Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 95

Edited by Fingerfox and Lifer


Such an indomitable force caused the eyes of the people of Stone City to tremble.

The destructive power whirled, pinning Qin Xiping’s body immovable in the air. Runes and xuanqi broke out from his body as he desperately tried to fend off the power of lightning.


However, his resistance only persisted no more than a blink of an eye before it exploded. Space shattered, and Qin Xiping’s body suddenly blew up.


Instantly, a rain of blood mixed with violent energy scattered.

Fear filled everyone’s eyes as they continued to stare in midair. Strong as Qin Xiping was, he was spiked without any power of resistance by the Demonic Lightning Lion. A proof of its tyrannical power and strength.

The Demonic-scaled tiger hovered in the air, its body shook a little as its eyes focused on the Demonic Lightning Lion. The atmosphere also made it feel danger.

On the Demonic-scaled tiger’s back, Du Shaofu was dumbfounded. A Maidong expert died just like that, too vulnerable. This was the essence of a strong warrior.

The Guardian of Stone City!

“Scourge of Stone City, exterminate all of them!”

After killing Qin Xiping, the Demonic Lightning Lion did not linger. Looking below the ground, its claw once again struck.


Below, An Hong’s face was extremely ugly. The Demonic Lightning Lion’s second strike came hurling towards him!

A wave of powerful energy was locked onto An Hong, not giving him the chance to dodge.

It was at this very moment that he finally realized that everything he had planned and schemed was within the Ye Family’s grasp. In the end, the Ye Family was the final winner.


A loud blast resounded. As lightning whipped onto An Hong’s body, he shattered into pieces and was blown away by the wind.

*Bang! Bang!*

Another two streaks of lightning landed, shocking everyone. An Qingsong and Qin Zongqiong had yet to react, but the two of them were already swallowed by the lightning and totally disappeared.

After that, everything was silent. It was clear to them that the Demonic Lightning Lion had begun its slaughter.

“Kid, you’re really gutsy. Unharmed, right?”

The Demonic Lightning Lion converged away all the streaks of lightning around its body, its vicissitude gaze fell on Du Shaofu. Unfortunately, the pressure made the Demonic-scaled tiger’s legs to tremble.

However, even under such tremendous pressure, the Demonic-scaled tiger endured and remained on its legs, and a trace of surprise flashed across the Demonic Lightning Lion’s eyes upon eyes seeing this.

“Senior Demonic Lightning Lion, are you alright?”

Du Shaofu snapped back to reality and looked at the huge lion in front of him with joy.

However, it did not directly answer Du Shaofu’s question. A trace of humor was in its expression as it looked at Du Shaofu, “I really like you kid, truly.”

After it said that, it leaped out leaving dazzling lines of blurred lightning and disappeared from view.

Ye Guang’s gaze fell on the spot where the Demonic Lightning Lion had disappeared. Then, he turned around and his eyes swept across the battlefield, and his voice thundered, “An Family, Qin Family surrender, and you can keep your life. Resist, and be killed without mercy!”

Qin Family’s Qin Xiping, and An Family’s An Hong were already killed by the Demonic Lightning Lion, including their family’s Patriarch, Qing Zongqiong and An Qingsong. They no longer have the power or strength to resist after losing more than two-thirds of their people.

*Clang! Clang! Clang!*

Some of the remnants of these two families started to throw down their weapons….


A great war finally came to an end but the thick, asphyxiating smell of blood remained for a long, long time.

Fortunately, a heavy rain fell and cleansed Stone City that same night.

The next day, the dark cloud dispersed from the sky as the sun rose anew. It's like the events yesterday had actually never happened, only the ruins and destruction around the Ye Family’s compound served as a proof that it was no dream.

Qin and An Family was blockaded by the Ye Family, Bai Family and the Du Clan, awaiting their punishment.

News that the Demonic Lightning Lion was still alive spread like wildfire in Stone City.

The message already shocked the neighboring forces last night. With the presence of the Demonic Lightning Lion, who would dare to target Stone City.

Morning, Stone City was lively despite the circumstances of yesterday’s battle. Big and small forces of Stone City and the Wild Beast Mountains’ famous beast hunting teams paid a visit to the Du Clan in an endless stream as if it was some festivities.

Much more so compared to the Ye Family, many of them went to congratulate the Ye Family first, and then quickly rushed towards the Du Clan.

With this many visitors, the main entrance pathway of the Du Clan nearly sunk in.

Every member of the clan knew that the reason why their clan became the focus of attention was all due to Du Shaofu’s existence.

The biggest variable on the day of the big war was the Demonic Lightning Lion, the Demonic-scaled tiger and a domineering purple-robed youth’s appearance.

The tyrannical and domineering attitude, the overbearing momentum that suppressed everything in his path, especially the words spoken at the end, lingered in every resident’s heart.

However, in this lively festive atmosphere, Du Shaofu and the Demonic-scaled tiger did not appear, hiding away in the name of healing their injuries.


Five days later. Du Shaofu sat cross-legged on the bed and slowly breathed out as his eyes gradually opened.

Feeling the recovered xuanqi in his body, a smile emerged on his resolute face.

“Didn’t expect that the Golden-winged garuda’s physique refining law is so useful in healing.”

His faint smile showed full of satisfaction. He received some injuries during the war but had fully recovered now. This recovery rate was impossible for other warriors.


Suddenly, Du Shaofu took out something that looked like a beast bone from his robe, the same beast bone he found on the third floor of the Du Clan’s Martial Collection Building.

Although he felt that this beast bone was not ordinary, he had yet to dig out any secrets from it. Thus, Du Shaofu had been keeping it inside the storage bag, only taking it out to ponder when he was free.

And just now, Du Shaofu felt some fluctuations from it, so he quickly took it out and held it in his hand. Studying the beast bone carefully, the color seemed to have changed a little from before, containing a faint power of lightning.

However, even after studying it for some time, Du Shaofu remained clueless.

“Could it be I felt wrong, the lightning power probably came from the Lightning Pool.”

Du Shaofu muttered to himself, and kept the beast bone back. He stood up from the bed and stretched lazily.

“Not bad ah kid, you actually advanced till peak Xiantian. Your speed is quite fast. But don’t forget, Xiantian realm is where you build a good foundation, you cannot be anxious. Otherwise, you will regret it.”

Zhen Qingchun’s voice sounded, an energy fluctuated in the room from the little tower that was kept near Du Shaofu’s chest. Then, it condensed into a surreal shadow of a wretched looking young man in front of Du Shaofu.

“You dare to show up now. Didn’t you hear me when I called for you?”

The moment Du Shaofu saw Zhen Qingchun the expression on his face became ugly.

At that time during the war, Du Shaofu contacted Zhen Qingchun in the little tower, wanting to ask if Zhen Qingchun had a way to deal with Qin Xiping. Who knew that there was no reply from the little tower.

Zhen Qingchun didn’t mind Du Shaofu’s expression. He grinned in a flattering manner and defended, “I did not expect that there would be an energy that was beneficial to my injuries, so I managed to absorbed some. So these days I have no time to bother with you.”

Hearing this, Du Shaofu’s eyes lit up, asking, “How much have you recovered?”

“How much can I recover? I just got some benefits, how can it be so easy for me to fully recover!”

Zhen Qingchun’s face was calm, his tone carried a taste of sorrow. He looked seriously at Du Shaofu, his the triangular brows twitched, “Did you meet that Demonic Lightning Lion?”

“Yes,” Du Shaofu nodded. His lips curled at Zhen Qingchun, an eyebrow rose up in doubt, asking “Don’t tell me you have some crooked ideas on the Demonic Lightning Lion?”

‘”I have no such interest. If that Demonic Lightning Lion is ten times stronger perhaps I would consider.”

Zhen Qingchun glared at Du Shaofu before his tone softened again, saying, “Although I have no time to bother with you these past few days, I still know what happened. I didn’t expect you kid to have some personality, no wonder you are my little brother.”

“Is sworn little brother, not your crony little brother.”

Du Shaofu rolled his eyes at Zhen Qingchun, this fellow really knew how to blow his own trumpet. If the Demonic Lightning Lion was stronger, how terrifying would that be?

“Sworn brothers are just the same, the same.”

Zhen Qingchun smiled, and his smile was still that ‘unique’, and continued, “Still, that Demonic Lightning Lion’s cultivation is only so-so, peak Border realm. If it could go further, then it could reach the Beast King realm. At that time, it could transform into a human body.”

From Zhen Qingchun’s words, Du Shaofu could guess something. After the Border realm is Beast King realm, then for humans, after the Border realm, it should be the Martial King realm.

“Senior Demonic Lightning Lion already reached such a level.”

No wonder it could easily kill Qin Xiping with just one move.

“Pity its lifespan is spent, it can’t hold on much longer.” Zhen Qingchun said.

Du Shaofu looked up, “Meaning Senior Demonic Lightning Lion was not acting, it forcefully came out?”