Xu Lingshan had a stomachful of questions, but she still wanted to trust Su Qingxue. After all, in the eyes of her and many other Splendid employees, Su Qingxue was an intelligent and outstanding woman, so even in her relationships, she shouldn’t be easily cheated by a man.

Hence, Xu Lingshan didn’t ask further and simply drove towards Ye Fan’s place.

Ye Fan sat at the backseat and was bored, so he leaned to the side and admired Xu Lingshan’s figure.

This woman’s figure was unlike ordinary Asian girls; instead, it seemed more like Western girls’.

People from the older generation would like it if they saw it.

“Do you believe that I will dig your eyeballs out,” Xu Lingshan noticed a long time ago because Ye Fan did it openly and without fear.

When Ye Fan heard the murderous intent in her voice, he smiled bitterly, “Captain Xu, I was just looking, you don’t have to be so terrifying.”

“Try and you’ll find out if I am really just scaring you…” Xu Lingshan said coldly.

Ye Fan looked out of the window quietly - he wasn’t interested in bickering with a woman over such a small issue.

Xu Lingshan took it that Ye Fan was afraid and scoffed softly. At the same time, she was really puzzled as to why Su Qingxue would meet such a useless man.

The car arrived at Ye Fan’s cheaply-priced apartment building. It was bright daylight so most of the people living there were out working, the nearby areas were all empty.

However, the two of them had just alighted, when a black Toyota that had been tailing them stopped as well.

Xu Lingshan also found it quite odd at this moment. When she saw five to six men in vests with steel rods in their hands coming out of the car, looking unfriendly and buffed, the woman knew that something was wrong.

“Indeed, CEO Su guessed it right, someone wants to deal with you,” Xu Lingshan knitted her brows.

A big bearded man took the lead and said roughly, "Little girl, get lost if you don't want to get beaten up, we're here to find this bastard."

Xu Lingshan sneered, “Just fight if you want to, why do you have to say so much bullsh*t. Ye Fan, stay behind me, don’t run around.”

Ye Fan kept quiet, he glanced at the apartment in the second storey where he was staying and a hint of playfulness flashed across his eyes...

“Captain Xu, I’ll leave it to you then, I’ll return to my room!” Ye Fan laughed and ran into the building.

Xu Lingshan gritted her teeth when she saw the man take off, “Coward! Why are you running!?”

“Captain Xu! All the best, all the best!” Ye Fan’s cheers echoed through the passageway.

The big bearded man burst out laughing and mocked, “He’s a gigolo indeed, he’s not even as courageous as this little lady here!”

Xu Lingshan cursed Ye Fan a thousand times over in her heart and the more she thought about it, the more she was sure that Su Qingxue was deceived by this chap!

Thankfully, she didn’t care about these fighters before her. She scoffed and clenched her fists, “Shut the cr*p, just start fighting if you want to!”

She couldn’t wait to deal with this group of hooligans so that she could sort out that man who ran away just before the battle.

Meanwhile, Ye Fan who was at the second storey, smiled as he looked at the lock of his door.

This sort of rough method of intruding wasn’t professional at all, he was just a little fish.

But this fish was still quite troublesome for Xu Lingshan, so Ye Fan decided to deal with it himself.

Ye Fan knew that the door wasn’t locked and he directly pushed it open.

The moment he entered, there was a sudden flash of light and a spike bayonet flew towards Ye Fan’s head!

There was a tanned and bulky man, he was dressed in a dark blue short sleeve shirt, camo shorts and a cap. His attack was swift and very firm!

The man thought that he had gotten Ye Fan but who knew that Ye Fan already disappeared without a trace.

How could it be!?

The man was stunned and turned around quickly. Then, he realized that Ye Fan was already sitting casually on the only chair in the room with his legs crossed.

“Why are you looking like that? Don’t tell me that you thought you could get me at such a slow speed, huh.” Ye Fan chuckled and lit up a cigarette.

The man took a few steps cautiously - he really couldn’t figure out how Ye Fan managed to dodge his attack.

“You are Ye Fan?” He was still suspicious because according to what his master told him, this Ye Fan was just an odd job worker and shouldn’t know how to fight.

Ye Fan nodded, “You should have a photo of me. Could it be that I’m better looking than in the pictures?”

The man’s gaze was complex, he felt that the situation was a little out of his control but since he already took the money, he could only summon up his courage and try to attack him again!

Just as the man was about to do a sudden attack, a hint of playfulness appeared in Ye Fan’s eyes as the man tried to attack his neck...

“Are Zaka’s men all so rude and impetuous? ” This time, Ye Fan spoke in English.

The man was so fearful that he broke out in cold sweat, he swallowed hard and murmured, “You… you…”

“You want to ask me how I know the name of your leader?”

Ye Fan spat and said plainly, “Your spike bayonet is the 35cm and 6 thorns type, used widely by the Ferocious Tigers mercenary army. You also have a tattoo of the Ferocious Tigers in Tamil on your arm and judging by the way you speak English, even if you’re not Zaka’s men, you used to be…”

The man was finally convinced that the man before him wasn’t an ordinary odd job worker and the intel he had gotten was wrong!

“I retired from the organization this year, you… you knew our leader?” At this moment, the man spoke in a respectful tone instead.

“Zaka?” Ye Fan laughed, “A leader of a mercenary group is not good enough for me to know.”

When the man heard that, he was enraged and berated, “What did you say!? You’re looking down on us Ferocious Tigers!?”

Even though he had already retired from the group and started to go solo, his feelings towards Ferocious Tigers would never change.

Who knew that he had just adopted a fierce look and Ye Fan’s temperament changed completely!

Ye Fan narrowed his eyes and seemed like he wasn’t moving, but he emitted a suppression like a purgatory demon had just descended onto Earth, and ready to directly engulf everyone thoroughly!

The mercenary from the Ferocious Tigers quivered all over and nearly peed in his pants, he simply sank to his knees and fell to the ground!

“I made a mistake! Please let me off!” The mercenary shivered and his face became whiter than a sheet of paper.

He had been a mercenary for over ten years, but had never seen a man with such a terrifying aura.

Thankfully, Ye Fan’s aura only lasted for that moment and it immediately vanished like nothing had happened.

A languid smile appeared on Ye Fan’s face once again, “Go back and tell that master of yours - if he wants to fight, come here openly, he is bringing about his own destruction by playing dirty…”

It was as if the mercenary had received amnesty, he stood up with his body trembling and nodded firmly, “Thank you for your kindness, sir. I’ll get going right away!”

Just as he was about to turn around and bolt off, Ye Fan stopped him again.

“Hey, leave through the window, don’t let the people downstairs see you!” Ye Fan instructed. He didn’t want Xu Lingshan to notice a thing, he would have a lot of explaining to do if that happened.

The mercenary thought that Ye Fan regretted his decision at first but when he heard that, he didn’t dare to complain. The mercenary squeezed through the narrow window with his tail between his legs and left.

To a trained mercenary, two stories was an easy feat. He quickly jumped out and disappeared without even a trace.

The mercenary just left when Xu Lingshan rushed upstairs, ready to bite someone’s nose off.

The woman’s short hair was in a mess, she was dripping in sweat and her face was flushed. She was panting and it was obvious that she had used quite a lot of energy to fight those people.

“Aiya, captain Xu, you’re a true heroine, not even conceding to a man!” Ye Fan hurriedly boot-licked her and laughed.

When Xu Lingshan saw that Ye Fan was actually sitting in the apartment, smoking, she was so mad that she wanted to kick him, “You are a coward! Are you really so afraid of death!?”

“Captain Xu, I am not afraid of death, I just thought that you must be very skilled since you are the captain of the security team in Splendid Group. Hence, I didn’t have anything to worry about and simply came up here to pack my luggage,” Ye Fan smiled.

“You’re denying it! You’re just a useless coward! I really don’t understand how CEO Su would meet someone like you. I must report what happened today to CEO Su!” Xu Lingshan spoke in disdain.

Ye Fan put on an innocent face, “Xiao Xue asked captain Xu to come along with me to protect me, do you have to be a tattletale?”

“Tatt- tattletale!?” Xu Lingshan really wanted to punch the man in his face, but when she thought fo Su Qingxue, she stopped herself and said, “Hurry up and pack!”

“Alright, alright, captain Xu, please give me a moment,” Ye Fan started to stuff all the messy shirts and pants sprawled all over the room, into the old luggage bag.

Xu Lingshan looked at those dirty articles of clothing, they seemed to have been worn for many years and were all crumpled and old. Then, she looked around the moldy house and felt somewhat sorry for Ye Fan.

Although this chap was useless and disgusting, but he had a difficult life. With that thought, Xu Lingshan was no longer mad at him.