Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 89

Edited by Fingerfox and Lifer

Second release


Ye Zhijin was fighting Bai Caiyi when she saw that her father was injured, her delicate face turned pale as she cried out.

At this point, Bai Caiyi’s long sword pursued from behind, and the two figures was entangled in a fight again.

“Mayor Ye, give up your resistance and you might still keep Ye Family safe.” Bai Jiru seemed to be giving him an advice but his attacks did not stop even for a second. A fist punched out across space with swirling runes and dazzling xuanqi bursting forward like an unstoppable tornado.

“This is not enough to make me do so!”

Ye Baolin bellowed, and a chill rippled across his eyes. One of his fists fiercely struck to face Bai Jiru’s attack, two fists collided and the impact swept out in all four directions.


Du Shaofu’s silhouette inexplicably appeared outside of the Ye Family’s compound. When the thick blood splatters and intense fighting entered his eyes, his pupils shrunk and his heart shuddered at the scene.

Rivers of blood stretched out as far as the eye could see, gory and cruel!


Screams rang out endlessly in the battlefield as silhouettes fell to the ground.

“Brat, come and die!”

An armored Imperial Knight suddenly appeared behind Du Shaofu, swinging a sharp blade down  on him.

“Shaofu, be careful!”

Du Zhixiong warned anxiously whereas his robust body had already dashed out. A fist struck out on the armored Imperial Knight faster than lightning, shattering the Imperial Knight’s armor into pieces. The Imperial Knight’s body flew several meters away and fell limply on the ground.

“Second Uncle.”

Du Shaofu retracted his gaze from the bloody scene, several Du Clan brothers were killed in front of him just now. He clenched his fists tightly holding his anger.

All of the big families in Stone City were here, and with the Demonic Lightning lion’s reminder just now, Du Shaofu immediately understood the cause of this situation.

“Why are you here? It is too dangerous, the Du Clan is now involved but the result is hard to predict. No matter what, you must leave right now! Safeguard Du Clan's bloodline.” Du Zhixiong said to Du Shaofu.

“No, I am not leaving. Since the Du Clan is involved, as part of the clan, how can I leave!”

Du Shaofu’s fists tightened more as he looked at the blood-stained figures of his Du Clan brothers behind Du Zhixiong, his clear eyes saw red.


Without warning, Du Shaofu suddenly leaped out and appeared behind the two burly armored men that were attacking Du Qi, Du Clan's Deputy Commander, two on one. Just as one of the armored man’s long sword was about to pierce into Du Qi’s shoulder, golden xuanqi broke out from Du Shaofu’s body, and his fist punched out without hesitation.


The golden xuanqi hit the burly armored man like a hurricane, throwing him far off.

“Young Master Shaofu……”

Upon noticing the sudden emergence of Du Shaofu in front of him, Du Qi was grateful. Cold sweat poured out from Du Qi thinking of that sword attack earlier—if he was hit, he would have lost an arm.

“You be careful.”

Du Shaofu did not linger on the same spot. He leaped out again like a beast in human form, shrouded in a pale golden xuanqi—unstoppable.


Du Zhixiong wanted to persuade Du Shaofu but before he could do so, two strong energies locked onto him.

An armored Imperial Knight leader and a Qin Family’s elder lunged towards Du Zhixiong from his left and right side. Even before reaching him, that armored knight’s palm had already shot out an attack.


Du Zhixiong greeted, vigorous xuanqi energy surged out from his body and he met fist to palm head on.


A loud explosion came out from the collision and Du Zhixiong’s body shuddered and staggered a few steps back. His fist was still trembling from the impact. It seemed that the opposite side’s strength was stronger than he had expected.

“Du Zhixiong, you’re still too tender. From today onwards, your Du Clan will be erased from Stone City.”

The Qin Family's elder took the opportunity and launched an attack on Du Zhixiong. His finger-print aimed at Du Zhixiong, working together with the armored knight.

Relying on the Du Clan and Ye Family’s forces, it was an impossible task to overcome Liuyun County, the Qin, An and Bai Family all together.


The ground of the battlefield shook. An elderly old man was hit and his body crashed heavily on the ground awkwardly while his mouth spewed blood. This elderly man was none other than the Du Clan Big Elder, Du Guangyao.

“Du Guangyao, you’re already old and can’t fight anymore!”

A mocking voice sounded, and a half a century aged man walked step by step towards Du Guangyao.

This person was of medium height and had a bald head yet at the sides of his head was two strips of shoulder length hair, making him look extremely funny. However, the cruel expression and killing intent coming out from his body sent cold shivers down to the bones.

“Big Elder!”

A purple-robed young man cried out as he came and stood beside Big Elder, bringing a tyrannical atmosphere with him.

“Shaofu, you came out from the Lightning Pool?”

Big Elder’s eyes showed joy upon seeing Du Shaofu but it quickly changed. A strong energy gushed out from Big Elder’s injured body as he pulled Du Shaofu behind him and ordered, “Retreat quickly, return to the Du Clan. If Du Clan failed today, bring the rest of the Du Clan's juniors and leave Stone City.”

“Big Elder, I’m not leaving. I’ll stay with you.”

Warm feelings streamed into Du Shaofu’s heart towards this bent and old Big Elder. He shook his head firmly and shifted his position to stand in front of the old man, “Don’t worry, even after today, our Du Clan will still exist in Stone City!”

“Du Shaofu, you really came at the right time ah.”

The bald man looked at Du Shaofu and smirked coldly after he recovered from his momentary daze. Seeing Du Shaofu’s sudden appearance, 'this Du Clan’s genius must die today to avoid any future troubles.'

“Shaofu, go quickly, do not act brave. This An Luo is An Family’s Big Elder, a late Pulse Connecting level nearing the peak. My cultivation had been stuck at the late Pulse Connecting level for ten years, and can’t deal with him.”

Big Elder Du Guangyao’s eyes showed a trace of loss as he said this. Limited by the grade of his martial pulse, it was just too hard to enhance his cultivation at this stage.

“Late Pulse Connecting. Hmm…”

Du Shaofu raised an eyebrow, he just stood there and did not leave. A late Pulse Connecting level was far stronger than Cao Qitai.

“You kid do have some talent, but too bad you are not from my An Family, so you must die today!”

The killing intent in An Luo’s eyes thickened. His foot stamped on the ground and his body leaped forward—his first target being Du Shaofu. Surging xuanqi influenced the airflow and space, in less than a second, An Luo was within an arm’s length from Du Shaofu.


An Luo’s hands formed seals and a xuanqi finger-print shot out tearing space, aiming at Du Shaofu’s chest.

Watching the finger-print getting closer to him at rapid speed, Du Shaofu’s eyes squinted, a cold light chill flashed across them. Du Shaofu’s xuanqi energy rose, turning the pale golden light around him to a deeper hue.

“Brat, go die!”

Seeing that Du Shaofu remained standing in front of Du Guangyao, An Luo thought that the kid was too terrified to move. Thus, a cold snigger crept up his mouth. This talented genius, famous throughout the city would die under his hands today.

Even if the finger-print was not his all-out desperate blow, still, he did not hold back. He knew that Du Shaofu was extraordinary, especially after coming out from the Lightning Pool there’s bout to be some progress.


Right before the shocked eyes of Big Elder Du Guangyao, An Luo’s attack hit Du Shaofu on the chest, piercing through the golden xuanqi barrier that shrouded Du Shaofu and directly into his chest without even the slightest pause.

“How can………….”

Just as the finger touched Du Shaofu’s chest, An Luo’s smirk and killing intent froze. It felt like his finger was trying to pierce through the hardest steel plate and did not move an inch. Not only that, pain and numbness traveled up from his finger like it was broken. Tiny streaks of lightning wind up his finger….

At this point, a cold sneer emerged on Du Shaofu’s resolute face. His hands formed seals at a rapid speed, xuanqi bursting out in a dazzling golden light. His fingers clenched together, leaving the index and middle finger out, condensing a similar finger-print as An Luo’s attack and stabbed out.

“How would you like to have a taste of your own medicine?!”                                                       

Space seemed to bend in a curvature as the golden finger-print shot out. Golden runes swirled, and the speed had greatly exceeded An Luo’s expectation, and by the time he realized it, the finger had landed on his chest.

“Not good!”

Only after Du Shaofu’s finger had reached his chest did An Luo remembered to dodge. Mustering all the strength belonging to a Pulse Connecting warrior, An Luo dodged backward.

Yet, everything was too late. Du Shaofu was quicker than him


The protective xuanqi barrier around An Luo was disintegrated by the golden runes and the finger-print pierced through his shoulder. Instantly, blood and pieces of meat blasted out from the same shoulder that was hit.

An Luo’s shoulder was pierced through and through.

“How could it happen like this?” 

At this point, those fighting close by had noticed the exchange between Du Shaofu and An Luo and they could not believe what they saw.

Big Elder Du Guangyao was dumbstruck. He had never imagined that the opponent he could not defend from would be injured so easily by Du Shaofu.


Blood sprayed out intensely from An Luo’s mouth as his eyes widened in shock.

This turn of event was not how he had planned things to go. An Luo retreated swiftly, ignoring the pain of an exploded shoulder as fast as he could.

“Want to run, it’s too late now!”

It was as if Du Shaofu had already predicted that An Luo would try to escape, a ridicule laugh flickered across his eyes as his body dashed forward in pursuit faster than lightning.