Ning Zi Mo walked to Ye Fan and stood behind him, she pinched the man’s shoulders and gave vent to her pent-up feelings, “What do you think my motive is?”

Ye Fan choked slightly and went silent.

The woman before him was stunning, but he couldn’t simply touch her. If he did, it meant that many things would not be the same anymore.

He finally got a peaceful and stable life, if he gets himself into these circles again, everything would turn around again…

He took a long drag of his cigar and exhaled a cloud of white smoke. Ye Fan’s gaze deepened, it was so deep that the bottom could not be seen.

All of a sudden, there was a drastic change in the man’s temperament. He seemed mature, and someone who had been through the vicissitudes of life; with his threatening and overbearing aura, the temperature in the room dropped to freezing point.

“Sister Ning, don’t do this,” Ye Fan spoke in a slightly low and hoarse voice to persuade her.

A tinge of sadness appeared on Ning Zi Mo’s face, there was a little hidden bitterness and agony, but she quickly forced a smile, “Look at how frightened you are! Sister Ning won’t eat you up, forget it  I’m not going to play with you anymore.”

She concealed the awkward atmosphere with her words, and walked towards the other window in the room that looks out to the lake.

On a short coffee table, Ning Zi Mo knelt down gracefully on a futon and said, “You’ve come at a great time, I have a few newly imported tea leaves for you to appraise.”

Ye Fan had already resumed his usual lazy manner and grinned as he sat by the coffee table, “Sure, I can enjoy sister Ning’s tea demonstration once again.”

As the lady boss of Violet Leaves teahouse, Ning Zi Mo was naturally very particular about her tea.

Ning Zi Mo stopped joking and became very serious, her delicate and fair hands displayed a skillful and smooth tea demonstration.

Washing the leaves, soaking them, sealing the pot - her actions were like moving clouds and flowing water.

After that, she poured the tea into a teacup until it was about 70% filled and handed it to Ye Fan.

“This is the ‘Huizhou’ tea leaves which arrived yesterday, try it and tell me what grade it could be,” Ning Zi Mo smiled.

Ye Fan looked at the tea leaves and said, “The tea leaves are flat and strong, each bud has two leaves and the main veins are a bit dark red - they should be Taiping Houkui tea (a type of green tea).”

“Not bad, try it and see how it tastes.”

Ye Fan took a whiff of the tea fragrance and then took a sip. He nodded, “This is a good tea indeed. It has a sweet aftertaste, it’s not bitter at all.”

Ning Zi Mo rolled her eyes at him, “Of course, otherwise, would it cost over a thousand for half a kilogram? I’m asking what grade it could be.”

Ye Fan didn’t answer, instead, he took the teapot and poured the tea out. Then, he rinsed it again and after he did the same thing thrice, he picked up the fourth cup of tea and took a whiff.  

“How is it?” Ning Zi Mo asked eagerly.

Ye Fan shook his head, “Taiping Houkui emphasizes on ‘Houkui’ - clean, fresh, sweet aftertaste and lingering… this tea had accomplished the first three.

But as for ‘lingering’, the delicate orchid fragrance was gone by the fourth brew. So this tea can only be considered grade A but not top quality Houkui.”

Ning Zi Mo grumbled, “With you saying that, I can confirm that this Zhao Zhong still doesn’t have sufficient knowledge about tea and was deceived.”

Ye Fan laughed, “There’s quite a depth in the knowledge of tea leaves, it’s very normal to make mistakes when procuring.”

“If only you work here for me, that’ll be great,” Ning Zi Mo smiled sweetly, “What do you think, would you consider working here? I can provide food and lodging, it’s less taxing compared to  cycling here and there.”

Ye Fan shrugged and turned her down tactfully, “Forget it, I like my current lifestyle - I can do whatever I like, it’s very fulfilling.”

Ning Zi Mo mumbled, “You made it sound like I’ll be in your way… I just want to see you more often.”

Hearing a tender and charming beauty saying such miserable comments, Ye Fan’s heart would soften, even if it was made of steel.

He knew that he had to leave as soon as possible, otherwise, he couldn't bear to leave once his heart turns soft for too long.

“Sister Ning, it’s getting late, I’m going off first.”

“So rushed? Can’t you just stay and chat a while longer?” Ning Zi Mo furrowed her brows, “It’s so boring to be alone!”

Ye Fan chuckled, “Ask Xiao Zhao and the rest to chat with you. Goodbye, sister Ning, you don’t have to see me out.”

After which, Ye Fan slipped out of the room like a gust of wind, leaving Ning Zi Mo behind with her teeth clenched in frustration.

“Bloody Ye- Fan, stinking Ye Fan, am I really so dislikeable?” Ning Zi Mo cursed but her beautiful eyes were filled with loneliness.

On the other hand, Ye Fan walked briskly out of the teahouse and let out a sigh of relief.

Each time he went to the teahouse, he felt like he was sitting on a rollercoaster - he was afraid that he would not be able to control himself and do something with Ning Zi Mo. But if he doesn’t visit for some time, he would start to miss her.

Xiao Zhao had already prepared the bicycle and even oiled the chain, the bicycle was sparkling clean and the rust was reduced.

“Brother Fan, your bicycle,” Xiao Zhao handed the bicycle to Ye Fan.

“Thank you so much,” Ye Fan was about to bid farewell when he suddenly remembered something he forgot to mention, “Oh right, Xiao Zhao, do you know anyone called 9th Wang?”

Xiao Zhao’s expression turned stern and he nodded, “Yes, one of the leaders of the White Sharks gang. He has quite a bit of power in Hua Hai city. Did 9th Wang show disrespect towards you, brother Fan?! Brother Fan, don’t worry, I’ll have his head rolling on the floor tonight…”

“Ay ay ay… what are you thinking!” Ye Fan quickly interrupted him and whispered, “That 9th Wang has his eyes on a woman, you just need to get him to exercise a bit of restraint and not get overboard.”

Xiao Zhao went blank for a moment but didn’t dare to probe further, he responded, “I got it.”

Ye Fan patted his shoulders and got onto his bicycle, he lit a cigarette and set off unsteadily.

When Ye Fan was a distance away, Ning Zi Mo’s figure emerged from the teahouse.

“Big missy,” Xiao Zhao hurriedly greeted her with his head lowered.

“What did he say to you?” Ning Zi Mo asked directly.

Xiao Zhao didn’t dare to keep it from her and told her about 9th Wang, then he asked, “Big missy, 9th Wang had offended brother Fan, should we get rid of him?”

Ning Zi Mo narrowed her eyes and said, “No need, just act according to what Ye Fan said and give him a little warning. Also, go find out who is the woman Ye Fan is trying to protect, I want to see a photo…”

“Got it,” Xiao Zhao understood and recalled something else, “Big missy, mayor Fu’s son called just now to ask you out for tea tasting tomorrow…”

“Tell him I am not free,” Ning Zi Mo responded coldly, turned around and walked back into the teahouse.

After an hour of cycling, Ye Fan finally returned to his rented apartment located at the old city district.

It was a humble one-bedroom apartment with the most basic bed and furniture, there was even a moldy smell to it.

Ye Fan turned on the ceiling fan and after he took a quick shower, he took an old notebook from under his bed - even his notebook was a secondhand item that he bought online.

In fact, nothing in the apartment was brand new.

Usually, Ye Fan was too lazy to go online and would fall asleep the moment he reached home. But today, after meeting Su Qing Xue, Ye Fan felt that he had to do some detailed investigation to find out what sort of person this ‘girlfriend’ of his was, and why she would look almost identical to ‘big sister fairy’.

With just a simple search online, he could find quite a lot of information about Su Qing Xue...

“The eldest daughter of the prestigious Su family in Hua Hai City, CEO of Splendid Group, intelligent and talented entrepreneur, the most beautiful businesswoman of the year… so she’s the CEO of Splendid, I haven’t met her previously…”

Ye Fan was mumbling to himself, he lit a cigarette and a thoughtful look appeared on his face.

If all these pieces of information were true, then Su Qing Xue cannot be the ‘big sister fairy’ whom he had met before. With that said, meeting a woman who looks just like her, could it be heaven’s will?

Ye Fan laid in bed and took out the documents Su Qing Xue handed to him. He flipped through it and three minutes later, he was fast asleep.

The next afternoon, Ye Fan was drinking a bowl of soya bean milk and eating two baked sesame seed-coated cake biscuits at a small stall. Then, he cycled and rushed over to the Fine Jade building where he had an appointment.

Inside Fine Jade building, they were either fine dining restaurants or high-end luxury shops, they were very expensive and in the past, Ye Fan would never go there.

At 10 a.m. sharp, Su Qing Xue called and when she found out that Ye Fan was on time. she was rather pleased.

In the carpark at B2, Ye Fan didn’t see the Maserati that Su Qing Xue usually drives. Instead, he saw a black Lexus SUV.

As the CEO of Splendid Group, it wasn’t a big deal to change luxury cars here and there so Ye Fan wasn’t surprised.

The car windows lowered and a woman dressed in a light blue collared dress appeared, revealing her soft and fair arms, with a delicate and thin gold necklace around her beautiful neck - she was much welcoming and quiet than yesterday.

“Good morning, Miss Su, what are we going to do?” Ye Fan smiled and greeted her.

Su Qing Xue scanned Ye Fan coldly, “Get in the car first.”

“Oh, okay,” Ye Fan sat in the passenger seat.

Following that, Su Qing Xue spoke in an unalarming tone, “Remove your clothes.”