Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 88

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An Qingsong cut through the crowd, his body lunged straight at Du Zhenwu. A fist punched out, with the additional hatred that sprung from the Treasure Descend Firm, An Qingsong chose to attack Du Zhenwu. Compared to others, he wanted to annihilate the Du Clan first.

“An Qingsong, you are not yet qualified!”

Du Zhenwu’s fist shot out and collided with An Qingsong’s, a horrifying energy broke out from the impact, blowing off sands and dusts.

In the shortest moment, Bai Jiru and Qin Zongqiong appeared in front of Ye Baolin. Without wasting a single word, the fight between the three broke out.

“I didn’t expect that we would fight again under such circumstances.”

Bai Caiyi looked at Ye Zhijin, the long sword in her hand was unsheathed, issuing a long humming noise.

“This is also out of my expectation.”

Ye Zhijin was gripping an odd-looking long whip in her hand, her xuanqi surged and the long whip burst out in a dazzling light.


Four eyes were fixed on each other, then, two slender silhouettes battled. The long whip danced and sword rays flew, surrounded by mysterious runes.


Sounds of battle resounded throughout Stone City as energy clashed against each other.

“Stone City is changing…”

“Don’t know if the Ye Family can survive this!”

Within Stone City, the common folks watched the multi-colored xuanqi clashing up in the sky. There the four strongest experts were fighting an intense battle, cries of killing vibrated in the air.

No matter how it ends, the residents of Stone City knew that it would no longer be the same. The most recent repressive atmosphere had erupted….


Walking through the stone door, following an old stair tunnel, Du Shaofu came to a huge stone chamber that was surrounded by blue stone, simple with no furnishings.

However, when his gaze swept around the room, his pupils shrunk all of a sudden.

In the middle of the stone chamber, Du Shaofu saw a few meter large fierce lion but the skin on its body was wrinkled and loose, giving the impression of a majestic being that was close to its end.

However, in the lion’s clear bright eyes, Du Shaofu felt power and coercion that caused unease and goosebumps to rise on his neck.

This kind of unease subsequently disappeared from Du Shaofu as the pale golden blood that flowed through his veins emitted a fluctuation that overcame the pressure coming from the fierce demonic beast.

If not for Du Shaofu’s persistent control, the golden light might have burst out.

Demonic Lightning lion.

Du Shaofu was stunned in his heart. His instinct confirmed this demonic beast before him was definitely the Demonic Lightning lion that his Eldest Uncle had mentioned, a true beast king level.

“What a strange human. The Golden-winged garuda’s clan’s breath, you have a great fortune (not sure about this, blessed with heaven's favor). However, if the Golden-winged Garuda Clan ever finds out, they will hunt and kill you even to the ends of the world.”

The lion was lying on the floor as the same vicissitude voice came out akin to a bedridden old man.

When a demonic beast had reached the level of a beast king, it could speak the human language and it was said the Ye Family’s Demonic Lightning lion was such a demonic beast. Thus, when Du Shaofu saw it speaking in human tongue, he did not find it surprising.

“Greetings, Senior Lightning. Many thanks for the kindness Senior had bestowed.”

The pressure he felt vanished and Du Shaofu walked closer to the lying lion and executed a respectful bow.

“It was just a helping hand, no need for thanks.”

The Demonic Lightning lion’s soft gaze fell on Du Shaofu’s body, no different than an old grandpa looking at their grandson, and his low voice sounded, “I am very curious, how did you practice the Golden-winged garuda’s cultivation law?”

“I’m not sure about this myself, perhaps it was a fateful coincidence. I am still in a fog of confusion. At first, I thought I was going to die, and woke up to find that I was still alive, and could practice the Golden-winged garuda’s cultivation law.”

Du Shaofu did not lie but did not completely reveal everything.

“Yes, ah. This is an incredible thing to begin with.”

As if it thought of something, the Demonic Lightning Lion paused for a moment as it stared at Du Shaofu, asking, “Kid, you are not afraid of me?”

Du Shaofu revealed a faint smile, “Why should I be afraid? It is just that I am a little nervous, this is my first time meeting such a strong cultivator like Senior.”

“You surely are a special human kid, much more interesting than that girl Zhijin. That girl is too bland.”

Like an elderly grandpa chatting with his grandson, there was a trace of humor in the Demonic Lightning Lion’s eyes. Watching Du Shaofu, it asked, “Have you heard of me?”


Du Shaofu nodded and said, “I heard from my Eldest Uncle that Senior Lightning has always guarded Stone City all these years. Those beast kings in the Wild Beast Mountains dared not encroach Stone City. The forces outside that had been eyeing Stone City were kept at bay by Senior. The peace all these years were provided by Senior.”

The Demonic Lightning lion observed Du Shaofu for a long time before speaking again, “People who remembered the past like your Eldest Uncle are very rare.”

“My Eldest Uncle is a good person, upright and straightforward.” Du Shaofu nodded.

“Then, did your Eldest Uncle tell you that I am about to die, and cannot hold on much longer.” It asked.

“He did.”

Du Shaofu faced the Demonic Lightning lion, “My Eldest Uncle said that the arcane bone from a demonic beast as strong as you is a great treasure, including your blood essence. Once you die, these two is enough to cause a change in Stone City, and it seems, all these years many people had been preparing and waiting. Whoever got these two things, the benefits are too large to imagine."

“Yes, waiting for this old bone to die quickly...”

The Demonic Lightning lion raised its head, and smiled, “What about you, do you desire the arcane bone and the blood essence in my body. If you could get them, then the benefits are insurmountable for you.”

Du Shaofu’s heart shivered, he blanked for a second looking at the lion. Then, the corner of his mouth curved up in a bitter smile. “To tell you the truth, if I say that I don’t want them would be a blatant lie. The arcane bone and blood essence from your body are enough to make countless experts go crazy and ruthless to grab them, how could I resist such a temptation? But……”

Du Shaofu’s words paused here before continuing, “But I am Stone City’s people, so, I am not qualified to desire your arcane bone and blood essence. If I do not belong to Stone City, I would definitely have taken the risk, even if my methods are a little unscrupulous.”

“Why?” It asked as if its curiosity was stoked by this answer.

On this rare occasion, Du Shaofu’s usual faint smile was replaced by a serious expression as he answered the Demonic Lightning lion’s question. “You protected Stone City for so long, every person in Stone City owes your kindness, including me. How could I desire your arcane bone and your blood essence?”

It looked at Du Shaofu for a very long time, “Really a variant human kid, I didn’t expect that I would get to meet such a human kid like you at the end of my life. Unfortunately, I cannot protect Stone City anymore.”

“Senior Lightning, is there really no way to…..”

Du Shaofu’s eyes flickered as he watched the lion lying down on the floor akin to watching an old man who used to live a glorious life but was at the end of the line. All the while, his offspring and grandchildren were eyeing his assets and wealth, wishing he would die sooner.

Despite that, at this moment, the Demonic Lightning lion was still worried about the safety of Stone City—worried about his descendants. How lonely was this?

“There is no way. Ye Family had tried their best. My old injury was too severe yet I was unable to die immediately. Everything must come to an end." The Demonic Lightning lion cut off Du Shaofu’s words, its eyes were calm as it said this.

Du Shaofu remained silent not knowing what he could do, accompanying the Demonic Lightning Lion in silence in its final hours.

Then, the Demonic Lightning lion said, “Kid, you are an extraordinary talent, one of the two top talents in Stone City that I had seen so far in these long years. Your talent, in fact, is stronger than the other person. The Golden-winged garuda is one of the top existences amongst the demonic beasts. You, practicing their cultivation law, will one day be able to soar to the Heavens.

“But remember, before you have the absolute strength to protect yourself, never reveal this matter. Otherwise, you will experience both the humans' and the Golden-winged garuda Clan’s pursuance.”

“Thank you for Senior’s reminder,” Du Shaofu nodded.

“Very well, you have accompanied me long enough. It had been a long time since anyone chatted so much with me. In truth, other than that first person of Ye Family, I don’t like to speak too much with humans. Perhaps, it was due to the demonic beast breath coming from your body that made me feel intimate.”

Its body moved a little as it shifted its position and looked at Du Shaofu, “Blood is flowing outside, you should go out and have a look. This is a good training opportunity and will benefit your future cultivation!”

“Blood flowing?”

Hearing this, Du Shaofu’s heart tightened.


Before Du Shaofu could react, he was blinded by a glaring lightning that shrouded over him. Like an independent space, involuntarily, he was sucked inside…..


Outside of the Ye Family’s ground, energies collided and thunder rolled as lighting struck down, stormy clouds blanketed the city, and endless sounds of fighting resounded through the sky!



Heart shuddering beast roars.

Many of Stone City residents were watching the fight in the sky, the thick smell of blood scattered with the wind, and wails penetrated through the walls.


Ye Baolin was being attacked by Bai Jiru and Qin Zongqiong at the same time. Although his cultivation was slightly higher than them, after over a hundred moves he suffered a palm from Qin Zongqiong and his body flew out, blood trickled from the corner of his mouth.