Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 97

Editors: Fingerfox and Lifer

First Release

In the same stone chamber, Du Shaofu saw the Demonic Lightning Lion that was akin to an over-fatigued old fellow.

Ye Guang and Ye Baolin were also in the stone chamber, respectfully standing on one side. Both of them had somber expressions on their faces, their eyes glistened with moistness.

“Kid, you’re here. Looks like your injury healed quite fast.”

Seeing Du Shaofu arrived, the Demonic Lightning Lion who was lying on its belly slowly raised its head. Its bright spirited eyes had become dim and dull, a complete contrast of its mightiness the day it killed Qin Xiping with its swift and tyrannical actions, shocking people to the core.

“Senior, I’ve come.”

Looking at the spiritless Demonic Lightning Lion, Du Shaofu’s heart soured.

“I’m dying soon, my vitality is exhausted, I really cannot hold on anymore.” The Demonic Lightning Lion looked at Du Shaofu and said.

“Senior, I…..”

Just as Du Shaofu wanted to say something, the Demonic Lightning Lion interrupted him, “I have decided, after my death, my arcane bone with be shared between you and the Ye Family, so you can have some enlightenment from it. The same with my blood essence. I hope, that in the future, both you and the Ye Family would protect Stone City.”

“Lightning Ancestor!”

Tears were quivering at the corners of Ye Guang and Ye Baolin’s eyes. Not caring that Du Shaofu was with them, the two of them knelt down before the Demonic Lightning Lion.

“Lightning Ancestor had guarded over our Ye Family and Stone City for so many years, how could we aspire Lightning Ancestor’s arcane bone and blood essence? If we cannot even protect Lightning Ancestor’s remains after returning to Heaven, then our entire Ye Family will have no face anymore. This absolutely must not!” Ye Baolin looked up at the Demonic Lightning Lion.

“By that time, I’m already dead, what’s the point of having an intact corpse or not.”

The Demonic Lightning Lion looked at Ye Baolin, saying, “At that time, your ancestor saved my life, and because of me, your ancestor died prematurely. With his talent, he would have made a name for himself.”

“I promised him to protect Stone City and to protect the Ye Family as long as I am alive. After I die, I hope that my arcane bone and blood essence could aid the Ye Family to nurture a strong expert as compensation for the regret in my heart.”

“Lightning Ancestor, don’t this!”

Ye Baolin tried hard to hold back his tear but it still rolled down on his face.

Ye Zhijin followed Ye Guang and Ye Baolin, kneeling down behind them. Tears came down like a waterfall, raising pity in anyone who sees this scene.

“Demonic beasts are so much stronger than human, this Demonic Lightning Lion should not be near its end so fast, ah.” A mosquito voice transferred into Du Shaofu’s ears. Du Shaofu could tell that it was Zhen Qingchun from inside the little tower.

At this time, Du Shaofu’s eyes were also looking moist. This Demonic Lightning Lion was repaying a kindness and had done so for several hundred years long. Even at its end, it voluntarily left its arcane bone and blood essence, doing its best to repay the same kind act.

“I have already decided, no need to say anymore. Stand up.”

The Demonic Lightning Lion told Ye Baolin that the matter was out of discussion, and then it turned to Du Shaofu, “Kid, I know you’re not the same as the average human, one day, you would spread your wings and soar in the sky. That year, I owed the Ye Family's ancestor a favor, thus I guarded the Ye Family and also Stone City in my lifetime. Therefore, you can be considered as owing me a kindness, a favor. I’m giving you a share of my arcane bone and blood essence in hope that you would help me continue this guardianship, are you willing?”

Du Shaofu looked at the Demonic Lightning Lion, moments later he asked, “Senior, do you have a poison injury from the Poisonous Flame Flood Dragon on your body?”

As soon as Du Shaofu asked this question, Ye Guang, Ye Baolin and Ye Zhijin’s weird gazes fell on Du Shaofu’s body. The poison injury on the Lightning Ancestor’s body, in the whole Ye Family, only the three of them knew.

“Yes, it is the poison from the Poisonous Flame Flood Dragon. It had been several hundred years, the poison had seeped deep into the bones, and cannot be cured anymore.” The Demonic Lightning Lion replied without the slightest emotion.

Watching the Demonic Lightning Lion, Du Shaofu contemplated for a brief moment, “Senior, that poison, I might have a way.”

“What?! You can cure the Poisonous Flame Flood Dragon’s poison?”

“Is it true? If it’s true, no matter what your conditions are, my Ye Family agrees.”

Ye Guang and Ye Baolin quickly stood up, and for the first time since Du Shaofu entered the stone chamber they actually looked at him, staring fixedly at him, their eyes were filled with expectation, and at the same time, doubt.

So many years have gone, each generation of the Ye Family’s Patriarch would secretly invite powerful Spirit Talisman Masters from outside to come and heal the Lightning Ancestor but was disappointed time and time again.

“Shaofu, can you really cure Lightning Ancestor’s poison injury?” Ye Zhijin got up and grabbed Du Shaofu’s hands tightly, her eyes were filled with hope as she looked at Du Shaofu.

Du Shaofu hesitated for a moment before speaking, “I can’t guarantee, but I have an eight over ten confidence.”

“Please save Lightning Ancestor, as long as you can heal Lightning Ancestor, our Ye Family is willing to pay the price.” Ye Guang and Ye Baolin pleaded Du Shaofu.

“Please cure Lightning Ancestor, I beg you.” Ye Zhijin shook Du Shaofu’s arm and begged earnestly.

“Miss Ye, first you must let go of me. Only then can I treat Senior Demonic Lightning Lion’s injury ah.” Du Shaofu looked at Ye Zhijin and said with a small laugh.


Only at this moment did Ye Zhijin realized her impropriety, she was actually grasping tightly onto Du Shaofu’s arms. Other than her father, this was the first time that she was so intimate with the opposite gender. A blush colored her cheeks, but almost instantly, her thoughts returned towards the matter at hand and continued to look at Du Shaofu pitifully.

“I will do my best.” Du Shaofu reassured Ye Zhijin, and turned towards the Demonic Lightning Lion, “Senior, let me give it a try.”

“Okay, I will let you try and see what capability you have.”

The Demonic Lightning nodded. However, there were no signs of hope in its dull eyes.

These hundreds of years, it had tried numerous ways but none brought a change. For the current Demonic Lightning Lion, it was just going along with these juniors’ request. After all, it’s already dying, it's better to spend its last moments a little lively rather than being alone.

“Shaofu, when do you want to start? Do you need to prepare anything, I’ll go and arrange it immediately!” Ye Baolin’s ball of nerves and apprehension all rolled into one.

“Start now, no need to prepare anything, just give me a huge bowl and that is enough. When I’m treating Senior, no one is allowed to come in and disturb me. Also, please send someone to inform my Eldest Uncle saying that I’ll be staying here for a few days.”

Ye Guang nodded vigorously, saying, “All these are no problem. I will guard the door myself, unless I die, otherwise, no one can walk in.”

In just a short moment, inside the stone chamber, there were only Du Shaofu and the Demonic Lightning Lion remaining.

“Kid, let’s begin. I’ll accompany you.”

The Demonic Lightning Lion looked at Du Shaofu and said. Although its huge body didn't look healthy, it still exuded a majestic atmosphere.

“Start, I will teach you what to do every step of the way. To others, this is extremely difficult, but to you who practice the Golden-winged garuda’s cultivation law, in addition, your blood is similar to them as well, so, for you, this is not something difficult, it just needs a little effort from you.” Zhen Qingchun’s voice sounded in Du Shaofu’s ear in the decibel of a mosquito.

Du Shaofu started to do as Zhen Qingchun instructed, as time flew, he began to relax.


Right in front of the Demonic Lightning Lion’s shocked eyes, Du Shaofu took out a dagger from his storage bag and slashed it across his own wrist. From his veins, a pale golden blood flowed into the earlier prepared bowl.


As the pale golden blood dripped into the bowl, the entire stone chamber seemed to shake. From the pale golden blood, mysterious runic symbols swirled, spreading a terrifying aura in the stone chamber.

This aura felt like a gathering of energy between heaven and earth rushing into the pale golden blood.

Dazzling golden light lit up the stone chamber like the sun was inside, its energy piercing through the sky.

“This is……….!”

The Demonic Lighting Lion’s placid eyes suddenly rippled with strong emotions, its body was trembling from the energy fluctuations that was coming from the golden-colored blood.

“Senior, after you drink this blood, I will use my xuanqi to force out the poison from your body.”

Du Shaofu formed some seals and pointed it onto the slit on his wrist and instantly, the blood stopped flowing out. He pushed the bowl of the pale golden blood in front of the Demonic Lightning Lion.

Sensing the powerful energy fluctuations that was coming from the bowl of pale golden blood, the Demonic Lightning Lion’s gaze wavered; subconsciously, it understood why Du Shaofu was confident that he could cure its injury.

A small sliver of excitement flashed across its eyes, for so many years, it had never imagined that the moment it was about to die, hope would come.

“This is the Golden-winged garuda’s blood, that’s the Golden-winged garuda ah! Kid, then I’m won’t decline.”

Seeing Du Shaofu nod, without saying anything more, a strong energy came from its mouth and the gold-colored blood in the bowl flew down into its throat.


When the pale golden blood entered the Demonic Lightning Lion’s mouth, its body started to shudder, streaks of lightning snaked around its massive body, and the once spiritless and dimmed eyes seemed to have lightning that was rippling across them.

And at this time, a terrifying energy swept out from inside the Demonic Lightning Lion’s body, increasing the number of lightning streaks around its body. An indistinct black flame struggled under its skin, wanting to break out.


The Demonic Lightning Lion let out a low fierce growl as if it was experiencing a horrible pain.

Seeing the black flame breaking out from the Demonic Lightning Lion’s body, Du Shaofu’s face tightened. No doubt this black flame was related to the Poisonous Flame Flood Dragon’s poison.

“Senior, hold on, I’ll help you!”

With a low bellow, following Zhen Qingchun’s instruction, Du Shaofu sat down cross-legged in front of the Demonic Lightning Lion. His hands were rapidly forming seals, and a pale golden light broke out from Du Shaofu’s body, drilling into the Demonic Lightning Lion’s body.