Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 91

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“God, a Demonic-scaled tiger that is also at the Maidong level!”

“This flying tiger apparently appeared once at the Treasure Descend Firm. Its aura is so strong, certainly a king beast level, ah!”

“Is that Demonic-scaled tiger going to attack Du Shaofu…..?”

The surrounding people present were in shock. The flying tiger’s coercion made it hard for people with low cultivation to draw a single breath.

Du Shaofu tilted up his head to look at the enormous tiger swooping down on him, and a smile emerged on his resolute features.

In a puzzling move for those watching, Du Shaofu’s foot lightly tapped on the ground, extending his arms out akin to a garuda spreading its wings. Borrowing the push from the xuanqi spurted below his feet, Du Shaofu leaped high up and landed lightly onto the Demonic-scaled tiger’s back.


As the Demonic-scaled tiger’s wings flapped, they created a strong fierce gale, and when Du Shaofu landed on its back, its diving action stopped and flew up in the air instead.

Looking at purple-robed young man that stood on the huge flying tiger up above, the people fighting below nearly had their eyes fall out in shock. The purple-robe fluttered in the wind, giving the young man a domineering aura.

“It’s him!”

Ye Zhijin and Bai Caiyi’s spotted the purple-robed silhouette standing on the Demonic-scaled tiger above, and certain emotions rippled across in their eyes.


From Du Shaofu’s mouth, this word came out in a light voice but a strong killing intent flashed across his eyes.


Sharp tiger claw slashed through the void, and an An Family’s Pulse Connecting expert tried to escape but in no more than ten steps he was shredded like soft silk, unable to escape his terrible fate.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

In a short time that it takes one to draw one breath, again several of An Family’s experts blasted into clouds of blood mists, dying with horrified faces killed by the Demonic-scaled tiger, and with its appearance, Xiantian experts of the An Family had fallen more than double the figures.


A second Pulse Connecting expert of the An Family was swallowed into its mouth—the expert’s head was crunched into pieces.

All in all, the total of An Family’s Pulse Connecting experts numbered no more than seven but in that few short moments, they had lost two. Adding their Big Elder An Luo that was killed by Du Shaofu, An Family’s strength had declined nearly by half.

“That Demonic-scaled tiger is in cahoots with Du Shaofu.”

“Is that Demonic-scaled tiger the Du Clan’s beast mount? How can a Maidong demonic beast be subdued as a beast mount by the Du Clan!”

“Heavens, a Maidong level Demonic-scaled tiger is actually Du Shaofu’s mount!”

At this moment, even a fool could piece the clues together and conclude the relationship between Du Shaofu and the Demonic-scaled tiger. Du Shaofu was the one who called the tiger over or maybe, it was Du Clan’s hidden card all along.

About two weeks ago, a huge tiger appeared in the Treasure Descend Firm and ate Third Steward, causing the entire city to speculate its sudden emergence.

At the moment, everyone finally realized that all of this was perhaps Du Shaofu’s plan, or more directly, Du Clan’s plan. Their objective was to snatch the Treasure Descend Firm, thus weakening An Family’s strength.

However, those who thought this way had truly wronged the Du Clan, for at this moment, no one was more dumbfounded than Du Zhenwu, Du Zhixiong, Du Guangyao and other Du Clan brothers present on the battlefield. None of them knew about the Demonic-scaled tiger, ah.

And Big Elder Du Guangyao finally understood why Du Shaofu did not put a Maidong expert like An Hong in his eyes.

An Hong was an early Maidong warrior and the energy fluctuations coming from the Demonic-scaled tiger was also an early Maidong level. However, comparing a human warrior with demonic beasts, demonic beasts almost always have the upper hand in battle unless the human warrior has a powerful spirit weapon. Otherwise, it was nearly impossible for a human warrior to win against demonic beast of the same level of cultivation.

“Bastard! Stop, I said stop!!!”

From what happened, it looked as if the Demonic-scaled tiger specialized in dealing with people from the An Family. In just a short time, countless number of An Family brothers had fallen, even losing two Pulse Connecting experts. This heavy loss pushed An Hong on the verge of going insane. He flew up, accompanied by his Demonic Lightning vulture’s pulse spirit, they lunged towards the Demonic-scaled tiger. He had never thought that there would be such a terrifying existence backing Du Shaofu.


It would have been a miracle if the Demonic-scaled tiger actually listened to An Hong’s order. In that short instant, another group of An Family’s warriors was killed.


An Hong finally reached and successfully blocked the tiger’s path. An Hong’s fist punched out, and like a tornado, energy rotated towards the tiger, and at the same time, the pulse spirit Demonic Lightning vulture attacked.

“Xiaohu, I leave this guy to you.”

Du Shaofu had already jumped off the Demonic-scaled tiger’s back before An Hong attacked. With the tiger ‘entertaining’ An Hong, Du Shaofu moved on the battlefield without care.


The Demonic-scaled tiger roared as if it was answering Du Shaofu, and then it turned around and started fighting An Hong.

“Evil beast, you’re courting death!”

Below, a golden glow with swirling runes broke out from Du Shaofu’s body and he headed directly towards to those quivering Stone Splitting Demonic bears that dared not move due to the coercion coming from Xiaohu. Grabbing one of the bears by the neck, Du Shaofu flung it far away in one direction.

*Boom! Boom!*

Low sounds of explosion could be heard coming from two Xiantian warriors that burst due to Du Shaofu’s punches.

With Du Shaofu and the Demonic-scaled tiger killing off An Family's people, they had lost more than half of their initial strength, and the Du Clan was not any weaker compared to the An Family. Seizing this opportunity, the Du Clan immediately gained the upper hand.

“Son of b*itches of Du Clan, I will remember this!”

An Qingsong howled and cursed, his eyes turned bloodlust red as he watched the Du Clan experts slaughter those from the An Family. Only he knew the piercing pain in his heart.

He thought everything was within his palm, how could An Qingsong know that there would be so many variables taking place….

Forgoing the Ye Family’s strength, the Bai Family also had hidden their cards deeply whereas the Qin Family had called on the Liuyun County’s aid with Cao Tianmang coming here in person! And then there was that Du Shaofu who brought the biggest change to the An Family, causing them to lose half of their force. He now hated Du Shaofu the most!

“An Qingsong, do you think that you still have the right to be so arrogant in front of my Du Clan, hahaha!”

Du Zhenwu broke out in mordant laughter—at first, he was worried about his clan, thus affecting his fighting.

However, now, he need not worry about An Hong or the Du Clan, and on top of that, An Family was basically a spent force now. All of these contributed to his good mood, so, his attacks became increasingly sharp, aggressive and accurate, pressuring An Qingsong on the downwind.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

In another direction, Du Shaofu raged through the battlefield like a beast in human form, humans that blocked his path were all thrown away without mercy!

He leaped into the midst of Qin Family and Imperial Knights’ from Liuyun County, and in that instant, he became their nightmares.

“Quick, quick, stop that Du Shaofu!”

The frightened Qin Family warriors quickly cooperated with Liuyun County to siege Du Shaofu.


Du Shaofu was angered. His peak Xiantian xuanqi broke out, not even a Pulse Connecting expert couldn’t hurt his physical body. Under siege, he overcame them by throwing off their body far away like throwing pebbles into water.

In the end, three old fellows from the Qin Family, obviously elders, and another three middle-aged men in armor from Liuyun County encircled Du Shaofu.

In these six people, four were mid-Pulse Connecting experts and two were late Pulse Connecting experts. Six strong experts locked onto Du Shaofu!



Runes surged around the small area as the six people connected their pulse spirits, six different fierce pulse spirits appeared roaring, oppressive auras swept out bringing terrible coercion!

All six of them knew that Du Shaofu was very strong, and that was the reason why they used all their strength even when they were dealing with him six on one, hoping to end him at the fastest time possible.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

Du Shaofu used his fist and successfully blocked the three attacks coming at him from the front but the three people and also two pulse spirits’ attacks landed on him.

*Deng deng!*

Du Shaofu wobbled slightly, even though he killed An Luo, the fact was it just happened.

More importantly, An Luo was careless and never factored that Du Shaofu would possess such a strong physique which caused him to be injured heavily twice and finally died.

At the moment, however, the six people did not make the same mistake of underestimating Du Shaofu’s strength. All six of them used their full power from the first attack.

Though Du Shaofu was strong, he was just a peak Xiantian going against six Pulse Connecting experts using their power fully.

“This kid’s physique is very strong, try not to get too close to him.”

“Attack together, don’t hold back! Even if he is extraordinary he will still die!”

*Bang! Bang!*

Six Pulse Connecting experts and their pulse spirits worked together. In a short time, Du Shaofu was hit again, if it wasn’t for his strong physique, it was hard to say if he could hold on this long.

“Mother egg [1], at Xiantian level I cannot use a lot of the Golden-winged garuda’s skills, I really ate a big loss!”

Du Shaofu’s face paled slightly, and a bitter smile curved at the corner of his mouth.

Cultivating the Golden-winged garuda's technique, although strong, the shortcoming was he couldn't use a lot of the skills that they have, especially attack skills. This was absolutely a huge deficit.

“This kid can’t hold on much longer, quickly finish him off!”

“No need to hold back! This kid is very strange, we must kill him today!”

“Okay, kill!”

Seeing Du Shaofu weakened, joy emerged on their faces as if their biggest target this time was not the Ye Family but Du Shaofu.


Twelve hands formed seals, the six people drew on the power of their pulse spirits behind them. This was the six Pulse Connecting experts' most powerful attack. Six horrifying sources of energy enveloped over Du Shaofu.


Mother egg – no specific meaning, similar to your mother/grandfather, motherbear, etc. In short he's cursing.