Hua Hai City, in a luxurious mansion by the sea, Zheng Junfeng sat on the sofa in the living room with a glum face.

Not only was the bodyguard he sent beaten up black and blue by Xu Lingshan, even the mercenary whom he hired at a high price, actually refunded the commission and salary. He also passed on a message and warned him never to play such little tricks, Ye Fan wanted him to fight openly.

This was undoubtedly a direct blow on his head and this humiliation was making him go nuts!

“Junfeng, suppress your anger, it’s just a small bump on the road, it’s nothing.”

An impeccably attired, impressive looking, ice cold and arrogant middle-aged man made his way down from the second storey.

This person was the current master of the Zheng family, Zheng Hongzhi.

Zheng Junfeng took a deep breath and turned his head, “Father, am I supposed to let it go just like that? Just let that worm climb all over me!? I just received news that that bastard Ye had already moved into Su Qingxue’s place!”

Zheng Junfeng looked as if he was about to swallow someone up when he spoke about Ye Fan.

“Stop calling him bastard, I think this Ye Fan is quite capable,” Zheng Hongzhi said.

“Him? I’ve looked him up before and he is a poor soul who lives in a rented place, he does manual work for a living and doesn’t have any money or background - just how capable can he be!?” Zheng Junfeng was clearly upset.

Zheng Hongzhi scoffed, “If he was really so useless, why would that killer you hired refund the commission and salary, and refused to complete the mission?”

“...” Zheng Junfeng went silent - he couldn’t figure out this point either.

Zheng Hongzhi looked at the Vacheron Constantin watch around his wrist, “Old Ma should be returning soon, come with me to welcome him.”

“Old Ma?” Zheng Junfeng asked doubtfully, “Father, are you referring to the former top-ranking killer in the White Sharks gang, Ma Jin Kun? Hasn’t he abandoned the life of an outlaw?”

Zheng Hongzhi sneered, “How could anyone who has been once in a gang abandon the life of an outlaw? He merely upgraded his status to fish up more money.”

With our relationship with the White Sharks gang, it’s not difficult to ask Ma Jin Kun for help, right? Furthermore, the secret society today in Hua Hai city stands like the three legs of a tripod - the White Sharks gang needs our financial support even more.”

Delight appeared on Zheng Junfeng’s face as he clapped, “That’s fantastic! I heard that Old Ma’s eagle claw move can even break through a metal board! He hasn’t lost his edge even after 30 years or more and is on a totally different level from that killer I hired. This time, Su Qingxue and Ye Fan will be dead meat!”

[E/N note: Again we have a great and vivid dreamer here]

“Son, listen well, although Su Qingxue is a talent, and you would certainly reap plenty of benefits if you killed her, but as long as you’ve got a chance to get Su Qingxue, you shouldn’t give up. Think of a way to make that woman surrender to us.

As for her boyfriend, even if he has a little bit of skill, he would never be a threat to our Zheng family so don’t bother about him too much,” Zheng Hongzhi said with a gloomy expression.

“I understand father, I will think of a way to pressure the Splendid Group ad the Su family.

I must make that woman cry and scream on my bed, then I would make her suffer even more terribly. I’ll see how she can still act like a lofty goddess!” Zheng Junfeng revealed a sinister smile.



“Aunt Jiang, I’m home.”

At 6 in the evening, as Su Qingxue pushed the door open, there were some traces of lethargy on her cold face.

She kicked her high heels away, removed her coat and fell on the huge real leather sofa like a  collapsed building.

After she stretched, Su Qingxue turned around and was about to take the television remote.


Su Qingxue screamed in shock because she suddenly saw a dirty face grinning at her.

“Xiaoxue, you’re back?”

Ye Fan was holding a screwdriver in his hand, he was bare to the waist as he squatted by the sofa and looked at Su Qingxue.

Su Qingxue suddenly recalled that there was one more person in her house now, and her alluring and tender face turned red and was burning to the tips of her ears.


Su Qingxue turned around and gave Ye Fan a hard kick on his face.

Ye Fan hurriedly dodged and rolled on the carpet, he said innocently, “Xiaoxue, what are you doing, can’t I welcome you home?”

“Where are your eyes looking at?!” Su Qingxue covered her chest with two arms and turned pale, “Also! Why aren’t you clothed!?”

Ye Fan explained in a serious manner, “I am speaking to you so obviously, I have to look at you - this is respect. As for my clothes, it’s the same logic as to why you have to remove your shoes when you’re home - it’s just a habit.”

“This is my house! You’re not allowed to take them off! Wear your clothes!!” Su Qingxue was usually very calm and rarely yelled like that, but she was really mad this time.

She could only hate herself for making the wrong judgment and actually believing him to be a decent and good man.

Ye Fan got up and put on a T-shirt.

Su Qingxue turned her head as didn’t want to take a second look at all, but she caught a glimpse of Ye Fan’s muscles from the corner of her eyes, she blushed uncontrollably and her heart skipped a beat.

This was the first time she realized that a man’s figure could be so ‘beautiful’, the corners and curves were just perfect; he wasn’t very muscular but his body was refined and every piece of muscle was in the right place like a piece of art.

This chap actually gyms? Su Qingxue thought to herself and immediately shook her head - what nonsense am I thinking, huh!

When she saw that Ye Fan had changed, she went to get the remote and was planning to turn the television on.

As she was about to press the button, she suddenly realized that something was amiss and the little mouth on her face was wide open, she was somewhat in a daze.

“You… you… what did you do to my television!?”

To her horror, she saw that the huge 3D high definition television in her living room was removed!?

Ye Fan waved the screwdriver in his hand and laughed, “Oh, when I was watching the television just now, the image was slightly blurry so I opened it up to fix it. It should be done soon, please wait a while more.”

Su Qingxue felt like her emotions were out of control, she took a deep breath to compose herself and said, “Do you know how much this television costs?”

“Uh… 10,000?” Ye Fan thought.

“Add a 1,” Su Qingxue said.


Su Qingxue gritted her teeth, “It’s 11,000! Idiot!”

Ye Fan gasped and said, “This television looks quite modern - it’s actually so expensive, huh.”

“You opened it up just because it’s slightly blurry, are you able to put it back together now!? Do you know how it works!?” Su Qingxue interrogated.

Ye Fan grinned sheepishly, “This… we’ll have to see, it won’t take long…”

“See… see…” Su Qingxue felt a rush of blood to her head.

When aunt Jiang heard the shouts outside, she peeped out from the kitchen.

“Missy, what are you quarreling with Ye Fan about? Why are you fighting the second you get home?” Aunt Jiang was puzzled.

“Aunt Jiang! How could you let him do this! He dismantled the television!” Su Qingxue complaint.

“Sigh—— I thought this is what happened,” Aunt Jiang smiled, “Missy, just let Ye Fan give it a go, if it doesn’t work, we can get the manufacturer’s repairman to come over.”

After which, aunt Jiang continued smiling and said, “Ye Fan, hurry up, it’s almost dinner time.”

Ye Fan nodded and replied cheerfully, “Sure, I’ll be done in five minutes at most!”

Si Qingxue looked at the old and the young getting along so well and found it a little strange - haven’t they just met? Why are they so close already!?

Seeing that Ye Fan had picked up the screwdriver again and was twisting and turning it on the television, Su Qingxue really wanted to throw the remote control over.

“Stop it! Are you going to pay for it if it’s spoilt!?”

“It won’t, you must trust your man,” Ye Fan was very confident.

“You… you are shameless!”

Su Qingxue couldn’t do anything, but when she turned to look at aunt Jiang, who was in the kitchen, she was grinning from ear to ear like she enjoyed listening to their squabbling.

“Aunt Jiang, say something! This chap is obviously here to cause trouble!”

Aunt Jiang covered her mouth and giggled, “I am just an old lady, how can I control you two little couple. I’ll go cook some dishes, you guys do whatever you need to do…”   

“We are not a little… little…” Aunt Jiang simply ran into the kitchen and left Su Qingxue blushing, as she couldn’t tell her that they were a fake couple.

She removed the hair clip on her head gloomily and ruffled her hair like doing so would be able to unburden herself of the negative mood.

When aunt Jiang brought the dishes out, Ye Fan had already fixed the television back.

Su Qingxue hurriedly grabbed the remote and wanted to turn it on, but she pressed the button a few times and the television didn’t react at all.

“YE FAN! Look what you’ve done!”

Su Qingxue was raging with fury, it wasn’t that she cared about this measly ten over thousand dollars, she could earn it back within an hour, but she was very upset having Ye Fan messing around in her home.