Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 99

Edited by Fingerfox and Lifer

Stone City entered a restoration period after the great war. The streets and shops gradually returned to the bustle and liveliness it was once before.

However, this speed of recovery was a cause of concern for some forces.

Ye Family, Du Clan and Bai Family had begun the cleaning up the remnants of the Qin and An Family. Vassal forces of both families were either pressured into submission or total annihilation.

It was revealed that the people of both families that survived were banished from Stone City. All their assets were divided between the Ye Family, Du Clan and Bai Family.

It can be concluded that both the Qin and An Family were uprooted from Stone City forever. Only the three families remained from the long-standing five prominent families.

During this period, the words ‘Du Shaofu’ turned into a household name in Stone City, even more famous and popular compared to the original ‘fool young master' nickname he had before.

According to rumors, every single young woman in Stone City had set their sights on Du Shaofu.

Unfortunately, no one saw Du Shaofu again since the big war ended. Many of these young female suitresses deliberately waited, pacing back and forth outside the Du Clan’s main entrance in hopes of catching Du Shaofu's interest but none had the blessings of getting a glimpse of him.

It did, however, brightened up the days of hot-blooded young men of the Du Clan. In just a few days, some of these single young men were lucky enough to find their other half amongst these choices that presented to their doorstep.

The long mountain range stretched like the rolling waves, land connecting with cities of prosperous structures.

In a spacious great hall, inside a secret chamber, Cao T`ianmang was sitting cross-legged. His burly stature was like a bear’s; his hands made seals, and a cloud of black mist enveloped his body, healing his injuries as he continued with breathing adjustments.


When the last handseal was completed, the black-colored xuanqi converged into his body and his eyes opened, gleaming with sharp light. The injuries on his body had healed more than half.

This was the result after spending a terrible price with healing pellets. But if Cao Tianmang wanted to return to his peak, it was far from enough.

“Bastards, damn Qin Family, damn Stone City, I will settle this score sooner or later!”

Cao Tianmang gritted his teeth, a chilling light shone from his eyes. His objective when he went to Stone City was to grab the treasures left behind by that Demonic Lightning Lion and take Stone City into his jurisdiction. Who knew that it would turn out so devastating for him.

In the beginning, he wanted to borrow Qin Family’s hand to enter Stone City, but all were destroyed by the Demonic Lightning Lion. From the beginning, he was used and made a fool of at the same time.

“Do you want revenge?”

An aloof voice echoed in the secret chamber and at the same time, space fluctuated and two figures—one black and one white—walked into the secret chamber that no one apart from himself could enter.

Both were wearing hooded cloaks that hid their faces, one wearing a wide black robe and the other wore a long elegant white robe. There weren't any energy fluctuations coming from their bodies, from the sound of their voice, it seemed to belong to a middle-aged man.

“Dared to trespass into my secret chamber, courting death!”

Cao Tianmang’s face looked ugly, and he immediately launched an attack. His thick muscular arm swung out and powerful volatile energy shook the air. A dynamic fist print flew out to the black-robed man.


All of sudden, Cao Tianmang’s confidence was destroyed and he had a horrified look on his face. His fist stopped right in front of the black-robed man and could not progress an inch further, he couldn’t even get close to the person.

At the same time, the xuanqi in Cao Tianmang’s body became sluggish, it dimmed and disappeared. In the next moment, his body floated up out of his control as a sense of impending death climbed out from the deepest part of his soul.

As if the black-robed man in front of him just needed to think it and he would cease to exist without the power to resist. This man is this strong?!

Super expert! This person is a super expert!

Terror filled the depths of Cao Tianmang’s pupils. The two people in front of him were definitely super warriors, absolutely not a level that he could even dream of reaching.


Cao Tianmang’s body was ruthlessly smashed to the chamber floor and the xuanqi that disappeared from his body recovered, the overpowering sense of dread deep inside his soul gradually vanished.

“Don’t think of attacking me. In front of me, your mid-Pulse Spirit strength is nothing more but an ant.”

The aloof voice sounded again, coming from the black-robed man. Hearing the voice, unease crept up Cao Tianmang’s heart like an insect.

“I dare not anymore. Dare I ask these honorable lords’ purpose in coming to me? Did this surname Cao offended the two lords in any way, if I did, this surnamed Cao will definitely apologize and compensate.”

Although Cao Tianmang looked boorish and unpolished, contrary to his appearance, he is a clever man. Otherwise, he couldn’t have sat on the position of Liuyun County Duke. Now that he knew that the two ‘guests’ were super strong experts, realizing he isn’t even qualified as a dog’s fart before them he positioned himself correctly. If these two people wanted to kill him, they could have done so without showing themselves, and since they did, they must have a purpose looking for him.

The black-robed man looked at Cao Tianmang and said, “Didn’t you want revenge upon Stone City?”

Cao Tianmang blanked and then shook his head. “Replying to my Lord, Stone City is a little special, different from other normal cities. There are numerous experts inside, even if I transfer most of the strong warriors in Liuyun County, it is still hard to predict if Stone City will fall.”

Cao Tianmang was absolutely sure that he can’t win over Qin Xiping. He wasn’t sure of the exact situation in Stone City since he left that day. Did all the treasures left behind by the Demonic Lightning Lion fell into the Qin Family’s hand? He had been healing in seclusion for the past few days thus he didn’t know the situation outside.

“I’m asking do you want to go back and take revenge, do you want the Demonic Lightning Lion’s arcane bone and blood essence?” The black-robed man pressured.

“I do!” Cao Tianmang hesitated a second before nodding heavily.

“That what's-his-name late Pulse Spirit Qin Xiping was already killed by the Demonic Lightning Lion, and because of that, it has exhausted all its energy and vitality. It no longer has the power to resist, if you make your move now, there is no one in Stone City that can stop you. We will help you secretly.” The black-robed man said.

“Qin Xiping’s already dead…..” 

Cao Tianmang was greatly shocked by this message. It seemed that a lot had happened after he left Stone City that day. A dim light flashed in his pupils, “Dare I ask Lord, why help me? Because of the Demonic Lightning Lion?”

The black-robed man’s aloof voice sounded, “We do not put a Demonic Lightning Lion that's on the verge of dying in our eyes. Helping you is because it is inconvenient for us to appear, so we want you to do something for us in return. As long as you succeed, we will help you get what you want in Stone City, including that Demonic Lightning Lion.”

“What matter?” Cao Tianmang asked.

“I want you personally kill that Du Clan’s Du Shaofu. I don’t want that kid to stay alive.” The black-robed man said.

“Du Shaofu...”

The image of a purple-robed young man flashed across Cao Tianmang’s mind. With a cold glint in his eyes, Cao Tianmang gritted his words, “That wretched little bastard, I can’t wait to break his bones and turn it into ashes!”

“This is an Energy Propelling Dan, it can speed up your healing time and increase your cultivation. Make your move on Stone City as soon as possible to avoid any variables.”

When the black-robed man’s voice dropped, the black and white figures vanished and a small, round dan that contained strong energy fluctuations appeared out of thin air, hovering in front of Cao Tianmang.

“Spirit Propelling Dan, a Spirit level medicine dan, ah!”

Even as Liuyun County’s Duke, at this moment, joy and delight were glowing from his eyes as he stared at the little round medicine dan. This level of dan was worth more than all his wealth, an ordinary person could not afford to take out one without a care.

“Stone City, wait for me, the next time this Duke appears that's the day Stone City is flattened to the ground!”

Sharp cold light flickered in Cao Tianmang’s eyes, his mouth opened and swallowed the dan in. He then sat down the ground and begun to heal is injuries.



In the mountain behind the Du Clan’s compound.

Du Shaofu was sitting cross-legged; retrieving the golden light around him, he breathed out foul qi from his mouth. Then, his eyes opened. Within the depth of his pupils, a golden light flashed and then they returned to the usual calmness.


The Demonic-scaled tiger let out a low growl. In its usual enormous-sized tiger body, it landed in front of Du Shaofu, and stared wide-eyed at him.

“How are your injuries, have you healed properly?”

Sensing the breath fluctuations coming from the Demonic-scaled tiger, it seemed it had more or less recovered from the injuries it got from the battle. Judging from the speed of its recovery, this tiger also has a cultivation law that was not lower than himself.


The Demonic-scaled tiger nodded as if it was telling Du Shaofu that its body is alright.

“Oh, right.”

Du Shaofu suddenly remembered something, and took and toss out a bottle from his robe. The terrifying energy inside felt like it was about to breakout, tiny golden-colored runes roaring at the bottle’s opening.

Holding the bottle, Du Shaofu said to the tiger, “It seems that the blood in my body is similar to the Golden-winged garuda’s golden blood, and thus highly beneficial to demonic beasts. I especially prepared some for you, give it a try and swallow it, see if it is useful.”


The Demonic-scaled tiger roared as if it could understand Du Shaofu’s words. Its huge tiger body laid down before Du Shaofu and executed three head knocks. After it stood up, a suction force came from its mouth and the bottle flew out from Du Shaofu’s hand to its mouth, and was then secured between its teeth. It turned around and disappeared from Du Shaofu’s line of sight.

“You are really generous, that big worm is really fortunate ah.” Zhen Qingchun’s transparent shadow emerged beside Du Shaofu.

“Is my blood really beneficial for demonic beasts?” Du Shaofu asked Zhen Qingchun.

“That is of course. Towards all the demonic beasts, your blood is a great treasure that is hard to come by.”

Zhen Qingchun glanced at Du Shaofu from the corner of his eye, and added, “If other demonic beasts found out that the Golden-winged garuda blood is running through your body, a helpless Xiantian chick, they would rush here to tear you apart from all directions.”

“Not that scary…..right?”

Du Shaofu gulped nervously, imagining that scene gave him goose bumps. Looks like the truth about him cultivating in the Golden-winged garuda’s cultivation law not only needs to be hidden from others, he even needed to hide it from the demonic beasts. He must be extra careful in the future….