Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 85

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“Look, what is that?”

In the dark night, above the Ye Family’s compound, somebody witnessed horrifying energy fluctuations coming out from there.

In the night sky, scuds of clouds started to roll, and terrifying lightning flashed lit up the dark sky, causing goose bumps on the neck to rise.

The residents of Stone City were terrified.

“Lightning Ancestor spent his lifetime protecting Stone City and our Ye Family. In the end, it came to this.”

Outside the odd ancient building that looked neither like a pagoda or a temple, Ye Zhijin’s usual calm and cold eyes were moist.

“We have used the entire family’s resources but we are still powerless to help the Lightning Ancestor to survive this calamity. I am the useless one ah.” Ye Baolin lamented, his noble face was bereaved.

“Final lucidity before demise, we can make our move."

A figure stood on the roof of a pavilion, excitement rippling across his eyes after decades of waiting.

And on the peak of a mountain, a figure instructed:,“All members of Qin Family use every effort to seize the good fortune.”

Nearby the lake, an old silhouette looked in the direction of the Ye Family, muttering lightly, “Tomorrow we will know how things will end. What this choice holds for the Bai Family, we could only gamble this time.”

Daybreak, a long way from Stone City, green hills waved across the land. It was vast and majestic.


The Qin Family who had been silent in recent days started to act. The huge, sturdy front door of the Qin Family opened, and groups of Qin Family’s elites leaped out, distributing a strong coercive atmosphere.


Almost at the same time, in another direction inside Stone City, another group of strong experts leaped to the sky.

Stone City that was lighted by the sunny morning suddenly had a change of situation!

“They finally made their move.”

Somewhere within the Du Clan compound, Du Zhenwu looked far away into the sky, his expression somber.

Du Zhixiong frowned as he looked up, saying, “Big Brother, which side should we take?”

Du Zhenwu was silent for a moment and then said, “Initially, we did not want to involve ourselves in this murky water, but now we have no other options. Shaofu is still in the Lightning Pool, and that is the Ye Family’s land.”

“Big Brother suspects that it is not that Shaofu have not come out from the Lightning Pool, but instead he was detained by the Ye Family? Because they do not trust our Du Clan?” Du Zhixiong had an ugly expression on his face.

“I’m not certain, but no matter how it is, we are unable to exclude ourselves from this. We have no choice.” Du Zhenwu said.

Du Zhixiong checked himself, after a while, he said, “I understand, I will go and make the arrangements.”

With the current situation unknown in Stone City, the residents lived in fear.

Outside of the Ye Family, thick stormy clouds gathered, blocking away all trace of sunlight as if the sun abandoned the remote city, causing the atmosphere to be gloomy and depressed


On the wide street outside the Ye Family’s compound, a sea of people appeared. The several men at the front were riding on rare mounts from the outer edge of the Wild Beast Mountains—Golden-furred demonic wolf.

Golden-fured demonic wolf was a type of low-level beasts that could be trained into mounts. However, it costs heavily to train them, and so, not every family could afford to have these golden fur wolves as mounts.

Moreover, it was a known fact that the Golden-furred demonic wolves were the Qin Family’s mount. To rear more than a dozen of them, showed Qin Family’s wealth and power.

About three hundred people from the Qin Family lined neatly as if in a square box, riding on mounts stronger than the Golden-furred demonic wolf, the Storm-gale-snow stallion. Its body was white as snow like an untouched white jade, and it was said that the Storm-gale-snow stallion had excellent speed.

Each person riding on a Storm-gale-snow stallion wore armors with their hands gripping their long sword, the sharp atmosphere surrounding them made people shudder.

These people in armors were obviously not part of the Qin Family.

Those who had some knowledge and experience would know these are members of the Imperial Knight, an elite existence in the Stone Dragon Empire that came from Liuyun County.

“Looks like an accident happened in the Ye Family, our Qin Family came to help.”

At the front of the Qin Family, Patriarch Qin Zongqiong, who was riding on the Golden-furred demonic wolf that was bigger compared to the rest, stared fixedly at the tightly shut front door of the Ye Family.

“An Family also came to lend a hand.”

“Bai Family came to assist.”

Following Qin Zhongsiong’s declaration of aid, strong fluctuations came out from two different directions. Groups riding on Demonic Stone Splitting bear and Ironback Demonic bull were heading in the Ye Family’s direction.  

Both the Demonic Stone Splitting bear and the Ironback Demonic bull were low-level beasts but had powerful explosive speed.

On the herd of Demonic Stone Splitting bears sat the elites of the An Family with An Qingsong leading at the front, followed by experts their family's experts, including An Long and An Hu.

And from the other direction, on the backs of those Ironback Demonic bulls were the Bai Family. Bai Jiru looked scholarly elegant as usual with Bai Caiyi at his side.

*Hou hou…..hou!*

*Ao ao ao…!*


Three of the strongest families made their appearance. The herds of Golden-furred Demonic wolf, Storm-gale-snow stallion, Ironback Demonic bull, and the Demonic Stone Splitting Bear roared, showing their might!

"It was truly hard for everyone to endure for so long.”

A clear ringing voice sounded as the huge doors of the Ye Family opened. The Ye Family's disciples and experts could be seen walking out in droves on foot, no fancy mounts and yet the momentum they exuded did not lose out to the three party ‘guests’ at their door.

More than a thousand of the Ye Family’s elites stood in neat lines opposite of the three groups, quiet and tidy, but still, their sharpness and resolution pierced the air.

A line opened in the middle of the Ye Family’s group as Ye Baolin walked out accompanied by the many Ye Family's experts.

Ye Zhijin was among them, particularly dazzling.

Qin Zongqiong’s expression wasn’t that nice as he looked at Ye Baolin and said, “Mayor, something went wrong inside the Ye Family, we only came to assist.”


Ye Baolin laughed. From his usual amiable smiles a trace of sarcasm could be detected as if he was a different person. Examining Qin Zongqiong, he said, “We all know in our hearts why all of you are here, why put on an act? You're making things feel hypocritical.’

“That’s right, not being a hypocrite is better in this situation.”

An Qingsong nudged his Demonic Stone Splitting bear a few steps forward. He looked at Ye Baolin, saying, “Mayor, my An Family is more oriented, hand over the Demonic Lightning lion and you will still be the Mayor.  At that time, the Demonic Lightning lion’s arcane bone will be shared with the An Family, Bai Family, Qin Family and your Ye Family, what do you think?”

“I did not expect that An Family would cooperate with the Bai Family, this is truly out of my expectation ah.”

Ye Baolin’s gaze fell on Bai Jiru, and surprised] flickered in his eyes.

Bai Jiru’s sighed when he heard Ye Baolin’s words, his voice seemed to contain a sense of helplessness within as he said to Ye Baolin, “Brother Ye, this was my lack of power. If you can agree, perhaps it would be the best choice to avoid unnecessary loss and rivers of blood to flow in Stone City.”

“Qin Zongqiong, what about you? Bonding in a marriage relationship with the Cao Family, was all of it for today?”

Ye Baolin’s gaze swept across the Qin Family’s camp and over the hundred numbers of Imperial Knights and finally stopped on the Qin Family’s Patriarch, Qin Zongqiong.

“Mayor Ye, as the saying goes: a wise man knows how the current flows. Ye Family had taken control of Stone City for so many years, it is more than enough. You should be content.” Qin Zongqiong said.

Ye Baolin stared at the three Patriarchs. The indifferent expression on his noble face became thicker, and finally stated, “Unfortunately, you are not qualified.”

“Ye Baolin, do you think your Ye Family can fight against all of us here?” Qin Zongsiong’s face became gloomy and shouted.


Just as Qin Zongqiong was done, loud noises and a strong atmosphere came from the end of the street.

Everyone’s attention was attracted and saw a large group of Blood-sweated Dragon horse racing over, giving a surreal visual impact.

“The Du Clan is here!”

Certain emotions flashed across some individual’s faces hearing the arrival of the Du Clan.

Du Zhenwu, Du Zhixiong and the Du Clan experts, even the Big Elder came.

“Haha, things here are really lively, it seems I’m a little late.”

On one of the leading Blood-sweated Dragon horses, Du Zhenwu’s silvery voice rang through the air. His robe fluttered in the wind, presenting a worldly image.

When the Du Clan appeared in front of the Ye Family’s door, Qin Zongqiong glared intensely at Du Zhenwu, and questioned, “Du Zhenwu, does your Du Clan really want to help Ye Family?”

Judging from the recent activities between the Ye Family and the Du Clan, everyone had assumed that the Du Clan and Ye Family had formed an alliance, and now, the Du Clan had come to assist the Ye Family.

“As a resident of Stone City, of course we have to exert some energy for the peace of Stone City. I just do not want innocent blood to flow in Stone City.”

Du Zhenwu replied. Although his words were not on point, his implied meaning was more than clear.

An Qingsong stared fixedly at Du Zhenwu with coldness in his eyes. Today, he would settle the score with the Du Clan once and for all. “Du Zhenwu, your Du Clan had just risen no more than a decade in Stone City, do you really think your power is on par with us! What a joke!”

“An Qingsong, as far as I know, the Du Clan's ancestors have set foot in Stone City longer compared to yours. You want to compare the time span, what do you think you’re An Family is!” Du Zhixiong snapped, the Blood-sweated Dragon horse under him let out a domineering scream.

“Hmph! No self-knowledge. Since you choose this, don’t blame me!” An Qingsong barked coldly.

“Brother Du, many thanks, for Du Clan’s aid today. Our Ye Family owes the Du Clan a big favor.”

Ye Baolin looked up and nodded at Du Zhenwu, gratitude was evident on his noble face.

Du Zhenwu shifted his gaze onto Ye Baolin, asking, “I don’t know if my nephew, Shaofu, is okay?”

Ye Baolin was surprised for a moment, then, as if he understood the underlying meaning of the words, he smiled faintly and said, “Brother Du can rest assured, Shaofu is very well in the Lightning Pool, even breaking the record. Until now, there are no signs that he is ready to come out. In my estimation, he received the most benefits from the Lightning Pool since its establishment. Even without today’s matter, Shaofu would still be safe when he comes out from the Lightning Pool.”

"Broke the record."

Among the people present, An Long, An Hu,and Bai Caiyi were secretly shocked when they heard that.