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“Sister Ruoxi…”


Seeing the two ladies calling each other’s names, the middleman, Yang Chen, stopped chewing the bamboo shoots in his mouth. Looking at both of them, he asked, “Do you guys know each other?”

Xu Zhenxiu’s face turned slightly pale. Forcing a smile, she said, “Long time no see, Sister Ruoxi.”

Various looks appeared on Lin Ruoxi’s face, from the initial shock to calmness and to the cold stare she gave to Yang Chen. She said, “Is the person you want me to meet? Zhenxiu?”

“Yeah, she’s a girl I got to know a while ago. She’s very cute,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Lin Ruoxi ignored him and turned to look at Zhenxiu as pity appeared in her eyes. “Why did you leave so suddenly? Do you know how worried President felt at that time?”

“Sorry, Sister Ruoxi. I didn’t do it on purpose. But… I couldn’t find a better way,” Zhenxiu said. She then got silent as her eyes got wet.

Yang Chen dazed before waving at Lin Ruoxi. “Dear, don’t exert your ice-cold killing aura. You’ve scared Zhenxiu already.”

Lin Ruoxi ignored Yang Chen as she walked towards the stall before looking at the different kinds of snack, some of which were dipped in spicy soup. She then looked at Zhenxiu’s clothing and her thin face. “Have you been selling snacks here since you left there?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

Zhenxiu’s body shook slightly as she slowly turned nervous. Lowering her head, she didn’t dare to look at Lin Ruoxi in the eyes.

“Why aren’t you talking?” Lin Ruoxi frowned as she got worried.

Yang Chen felt rather helpless. Faintly smiling at Lin Ruoxi, he said, “Then what else do you think she’s been doing? A little girl making her living with her own hands and sweat. Is this something worth making you worried?”

Zhenxiu raised her head as she looked at Yang Chen thankfully.

Lin Ruoxi’s expression returned to normal. She asked, “You seem to know her a lot. Do you know where I met Zhenxiu, or how long I’ve known her for?”

Yang Chen answered smilingly, “Do you think I’m dumb? Zhenxiu is an orphan like me. You must’ve met her at New Hope Orphanage a few years ago.”

It could be seen that Lin Ruoxi felt apologetic after Yang Chen talked about him being an orphan. Softly, she said, “That’s not what I mean… I met Zhenxiu when Mom and Grandma were still here. She was still very young at that time. Back then when she was fifteen, she left the place without saying anything, leaving only a letter behind. President got really worried for her for a very long time. I’ve always thought that she had left Zhonghai already, I didn’t expect her to still be here.”

“I’m sorry, but I really couldn’t stay there and continue bothering President Grandma,” Zhenxiu said. “I felt really sorry to the younger brothers and sisters when I stayed with them.”

[TL note: I might’ve mixed up President Cha’s gender a few chapters ago. Apologies.]

“But you shouldn’t have left silently. Do you know how depressed President Cha got?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

Zhenxiu lowered her head and remained silent.

Frowning, Yang Chen said, “Let’s not talk about the things that have passed already. Talking about it once is more than enough. I brought you here today to meet this little girl. SInce you guys know each other, isn’t it great to finally meet after so long? Why must you make Zhenxiu tear?”

Lin Ruoxi explained, “I didn’t intentionally make Zhenxiu sad. But she’s merely 18 years old this year, a child that has just gotten an identity card. Why can’t I care for such a young girl wandering in the society?”

“I haven’t seen you caring for your own husband,” Yang Chen said before pouting.

“Yang Chen!” Lin Ruoxi shouted angrily.

“Alright, I was just kidding. Zhenxiu isn’t an immature child. People would only grow up after going through various experiences and witnessing different situations. The poor would get stronger quicker. Look at Zhenxiu, does she look like she’s only eighteen?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Lin Ruoxi looked at Zhenxiu who had a relatively mature appearance, she indeed didn’t look an 18-year-old high schooler.

“Zhenxiu, your Sister Ruoxi still remembers how old you are till this date, and whines for you. It seems like she has been thinking about you. I feel quite jealous already,” Yang Chen said as he winked at Zhenxiu.

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes before slowly sitting down.

Zhenxiu raised her head to look at the displeased Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen who winked at her. Smiling, she said, “I really didn’t think that Yang Chen’s wife would be Sister Ruoxi. However, marrying someone as good as Brother Yang, Sister Ruoxi must be really blessed.”

“Zhenxiu, which eye of yours sees that he’s a good person?” Lin Ruoxi asked, dissatisfied. She thought, This fellow is so detestable. Why are there so many women around him talking about his good? Is he not letting go of even Zhenxiu, a child this young?!

Zhenxiu didn’t think much. She said, “In the police station, thanks to Brother Yang, I—”

“Ahem! Ahem!”

Yang Chen immediately coughed loudly. How can she tell others that I entered the police station because I whacked people? This kid is indeed too young. She’s too immature, too immature!

Expectedly, Lin Ruoxi’s cold eyes titled over as killing aura leaked once again. “In the police station? You seem to like that place a lot. Tell me what happened.”

“Hehe, my obedient wife, you wouldn’t mind small matters like this, would you? Tolerate this a bit, see the past as fireworks, don’t feel nostalgic once it has passed,” Yang Chen said.

“I’m not interested in the small matters about you, but why did Zhenxiu enter the police station?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

Yang Chen felt really helpless. He could only explain what happened earlier, but he only talked about how the gangsters came to cause trouble, excluding the part where they actually knew Zhenxiu.

Zhenxiu knew that Yang Chen was helping her hide her various shameful records. As she felt touched, her heart felt traces of sweetness at the same time. She developed an unprecedented feeling towards how Yang Chen helped her.

Under Yang Chen’s shameless request, Zhenxiu pouted as she served him half-priced spicy soup. Lin Ruoxi witnessed the situation and rolled her eyes.

“Zhenxiu, listen to Elder Sister, visit the orphanage when you have time. Even if you don’t want to see the younger siblings, at least meet President Cha for a while. She guided you as you grew up, and must be thinking about you from time to time,” Lin Ruoxi said.

Zhenxiu’s eyes turned rather gloomy…

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to return, she just didn’t have the face to meet the old woman anymore.

Yang Chen noticed what Zhenxiu was thinking about. Reaching his arm out, he lightly scratched Zhenxiu’s white cheek. “Kiddo, I’ll find time to bring you back. Obey your Sister Ruoxi’s will, don’t even think about getting away.”

“When did I say I wanted you to bring Zhenxiu back?” Lin Ruoxi asked unhappily.

“If I don’t accompany her back, Zhenxiu wouldn’t agree to return. Am I right, Zhenxiu?” Yang Chen asked before winking at Zhenxiu.

Zhenxiu burst into laughter as she felt thankful before nodding obediently.

Lin Ruoxi felt that she was getting a headache. She clenched her teeth as she felt helpless. Instead of getting mad at Yang Chen, it was better to convince Zhenxiu to meet President Cha.

Having drunk two bottles of liquor and eaten tens of skewers of food, Yang Chen finally said goodbye to Zhenxiu reluctantly. However, Zhenxiu looked away angrily as she ignored him.

Returning to the car, Lin Ruoxi asked fiercely, “Why are you so shameless? Do you think it’s easy for Zhenxiu to make a living through her small business? Why did you force her for a half-price discount? You even ate and drank so much.”

“Stupid Girl, Zhenxiu was just acting angry to mess with me. What I did will only make us closer. Trust me,” Yang Chen explained.

“Don’t call me Stupid Girl.” Lin Ruoxi almost fainted. “Zhenxiu is only eighteen years old. She should be in first or second senior year in high school. Why aren’t you letting such a young kid go?”

“What are you thinking about? I really like this child, I see her as my younger sister,” Yang Chen said with a bitter smile.

“Do you have a younger sister?” Lin Ruoxi smiled coldly.

Yang Chen answered, “Of course! Next month, my first aunt’s third younger sister’s husband’s uncle’s grandson’s niece’s daughter, also my distant cousin, will be coming to Zhonghai. She may still in Zhonghai for a very long time and she’ll stay at our home at that time. Being her sister-in-law, you may want to get mentally prepared.”

Lin Ruoxi got dumbfounded as her mind got extremely confused. “Wait, wait! Whose whose whose daughter are you talking about?”

“In short, my cousin sister is coming. Ask Wang Ma to prepare an empty room earlier, to avoid a last-minute event at that time,” Yang Chen said.

“Why should I allow your distant and almost non-related cousin stay in my house?” Lin Ruoxi asked angrily.

“Aren’t we a married couple?”

“Do we look like one?” Lin Ruoxi asked while smiling coldly.

Yang Chen pondered. “Must we prove our relationship? Alright, we’ll kiss now then. You may agree to my request by then.”

Lin Ruoxi pulled back violently, but she couldn’t escape in a short time since she had her seat belt fastened.

“No! Alright I agree!”

Looking at Yang Chen who leaned forward to her unceasingly with an evil smile, Lin Ruoxi directly decided to compromise.

Yang Chen smiled brightly before saying, “I knew you’d agree, just like how I definitely will bring Zhenxiu back to the orphanage.”

Lin Ruoxi stared at him without moving and didn’t manage to say a word.