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At first, Su Qingxue was still mad at Ye Fan, but after seeing Zheng Junfeng’s expression, she started to worry about Ye Fan.

Other than Ye Fan, nobody ate anything during the meal.

Su Changping and Tong Huizhen didn’t want to accept the fact, but Su Qingxue and Ye Fan had already ended the conversation. Even Su Qingxue who had never been intimate with any men in her life, allowed Ye Fan to kiss her, so they could only believe that the duo was truly a couple for the time being.

After the meal, all of them parted unhappily.

Ye Fan held Su Qingxue’s little hand and walked leisurely to the lift and back to the carpark.

After they entered the lift, Su Qingxue shook Ye Fan’s hand off, then raised her hand wanting to slap him on the face!

But how could Ye Fan simply allow a woman to hit him like that, he quickly grabbed the girl’s wrist, “Hey, Xiao Xue, what do you mean by this, huh?”

“Who allowed you to kiss me!?” Su Qingxue’s eyes were red. Ever since she was little, she was very specific about the distinction between men and women, and had never been bullied like this before.

“I pecked you on the cheek, not kissed you, you don’t have to throw such a huge temper,” Ye Fan was, in fact, thinking - if the angle has slightly deviated just then, he would have simply kissed her lips already.

“It’s stated clearly on the contract that any physical contact must go through my permission first - you’re violating the agreement!” Su Qingxue said coldly.

Ye Fan pursed his lips, “You didn’t state that you have a fiance in the contract either. Accompanying you to this meal today was equivalent to making others resent me, I was treated so unjustly.”

“You…” Su Qingxue was stumped. Indeed, she made a mistake too.

But this was because her family and the Zheng family drove her into a corner, and she didn’t have anywhere to run; she couldn’t marry Zheng Junfeng and could only resort to this.

“You saw it for yourself too, that Zheng guy isn’t a good person, and as long as I declare my sovereignty and prove that you are my girlfriend, he would give up on you.”

Ye Fan seemed like he had given much thought to it, “Unfortunately, it’s probably because you’re too beautiful so he hasn’t given up yet…”

When Su Qingxue heard this, she objected, “There’s plenty of beautiful women in Hua Hai city. That chap only wants to use such a despicable trick to marry me because his company isn’t doing well these three years, and also couldn’t compete with me in the market. After I am married to him, he could swallow Splendid…”

“Oh, I see. Then don’t uncle and auntie know about this?”

Su Qingxue shook her head with a complicated gaze, “It’s not that simple and this isn’t something you need to care about.”

Ye Fan gave an honest smile. Even if the woman didn’t say anything, he could tell that Su Changping was a mediocre ignorant person and that stepmom of hers, Tong Huizhen, was most likely in cahoots with the Zheng family.

After the two of them returned to the carpark, Su Qingxue received a text message on her phone. She looked at it and furrowed her brows.

“Do you know how to drive?” Su Qingxue asked.

Ye Fan was stunned, he was already prepared to leave but it seems that this woman still had other plans.

“I do know how to drive, but I don’t have a driving license.”

Su Qingxue handed the keys of the Lexus to Ye Fan, “I drank so I can’t drive, but I have some urgent matters to deal with, back in the office. You have to drive.”

Ye Fan didn’t mind it, anyway, he had already ‘sold himself’ to her for three months and he didn’t have any jobs in the afternoon.

After they got into the car, Ye Fan stepped on the accelerator and the car roared like a lion while charging out of the parking lot.

“Zi zi zi!” The sound of the rubber tires rubbing against the floor was ear-piercing.

Seated at the back seat, Su Qingxue got a shock and exclaimed, “What are you doing!? Are you trying to get us killed!?”

Even a virtuous lady like her, the big missy of the Su family, the ice-cold CEO, couldn’t help but lash out at him.

Ye Fan slammed in on the brakes, he turned around innocently and said, “Xiao Xue, you said that you were in a hurry…”

“But you don’t have to race in the carpark, right!”

Su Qingxue’s little face went pale - how did I even actually find such a person to be my ‘imitation’ boyfriend!?

“Oh, I’ll go slower, then,” Ye Fan smiled apologetically and slowed down.

Throughout the entire journey, Su Qingxue was on her phone, reading up on financial news. Ye Fan wanted to have a chat with her but was given the cold shoulder.

Ye Fan sighed - this woman is really distant and cold, I wonder what sort of man would date her.

At this moment, Ye Fan glanced at the rearview mirror from the corner of his eyes and a black Toyota commercial car caught his attention.

Even though the other party would change lanes once in a while, Ye Fan could tell that the car was following them.

Interesting… The corners of Ye Fan’s mouth lifted into a smile. Seems like some people can’t hold back anymore and are starting to make their move.

Nevermind if they were targeting him, but if these people were after Su Qingxue, she would be in danger.

The car drove all the way to Splendid office building - the architecture design of the building was very modern, it was 66-storey high and extremely eye-catching in the city center. It goes to show how overbearing and wealthy Splendid Group was.

At the steps of the main entrance, there were three to four unfriendly-looking men dressed like hooligans blocking the way.

When Ye Fan saw the tattoos on these people’s arms, he narrowed his eyes - seems like these people belong to the White Sharks gang.

This is weird, could it be Xiao Zhao hasn’t made things clear?

At the other side, Su Qingxue took a deep breath and got off the car with a solemn expression, she walked towards those people fearlessly.

A tinge of admiration flashed across Ye Fan’s eyes. Most women who faced this sort of confrontation wouldn’t even dare to leave the car, but Su Qingxue was quite daring.

He followed behind Su Qingxue quietly and planned to observe the situation before doing anything.

“CEO Su!”

A short-haired girl who was about 1.7 meters tall, dressed in a black uniform and had a heroic air, ran towards Su Qingxue.

Seeing this short-haired girl, Ye Fan’s eyes lit up. Judging from her footsteps and stature, it was evident that she had undergone relatively strict and professional special forces training. He could tell from the coordination of her body that she must be quite skilled.

The main point was that this woman looked easy on the eyes - she had healthy skin and her facial features were well worth a second look. Compared to most girls in Jiangnan, she had a wilder sex appeal.

From the ID on the woman’s chest, he saw the name “Xu Lingshan” and the title “Security Team Leader for the Logistic Department.

When she noticed that Ye Fan was staring at her, Xu Lingshan glared at him, sending him a warning.

“Lingshan, what’s the situation? What exactly does the White Sharks gang want?” Su Qingxue asked, slightly worried.

“CEO Su, it seems like we were all mistaken - they are here to apologize to department head Feng,” Xu Lingshan wore a look of disbelief, as she spoke.

“What?” Su Qingxue didn’t expect it.

Xu Lingshan pointed at the guy standing right in front of those group of thugs - an anxious and nervous middle-aged man who had beads around his wrist, “That is the hall leader of the White Sharks gang’s Green Bamboo hall, Wang Jiu. It was his people who tried to kidnap department head Feng.

He ran over today to apologize to department head Feng and even wanted to give her a pile of tonic and jewels. But department head Feng didn’t want to accept their gifts, so they kept standing here.”

Su Qingxue seemed to have some thoughts of her own and she asked, “Why the sudden change in attitudes…”

“I think they’re afraid. After all, Splendid Group isn’t a small company and if things got serious, the White Sharks gang would find themselves in deep trouble,” Xu Lingshan said proudly.

Su Qingxue could only accept this explanation, for now, “Ask department head Feng to come down, take the gifts and accept their apology. Otherwise, it doesn’t look too good with a bunch of them in the way.”

“Alright, I’ll send someone to inform her right away,” Xu Lingshan nodded and sent an order through the walkie-talkie.

After that, Su Qingxue turned to Ye Fan who was behind her and said, “You’ll move to my place from today onwards, if you need to pack your luggage, I’ll ask Lingshan to accompany you.”

Ye Fan was stunned, he blinked, “WHAT? You want me to live together with you!?”

Xu Lingshan was shocked as well, as a subordinate, she didn’t dare to probe about her CEO’s private life, but it was hard to imagine that a goddess superior to most, would be together with such an average man - who exactly is he?

When Su Qingxue heard the two words ‘live together’, her expression was somewhat rigid and she took a deep breath, “The security at my place is very good so you can move in for the time being - don’t think too much about it.”

Ye Fan listened to the woman’s indifferent tone and there was a warmth in his heart - seems like Su Qingxue was quite kind-hearted, she was concerned for his safety.

Before Ye Fan could answer, Su Qingxue already started speaking to Xu Lingshan, “He has some trouble on hand right now and people might plot against him. Protect him and go get his luggage with him, then send him to my place, aunt Jiang will take care of the rest.”

“Yes, CEO Su,” Xu Lingshan was doubtful and unwilling, but she could only obey the order.

Ye Fan was helpless - this woman is really bossy, but since she was so thoughtful towards him, he simply treated it as a return of favor and decided to live with her for a while.

Ye Fan turned his head and shot a glance at the Toyota commercial car that was still hiding by the roadside. He couldn’t just let his “girlfriend” face this bunch of gangsters herself.

“Hey, stop daydreaming! Get in the car!” At this moment, Xu Lingshan was already in the driver’s seat and was shouting at Ye Fan.

Ye Fan jogged to the car and smiled, “Leader Xu, call me Ye Fan, don’t call me ‘hey’.”

“Where do you live,” Xu Lingshan didn’t seem to want to call his name.

“At Old city, Changmen street,” Ye Fan answered.

Xu Lingshan knitted her brows and looked at the high-end branded outfit on Ye Fan suspiciously, “Isn’t that place about to be demolished? You live there!?”

“The rent is cheap there, so I’m staying there till they demolish it,” Ye Fan realized that the girl was staring at his clothes so he explained, “Xiao Xue bought these, they don’t belong to me.”

Xiao Xue!? Xu Lingshan’s mouth twitched and there was only one thought in her head: Was our CEO somehow cheated by a poor chap!?