When Ye Fan heard that, he went blank for a second, “Miss Su, although you’re a beauty and I’ve some relations with you, I’m not to be taken advantage of. Don’t you want to think it through further? I don’t think you’re an easy person…”

“What nonsense are you saying!” Su Qingxue knitted her brows - this chap is really imaginative.

She took a paper bag from the backseat and threw it at Ye Fan.

“I’m asking you to get changed, the building wouldn’t allow you in if you’re dressed like that,” Su Qingxue said.

Ye Fan was stunned - no wonder the girl changed her car, so it would be easier for him to change his outfit, “Miss Su, you should have said so earlier. I feel more at ease, then…”

“What do you mean by that!?” Su Qingxue felt very uncomfortable in her heart - even if something was about to happen, is he really the one who’s at a disadvantage?

Ye Fan giggled, “Nothing, nothing, I’ll strip right now.”

Seeing that Ye Fan was about to remove his top, Su Qingxue hurriedly turned away and shut her eyes. At the same time, she had a bad feeling… why do I find that this man isn’t especially honest?

But the contract has been signed and time was running out, it wasn’t easy to find a stranger with good looks either and she couldn’t be bothered anymore about it.

Very soon, Ye Fan was done changing his shirt and pants. He wore a well-ironed Givenchy white collared shirt, and a pair of slim-fit long pants, a Mont Blanc leather belt paired with a pair of brown Ferragamo leather shoes.

This entire outfit costs at least 50 to 60K, so as the saying goes, ‘Clothes make the man’ - Ye Fan had a complete makeover in just seconds.

“Looks fine,” Su Qingxue was pleased with her own taste.

Ye Fan placed his old shirt and shorts back into that Givenchy paper bag and smiled, “Miss Su, where are we going now?”

“Going to meet my parents,” Su Qingxue answered very naturally.

When Ye Fan heard that, his expression froze, “We’re moving so quickly? Should we get a gift or something, it’s not very nice to meet your parents for the first time empty-handed, right.”

“No need for that,” Su Qingxue spoke with a complicated gaze, “Anyway, you’ll only be meeting them once today and it doesn’t matter if you see them again next time. They just have to know that I’ve got a boyfriend now.”

Ye Fan nodded and indicated that he understood.

“Also, you can’t call me Miss Su, change it to something else,” Su Qingxue said.

Ye Fan thought about it and chuckled, “Xiao Xue? Xue er? Baby? Darling? Honey…”

“That’s enough!” A red flush flashed across Su Qingxue’s cold face, she realized that she was wrong about him.

This chap became so shameless once he gets slightly familiar with me...

No! I should say that he already had a thick skin but I didn’t notice it yesterday!

“Just call me Qingxue,” Su Qingxue said and got off the car first.

Ye Fan followed and held Su Qingxue’s little hand when they reached the lift.

“You… what are you doing?!”

Su Qingxue’s hand trembled like she just got electrocuted and wanted to pull away, but Ye Fan was gripping very tightly.

Ye Fan felt the girl’s soft skin and revealed a cheesy grin, “Xiao Xue, we’re in a relationship, isn’t it perfectly normal to hold hands and meet your parents?”

“Third clause of the contract - any physical contact must go through my permission!” Su Qingxue’s watery eyes were about to turn to ice.

Ye Fan asked, “Then do you think that we shouldn’t hold hands?”

Su Qingxue went blank for a bit - if both of them don’t hold hands in front of her parents, it would be too fake.

“Yes, we can hold hands, but…”

“See, Xiao Xue, you agreed to it! Haha, this is called ‘getting in the train first and getting the tickets after’ - the results is the same,” Ye Fan blinked.

Su Qingxue gritted her teeth, “I told you to call me Qingxue…”

“Alright, Xiao Xue!”


The second they entered the lift, Su Qingxue felt like she had just got on a pirate ship - this man’s honest manner yesterday was definitely an act!

There were only the two of them in the lift and Ye Fan was very contented to smell the jasmine fragrance coming from the woman next to him.

After taking up so many part-time jobs, this was the job Ye Fan enjoyed the most.

“Put your nose any closer and I’ll beat you up,” Su Qingxue noticed that the man kept coming closer to her hair and she couldn’t tolerate it anymore.

Ye Fan wasn’t shy at all, “Xiao Xue, don’t get so agitated eh. If I’ve to pretend to be your boyfriend, we need to be closer, right?”

“Hng,” Su Qingxue sneered and glared at him, “I got to admit, I was wrong yesterday, I didn’t expect that you’re this sort of man.

But don’t think I’m a pushover. I just didn’t bring my bodyguard. Otherwise, just a word from me and you would suffer, so you better be more decent.”

Ye Fan sniggered and moved away slightly.

Su Qingxue simply thought that he was afraid and heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. If she was unable to handle this man, she would have to find another fake boyfriend and that would be too troublesome.

The lift arrived directly at the French restaurant in the hotel’s top floor, where it overlooks Hua Hai City.

The restaurant manager was a middle-aged Caucasian and was dressed very refined and cultured. When he saw Su Qingxue, he quickly went over respectfully and spoke in fluent Chinese, “Welcome, CEO Su.”

When he saw the Ye Fan holding Su Qingxue’s hand, he seemed doubtful. The stunning CEO known in Hua Hai City for being ice-cold was actually holding hands with a man - this is a really juicy gossip!

“Are my parents here yet?” Su Qingxue asked indifferently.

“Mr. and Mrs. Su have arrived, I’ll bring the both of you over right now,” the manager smiled and led the way.

Walking through the majestic and imposing restaurant, Su Qingxue instinctively glanced at the Ye Fan next to her. Usually, most lower class people would be a little nervous when they enter a place like this, and become a joke to others.

Thankfully, Ye Fan seemed relaxed and didn’t look different at all - allowing Su Qingxue, the employer, to be satisfied with him once again.

Once they entered the elegant private room, there were already three people seated at one side of the table.

One of them was a dignified-looking middle-aged man, and another was a beautiful and elegant woman wearing a pearl necklace, who looked very well-maintained and didn’t seem like she was even 40 yet.

There was also a young man dressed in an Ermenegildo Zegna collared shirt, he was handsome and seemed quite haughty.

The three of them in the private room revealed looks of disdain when they saw Ye Fan walking in with Su Qingxue, and scrutinized them.

“Qingxue, why did you bring a bodyguard here? It’s a family gathering today,” the good looking man gave a cunning smile.

“Zheng Junfeng, since you know that this is a family gathering, you shouldn’t have come. As for this gentleman next to me, he is my boyfriend, Ye Fan,” Su Qingxue said and even went closer to Ye Fan.

When Zheng Junfeng saw this scene, his eyes turned cold.

“Nonsense! Since when did you have a boyfriend, did you make him out of thin air?!” Su Changping furrowed her brows and lectured.

Su Qingxue spoke according to what she had prepared beforehand, “We met online and it has been about a year. Recently, I found out that he was from Hua Hai City, so we established our relationship.”

Ye Fan obviously sensed the disharmony in the air but it didn’t matter to him, he smiled and greeted them, “Hello uncle, auntie, and this brother…”

“I am Qingxue’s fiance, guaranteed authentic,” Zheng Junfeng said sarcastically, “Can’t be compared to some imitation good that was found at the last minute.”

Ye Fan looked around then pointed at himself, “Bro, are you talking about me? Haha, you’re so funny.”

After which, Ye Fan minded his own business and pulled a chair. Then he said lovingly towards Su Qingxue, “Xiao Xue, here, take a seat first.”

Hearing this intimate nickname, Zheng Junfeng’s face turned frosty.

Ye Fan didn’t seem to feel the iciness in the room at all, he simply sat his butt down next to Su Qingxue and picked up the wet towel on the table to wipe his hands. He smiled and asked, “Have we ordered the dishes? I’ve had an early breakfast so I’m a little hungry now.”

Unfortunately, nobody bothered to reply to him.

The beautiful woman, Tong Huizhen, sneered coldly and reproached, “Qingxue, what do you mean by this? Do you treat marriage as a game? Young master Zheng is so faithful towards you and waited over a year for you, you should have a limit even if you’re being willful.”

Su Qingxue lowered her eyes and said plainly, “You guys were the ones who forced me into this marriage from the beginning, I didn’t agree to it at all. I’m dating the person I want to date - how is this being willful?”

“How is this dating at all? We don’t even know where this chap appeared from and with your high expectations, as if you would fall for a man like him!?”

Tong Huizhen spoke and called the waiter over, “Hey, call the security, chase this fella away!”

Hearing that, Su Qingxue stopped him with a layer of frost over her face, “Nobody is allowed to chase him away! He is my boyfriend, none of you understands me at all, how would you know that I wouldn’t fall for him!?”

“Right, right, right, I am really Xiao Xue’s boyfriend and we have a great relationship,” Ye Fan smiled bitterly - this family is really messy, how long is this going to take before we can have dinner, huh?

Also, why does Su Qingxue have a fiance? Aren’t I making someone a cuckold, then?

The other party is the son of a wealthy family, with such a deep hatred, it is going to be troublesome at the end.

Ultimately, if I knew that things would be so complicated, I would have asked for more money!


Editor: Krizzeir