Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 93

Edited by Fingerfox

Third release~!

Just a second before they held the upper hand, who knew that in just a blink of an eye the war would be reversed completely.

“The Ye and Bai Family had probably been planning this secretly for a while.”

Looking at the sudden change, Du Shaofu’s eyebrow raised in confusion. From the abrupt defection move, it was obvious that the Ye and Bai Family had been planning this for a long time—to give the enemies a fatal blow at the most crucial moment.

And the Bai Family had done exactly that. With the Bai Family turning their coats, the Qin Family and Liuyun County fell into destruction.

“Strong opponents are not scary, but the scariest are allies scheming in the dark, ah.” Du Shaofu could not help but sigh in his heart about what just happened. 

“You dared to betray me, I will definitely not spare you and your family!”

The flesh on Cao Tianmang’s chest moved up and down, his scarlet eyes were glaring at Bai Wei.

Cao Tianmang had never imagined that Bai Wei would successfully ambush him at his most defenseless moment. Otherwise, with Bai Wei’s strength, he couldn't harm him.

Bai Wei looked at Cao Tianmang, his somber voice sounded, “Stone City is Stone City. No matter how much I desire the benefits from the Demonic Lightning Lion, as part of Stone City I would not lure the bandits in. Moreover, your alliance is with the Qin Family, how can you say that I betrayed you, you can only blame yourself!”

“Bai Jiru, you despicable villain”

Qin Zongqiong was also staring fixedly at Bai Jiru. It never crossed his mind that Bai Jiru would suddenly defect and attack him.

“Bringing Liuyun County people into Stone City, if you want to pursue this matter, the despicable villain is you!!”

Xuanqi surged around Bai Jiru, and his robe fluttered. Staring at Qin Zongqiong, Bai Jiru said, “All is fair in war. After all, this is our Stone City.”

“Bai Jiru, we reached an alliance agreement, you’re going back on your words!”

An Qingsong roared furiously at Bai Jiru as he fought Du Zhenwu, his eyes were scarlet-red. He could not accept the outcome of this abrupt turn of the situation.

Bai Jiru swept a glance at the distant An Qingsong, “An Family’s condition compared to the Ye Family’s condition, I would rather take the Ye’s.”

*Bang! Bang!*

During that brief exchange, another explosion resounded in the air. An Hong’s majestic figure was repulsed from the air together with his pulse spirit, they crashed to the ground. His face was ashen and blood was flowing down the corner of his mouth, while the Demonic Lightning Vulture shattered into runes and dissipated.


The Demonic-scaled tiger roared fiercely, and its huge body landed next to Du Shaofu. This action deterred anyone from coming close to Du Shaofu but a cut could be seen on its paw that was injured by An Hong.

“We should end things.”

Ye Baolin’s face was extremely pale. He drew in a deep breath and began forming new handseals. Lightning fast, Ye Baolin leaped towards Qin Zongqiong. A handprint enshrouded in a layer of luminous lightning condensed out of runes, emitting a terrifying energy. In an instant, the attack already reached the heavily injured Qin Zhongqiong.

“Right, it’s about time we end this.”

Just as Ye Baolin’s handprint was about to land on Qin Zongqiong, a faint voice came from afar. A silhouette appeared in front of Qin Zongqiong without anyone realizing, then, another handprint appeared carrying a vast surging energy that collided against Ye Baolin’s attack in the blink of an eye.


The handprints collision came too sudden and the shock threw Ye Baolin back. A gurgling sound came from Ye Baolin’s throat and then a mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth. Shock was written all over his face when he managed to stabilize himself.

*Shua! Shua!*

The surrounding people’s eyes fell on the newly arrived person—an old man in a long gray robe, his eyes were as bright as the stars in the midnight sky as he stood there silently, but the aura coming from him made the xuanqi in everyone’s body stall.

When the warriors from the Qin Family saw this elderly man, their tensed expression relaxed, a smile emerged on their faces as all of them cried out respectfully, “Greetings, Great Uncle Xiping!”

“Qin Xiping, didn’t the rumors say that fifty years ago he was killed by the Purple-flamed Demonic phoenix in the Poison Mist Mountain. How come he’s still alive?”

“Qin Xiping….he’s actually Qin Xiping!”

Ye Guang, Bai Wei, An Hong and the rest had an apprehensive look on their faces. The Qin Family’s Qin Xiping was a generation above them. It was rumored that he ran into the terrifying Purple-flamed Demonic Phoenix in the Poison Mist Mountain and was killed. They didn’t expect that he was still alive and remained hidden until this last moment.

With this person’s appearance, the killing in the area died down. That invisible coercion coming from the old man made everyone’s heart fill with a sense of danger.

Du Zhenwu, An Qingsong and Du Zhixiong stopped fighting as if they had made an agreement, staring warily at that person.

The beast mounts were almost shivering due to the coercion.

“A late Maidong! The Qin Family actually has such a strong expert!”

Detecting the fluctuations coming from the Qin Family even Cao Tianmang’s face was taut with tension. He really didn’t know that there was such a strong expert hidden in Qin Family, and at this moment, he finally realized that he was used!


Du Shaofu looked at Qin Xiping. Feeling the pressure coming out from him, it made Du Shaofu shudder.

“I have waited for so many years, it’s about time.”

Qin Xiping’s low voice muttered and then his eyes swept around the battlefield but he did not put these people in his eyes. Instead, his gaze stayed on the Demonic-scaled tiger and Du Shaofu slightly longer than everyone else's, “Such a good seedling, not one from the Qin Family juniors could rival…. Kid, I will betroth that girl Xiaolu to you, in the future, the Qin and Du will be one family. I will do my best to train you, what you do think?”

When Qin Xiping’s voice ended, the people around was greatly surprised whereas Cao Tianmang’s face had an ugly expression. Qin Xiaolu was his son’s fiancée, obviously this Qin Family did not put him in their eyes,

Amongst the Qin Family’s, a blood-stained Qin Xiaolu inadvertently glanced towards the young man standing next to the huge tiger. She didn’t know why, but there was a trace of expectation in her heart.

“What is the meaning of this, did the Qin Family already forget the agreement with our Liuyun County!”

Cao Tianmang hollered with fury, the hundred over people he brought from Liuyun County only had a third remaining behind him, all of them were heavily injured.

Qin Xiping looked at Cao Tianmang, saying, “They were right, Stone City is not a place Liuyun County can encroach. Did you think just because you are Liuyun County’s Duke you can rule over Stone City. A junior has no qualification to talk here, bring your people and leave. Outsiders are not qualified to interfere Stone City's matter.”

“Qin Family, Stone City, my Cao family will remember this!”

Cao Tianmang laughed aggravatedly but he was no fool, he knew that there were no benefits to be gained today, he could only plan for the future. He waved his hand at the people behind him and ordered, “Go!”

The people from Liuyun County immediately followed behind Cao Tianmang, and disappeared from sight.

No one tried to stop Cao Tianmang. First, Cao Tianmang has the entire Liuyun County at his back, and second, everyone’s attention was fully focused on Qin Xiping at the moment.

Qin Xiping’s eyes returned to Du Shaofu, “Kid, have you thought it through?”

Du Shaofu looked at Qin Xiping, a smile emerged on his pale and resolute face, “I’m sorry I’m not interested.”

Qin Xiping’s face changed, “Kid, you must think it over carefully, give me the answer after that.”

“I’ve thought about it well: Not interested.” Du Shaofu insisted while shaking his head.

“That’s a pity, I don’t keep people that can’t be used by me, so you can only die!”

Just as Qin Xiping’s cold voice ended, a whistling sound of air piercing suddenly sounded. Qin Xiping’s silhouette blurred into space and, a split second later, reappeared in front of Du Shaofu, one of his hands strangling Du Shaofu’s throat.


The Demonic-scaled tiger growled, its wings flapped and it swooped down on Qin Xiping like lightning. The tiger's claws slashed the void as runes flickered.


Qin Xiping dodged the attack and attacked the Demonic-scaled tiger.

The Demonic-scaled tiger flapped its wings to dodge, creating a wind of tornado.

“Evil beast, you’re still a little weak!”

Qin Xiping jeered as he walked in the air, his palm turned into a fist and a strike landed on the tiger's left wing.


The punch strike sounded like thunder, and as its left wing was injured, the Demonic-scaled tiger lost its balance and fell to the ground. It growled in pain.

“First kill this kid and then go and fetch the Demonic Lightning Lion’s arcane bone.” Qin Xiping continued to close in on Du Shaofu, killing intent broke out.

“Shaofu, be careful!”

Du Zhenwu, Du Zhixiong and even Bai Jiru shot forward to block Qin Xiping.

“Overestimating yourselves!”

Qin Xiping sneered coldly, and his mood turned dark. His long gray sleeves flicked, a violent energy swept out and crashed onto Du Zhenwu, Du Zhixiong,] and Bai Jiru’s body.


The three people were thrown back like broken kites crashing into the nearby pillars. The pillars crumbled, unable to absorb the big impact.


Ye Guang’s expression was grave, he looked at Bai Wei and the two of them pounced on Qin Xiping. At this juncture, there was no other way.

Going all out with the energy they have left, a gigantic Void Shattering Ice Bear and Lightning Panther shadow instantly enveloped Qin Xiping.

Qin Xiping’s smile thickened. All these were arranged by him, he's the final winner.