Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 96

Edited by Fingerfox and Lifer


“Right, consider it as its last spurt of vitality. If my guess is not wrong, it will die within these few days.” Zhen Qingchun said.


Du Shaofu sighed, the Demonic Lightning Lion had guarded Stone City for several hundred years, and now, nearing its end, it even laid such an exaggerated plan to deal with the hidden dangers inside the city walls. However, it still couldn't escape away from death.

“What are you sighing for, that Demonic Lightning Lion was dragged down by its old injury. If its old injury can be healed, it can definitely rejuvenate. Moreover, if it can break through, its future prospects are bright.” Zhen Qingchun said matter-of-factly to Du Shaofu.

“What did you say, you mean you have a way to cure Senior Demonic Lightning Lion’s injury?” instantly, Du Shaofu’s eyes lit up brightly staring at Zhen Qingchun.

“So anxious! With that little beast, every time you open your mouth is Senior this and Senior that. You have never shown me so much respect, huh!”

Zhen Qingchun pursed his lips remembering that he was showered with virgin urine from this abnormal bastard, he felt as if a stone was pressed down on his chest, really uncomfortable. 

“Brother Qingchun, you’re already my big brother, don’t be so stingy. I respect you from the bottom of my heart.”

Hearing Zhen Qingchun complain, a smile emerged on Du Shaofu’s resolute face as he persuaded. “Come, tell me, do you have any way to cure Senior Demonic Lightning Lion’s old injury?”

Zhen Qingchun looked at Du Shaofu, “That Demonic Lightning Lion has no connection with you, why are you so worried?”

“No matter what, I have received Senior Demonic Lightning Lion’s kindness in the Lightning Pool, consider it as repaying a favor.”

Something rippled in Du Shaofu’s eyes. Actually, he himself didn’t know the reason for his concern, perhaps it was the moment when he saw the Demonic Lightning Lion in the stone chamber for the first time, he thought of an old man that gave everything to Stone City, and something pulled at his heart. If there was something he could do, even something miscellaneous, his heart would also feel better.

“According to that argument, I also received a fingernail-sized of benefit from the Lightning Pool.”

Zhen Qingchun looked at Du Shaofu, his triangular-shaped eyes looked serious, saying, “There is a poison in that Demonic Lightning Lion’s body, and it is not some common poison. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have affected its lifespan to this extent”

“What kind of poison injury?" Du Shaofu asked.

“It should be from the Poisonous Flame Flood Dragon’s poison. That creature is a branch of the Dragon Clan, a hybrid dragon. Its bloodline is quite strong but still, it is far worse than a real dragon.”

Zhen Qingchun added, “Demonic beast that is mixed with the dragon blood are quite powerful.”

“How did you know all of this?” Du Shaofu was puzzled.

Zhen Qingchun rolled his eyes at Du Shaofu, “The Lightning Pool had some blood essence blended in it, since I received some benefits from the pool, of course I would know its condition.”

“Meaning… the only way to cure Senior Demonic Lightning Lion’s injury is by detoxifying the poison in its body?” Du Shaofu asked.

Zhen Qingchun blanked for a moment from Du Shaofu’s question, then with a trace of sarcasm he poured cold water onto Du Shaofu, “You think that the poison from a Poisonous Flame Flood Dragon is simple. Moreover, that Demonic Lightning Lion’s bloodline is quite strong, common poison can’t harm it. But the Poisonous Flame Flood Dragon was strong enough to affect its lifespan, even some elite Alchemy Talisman Master can’t do nothing against its poison.”

Hearing this, Du Shaofu scowled and his expression became somber. Then, he suddenly looked at Zhen Qingchun, “Brother Qingchun, from your tone, you must have a solution, right? Don’t keep me in suspense.”

“Hey hey.”

Zhen Qingchun grinned, however, smiling really does not suit him, “The one with a solution is you, not me.”

“How would I have a solution?” Du Shaofu was stunned, full of confusion.

Zhen Qingchun rolled his eyes at Du Shaofu again, and with an old know-it-all scholarly tone, he said, “In the end, you’re still a greenhorn, your knowledge is too shallow. Don’t forget, you cultivate the Golden-winged garuda’s secret law, and the blood that runs in your blood is the closest thing to a real Golden-winged garuda’s blood.”

“How is this related?” Du Shaofu had yet to understand.

“Don’t interrupt, let me finish.”

Zhen Qingchun cut off Du Shaofu and continued, “Did you know, legend says that a True Garuda hunts dragons as food. Although the Golden-winged garuda can’t compare to the True Garuda in ancient times, a Poisonous Flame Flood Dragon is also much weaker than a real dragon. Thus you can definitely suppress the poison from the Poisonous Flame Flood Dragon.”

Pausing for a moment, Zhen Qingchun added, “If my guess is not wrong, your blood can be used as an elixir for the Demonic Lightning Lion. As long as that little lion swallows it, and then used its xuanqi to force out the poison from its body, at that time, perhaps it could gain some extra benefits from this. Your blood is similar to a Golden-winged garuda’s blood, to any demonic beasts, it is a treasure. Just a little would bring numerous benefits.”

“Sure?” Du Shaofu was in awe.

“Somebody’s coming, I’m going back to the tower.”

Sensing that someone was coming, Zhen Qingchun immediately dissipated into energy, drilling back into the little tower.

“Shaofu, are you in?”

As Zhen Qingchun disappeared into the little tower, from outside the courtyard came Du Zhixiong’s voice.

“Second Uncle, how come you came personally?”

This was out of Du Shaofu’s expectation and he quickly opened the door and went out. It was really his Second Uncle with a jug of wine in his hand. In the yard, his drunkard father was snoozing on the usual wicker chair. Evidently, that jug of wine was for his drunkard father.

“How are your injuries? Have they healed properly?”

Seeing Du Shaofu come out, Du Zhixiong hurried to ask, his eyes scrutinized Du Shaofu’s body with a worried expression.

“Small thing, it’s okay now.”

Du Shaofu smiled, he could tell that his Second Uncle’s injuries have yet to heal but there shouldn’t be any big problems.

“Then it’s good.” Du Zhixiong laughed, and as if remembering something, he said “I almost forgot: the Ye Family’s girl is waiting for you in the main hall, asking if you can make a trip to the Ye Family. So, your Eldest Uncle said to let you go and see.”


Du Shaofu nodded. He turned around and spoke to his drunkard father, “Dad, I’m going out for a while, Second Uncle is here to chat with you. Don’t drink too much.”

Finished saying that, Du Shaofu headed out of the yard.

Du Zhixiong watched Du Shaofu leave, only removing his gaze after his little nephew disappeared from view. He turned around and sat on an empty wicker chair and directly threw the jug of wine onto Du Tingxuan’s stomach, saying, “Third Bro, you have a good son, ah.”

Du Tingxuan sat up, uncorked the jug of wine and lazily took a few sniffs. “Good wine.”

“Third Bro, I’m talking to you. Big Brother and I have discussed it, we have agreed to send Shaofu to the main clan. With Shaofu’s talent and the main clan’s training, Shaofu can grow stronger instead of being wasted here in Stone City.” Du Zhixiong said as he looked at Du Tingxuan.

Du Tingxuan raised his head, the bright eyes behind the unkempt hair stared at Du Zhixiong, “Second Bro, I’ve already said it, we have forever cut off the relationship with the main clan. Forever!”

Du Zhixiong examined Du Tingxuan closely, he hesitated for a moment before probing, “Third Bro, can you tell us what happened sixteen years ago? You suddenly came back sixteen years ago, since then the main clan had stopped communicating with us, and you became like this… no longer the suave and the high-spirited you.”

“Don’t ask, all is good…. Being able to live this way is already a blessing….” Du Tingxuan muttered in a barely audible voice.

“Fine, I won’t ask anymore.”

True to his words, Du Zhixiong didn’t ask anymore. In the last sixteen years, he had asked many times than he could count, and this time was the most words he had gotten out of Third Bro.

“Third Bro, drink less. Me and Big Bro is waiting, waiting for your real self to return.”

After Du Zhixiong said that, he got up and left the yard.

Sitting on the wicker chair, Du Tingxuan stared dazedly ahead. After a long time, he brushed the messy hair away from his face, revealing a sharp handsome face—thick, dense eyebrows and big-spirited eyes that looked like twin shining stars.

“This is fine, we are good this way, Ao Tong, what about you two…..


“Greetings, Brother Shaofu.”

“Brother Shaofu, have your injuries healed?”


Leaving the courtyard to the Main Hall to meet Ye Zhijin, Du Shaofu had met with a flurry of greetings along the way.

Seeing Du Shaofu, Ye Zhijin’s nervous nerves finally relaxed.

From Ye Zhijin’s mouth, Du Shaofu got to know that it was the Demonic Lightning Lion who wanted to see him. So the two of them rushed out from the Du Clan to the Ye Family’s compound.

Half an hour later, Du Shaofu and Ye Zhijin dismounted and hurried towards the stone chamber. On the way, Du Shaofu looked at the frowning Ye Zhijin, he couldn’t help but ask, “Miss Ye, do you know why Senior Demonic Lightning Lion wants to see me?”

Hearing this, Ye Zhijin squeezed out a faint smile, answering, “I also don’t know. Lightning Ancestor said that he wanted to see you, so I went to Du Clan to find you.” 

“Could it be……..”

Du Shaofu’s eyes darkened, and he too was frowning. The remaining words were left unsaid, but Ye Zhijin understood.

Ye Zhijin was a little surprised that Du Shaofu had guessed it out and the forced smile she managed vanished. Biting her lips in hesitation, she said, “Your guess is correct, Lightning Ancestor probably can’t make it.”

Du Shaofu’s face changed after hearing this, he suddenly rushed Ye Zhijin, “Bring me there, quick!”

Ye Zhijin was confused, Du Shaofu seemed even more concerned about the Lightning Ancestor than the Ye Family’s people, still, she picked up her pace.