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Yang Chen noticed the men’s intention and felt really helpless. He couldn’t possibly land a punch on each and every one of them to strike them away. However, he quickly thought that Lin Ruoxi wasn’t a approachable woman. The men wouldn’t be able to gain anything.

Holding a glass of dark-red grape wine, a short-haired guy with a tall and well developed body walked over. Smiling humbly, he said, “I’ve heard of Miss Lin’s great reputation long ago. Now that I managed to see the person itself, the phrase ‘to discover a man by name is not nearly as good as meeting him in person’ is indeed true.”

Two other good-looking men who came late clenched their teeth in anger as someone reached earlier than them.

When the man was praising Lin Ruoxi, he didn’t look at Yang Chen, like he didn’t exist at all.

Without expression, Lin Ruoxi looked at him, asking, “What do you do?”

The man got elated when Lin Ruoxi asked about himself. As he feel pleased, he forced himself to remain calm. Feeling proud, he said, “This one is Hao Yingjian, the general manager of Guangde Construction Group. Boss Lin must’ve heard of it before.”

Very lewd?!

His name almost made Yang Chen spit out the champagne in his mouth.

[TL note: Hao Yingjian (same pronunciation, different words) means very lewd.]

Frowning, Lin Ruoxi replied, “I don’t know. Never heard of it.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she held Yang Chen’s arm and headed to another direction without turning back, leaving Hao Yingjian who paled as he stood in shock with his wine glass in hand.

At such an occasion, the sentence ‘never heard of it’ was more devastating than scolding someone directly. It meant his status and identity weren’t seen similarly as hers! In other words, he wasn’t qualified to talk to her!

The few young people who didn’t manage to approach her first all revealed happiness on their faces. Looking at the angered Hao Yingjian who didn’t dare to express his resentment, the people around mocked him for not realizing his incompetence.

Nobody would’ve thought Lin Ruoxi to be this direct and straightforward. Rejecting people mercilessly, her legendary ‘ice mountain’ behaviour was proven to be true!

Yang Chen on the other hand felt pleased, but was curious at the same time. He asked, “Don’t businessmen always say making a friend would mean making one less enemy? After treating him that way earlier, aren’t you afraid of getting stabbed from behind one day?”

Lin Ruoxi said coldly, “Since there’s a first, there’ll be a second one. I don’t like it, so cutting all their intentions in one go is better. Regarding friends and enemies, I only believe that as long as I’m stronger than them, they’ll never be able to touch even my shadow.”

“Oh my… That’s not cute at all. You’re too fearsome,” Yang Chen said jokingly.

Dissatisfied, Lin Ruoxi gave him a death stare before letting go of Yang Chen’s arm and walking in front alone.

At this moment, Yang Chen just noticed two figures approaching them.

The two were wearing a similar orange gown, but had different hairstyles. The elder sister had her hair tied up in a bun while the younger sister’s short hair was neatly combed. They were Cai Ning and Cai Yan.

Yang Chen got shocked for a short while, but eventually understood the situation. Cai family should be considered a family of the upper class, so it was normal for the Cai sisters to attend such an event. However, being a significant character in Group of Eight, Cai Ning, also known as Flower Rain, didn’t just come to show respect to Liu family.

When Cai Yan saw Lin Ruoxi, she seemed really elated. Walking forward to hold Lin Ruoxi’s hand, Cai Yan said smilingly, “Ruoxi, I didn’t know you’d come to such a place. I thought you’d hide at home forever.”

Dressed like a lady, Cai Yan didn’t look as heroic as compared to her in a police uniform, but appeared much more attractive and bright. Her stylish short hair made her seem rather special.

“Yanyan you’re talking nonsense again, when have I ever hidden at home? I just dislike joining events like this,” Lin Ruoxi explained before greeting Cai Ning, “Sister Ning, I haven’t seen you in a while.”

Cai Ning was a classic example of major families. Being raised in Tang Sect of Shu since young to receive ancient education, she exerted a silent aura which made her look like she came out from an ancient painting. She smiled at Lin Ruoxi and said, “If I knew you were coming, I would’ve asked Mom and Dad to come as well. They haven’t seen you for many years.

[TL note: In classic wuxia novels, the disciples of Tang Sect are proficient in using hidden weapons. Shu is another name for Sichuan (China), probably translated as Shushan/Shu Mountain in other novels.]

“Aren’t Uncle and Aunt Cai here yet?” Lin Ruoxi asked regrettably.

“My parents have gotten bored of these events long ago. Since Elder Sister was home, I asked her to come with me,” Cai Yan said before glancing at Yang Chen. Since she wasn’t entertained when she gave him a watch earlier, she stared at him angrily. “Ruoxi, I really didn’t think you’d bring him here together.”

Yang Chen felt really helpless, but couldn’t say anything either. This lady Cai Yan really hates me, doesn’t she? Wasn’t it just a watch? Did she have to speak so coldly? he thought.

Cai Ning noticed that Yang Chen had a weird expression as well. She was the only one who knew the true identity of this man. She was very clear that Yang Chen at this moment was just a wolf covered in the skin of a sheep.

Especially the time where she chased the three ninjas from Yamata Sect, the angry words that Yang Chen gave her and his domineering actions made her feel wronged until this date. So she simply nodded at Yang Chen without saying anything.

In the hall, quite a lot of people noticed that Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen were chatting with the Cai sisters before feeling jealous. Cai family was a big shot in the military. As long as one was in the upper class, they’d probably know how influential and powerful Cai family was in both the political and military worlds.

Directly rejecting ‘very lewd’ earlier and chatting with the Cai sisters currently, made the people who wanted to make friends with Lin Ruoxi to fully take back their intention., since they knew just how insignificant they were. Although they were all in the same hall, there was an enormous watershed lying between them and Lin Ruoxi—they belonged to completely different worlds.

However, when Lin Ruoxi was chatting with the Cai sisters, Yang Chen felt rather lonely. Looking at the surroundings, everyone whom he didn’t know held a fake smile on their faces, making Yang Chen feel exceptionally bored.

At this moment, a few tall white people entered the hall. Having blonde hair and blueish eyes, they seemed like true caucasians.

The white man wearing a leather western suit looked strong and bulky. The woman wore really revealing clothes, with her bosom and backside looking exceptionally eye-catching. When these people appeared, many guests felt surprised. They initially thought this charity banquet was only open to Zhonghai. Unexpectedly, some friends from other countries joined as well.

Yang Chen immediately felt an abnormal aura. He subconsciously turned to look at Cai Ning. Expectedly, Cai Ning looked worried as she furrowed her brows.

As she noticed Yang Chen’s gaze, Cai Ning regained awareness as she turned to look away, acting like she had seen nothing.

Yang Chen smiled secretly. He knew that Cai Ning wouldn’t attend a random event out of nowhere. She indeed had a special objective.

At the same time, a familiar face appeared from the crowd. Dressed in a white western suit with a red tie, the good-looking man brought a proud smile on his face. Being the young master of Liu family, Liu Yun finally showed himself and walked towards Yang Chen.