Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 92

Edited by Fingerfox and Lifer.

Second Release.


At this moment, Du Shaofu sensed ultimate danger as the six horrifying energies enveloped him.

Six Pulse Connecting experts launched an attack at the same time with two late Pulse Connecting experts amongst them. This kind pressure bent the void, transparent wave-like patterns rippled across space.

At this critical moment, Du Shaofu actually closed his eyes as if he was not in any danger. His hand formed seals, and a powerful xuanqi broke out from his body like a flood. Bright runes now enshrouded his body.

These runes were slightly different from when Du Shaofu used the Golden-winged garuda’s runes, however, the energy was just as tyrannical and domineering.

At this moment, Du Shaofu had decided to use the mysterious first style that he spent ten years to comprehend from the stone tablet on the barren hill.

The mysterious first style from the stone table not only repaired his broken martial veins, it also helped him to cultivate xuanqi. It could be said to contain a profound, and an unfathomable mystery that encompassed all beings in infinite forms.

Ever since he returned from the Wild Beast Mountains, Du Shaofu had never used it. He knew very well that it was way more powerful than the perfected Raging Storm Waves Palm.

Or it could be said that the mysterious first style was not something that the Raging Storm Waves Palm could compare to!


The six experts combined their attack, six sources of terrifying power zoomed in on Du Shaofu at once, closing in.

“Shaofu careful ahh…!”

In the battlefield, many people drew in cold breaths watching the situation Du Shaofu was in.

When an enormous attack was about to reach Du Shaofu, he let out a deafening shout—


It sounded like a dragon’s roar as it soared towards the heavens, like an elephant deity rumbling.

Du Shaofu opened his eyes suddenly. In his clear bright eyes, there seemed to be lightning flashing out from them, his long, purple robe fluttered and with his body as the centrifugal point, deep cracks started to open from his feet outwards.

Subsequently, the great earth howled, and the space shook vigorously as an overbearing momentum of unmatched dominance swept out.

The vague silhouettes that was shrouded by the dazzling light, only those who had reached a certain level of strength could see Du Shaofu forming a series of handseals after letting out a thunderous roar, his hands were blurred images condensing out runes. In an instant turning it into countless handprints that covered the sky—*Ohmmm*

A chant-like buzz resounded, runes shattered piercing through the void towards the six people’s attack.


An outrageous collision happened, and a horrifying shock wave swirled out in all four directions accompanied by thunderous explosions that erupted on this piece of land.

In an instant, the impact force broke out like raging storm waves, turning into an energy whirlpool.

That energy whirlpool looked like an abyss that could swallow people whole. Shivers run down the onlooker's back just by looking at it, eerie!

Everything happened too fast, the energy whirlpool dissipated almost instantly before many shocked eyes.

*Ka! ka!*

Before the surrounding people could react, echoes of six blasts rang out, subsequently followed by sounds of bones breaking.

The scene blurred and six bloody silhouettes were seen flying off like broken kites, crashing hard to the ground several meters away.

The earth shook and the fissures on the ground widened!

The six people was the same six Pulse Connecting experts who ganged up on Du Shaofu, three from the Qin Family and three from the Liuyun County. Crashing to the ground, blood covered every inch of their exposed skin, they laid limply on the ground and forever stayed down as their vitality disappeared.


Staring with stupefied expressions at the six bloody corpses, the people around were dumbstruck as their gazes slowly shifted onto the lean, straight, purple-robed young man.

Six Pulse Connecting experts died with just one move!

Just how exactly did they die, none of the surrounding people present saw it clearly.

However, each and every one of them felt the horrifying atmosphere bursting out from Du Shaofu’s body.


Throats swallowed saliva nervously.

What happened right before their eyes, they couldn’t believe it even after witnessing it with their own eyes!

The Qin Family’s people started to tremble with fear.

Half of the top experts of their family were killed with just one move from Du Shaofu.


Qin Zongqiong who was fighting with Ye Baolin received a great blow from the deaths of the experts and spewed out a mouthfull of blood due to the unbearable grief.

*Deng deng!*

Du Shaofu wobbled a few steps backward, and the light that was shrouding his body dimmed, dissipating instantly. The front of his purple robe was stained with the blood that was trickling from his mouth.

Using that mysterious first style actually absorbed every shred of xuanqi in his body like a bottomless abyss. And the amount of xuanqi in his body could barely support one attack, now, Du Shaofu was truly drained.

Still, the power of this mysterious first style astounded Du Shaofu.

Looking at the results, if his cultivation was a little bit higher or had a deeper comprehension, how terrifying would one attack be?

“Kill ahh!”

The morale of the Ye Family and the Du Clan improved by leaps and bounds! With the deaths of nearly half the experts from the Qin Family and Liuyun County, the pressure on them had reduced significantly.

Most importantly, Du Shaofu’s appearance and actions had greatly stimulated the fighting spirit of the Du Clan and Ye Family.

Seeing this, the An Family and Qin Family's member quivered and their motivation plunged.

“That punk is the one who hurt Qitai? That’s Du Shaofu?”

Fighting in midair, Ye Guang, Bai Wei and Cao Tianming saw the event in Du Shaofu’s direction. Cao Tianming had never thought that the biggest variable today would come from a stick-thin boy.

A boy that flipped the situation over based on his own strength. If such a problem was not solve quickly, then today’s goal would crumble in front of him.

That boy must be killed. If he's allowed to grow, he would turn into Liuyun County’s malignant tumor that even he could not suppress.

I must end things quickly!

Cao Tianmang made a decision in his heart. Handseals flitted across and changed rapidly, runes broke out from his body like a venomous snake, fusing together, turning into an enormous black serpent.

A black serpent appeared that was covered entirely in glossy black scales, and exuding a grisly atmosphere as it floated close to Cao Tianmang. Then, faster than lighting, it shot out towards Ye Guang’s body.

Seeing Cao Tianmang had even used his pulse spirit, Ye Guang’s brows creased into deep furrows. However, his actions did not even pause the slightest. He swiftly condensed handseals, tiny streaks of lightning traveled around his body, runes swirled and xuanqi surged, turning into a lighting leopard pulse spirit. It let out a mighty roar the moment it emerged and jumped onto the black serpent.


The two of them clashed severely. Cao Tianmang and Ye Guang were similarly strong, one couldn’t overcome the other and both staggered away.


Bai Wei seized the chance and ordered his Ice Bear pulse spirit to attack Ye Guang at this moment.

However, while Cao Tianmang staggered back, presenting an opening, Bai Wei’s eyes glinted and the Ice Bear changed its target. The paw struck on the black serpent instead.


When the paw struck, the black serpent was defenseless and shattered into a large cloud of runes.


Instantly, Cao Tianmang’s face became deathly pale, vomiting blood as he wobbled.

“Moving Thunder Imprint!”

Ye Guang also moved as if all of this was within his expectation. Xuanqi spurted below his feet, executing his fastest speed and a handprint hit directly on Cao Tianmang’s body.


The pressure from the lightning palm squeezed the space into a square shape. A furor of blasts resounded in the air and another attack struck Cao Tianmang.

“Furious Fist!”

In this continuous clash, Cao Tianmang did not show any weakness, a heavy, violent fist landed on Ye Guang’s body.


Suffering another hit, blood spurted out from Cao Tianmang’s mouth uncontrollably and his body fell to the ground from midair.


Ye Guang also vomited blood and his body was thrown out some distance away.

However, he did not fall to the ground. Obviously, his injury was lighter compared to Cao Tianmang’s. Still, this was considered as both sides suffered and lost.

*Bang! Bang!*

Almost at the same time, the three fighting at another side, Ye Baolin, Bai Jiru and Qing Zongqiong, also ended just as quick. While Qin Zongqiong was at a loss, a handprint slammed on his back, and he fell face down.


Ye Baolin had prepared this attack for some time. Such a rare opportunity occurring, Ye Baolin seized the chance and launched the attack faster than lightning.


Receiving repeated blows, Qin Zongqiong spewed blood and his eyes contained unbelievable shock.

The three of them possessed a similar level of strength, once careless, a split second was enough to lose one’s life.

Many people instantly turned pale for everything happened too quickly. None of them had ever imagined that the Bai Family would defect at the last minute, and in one fell swoop cut off the Qin Family’s strength.

Bai Jiru flicked his sleeves, and his voice thundered in the battlefield, “Brothers of Bai Family, listen up! Qin Family lured ‘wolves’ into our Stone City, as part of the city, us Bai Family cannot allow this. This is the time to kill off the Qin Family traitors, kill the outsiders, and protect Stone City!”


The Bai Family’s people blanked for a second, and when the words sunk in, all of them let go of their current opponents and went in search for the Qin Family and those from Liuyun County.

The tide of the battle changed too quickly that An Family, Qin Family and the Liuyun County was unable to respond properly.