surface of the pool whipping his body, causing his muscles and flesh to feel numb from the pain.

Inside the Lightning Pool, slightly moving a hand seemed to require the strength of ten thousand jin.  

At the moment, Du Shaofu was wrapped by lightning that drilled in and out of his body, each movement looked profound and mysterious.

When the lightning energy rushed into his flesh, a burning sensation ran through his body. It felt like the pool had a blood grudge with Du Shaofu, desperately trying to destroy his meridians, veins, muscles and organs.


As time goes by, Du Shaofu could feel his bones, muscles, meridians, veins and even his blood were infused with the power of lightning.

Running the Golden-winged garuda’s physique refining law, a pale golden light shrouded his body. Both of his arms were waving and hitting on the milky white surface, each time exhausting his strength as though he could not move for another time.

Just like what Du Shaofu had guessed earlier, the tempering benefits of the lightning energy indeed played a huge role in enhancing his Golden-winged garuda’s physique training.

Gritting his teeth to endure the pain, Du Shaofu persisted in moving his hands. His body bounced back and forth in the pool as he moved. The density of the milky white substance was equivalent to Du Shaofu throwing himself against the hard rocks, dispersing the lightning energy into his flesh and muscles. He wanted to use the pressure and the violent lightning energy to perfect the first stage—refining the Golden Plumage.


The translucent layer created by the Impedance Lightning dan melted and disappeared. As a result, the lightning energy and pressure forcefully impacted Du Shaofu, breaking the limits of his physical body. Loud rumbles echoed in the cave as lightning zigzagged hitting the cave walls. The electricity in the air was prickling his skin!


Du Shaofu was lost in the pool, only a group of flashing lightning ball could be seen as violent streaks of lightning danced in and out of his body.


In the end, Du Shaofu gritted his teeth but he could not suppress the excruciating pain, and a scream escaped his throat. The abundant violent energy was wreaking havoc inside his body, the pain went deep into his bones, every second that passed felt like a lifetime. Du Shaofu almost wished that he could faint on the spot.

All his internal organs, bones, muscles, flesh, meridians and blood were exacerbated with the pain. This method of tempering the physique was indeed a type of horrendous torture that even his xuanqi was not spared by the invasive lightning.

“I cannot give up. The stronger it is, the more benefits it brings.”

The ten years’ of experience had sharpened Du Shaofu’s will to be stronger than the average people. In such a situation, he could still maintain a trace of consciousness to push himself further, endure a little more. If it was anyone else, they would have fainted by now.

What Du Shaofu didn’t know was, in the previous years that the Lightning Pool was opened, none of the champions was able to last until the Impedance Lightning Dan lost its effect.

In general, those who entered the Lightning Pool, it was considered an excellent result if they could stay five days inside, and six days was the limit.

According to the rumors, for so many years the only person who lasted till the effect of the dan disappeared was someone from the An Family. However, this was many, many, many years ago.

In the center of the violent lightning energy, Du Shaofu held fast to his consciousness for he knew the more violent they were, the more benefits he would receive.