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Yang Chen ignored Cai Ning completely as he looked at the piece of paper in his hand. A geographical coordinate is written on it. It was assumed that Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma were there.

“Hubby, you finally called me. Is everything settled?”

“Yes… Rose, help me look for a coordinate and send your men over for a rescue mission.”

After telling Rose the coordinate given by Hannya, Yang Chen ended the call and raised his head, only to discover that Cai Ning was standing in front of him without moving. Frowning, he said, “If you want to see me as the criminal, you may arrest me to meet your stupid general. I can tell you directly. Since your sister is Ruoxi’s close friend, I won’t kill you, but I’ll abolish your skills.”

“Such arrogance…” Cai Ning knew that Yang Chen was telling the truth. In fact, she wanted to throw all the darts she had on this man so bad, if she could.

Yang Chen stopped giving her attention and walked towards the direction he came from.

When he got back to his car, he received a call from Rose. Since the entire Zhonghai had men from Red Thorns Society, locating the targets didn’t take long.

“Hubby, luckily we got there early. Otherwise they’d be in trouble,” Rose said.

“Where are they?” Yang Chen asked calmly, but he was trembling deep down his heart.

Rose replied, “My men from the west located them at a pool behind a natural water plant. They were unconscious and tied up in there. Water slowly filled the pool up. If we got there 15 minutes later, it’s very likely that they already drowned.”

Yang Chen felt really irritated. Obviously, Tengu and the others wouldn’t hesitate to kill. If they didn’t tell him the coordinate, Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma would’ve undoubtedly drowned.

“Thanks, Babe Rose. Pass them to the police there,” Yang Chen said. At the same time, he added Tengu and the other two to the blacklist in his heart.

After ending the call, Cai Ning appeared behind Yang Chen. She said, “General is very mad. He said he was very disappointed in you.”

Yang Chen turned around angrily, with his eyes turning bloodshot. “I want to visit the police station to look for my wife and Wang Ma. You better stop talking about your bullshit general. He’s a piece of shit in my eyes. If you dare to remind me of him again, I’ll kill him!”

Noticing the incredibly concentrated killing intent, Cai Ning quickly stepped backwards and couldn’t speak a word. She felt that tears would flow out immediately but they got stopped forcefully by her.

After getting into the car, Yang Chen started the engine and drifted off to the police station in the west.

He had to witness Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma with his own eyes to truly feel relieved. He didn’t want to care about anything else.

Cai Ning looked at Yang Chen’s car driving away. After standing at the same place for a while more, she pressed a button on the receiver in her ears.

“General, Yang Chen left.”

“Flower Rain, come back to the division. Search the borders of the entire Zhonghai strictly. We mustn’t allow the three from Yamata Sect escape to Japan!”

“Yes… But, General, Ruoxi almost got harmed. Do you want to visit her?”

“No need, there are more important tasks.”


“Oh yeah, where is Yang Chen going? Is he tracking the three from Yamata Sect down?”

“He’s going to a police station to visit Ruoxi and Wang Ma…”


At the same time, Tengu and the other two stopped running at a hidden border in the south.

After making sure that they were not followed, the three of them let out a smile.

Tengu opened his palm, revealing the crystal which was reflecting dark light—God’s Stone. He couldn’t help but laugh loudly.

“We got it… Finally… we got it! We can become gods… become gods!”

Tanuki walked towards Tengu happily and tapped his shoulder. Looking at the stone in his palm, he said, “Lord Tengu, let me take a look. Is this rock really that impressive?”

Tengu immediately put God’s Stone back into his shirt. He warned, “Tanuki, I got this thing through my carefully tailored plan. Before God’s Stone is handed into Leader, I won’t hand it to anyone else.”

“Wow, Lord Tengu, do you think that Hannya and I would steal your credit? Why do you insist on holding the rock yourself? Do you possibly want to keep it to yourself?” Tanuki asked with a cunning smile.

“Tanuki! You’re insulting my loyalty towards Leader! Don’t try to challenge my limit!” Tengu shouted angrily.

After listening to what he said, Hannya let out a cold smile. “Tengu, before we came to this country, Leader said that I would be leading the plan. Although you succeeded, you disobeyed Leader’s order to stick with the team. Don’t think that you can get away from Leader’s punishment.”

“Humph! Hannya, although I like you, I only want to hand God’s Stone to Leader. Every punishment would be voided at that time. I’ll also request Leader to make you my woman!” Tengu said loudly as he grinned.

Hannya stared at him coldly. “I think you should pass God’s Stone to Tanuki,” she said.

“Why? I was the one who managed to grab God’s Stone. Why should I give it to you two useless folks?!” Tengu said angrily.

“Hehe…” Tanuki laughed cunningly. “Why? It’s because you’re immediately dying.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Hannya suddenly disappeared from her original position, leaving smoke behind.

Tengu got dumbfounded. Being a Jinnin himself as well, he immediately knew that Hannya was going to kill him.

“Hannya! Do you really want to die this badly?!”

A sharp light shone in Tengu’s eyes. A short blade appeared in his hand out of nowhere. He then landed an attack on his northeast direction.


Hannya appeared out of thin air. Her short blade got blocked horizontally.

Tengu laughed coldly as he gathered strength to push Hannya away forcefully. Suddenly, his entire body shocked, his knees couldn’t make him stand anymore, making him kneel on the ground!

Puff! Tengu vomited a mouthful of fresh blood as he screamed in agony before falling onto the ground.

Tanuki let out the same cunning smile as he stepped on Tengu’s chest. “Tengu, you got so happy when you got God’s Stone, that you didn’t even notice I poisoned you. Hahah!”

Tengu buzzed and wanted to say something. As the scene when Tanuki tapped on his shoulder replayed, he suddenly got pissed before vomiting blood again.

“Hehe, Hannya, your poison is really effective. This dog is indeed dumb. His body is strong like a cow, I didn’t expect him to fall this soon,” Tanuki said in contempt.

Holding onto her cold expression, Hannya bent down and grabbed God’s Stone from Tengu’s hand relaxedly. “Tengu, you betrayed Leader’s order. Even if you were the one who got the stone first, you’d still be the organization’s betrayer. Tanuki and I will help you pass it to Leader.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Should we bring you as we leave China? Or should you be buried here?” Tanuki said. Rubbing his hand, he turned to Hannya and said smilingly, “Miss Hannya, can you let me take a look at God’s Stone?”

Hannya looked at him with a death stare before tossing God’s Stone to Tanuki.

“You’re indeed Leader’s daughter. You’re not petty like him,” Tanuki commended happily. As he played with God’s Stone, greed could be seen in his eyes.

Hannya said coldly, “Tanuki, you better not do anything funny. Except Leader, no one else knows how to use God’s Stone.”

“I know, I know…” Tanuki said with a smile. “Miss Hannya, I just can’t wait anymore. I hope to transform into a god… Hehe…”

In the completely silent forest, there echoed Tanuki’s evil laughter.

On the other hand, Yang Chen arrived at the police station in the west.

Since it wasn’t Yang Chen’s first time here, the officers here knew that this man seemed to be related to the police chief. No one went forward to stop Yang Chen from entering.

Entering the huge office within, Yang Chen immediately saw Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma. The two were sitting beside a huge office table, making legal recordings together.

Since the two people got completely drenched, they changed into simple clothing and wore a police coat on the outside.

However, Lin Ruoxi’s hair hadn’t dried yet, it was dripping water. Due to coldness, her lips turned pale while she looked sluggish.

Being a close friend and the police chief, Cai Yan had been beside them from the start, looking worried. Seeing Yang Chen walk into the office, her expression turned slightly cheerful. “Yang Chen, you’re here.”

Wang Ma turned around and called out, “Young Master,” as soon as she saw Yang Chen. She didn’t look too good as she had to go through such a terrible experience at an old age.

Lin Ruoxi seemed like she heard nothing. She just silently sat there.

“Sorry that I came late. You guys must’ve suffered,” Yang Chen said. Seeing the two who looked gloomy, his heart ached as he felt remorse.

Lin Ruoxi raised her head and looked at Yang Chen in trance. A vague smile suddenly appeared on her face. “We don’t even know how we got kidnapped and how to returned. What different does it make if you reached earlier? You’d just be destined to get kidnapped with us.”

Initially, Yang Chen was mentally prepared to get a scolding from Lin Ruoxi or get a cold treatment from her. However, not only did none of them happen, Lin Ruoxi didn’t want Yang Chen to be bothered, making Yang Chen feel surprised.

If I was at home, you guys won’t ever get caught, he thought. However, he didn’t want to say it out.

“Ruoxi, I promise it won’t happen again. I will properly protect you all,” Yang Chen said seriously.

Lin Ruoxi lightly shook her head. “Yang Chen, you don’t need to do this. Although you often get on my nerves, I’m not an unreasonable woman. This didn’t happen because of you. I don’t blame you for passing your night outside. Before we got married, I said that you’d have your freedom. Us getting kidnapped has nothing to do with you. You can go back to work.”

“Yeah, Young Master, Miss and I don’t blame you at all. Those bad guys must’ve come to our house for money. If you were at home, it’d be more dangerous,” Wang Ma said. She didn’t want Yang Chen to blame himself either.

Lin Ruoxi was an exceptional businesswoman. Though she got kidnapped and almost drowned, both of which happened for unknown reasons, she could still look at the situation clearly and rationally.

Sigh. Yang Chen could feel what the intentions of the two were. Wang Ma had always been on his side, but even the usually cold Lin Ruoxi asked him to not get upset. Yang Chen only felt a heart-tearing pain on his chest.

Maybe she doesn’t like me, but she does care about my feelings. I can’t tell them that the true reason they got kidnapped. It was all because the thing in my hands!

Cai Yan who had been silently standing aside walked towards Yang Chen as she felt grief. She said, “Before you came, we collected the information we needed. Ruoxi and Wang Ma must be tired now, you may send them home.”

Yang Chen nodded and went forward to support Wang Ma stand up before turning to Lin Ruoxi, saying, “Ruoxi, let’s go home.”

“Yes…” Lin Ruoxi stood up and followed Yang Chen for a few steps before stopping. Turning around, she said, “Yanyan, we’ll attend the dinner next week.”

“You guys?” Cai Yan asked in shock. She then looked at Yang Chen who looked confused.

Yang Chen asked, “What dinner?”

“I’ll tell you when we get home. Let’s go,” Lin Ruoxi said. After saying goodbye to Cai Yan, she turned around and left the office.