Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 98

Edited by Fingerfox and Lifer

Second release.

The Demonic Lightning Lion endured the excruciating pain; strong lightning zigzagged around its body and at the same time cooperated with Du Shaofu to force the poison out.  


With the support and suppression from Du Shaofu’s xuanqi and blood, wisps of black flames could be seen gushing out, forming black runes yet almost at the same moment, these black flames were wrapped and destroyed by the golden and lightning runes.  

Time flew slowly. Runes collided in the stone chamber as lightning flashed, and dazzling lights brightened the chamber space……

The sun set in the western sky, covering the mountain range with a cloth of glorious amber and all its other parts were left in the ensuing darkness.

A dark amber glow receded from a mountain peak as the sky slowly turned gray, giving the mountain peak a deep and unfathomable feeling.

A brawny black-robed middle-aged man was standing silently on that mountain peak, staring far into the horizon.


Suddenly, there was a fluctuation in the fabric of space followed by the emergence of energy as runes swirled, turning into another middle-aged man in a long white robe.

When this middle-aged man appeared, a terrifying atmosphere swept out from the mountain peak.

“What did the reply from the clan said?” The black robed middle-aged man did not turn back, not even a minuscule of change was in his eyes.

“We have roughly described what happened here to the clan, and the reply from the clan is…..”

The long white-robed middle-aged man came beside the black robed man and paused for a moment before continuing, “The clan said, in the past, one of them had already caused such a big change. Now that the small one can cultivate, and possess quite a strong talent too, the best way is to kill it in the cradle in order to not stir things up again after we made so many sacrifices for this peaceful period. He cannot surface in the world.”

“The clan finally sent a message, ah.”

The black robed man suddenly turned around, ruthlessness glinted in his eyes with a certain excitement and said in a sullen voice, “Sixteen years, it has been sixteen long years, because of that pair of father and son we were sent to this backwood place. If we stayed with the clan, how can we end up so miserable these sixteen years!”

The white-robed man looked at the black robed middle-aged man. “The clan’s message said, we promised that year, thus we must strictly adhere to it. If someone found any errs on our side, it will be worst for us. We can leave this place if we can handle this matter well and return to the clan.”

“There won’t be any clues if the matter weren’t done with our own hands directly.”

The black-robed man said somberly, a cold sneer crept up on his face. His figure flashed and disappeared instantly from the mountain peak.

“You really want to do it this way, is this way good….”

The white-robed man muttered softly, then his foot tapped the ground, his body shook slightly accompanied by a burst of runes. Like the other man, his silhouette vanished from the spot.

Sunset was gone quickly setting on the horizon.

The shadows of mountain peaks played on top the dense forest, dark shadows blended into one as the night deepened….

Underneath the night sky in the Du Clan compound...

Inside Du Zhenwu’s study, Du Zhixiong was confused. “Big Brother, is Shaofu really in the Ye Family treating the Demonic Lightning Lion? Or he met with some trouble in the Ye Family? Because the only threat to the Ye Family is our Du Clan.”

“Ye Baolin came himself and did not hide the condition of the Demonic Lightning Lion’s injury from us. So, I believe it is true.” Du Zhenwu said.

“Shaofu really has a way to cure the Demonic Lightning Lion?” Du Zhixiong asked again.

“I don’t know this myself.”

Du Zhenwu shook his head and then added, “But I rather believe Shaofu. We have never been able to see that child clearly, always giving us surprises ah.”

“That child seems to be stronger than Third Bro when he was at that age.”

Du Zhixiong’s lips pressed into a smile, “But he was much more mischievous than Third Bro, more ruthless and hides deeper.”

“Are you boasting your own nephew?” Du Zhenwu gave Du Zhixiong a look from the corner of his eyes, thinking in his heart, where do people boast their nephews so obviously.

“Of course I’m boasting, this way, he would not eat any losses from the others.”

Du Zhixiong generously admitted that he was boasting his nephew. With his experience, a little cunning, ruthlessness and knows how to hide their cards have lower chances to be tricked or be used by others. Such as himself, he had always thought that he was an honest person but it seemed that all the people outside holds a different opinion.

Du Zhenwu was too lazy to argue with Du Zhixiong, but there was a faint trace of a smile on his lips. Seconds later, he said to Du Zhixiong, “Second Bro, you think that that Ye Family’s girl is more suitable for Shaofu or that Bai Family’s girl?”

“I’m not sure about this, both seems good.”

Du Zhixiong scratched his head. His head bowed down and after a brief moment he then looked up to Du Zhenwu and he said, “Big Bro, how about we tell Shaofu to marry both?”

“This idea is not bad, let’s ask Shaofu’s opinion. This child is nearly seventeen, not small already.”

Du Zhenwu said, “Third Bro is immersed in drinking in this period of time. Thus, we must pay attention to these matters.”

“That’s right, we should pay attention. If there’s time, I’ll tell his aunt to ask.” Du Zhixiong said seriously.



In the Ye Family's stone chamber, Du Shaofu suddenly sneezed without a reason. Luckily, he had already done all that he could.

For one day and one night’s time, he used his xuanqi continuously to help the Demonic Lightning Lion force out the poison in its body. The energy consumption was larger than he had thought and he was exhausted beyond the limit.

Fortunately, most of the poison in the Demonic Lightning Lion’s body had been forced out.


Du Shaofu watched from the side a large lightning ball shrouded the Demonic Lightning Lion inside. Feeling that the things were moving in a good direction, Du Shaofu was relieved.

Since most of the Poisonous Flame Flood Dragon’s poison was forced out, the remaining things were irrelevant to him. As long as the Demonic Lightning Lion could hold on until the last moment, it could regain its vitality.

At that time, it is akin to being reborn!

“The rest is up to itself, you can’t help any more than this.” Zhen Qingchun’s voice sounded in Du Shaofu’s ear.

Du Shaofu got up, looking pale, he wiped off the sweat on his forehead. One day and one night’s consumption—he nearly could not make it.

Outside the strange looking building that looked neither like a tower nor a temple, three people—Ye Zhijin, Ye Baolin, and Ye Guang—were waiting. Their eyes swept towards the entrance from time to time.

“Dad, can Lightning Ancestor be cured?”

Ye Zhijin asked Ye Baolin, worry and anticipation were reflected in her bright eyes. Her nerves were tense the entire time.

“Hopefully.” Ye Baolin paced back and forth with a taut expression on his face, feeling worried just like his daughter.

“He’s out.”

Ye Guang was the first one who detected a movement, his eyes flew straight to the entrance and the purple-robed young man that they had been waiting for finally came out.

“Shaofu, how is it? Was it successful?”

Ye Guang, Ye Baolin and Ye Zhijin hurried towards Du Shaofu at the same time. Facing the three expectant pair of eyes that stared fixedly at himself.

Seeing this, a smile emerged on Du Shaofu’s pale face. Nodding, he said, “Senior Demonic Lightning Lion is in no danger, but don’t disturb him at the moment. It still needs a little more time before it could completely clear the poison’s effect.”

When they heard this, the three faces bloomed like flowers in spring, their tense nerves relaxed instantly.

“Shaofu, thank you, thank you!”

Ye Baolin held Du Shaofu’s hand excitedly, his face was full of gratefulness. He really did not expect that the young man in front of him actually succeeded in healing the Lightning Ancestor.

“Shaofu, my Ye Family owes you a big favor. Whatever you want, as long as it is within my Ye Family’s capacity, we will not refuse. Even if it is this old life of mine.” Ye Guang thanked Du Shaofu.

“Senior’s words are too heavy. I also owe a favor to Senior Demonic Lightning Lion, this is what I should do.”  

Du Shaofu nodded. In fact, if he were to say, this time the Ye Family calculated all the big families in their plan but he still had a good impression of the Ye Family. Knowing how to repay kindness and doesn’t covet the things from the Demonic Lightning Lion’s body showed that they couldn't be all bad.

“Thank you.”

Ye Zhijin looked at Du Shaofu, her cherry red lips opened and spoke two simple words, but her eyes revealed a lot.

“I consumed too much energy so I must first return and adjust my condition. I’ll come visit another day.” Du Shaofu bid his goodbye.

Back to the Du Clan compound, Du Shaofu ran to the back mountain, to him the spacious nature was more suitable than any other place.

Just as Du Shaofu reached home, Ye Baolin followed slightly behind him, bringing many thank you gifts of herbs and others, even martial skills and cultivation techniques.

Ye Family’s token was really luxurious, seeing this, Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong were a little frightened.

Before Ye Baolin left the Du Clan, he said these words, “Ye Family owes the Du Clan a big favor, from hereon, Ye Family will forever be the Du Clan’s ally and friend. Provoking the Du Clan means provoking our Ye Family.”

'The Ye Family is the Du Clan’s ally, not Du Clan is Ye Family’s ally.' These words held a different meaning.

Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong understood the underlying meaning. Shaofu must have successfully healed the Demonic Lightning Lion and that made the Ye Family take this position.

In the end, Ye Baolin even said that he wanted to handover the position of Mayor to Du Shaofu in a serious manner.

This made Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong jumped with fright. No matter what, this matter needs to be discussed with Du Shaofu first.