Chapter 4/4 of the week.

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Yang Chen finally returned to the hot pot restaurant. Zhao Teng and Wang Jie both got rather impatient while they waited. When Yang Chen appeared, they finally relieved.

“Director, did you meet someone familiar?” Wang Jie asked.

“Yes, it can be considered so. We simply chatted for a while,” Yang Chen said with a smile. “Let’s go, we’ll return to the company.”

After sending Zhao Teng and Wang Jie back to Yu Lei Entertainment, Yang Chen didn’t return to his office. Instead, he told the two that he was going to look for the potential business partner. The two naturally got pleased.

There weren’t many people at Rose Bar in the afternoon. Walking into the bar, he saw Chen Rong ordering a few servers around to clean the place. Wearing a black and white maid uniform, Chen Rong had already grown into a mature lady.

Seeing Yang Chen, Chen Rong immediately smiled sweetly. “Brother Yang, Elder Sister isn’t at home. She went out this morning.”

“Oh, is it?” Yang Chen didn’t feel down knowing he came for nothing. Smiling, he asked, “How has your work been? I heard from Rose that you have taken over some aspects of the business.”

Chen Rong’s face reddened. “I made a mistake on an investment earlier, and lost a lot of money. I’m rather afraid now.”

“You don’t have to be that worried. Since Rose is letting you do it, she must’ve been prepared to let you fail. A lot of successful CEOs started learning slowly with only a high school diploma, while you’re admitted into university after ending high school. Learn from Rose properly, you’ll definitely have your strengths in two years’ time,” Yang Chen said smilingly. “When our Rongrong is qualified to be the gang leader, I can then snatch your Sister Rose away. I’m counting on you.”

Chen Rong pouted before happily nodding.

After calling Rose’s phone number, Yang Chen found out that she went to the apartment that Sea Eagles lived in. She purposely went there to check on their situation.

Yang Chen asked her to take care of the teammates in Sea Eagles. Rose had been very responsible with the task.

Yang Chen arrived at the apartment rather quickly as he drove at a high speed. Following the lead of a guard, he reached the basement of the apartment.

Originally a place to store illegal items, it was a vastly spacious hidden room. Now that it was revamped, it turned into a place where the Sea Eagles placed their precision instruments and high-tech calculators.

When Yang Chen entered the place, he instantly saw a few rows of orderly arranged equipement with screens of different sizes. Some were displaying data while the others showed videos and maps. Only people who had undergone specialized military training could understand the raw data.

At this moment, Rose, who wore a red leather clothing that wrapped around her alluring body, brought a few of his men to chat with the leader of Sea Eagles, Molin. Rose also had a man who could speak foreign languages, to translate for her.

Seeing Yang Chen walk over, Rose sweetly went forward to give him a hug. “Hubby, your friends are too magical. If I had their help back then, I would’ve chopped West Union Society and Dongxing off long ago. I wouldn’t have to arrange the troublesome scheme.”

Scratching Rose’s nose, Yang Chen said, “The process of your own creation is most perfect. Using a nuclear bomb to demolish a city isn’t meaningful, except leaving nothing behind.”

Molin looked at Yang Chen and Rose with an envious look. “Your Majesty Pluto, are there many beautiful women like Miss Rose? Can you introduce one for me? I suddenly feel like marrying a Chinese lady.”

“Are you planning to set up a family here?” Yang Chen asked out of curiosity.

“Why not? There are amazing dishes, strong liquor and beautiful women here. The things here are so cheap, this is an absolute heaven!” Molin said excitedly.

Yang Chen pouted before smiling bitterly. “You may make your decision after living here for at least half a year. I’ll make Rose your matchmaker at that time.”

After listening to the translation, Rose laughed before rolling her eyes towards Yang Chen. “I don’t want to be a matchmaker. I don’t even have a proper identity, it’s more appropriate that I get a matchmaker.”

“If you say something like this again, I’ll slap your backside,” Yang Chen said as he reached out to Rose’s butt before pinching a few times. The springy texture made him reluctant to withdraw his hand.

Rose’s face reddened like it was dripping blood. Biting her soft and thin lips, she exclaimed, “Everyone’s watching us! Do you want to embarrass me in front of my men?!”

Yang Chen looked around with his cold eyes. Including the members of Sea Eagles, everyone had turned their heads to other directions. Although they were really tempted to look, the cold sight of Pluto wasn’t so easily withstood.

“Look, nobody has noticed,” Yang Chen said with a naughty smile.

Rose felt really helpless towards her lover’s shameless act. Smiling tenderly, she bashed Yang Chen’s chest a few times. “The calculator systems are fully set up already, so the various monitoring devices can be activated. Starting now, we’re in control of the places which you want to be monitored. We’re planning to visit the practice room now. The few elites that I chose are undergoing training by some members of Sea Eagles. Does Hubby want to go?”

Yang Chen nodded. He was rather aware of Sea Eagles’ capability. Although he wasn’t very interested, he didn’t mind following Rose there as she was very excited.

The practice room was located on the second floor of the apartment. The walls of the entire floor were taken apart while the room got designed like a karate practice room, having bright lights and high-quality wooden flooring.

Opening the door, Yang Chen and Rose entered the place. A burly figure was flying towards their direction!

Yang Chen had a fast reaction time. Taking a step forward, he used one arm to welcome the big and strong body before turning a round and putting it on the ground steadily.

Wearing a blue martial arts clothing, the 1.8-meter-tall elite from Red Thorns Society turned his head around, only to notice Yang Chen and Rose. Immediately stepping backwards, he shouted, “Mr Yang! Chairman!” as his body shook slightly out of excitement.

Yang Chen nodded before looking at the center of the practice room. There stood a black woman with short braids and the female member of Sea Eagles, Adeline, who claimed she wanted to lose weight earlier.

The one who threw the giant guy away was Adeline. The martial arts uniform was evidently tight for this white woman, making the two groups of flesh in front of her chest and her elevated backside extraordinarily alluring. When she saw Yang Chen enter the place, she put on a smile to greet him. “Your Majesty Pluto, Miss Rose, I’m really sorry. I exerted a little too much force.”

Smiling bitterly, Yang Chen said, “Adeline, don’t use the training method in Sea Eagles to teach them. Their foundation can only be considered the most common special agent. You only need to use a slightly higher force and speed when you fight them, mainly to train their skills. Their strength and speed can improve in the long term.”

“Alright. Gentlemen, continue coming at me,” Adeline said using Mandarin with a strong accent.

When Yang Chen heard Adeline’s words, the corners of his lips moved. Rose also noticed the strange meaning within. Reaching her arm to twist Yang Chen’s waist, she said, “Stop your imagination.”

At the same time, eight new elites from Red Thorns Society charged at Adeline together, whom she counter-attacked.

Adeline dodged the strikes landed by this group of young guys easily. Using only one move on almost all of them, she struck them onto the ground, causing them to numb away as they temporarily lost the ability to fight.

Rose was surprised. She was very aware of the power levels her men had. Unexpectedly, a lady like Adeline had such terrifying skills. Originally, Rose thought that her skill was considered top-notch amongst women. However, if she were to fight Adeline, she might not even last for more than three moves.

Adeline is merely one of the most common members of Sea Eagles. Then how strong is her leader Molin, Molin’s superior and the head of Sea Eagles?

They’d be the mercenaries with best-of-the-best power levels. This is too horrifying!

Adeline sighed as she looked at the young men flipping on the ground. She said, “Should I use my true strength earlier, all of you would’ve died.”

This Mandarin sentence was pronounced very accurately. It was so proper that some of the male members even had the urge to look for death. Having fought since the morning, she still remained undefeated.

Turning around her head, Rose looked at Yang Chen who had been silent for quite a while. “Hubby, how large is the gap between you and Adeline and her team?”

From Rose’s point of view, Yang Chen was definitely much stronger than Adeline and the others. Having witnessed just how fast and powerful Adeline was, she was curious what the result would be, when Yang Chen fought with her.

Smiling, Yang Chen said, “Babe, it sure seems like you haven’t fully understood what I told you.”

“What do you mean?” Rose asked, confused.

“We belong in different worlds and can’t be compared,” Yang Chen said as he shook his head. Walking forward, he looked at the bored Adeline and the other black teammate, saying, “You guys come at me together. Practise with me.”

Adeline and the black teammate got shocked. The previously proud Adeline asked cowardly, “Your Majesty Pluto, do you really want to do it?”

“Don’t ask questions. Use all your force on me and leave no mercy when you attack me,” Yang Chen said.

Adeline and the black teammate looked at each other before nodding. Exploding a freezing aura together, the two turned expressionless. Originally looking bright and cheerful, Adeline suddenly acted like a cold, sharp sword!

Together with the members of Red Thorns Society, Rose who stood nearby held their breaths as they looked at the change in the situation. They suddenly realized this was the true face held by the members of Sea Eagles! Their usual relaxing and humorous acts were merely what they displayed on the surface!

Zoom! Zoom!

When Adeline and her teammate moved, the sound of sharp arrows piercing through the air resounded! Their movements dazzled Rose and the others.

A muffled sound could be heard, as if an explosion was being contained in this small area!

Remaining at his position, Yang Chen stood without moving. Without moving his feet, he moved his body to the side faintly before immediately turning back.

Bash! Bash!

Under everyone’s attention, as soon as Adeline and the black teammate reached Yang Chen, they got violently bounced away before falling onto the ground and rolling three meters away!

No one managed to witness what Yang Chen did. Just what did Yang Chen do?!

Standing at the same position, Yang Chen swept his hands before looking at Rose and the other people emotionlessly. “Don’t feel surprised. In this world, everyone has a domain that they belong to. I was just playing with Adeline and her teammate. I won’t be interested to truly fight them. They’re here to merely train you guys, so don’t get upset just because you can’t defeat them, that’s because you guys don’t belong in the same world. Give the training your best. You just have to defeat the people in the same world with you, then you’ll be the strongest.”

Ignoring whether the people from Red Thorns Society listened to Yang Chen’s advice or not, Rose’s eyes were filled with agitation. Although she knew from the start that Yang Chen was definitely stronger than Adeline, she didn’t expect Adeline who seemed so overpowered to be nothing in Yang Chen’s eyes.

Men would get upset when the women they loved were stronger, but women would always hope their men to be the strongest. So Rose felt deeply satisfied.

Close by, Adeline and her black teammate climbed up as their eyes got filled with helplessness and intense worship.

“Your Majesty Pluto, can’t you throw us more gently? The flooring here is too stiff,” Adeline said softly.

“Aren’t you looking to lose weight? Who knows which part of your body can flatten after being slammed,” Yang Chen said jokingly.

Blushing, Adeline extended her tongue and stopped talking.

Yang Chen walked towards Rose and patted her cheek smilingly. “Stop looking at me in a silly way. I still need to discuss something serious with you.”

Rose finally came back to the situation. She asked, “What is it?”

“Something to make you earn money…” Yang Chen winked.