Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 86

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“With this sentence from Mayor Ye, it is worth the trip my Du Clan made here. It seems I am the narrow-minded one. Shame, ah.”

Du Zhenwu smiled bitterly. He had initially thought the Ye Family had detained his nephew, but now, it seemed he worried too much.

“Haha, Brother Du has a straightforward attitude. Worrying for a family member shows that Brother Du places importance on relationships. Compared to some people, it is way stronger.” Ye Baolin snickered and said.

“Ye Baolin, did you really think that with the addition of Du Clan you would be able to change the result. I’ll ask you once last time. The things we want, are you handing it over or not?” Qin Zongqiong’s expression darkened.



In the Lightning Pool, python-thick lightning streaked zigzagged while deafening rumbles echoed endlessly in the huge cave.

In the middle of the pool was a ball of lightning that had violent lightning energies that looked like little silver snakes drilling into it.

As if there was something horrifying inside that ball of lightning, it was sucking all the lightning energy.

This scene went on for a very long time.


As time flowed by, at one point, cracked lines appeared on the surface of the lightning ball. A figure wrapped in a pale golden light appeared in the Lightning Pool.

The figure was shrouded in layers of golden light and flickering golden runes, lighting up the huge cave. A domineering atmosphere swept out in fierce waves from the lone silhouette, enough to make thousands of beings to shudder in submission.

Then, the golden runes lined up, turning into the image of a Golden-winged garuda, making the horrifying atmosphere reach its peak.


The Golden-winged garuda came to life, sucking in the lightning energy from the pool into itself.


The Golden-winged garuda let out a high-pitched chirp, spreading its wings wanting to soar to the heavens above. A frightening tyrannical atmosphere was exuded from the surreal shadow.

The figure in the middle of the pool was wrapped in lightning and a Golden-winged garuda ready to soar.

At this point, that figure looked like a human form of the Golden-winged garuda, tyrannical, powerful, and overbearing!

Like a supreme beast cub growing, and one day would soar the Heavens and deter the Earth!


Suddenly, the figure moved. The left and right arm waved around in the pool, and the surreal Golden-winged garuda at the back imitated the movements, splashing the milky white substance and lightning in the air.


At this time, in the chest area of the human figure, half an arcane bone projected out through the clothes, and the bone was actually absorbing the power of lightning!

All the violent energy in the Lightning Pool was being absorbed in a rapid speed.

In the end, nothing was left.

“Refining the Golden Plumage, forging the body!”

Shrouded among the golden runes, the figure bellowed as handseals changed.

The Golden-winged garuda's image changed its position following the seal changes, and in the end, it turned into a stream of gold runes, and was once again back to the surreal shadow of a Golden-winged garuda.


“The Golden-winged garuda clan. I did not expect that before I die I could feel the Golden-winged garuda clan’s breath, and from a human body at that. Truly inconceivable!”

From the depths of the cave, a pleasant voice sounded and then it returned to normal.

The turbulence of the Lightning Pool gradually calmed down, and the surreal shadow of the Golden-winged garuda also dissipated as Du Shaofu’s silhouette appeared in the pool.

Du Shaofu’s eyes were closed. On his exposed skin, dazzling golden light glittered across the surface.


Suddenly, the calm energy around Du Shaofu started to surge as if something was trying to break free.


The milky white substance in the pool, influenced by Du Shaofu’s energy fluctuations, started to ripple. In fact, the milky white color of the pool had faded by a large degree, turning clear.

Du Shaofu stood in the middle of the Lightning Pool, unmoving and solemn looking.

All around, worldly spiritual energy gathered, drilling into his body, causing his body to shine a golden hue once again. Du Shaofu’s xuanqi rose rapidly.

The spiritual energy became thicker, turning into a whirlpool around him.

When it reached the peak, it paused and then stabilized.


The whirlpool of spiritual energy slowly dissipated, while the golden runes shrouding Du Shaofu drilled into his flesh and disappeared.

When all had truly calmed down, Du Shaofu’s eyelids trembled and gradually opened.


A brief moment later, a golden light flashed and vanished in Du Shaofu’s pupils, returning to its usual bright calmness.

“This is peak Xiantian level?”

Observing the changes inside his body, Du Shaofu could not resist a smile on his resolute face. He had successfully broken through from late Xiantian to peak Xiantian in this Lightning Pool moments ago.

During the Five Families Juniors’ Competition, Du Shaofu had just advanced to late Xiantian not too long ago.

And now, in a short two days, he made another breakthrough. Advancing at such a speed, how could Du Shaofu not feel satisfied? In fact, he had listened to Zhen Qingchun’s advice—to suppress his cultivation as much as possible.

All of these achievements, Du Shaofu was well aware that this was due to the physique refining law.

This time practicing in the Lightning Pool, Du Shaofu had both broken through peak Xiantian layer and reached the second stage of the physique refining law, fortifying the bones and meridians.

With the changes in his body, if he were to go against Cao Qitai again, he could probably slap him away with one move. As he entered the second stage of fortifying the bones and meridians, he could abuse Cao Qitai as he would like.

“I did not come here in vain.”

Du Shaofu smiled faintly and then looked around the Lightning Pool, his laid-back voice sounded, “Can I ask if it is Senior Demonic Lightning Lion, this little one wants to express his gratitude.”

In the cave, there was no echo in Du Shaofu’s voice, all around was silence.

“How did you know this king is here?”

In a brief moment of silence, a heavy voice sounded, carrying a trace of vicissitudes yet domineering style.

Hearing this domineering and vicissitude voice, Du Shaofu shuddered lightly, saying “The power of lightning in the Lightning Pool came from Senior if I am not mistaken. Someone suddenly lend assistance to this little one, I think other than Senior there is nobody else here.’

“Haha, you, this human not only has one of the highest talents I have ever seen but also very clever.”

A hearty laugh sounded yet at the same time there was a trace of dusk.

“This little one thanks Senior for his help.”

Du Shaofu bowed towards the Lightning Pool’s surrounding, he could hear the voice but could not determine exactly where it came from.

“The end of my day is nearing anyways, I can only give you a little help. It is fate.”

The heavy domineering voice vibrated in the cave, then it asked, “Little one, tell me, you are a human, how did you come across the Golden-winged garuda’s cultivation law, and how could you practice it?”

“It is a long story, and it is hard to say it clearly in a short time,” Du Shaofu replied.

“Then why don’t you try and tell me. During your last moments, it is quite nice to have someone to chat with, especially with such a different human kid, it is quite meaningful.”

As the voice said that, before Du Shaofu’s shocked eyes, one of the cave walls shook, small lightning snakes streaked around the wall and a stone wall opened.

Looking at the stone door, Du Shaofu walked in without the slightest hesitation.


Outside of the Ye Family, the atmosphere was tense.

Qin Zongqiong pointed a finger at the huge door to the Ye Family compound, while all the eyes around were focused in Ye Baolin. However, a trace of chill surfaced on the latter’s indifferent expression, “I have said you are not qualified!”

“Hmph! A tiny Stone City. Defy and my Liuyun County will flatten this land!”