Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 94

Edited by Fingerfox and Lifer


“Since it is so, then all of you shall die together. If all of you were at your peak I might need to be a little cautious, however, you’re all a spent force now, too vulnerable!”

The long gray robe on Qin Xiping’s body fluttered without the breeze as a powerful xuanqi swept out like a hurricane. Countless cracks zigzagged across, and the surrounding buildings crumbled.


Qin Xiping shook his arms and his fists that was shrouded in runes instantly turned into two blurred lines. Faster than lightning, the attack landed on the Lightning Panther and Void Shattering Ice Bear. The two majestic pulse spirits shattered into runes and dissipated.

At the same time, Qin Xiping appeared in front of Ye Guang and Bai Wei, and two palms struck them, blasting them away as sounds of low explosion rang out.

*Bang! Bang!*

Turbulent energy surged in the air, turning into a whirlwind that covered the sky.


Affected by the powerful whirlwind, the warriors present nearly stiffened in fear.

*Bang! Bang!*

Right in front of everyone’s eyes, Ye Guang and Bao Wei’s silhouettes crashed heavily to the ground.

“Useless, truly old ginger is spicier. I’ve waited for countless years, everything that the Demonic Lightning Lion left behind is mine. I’m destined to be the final winner.” Qin Xiping stood in midair, his laughter reverberated like rolling waves throughout Stone City.

The thousands upon thousands of Stone City’s residents raised their heads to look at the figure in midair, and the paramount fluctuations gave birth of fear in their hearts.

A suffocating silence invaded the battlefield, a gloomy and heavy atmosphere, thick with the smell of blood. Everyone except for the Qin Family was looking grim.

Staring at Qin Xiping, each of them knew that there was no room for resistance.

The big families suffered great losses from the fighting, there were ups and downs in war but this time, things had become a forgone conclusion.

“Why?! How did it become like this?”

An Qingsong and An Long’s body were stained with blood, and their eyes became sluggish. They had thought that the preparations that their An Family made was perfect, that they would be the final winner who would get the Demonic Lightning Lion’s arcane bone and blood essence.

Who could have predicted that the variables of today’s war were beyond their family's control,] and trajectory. Everything had gone down the drain.

They tried to plot against the other four families but they did not realize that family had already entered someone else’s plot, the final harvest did not include their family.

“The Demonic Lightning Lion’s remains are not yours for you do not have the qualifications!”

The Demonic-scaled tiger once again spread its wings and flew up into the air, a purple-robed young man stood on its back came into view. His voice was carried by the wind and spread  throughout the city.

"That is Du Clan’s Du Shaofu! Does he plan to hinder that Qin Family’s terrible expert?”

That space became the focus of the city, the people was starting fixedly on the purple-robed young man that was standing on the Demonic-scaled tiger.

“Brat, you surprise me every time. Don’t think that you can block my path, or perhaps, you want to fight with me for the Demonic Lightning Lion’s remains?” Qin Xiping laughed, filled with ridicule and contempt.

“You don’t have this right nor do I.”

Du Shaofu looked at Qin Xiping, shook his head calmly and continued, “All of Stone City’s people have no right. Senior Demonic Lightning Lion protected Stone City for several hundred years, and during this time, the surrounding demonic beasts from the Wild Beasts Mountain dared not invade the city, while the outside forces dared not encroached.”

“These several hundred years, Stone City had lived and worked in peace, now that Senior Demonic Lightning Lion is at its limit, all of you banded together to conspire against Senior Demonic Lightning Lion’s arcane bone and blood essence, how heart-chilling is this!”

The calm-voiced reverberated in the air, “As part of Stone City, who have the right to desire anything from Senior!”

“The Demonic Lightning Lion is Stone City’s legendary guardian”

“Everyone today is trying to grab the Demonic Lightning Lion’s arcane bone and blood essence!”


As these words entered the ears of the people in the battlefield, it did cause many of them to quiver, ripples of emotions crossed their eyes.

“Truly heartbreaking, ah!”

Du Zhenwu, Du Zhixiong and Bai Jiru exchanged a look among themselves, eyes dimmed with shame and guilt.

“Lightning Ancestor had protected Stone City for hundreds of years, my Ye Family will absolutely not allow the Lightning Ancestor to die and be dissected by anyone, taking away its blood essence and arcane bone, not even my Ye Family. I will not allow the Lightning Ancestor remains to be incomplete, I’ll die fighting to protect the Lightning Ancestor!”

On Ye Baolin’s noble looking face, blood was trickling down from the corner of his mouth, eyes scarlet.

Du Shaofu’s eyes never left Qin Xiping, his face was resolute as his eyes became sharper, and an insurmountable chill flooded out from his body.

“Everyone listen carefully, although I, Du Shaofu, am weak but I received kindness from Senior Demonic Lightning Lion. Today, if anyone dares to have any ideas about Senior, I will not let him go. I will turn them into ashes, and obliterate their spirit and soul!”

The cold voice shook the air like thunder. The chilliness of the voice seemed to seep into the bones, spreading out, covering the heavens and the earth, and making people shiver yet their hearts were moved.

Ye Zhijin looked at the purple-robed young man above, eyes glistening.

Ye Guang also looked up, sighing to himself, 'The younger generation of the Ye’s can’t compare to him, ah.'

“This kid is truly similar to Third Bro, children of the Du Clan should be like this!”

The brothers, Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong, glanced at each other, lights rippled in their eyes and one of them said, “It’s just that his courage is a little over the top ah.”

“Jie jie….”

At first, Qin Xiping blanked for a while but it quickly turned into a mocking sneer, his killing intent broke out. “An ant like a punk, you do not have many coming days. Today, you'll die!”

Qin Xiping looked at Du Shaofu and in an instant he appeared in front of the Demonic-scaled tiger with his five fingers shaped into claws, aiming at Du Shaofu.


When Qin Xiping’s claw came near, the Demonic-scaled tiger roared. A cruel light flashed across its big eyes, ready to go all out.

Suddenly, in a split second, a thick streak of lightning blocked right in front of Du Shaofu and the Demonic-scaled tiger.

Another streak of lightning wrapped around Qin Xiping’s claw print, at the same time, a thick, vicissitude voice boomed, “I like this kid very much. You want to kill him? You are not enough!”

The vicissitude voice was vigorous and overbearing!

The moment his claw print was wrapped by the streak of lightning, Qin Xiping’s old face changed. He turned around and saw a shadow that was shrouded in lightning. The pressure that came from the shadow was too overwhelming, Qin Xiping’s heart quivered.

Then, realization struck him, and he shrieked fearfully, “Demonic Lightning Lion, why aren’t you dead? Hasn’t your lifespan ended?!”

“If I don’t appear dead, how could I make the little villains like you jump out.”

From the group of dazzling lightning light, an enormous mighty lion stood in the air, strong energy fluctuations and coercion burst out, making the people and beasts below shivered.


Lightning serrated the air as if the god of lightning descended.


Qin Xiping’s body was blasted away with no way to resist.

“That is the Demonic Lightning Lion!”

“So that’s a Demonic Lightning Lion, such a strong aura!”


With the sudden emergence of the Demonic Lightning Lion, a chain of surprised clamors sounded all over the city.

The look on the faces of people from the five families became distorted, the Qin, An, and Bai Family looked conflicted.

The myths about the Demonic Lightning Lion was passed down from long ago, it was said that its strength had reached the Beast Border realm and that was equivalent to a human warrior Border realm.

Today, the Demonic Lightning Lion appeared once again, affirming this myth.

“Lightning Ancestor is here!”

The Ye Family brothers trembled with excitement from looking at the stalwart figure in the air, the legendary Guardian of Stone City, and the guardian of the Ye Family.

“How could you be alive?! You deliberately pretended to be nearing your lifespan, you….you wanted to deal with those detrimental to the Ye Family once and for all!”

Fear was apparent in Qin Xiping’s eyes, a beast king of the Border realm was not something he could fight against.

A Border realm Demonic Lightning Lion still existed in Stone City, once this news spread out, it was enough to deter the forces around Stone City. If he knew earlier that this Demonic Lightning Lion was just pretending to be at its limit, he wouldn’t have dared to show and involve himself; harboring the desire for its arcane bone.

“Didn’t you say old ginger is spicier? This statement is true, compared to me, you’re still a few points too tender.”

The Demonic Lightning Lion spoke human words. As the lightning that gathered around it became stronger, thick and dark clouds rolled, and a terrifying energy surged as it spoke again, “You will not be spared!”

“Not good………..!”

Qin Xiping felt the strong killing intent that was coming from the Demonic Lightning Lion, he dared not stay any longer. In a heartbeat, he fled, even abandoning his family below.

“In front of me, you are just an ant!”

The Demonic Lightning Lion’s right leg was raised and slammed down towards the space in front.


At this moment, the energy of this piece of heaven and earth shook vigorously as thunder and lightning rained down.

The lion's claws shot forward like the descent of an angry lightning, shattering the space and the void. Shock waves surged as an atmosphere of destruction enveloped the city……


The Demonic Lightning Lion’s claw pursed Qin Xiping. Ignoring space, it slashed into Qin Xiping’s back with a violent and monstrous energy.

Thunder roared and lightning fell, resounding throughout the city!