When everyone entered the house, there was only Ye Fan and Zhang Dong left outside.

Ye Fan handed a cigarette over and smiled, “Want a stick?”

Zhang Dong shook his head, “Thank you, but madam doesn’t allow us subordinates to smoke.”

“Is that so, what a pity,” Ye Fan lit the cigarette for himself since the other party didn’t want it.

Zhang Dong smiled weirdly, “Mr. Ye, it’s boring to stand around here, why don’t we do something fun?”

“Oh? What should we do?” Ye Fan asked, somewhat interested.

Zhang Dong scanned Ye Fan up and down, “I see that Mr. Ye is quite strong, you should train quite often. I don’t have any hobbies other than arm wrestling - I would like to spar with Mr. Ye.”

“Arm wrestling? That’s not too good, I am younger than you, after all,” Ye Fan waved.

Zhang Dong put on a fake smile, “That’s okay, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be stronger if you’re younger. You’re a real man, I’m sure Mr. Ye wouldn’t decline me of a little contest like this, right? Missy’s boyfriend can’t be a coward, eh?”

Ye Fan wasn’t very willing, “Since you put it this way, then… alright, we’ll spar just once - I’m worried that I would hurt you.”

“Haha…” Zhang Dong burst out laughing and a cold light flashed in his eyes, “I’m looking forward to that!”

The two of them went to a stone bench in front of the yard and squat, then they extended their right arms.

Ye Fan still had a cigarette in his mouth and he mumbled, “Let me know when to start.”

A sinister smile appeared on Zhang Dong’s face, “Mr. Ye, do you know what was my job previously?”

Ye Fan was bewildered, “Aren’t you a driver?”

“That’s right, I am a driver now, but in the past, I was in the special commando unit at the northwest military district, so… don’t blame me if I hurt you - blame yourself for pissing our madam off…”  

After which, Zhang Dong announced loudly——


The moment he yelled, the muscles in Zhang Dong’s right arm contracted and his force exploded, pressing Ye Fan’s right hand down firmly!

Ye Fan’s right hand was immediately pushed down and was about to knock on the stone bench; the impact of it would probably cause a serious strain on his muscle even if it wasn’t fractured.

However, just as Zhang Dong thought that he had successfully taught Ye Fan a lesson, he suddenly realized that Ye Fan didn’t react at all...

To his surprise, he was unable to push Ye Fan’s arm all the way down when it was almost touching the bench!?

No matter how much strength Zhang Dong exerted, Ye Fan’s arm wouldn’t budge when it was only a centimeter away from the surface.

“Sss… hu…”

Ye Fan took a long drag and blew the white smoke at Zhang Dong’s face.

“You’re quite good at arm wrestling for a driver.”

Ye Fan smiled cheekily and his right arm had a sudden force, immediately pinning Zhang Dong’s arm back down!

There was only the sound of bones cracking, followed by Zhang Dong’s cries!

“AH! MY HAND! …”

Ye Fan released Zhang Dong’s trembling, limped and weak hand, then he stood up and looked condescendingly at him.

“I’ve told you that I was worried that I would hurt you. Do you need me to call an ambulance?”

Zhang Dong’s sweat came pouring down, he gritted his teeth and looked at Ye Fan with fear in his eyes, “You… how could you be so strong!?”

“I’m not strong, you are the one who is undernourished - you lack of calcium I guess,” Ye Fan smirked and walked back to the house.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the living room was also extremely tensed.

Su Changping and Tong Huizhen tried to persuade Su Qingxue once again to stop being willful, but Su Qingxue obviously wouldn’t compromise.

“Qingxue, daddy really don’t understand how Zheng Junfeng is in any way inferior to that Ye Fan? Background, family reputation, looks and talents, and he chased you for so long, you can tell that he is sincere, why must you insist on seeing the Zhengs as bad people!?” Su Changping found it very hard to comprehend.

“Must you even ask? She is taking a different view on purpose - she wants to oppose to everything we say and make the entire Su family obey her, to display her capacity of CEO,” Tong Huizhen said sarcastically.

“You guys are afraid of the Zhengs, I am not. Before grandpa left, he wanted me to take care of Splendid Group, not give the entire family estate away.”

“If you guys continue talking to me about Zheng Junfeng, we have nothing much to say. Aunt Jiang, see the guests off!” Su Qingxue stood up from the sofa and said coldly.

The moment Ye Fan entered, he heard Su Qingxue seeing the guests out and smiled bitterly - this discussion was really quick.

When Tong Huizhen saw Ye Fan coming in, she frowned, “Where’s Zhang Dong!? Why are you alone!?”

“Oh, that driver? He was bored and wanted to arm wrestle with me. In the end, he accidentally fractured his hand - should we send him to the hospital?” Ye Fan asked innocently.

“What!? How is that possible?!” Tong Huizhen was flabbergasted.

Su Qingxue furrowed her brows as well - from what she knew, Zhang Dong was Tong Huizhen’s most trusted driver cum bodyguard, he shouldn’t be so useless.

Su Changping was upset, “Did Zhang Dong get his brains fried!? Why did he arm wrestle out of the blue!? He even said he retired from a special commando unit - I already said not to find someone who talks big to be our bodyguard! Let’s just go back and find another security company.”

Tong Huizhen’s face flushed and turned pale alternately, she was feeling extremely embarrassed, and scolded Zhang Dong a thousand times over in her heart. She stamped her feet and ran out of the house hastily.

Seeing his wife running out, Su Changping could only follow behind, but he seemed like he also couldn’t let go of his daughter, as he turned his head and asked, “Oh right, Qinguxue, you said that the Zheng's were secretly trying to trip us up - what exactly happened in the company?”

“Just manage your wife and son first, you don’t have to worry about things in the company,” Su Qingxue said apathetically.

“You… this child. Daddy is worried about you, you are also my daughter,” Su Changping patted his chest and said.

Su Qingxue turned her head away and scoffed, “I don’t need you to worry, just don’t let others use you as a tool.”

Su Changping was agitated, “In your eyes, your father is really so useless, huh!?”

When aunt Jiang saw the situation, she hurriedly tried to smooth things over, “Old master, missy is just saying that out of anger, don’t be angry.”

Su Changping’s eyes reddened, he let out a long sigh and walked through the door, a sense of helplessness shown in his retreating figure.

As the driver, Zhang Dong, fractured his hand, Su Changping had to drive personally, so it was inevitably more embarrassing than arriving there.

After the quarrel, the atmosphere in the house was slightly stifling.

Su Qingxue went upstairs without a word and there was only Ye Fan and aunt Jiang left in the living room.

Ye Fan asked, “Aunt Jiang, Xiao Xue has a brother?”

Aunt Jiang nodded, “Yes, she has a brother who is three years younger than her, called Su Weiming and is still in university. But they are from a different mother and weren’t really close since they were little.

When the late master passed away, he gave the shares of the company to missy and let Miss Ye secure the CEO seat - that’s why young master is upset.”

Ye Fan nodded like he suddenly saw the light - most wealthy families would pass down their inheritance to males, not females.

Late master Su actually handed Splendid Group to his granddaughter, not because Su Qingxue was outstanding but because Su Weiming was too incompetent.

Ye Fan suddenly recalled the “big sister fairy” and asked another question, “Aunt Jiang, does Xiao Xue have any sisters?”

“Sisters? No, missy’s mother passed away when she was seven and left missy all alone. She stayed in the orphanage till she was ten, and then the late master brought her into the Su family - I’ve never heard of missy having a sister,” Aunt Jiang said.

Ye Fan sighed regretfully - seems like I was overthinking, they probably just looked alike.

Aunt Jiang said with a sad expression, “Ever since the late master handed the company to missy, madam and young master had been very upset, and old master is  sandwiched in the middle - it’s also very hard for him. Ay, what should we do with this family…”

Just at this moment, Su Qingxue’s annoyed voice came from the second storey...

“Ye Fan! What are those stuff of yours? They stink!!”

Ye Fan was stunned, he raced upstairs and realized that Su Qingxue was standing at his bedroom door and holding her nose with a tinge of fear in her eyes.

“Xiao Xue, are you talking about my clothes?” Ye Fan pointed at the clothes sprawled all over the room and smiled sheepishly, “I thought it would be too troublesome to put them in the closet so I left them outside - it would be more convenient when I want to wear them.”

Seeing those dirty, old and crumpled clothings, Su Qingxue furrowed her brows.

“Do you not smell anything at all!?” Su Qingxue asked.

Ye Fan rubbed his chin and said seriously, “Indeed, my manly scent is a little thicker…”

Su Qingxue’s eyes turned increasingly cold - she really wanted to kick this fella down from the second storey.

Seeing that the woman’s expression was changing, Ye Fan smiled leisurely, “I do have a couple of clothes that I forgot to wash, sorry about it.”

Su Qingxue ordered, “Throw these clothes away immediately. I will give you some money and you shall go get some new ones!”

When Ye Fan heard that, he shook his head, “How can I do that? These clothes just needs some washing and I can wear them already, it’s such a waste to throw them away. If you find them smelly, I’ll go wash them right away.”

“I’ll give you the money, you don’t have to pay a single cent.”

“It’s not the issue with money; one would develop feelings for the clothes once they are worn for some time, some were given by old friends - I can’t just throw them away.”

After which, Ye Fan ran into the room and stuffed the clothes into the luggage hurriedly. Then he hugged the luggage and ran downstairs.

“Aunt Jiang! Where’s the washing machine? I need to wash my clothes!”

Su Qingxue was speechless - she met a miser before but never met such a stingy person. She offered to buy him clothes and he refused, then insisted on wearing those dirty and old clothes.

Aunt Jiang was giggling downstairs, “Missy, you’ve found a good man, he even cherishes his old clothes so much - he definitely wouldn’t have a change of heart for his wife.”

Su Qingxue bit her lips and a complex feeling flashed in her eyes, “Aunt Jiang, ask him to look for me in the study after he’s done washing his clothes.”