As he wondered what had just happened, a few people approached Yang Chen from the side.

Turning his head, he saw a few people he knew. The married couple Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu, and the party’s secretary Fang Zhongping.

When Yang Chen saw Yang Jieyu, he still felt a weird feeling in his heart. Since they weren’t stupid, they could roughly guess the matter even if none of them confessed the truth. However, the more that they were in doubt, the more they weren’t willing to initiate a conversation regarding the topic.

On the other hand, Fang Zhongping appeared gloomy. He faintly smiled at Yang Chen, but his gaze seemed to be fixated at the direction Tang Wan left to.

Yang Chen got rather curious. Is Fang Zhongping possibly one of Tang Wan’s admirers? he thought. However, he didn’t think any further as he was troubled enough for the night.

“I didn’t know you were here, not to mention the fact that you’re Boss Lin’s husband. We all got shocked for a moment,” Yuan Hewei said smilingly.

Since Yuan family was the biggest clan in Zhonghai, Yuan Hewei’s attendance to the event was a friendly signal to Liu family.

The humble and resolute master had left a good impression for Yang Chen, much better than Liu Kangbai’s. Yang Chen asked politely, “How’s Yuan Ye’s recovery doing?”

Yuan Hewei laughed before saying, “The kid has been staying at home all day recently. He’s almost recovered completely already. Doctor said that his body got much healthier than before, but his belly got a loop thicker.”

Yang Chen wasn’t surprised. He didn’t cultivate True Qi of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture on Yuan Ye for nothing.

“Yang Chen, do you know Tang Wan?” Fang Zhongping asked suddenly.

Shocked, Yang Chen lightly nodded his head. He said, “Yeah, but we’ve only met each other a few times before.”

Fang Zhongping seemed to have relieved himself after listening to Yang Chen.

Both Yuan Hewei’s and Yang Jieyu’s expressions looked different, but they didn’t say anything at last.

Yang Jieyu thought of something. Kindly, she said to Yang Chen, “I saw your wife earlier. She’s indeed a stunning beauty. I even got jealous of her appearance as a woman. However, she didn’t look too happy. Did you get into an argument with her?”

Yang Chen wasn’t very used to Yang Jieyu’s intimate way of speaking. Nodding, he said, “Yeah, there’s a small contradiction between us because of me.”

“I saw her together with the Cai sisters, she should be fine. However, Yang Chen, I don’t want to nag you, but it’s best to tolerate each other between a married couple. As your wife is in charge of such a huge multinational company, it’s inevitable for her to have a small temper. Since she decided to marry you, she must still like you in her heart. You need to understand her actions.”

Seeing Yang Jieyu who took up the job as a peacemaker, Yang Chen smiled bitterly. How would anyone outside know about the principles between me and Ruoxi? I guess I can only accept her suggestion temporarily.

Yang Jieyu continued speaking with a smile, “I heard from the kid Little Ye that you’re a married man. I had been wondering what kind of person your wife would be. Judging by the situation, you’re now living a life much better than we imagined. Since you’re so excellent, combined with such a wife, your kids in the future would undoubtedly be perfect.”

Kids.... Yang Chen thought. It does seem like a pretty perfect blueprint. But isn’t it impossible between me and Ruoxi? I bet we’d be act like strangers again once we get home later.

I shouldn’t have come to such a banquet. Tragedy truly arises one after another.

Yang Jieyu seemed to have gotten emotional. “Sigh, I heard that you haven’t been together with your parents since young. How unfortunate. If they’re all here, I bet they’d be proud and joyful for you two.”

When Yang Jieyu finished speaking, Yuan Hewei subconsciously pulled his wife’s hand, hinting her to stop talking about something.

Yang Jieyu helplessly shut her mouth up. She really had gotten a bit too far.

Yang Chen smiled faintly and didn’t mind her speech too much.

To the people around, this scene wasn’t as simple as a casual chat.

Originally, they thought that Yang Chen entered the place purely because of Lin Ruoxi. Unexpectedly, he even knew Tang Wan.

It wasn’t too big of a deal if he knew Tang Wan. However, Yang Chen appeared to be having a close relationship with the married couple from Zhonghai’s biggest clan, Yuan family. Moreover, Secretary Fang from the Fang family even talked to him in an extremely polite manner.

These three people were much more significant than Liu Kangbai of the Liu family, especially when some of the people around knew just how profound Yang Jieyu’s family was in Beijing. When they saw how soft she was talking to Yang Chen, most people couldn’t help but think, Can this lucky guy Yang Chen… possibly be one of the members from the major clan in Beijing?

On the other hand, Lin Ruoxi, Cai Yan and Cai Ning who were standing in a corner had noticed Yang Chen’s interaction with Yuan Hewei, Yang Jieyu and Fang Zhongping. They all got rather curious excluding Cai Yan who knew some of the inside information. Lin Ruoxi and Cai Ning never knew that Yang Chen had such a high connection.

Lin Ruoxi was having mixed feelings. She brought Yang Chen here to let him mix with the people in the upper class. Unexpectedly, not only did he know Yuan Ye from Yuan clan, he was even related to Yuan Hewei, Yang Jieyu and Secretary Fang Zhongping. However, Yang Chen had never mentioned these matters to Lin Ruoxi before.

I’m still stupidly trying to find a place for him to stand in Zhonghai. I guess he has been silently ridiculing my actions after all… Lin Ruoxi thought.

Yang Chen didn’t know that he suddenly became the main focus of the banquet, while Lin Ruoxi’s hatred on him further deepened.

Yuan Hewei said, “Liu Kangbai seems to be unhappy about you. If he really dares to do something, you may look for us whenever we can be in use. Since we owe you in some way, we don’t hope that you get harmed.”

I really hope that he dares to do something, Yang Chen thought. He said, “Alright, thank you.”

After chatting for a short while, the banquet entered a dance session.

Gorgeous lights started circulating in the dance floor of the hall. Nearby the dance floor, there stood the accompaniment band invited all the way from Vienna. They started playing a melodious waltz tune.

Lots of men and women, old or young, spread out on the dance floor with their own dance partners as they started ballroom dancing.

Being a gentleman, Yuan Hewei made a gesture to invite Yang Jieyu. The married couple then started to dance away lovingly after getting on the dance floor.

Fang Zhongping looked at them with an envious expression. Sighing, he walked to a corner of the hall before sitting down alone.

Yang Chen didn’t plan to dance. He was prepared to look for alcohol. However, he suddenly saw that Liu Yun stood beside Lin Ruoxi and the Cai sisters at one corner of the dance floor!

Frowning, Yang Chen knew that it wasn’t anything good. So he quickly walked over.

At the same time, Liu Yun offered his arm as he made an accurate posture of a dance invitation before smiling at Lin Ruoxi politely. “Miss Lin, being the host of tonight’s event, do I have the honor of inviting you for a dance?”

Evidently, Liu Yun’s actions were challenging Yang Chen. Earlier, he used a few provoking lines to separate the two. Currently, using his host identity, he casually asked Lin Ruoxi for a dance.

Lin Ruoxi was troubled. She, of course, didn’t want to dance with this guy. She wasn’t stupid, she knew that Liu Yun was trying humiliate Yang Chen on the spot.

However, Liu Yun was the only son of Liu family and the host of the banquet. In such occasion, it wasn’t inappropriate in any way for him to ask Lin Ruoxi for a dance. As she couldn’t say she didn't know how to dance, she didn’t know what to do as she didn’t have any good excuses.

Seeing Lin Ruoxi who got anxious, Cai Yan said, “Mr Liu, Ruoxi isn’t a fan of dancing. Look for someone else.”

Liu Yun still acted very gently. Smiling, he said, “Chief Cai, my invitation is very sincere. I hope Chief Cai can step out of this.”

Cai Ning pulled her younger sister’s hand to stop Cai Yan from talking. Since this involved the relationship between Cai and Liu families, there wasn’t any reason for them to step in.

“Hey, where did you come from? I haven’t even danced with her yet as her husband. What trouble are you trying to cause?”

At this moment, Yang Chen blocked in front of Liu Yun.

Lin Ruoxi and the Cai sisters got dumbfounded regarding Yang Chen’s appearance. They all held a complex expression.

Liu Yun smiled coldly. “Oh, is it? I thought that Mr Yang was going to dance with Miss Tang. Miss Tang is a rare stunning beauty as well. Mr Yang really wants to conquer every beauty in the world, am I right?”

Yang Chen let out an evil smile. “Is this an envy or an admiration? Why do I feel that you think every woman around me has a weird relationship with me?”

“Isn’t that the case?” Liu Yun asked, displeased.

Yang Chen pointed at the Cai sisters behind. “How about them? Chief Cai has arrested me into the police station a lot of times.”

“Stupid Yang Chen! Why are you pointing at us? Do you want to die?!” Cai Yan shouted as she blushed. She acted like her tail got stepped on.

Cai Ning got rather awkward as well. Although she knew that Yang Chen was merely arguing with Liu Yun, she still held a weird feeling.

Liu Yun didn’t have anything to say either as the Cai sisters weren’t ordinary women. Forcing a smile, he said, “I admit it’s my fault then. At least there are some exceptions. However, Mr Yang, I don’t think Miss Lin would be willing to dance with you, as her husband, would she?”

Without any expression, Yang Chen turned around to look at Lin Ruoxi who had been in silence. When the two crossed sight, there seemed to be endless complex emotions.

Suddenly, Yang Chen took a few steps back. Raising his arms, he spun on the ground as he showed off precise waltz dance moves. Following a few practised steps, he bowed in front of Lin Ruoxi as he offered his arm, doing an ‘invitation’ posture so accurate that it couldn’t be criticized.

Not only was Liu Yun who was prepared to see Yang Chen embarrass himself shocked, even the Cai sisters revealed an astonished expression.

It was Lin Ruoxi’s first time in her life that her mind went completely blank in public. She had never thought that Yang Chen would really invite her for a dance. The more shocking matter was, this man who sold mutton skewers really knew ballroom dance!

At this moment, Lin Ruoxi got so shy that her heartbeat quickened.

After pondering for tens of seconds, Lin Ruoxi raised one of her slim arms before placing it into Yang Chen’s hand.

“Not accepting your invitation is an incredibly rude action. I don’t want to become someone with no manners. That’s the only reason I agreed to dance with you. Don’t overthink.”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. He said, “I didn’t overthink. I really just wanted to dance with you.”

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