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As the Massacre Blade approached Flower Rain, the heart felt utterly helpless.

The sound of the wind cut past her ears like tens of thousands of ghosts growled, but Flower Rain wasn’t afraid at all. Her biggest feeling was regret instead.

Am I going to die just like this? Is my life ending this way?

Countless scenes emerged in her mind. Being born in a clan like Cai family, she was destined to walk unusual paths. When she was eleven, before she graduated from primary school, she got chosen by Yellow Flame Iron Brigade to be sent for strict training, which she got from the masters from Tang Sect.

In her memory, except practising day and night restlessly, she lay down in a simple wooden house alone, listening to the sound of the heavy rain at Shushan. The nights filled with loneliness and silence which were solely accompanied by the sound of the rain felt just like yesterday.

Slowly, she didn’t understand what she was living for. She had a home, parents and relatives whom she couldn’t meet nor miss. Although she had a good reputation in her sect and organization, she had never been happy before.

During the twenty or so years she lived, she felt like she had been lost in a jungle. She could survive with ease, but could never walk out of there.

When she finished her apprenticeship, she asked her master, “Master, why do people want to live?”

Her master pondered for a very long time before answering, “That’s because everyone else wants to leave.”

Yeah, that’s indeed the answer. That’s indeed life. Who knows what they’re living for? Aren’t they all living for someone else?

The complex thoughts flashed in her mind like electric current. Flower Rain shut her eyes as her glamorous and cold face revealed an obscure and unexplainable smile.

However, the pain she was prepared to receive didn’t come as expected.

Suddenly, Flower Rain felt that her slim waist was wrapped around by a hot arm. Her body was being lifted as if someone was carrying a plastic bag, appearing so effortless.

She seemed to have felt an instantaneous movement. However, before her brain could react, it all ended.

What happened?

“Hey, even if you feel that you can’t escape, you should at least try. Why were you waiting to be cut open all of a sudden? You don’t look very ugly, were you waiting for someone to perform plastic surgery on you? You have to undergo that kind of operation in a hospital. In the wild, even a giant vegetable knife would complain that your butt is too big.”

The detestable but highly familiar sound pulled Flower Rain back to reality very quickly.

When she opened her eyes, she had mixed feelings. In a trance, she saw a man standing on the ground. There was a cigarette in his mouth and his nose seemed to be exhaling smoke, making him look like a gangster. In the thick atmosphere, he appeared surprisingly clear and bright.

It’s him?!

Struggling out of the arm wrapped around her waist, Flower Rain turned around and saw Yang Chen who rolled his eyes in a helpless and sad manner.

“You… You… Why are you… here?” Flower Rain asked as her face turned pink. It was her first time being hugged by a man and interacting with one this up-close.

When Yang Chen appeared, he didn’t just shocked Flower Rain, everyone who witnessed the scene got astonished as well as they felt their hearts beating hard.

Flower Rain who was expected to be sliced in half by Lilith’s Massacre Blade suddenly got swept away by a shadow, moving her away from her original position. When the scene got clear again, this man was seen standing aside while he hugged Flower Rain.

Yong Ye and the other members of Second Dragon Group recognized Yang Chen. He truly felt elated and pissed at the same time. He was happy that Yang Chen rescued Flower Rain, but was annoyed that Yang Chen hugged her!

The people from the Vatican and the Dark Parliament expressed astonishment. It wasn’t solely the matter of courage, rescuing someone under the strike of Lilith’s Massacre Blade. His speed was definitely much stronger than Lilith’s. Although her age couldn’t rival the blood race of previous generations, she was definitely one of the ten strongest among them due to her noble bloodline and possession of a legendary weapon!

Yang Chen didn’t answer Flower Rain’s question quickly. He suddenly felt that the cigarette in his mouth was put out.

Since the speed he moved at was overly fast, the sudden cold airflow not only extinguished the cigarette, but froze its end as well. Feeling helpless, Yang Chen spit out the half-smoked cigarette.

“Do you think that I’m willing to be here?” Yang Chen asked, dissatisfied. “You people from Yellow Flame Iron Brigade are such busybodies. The fight between the Vatican and Dark Parliament for the Holy Grail is their ‘internal affair’. They have been fighting for tens of centuries, what are you guys stepping in for? Do you possibly think that they’d harm the citizens in China? The blood race has a commandment called ‘seclusion’ while the Vatican similarly operates underground. What benefit do you get by doing this, except asking for contempt?”

Flower Rain panicked. She said, “This is an order from above. Furthermore… isn’t the Dark Parliament the evil side?”

“You guys don’t seem to understand the blood race at all. I’ll explain it to you after this matter is dealt with,” Yang Chen said before sighing. “I wanted to just watch you guys fight by the side. However, I saw you were going to die immediately. After thinking for a bit, I still decided to rescue you.”

Flower Rain was stunned. Showing yourself for me? She felt rather weird in her heart. She couldn’t help but to ask, “Why did you come out for me?”

“Think about it, you’re Cai Yan’s sister. Cai Yan is my wife’s great sister. Even my wife calls you Elder Sister. During the robbery in the bank back then, you helped me out of the situation, and we’ve had a couple of interactions in the past as well. I don’t know a lot of people in this country, and I’m not considered intimate to you, but I know you after all. Although I’m not concerned with your death, I’d feel bad seeing someone getting sad about it, since I can be blamed in a way after all.”

Yang Chen took a cigarette out from his shirt pocket before lighting it up as he spoke. In the dark, the white smoke appeared particularly eye-catching. After leisurely inhaling a mouthful of smoke, he continued speaking, “You’re in luck. I would definitely have left you to die if it was a few years ago. Now that the magnificent me has my own family, I live like a human. I have to do something humane one way or another.”

Flower Rain didn't ask further questions as she felt dejected listening to the bunch of baffling reasons. She couldn’t help but feel regret for her initial trace of anticipation. What am I thinking about? Hasn’t he always been this strange?!

At this moment, Yang Chen’s arrival gave made the people there hold different kinds of thoughts.

The war situation was at its peak. On the Vatican’s side, only Gabriel, Thomas, Arthur and seven or eight other holy knights were left. A few members of Yong Ye’s Second Dragon Group died as well.

On the Dark Parliament’s side, Lilith, Archimonde and the other four elders of the blood race only had four blood servants left.

However, since the perfect cooperation of Lilith’s Massacre Blade was overly strong, no one knew how the ending would turn out. But since the Holy Grail was in the hands of the blood race, the Vatican definitely wouldn’t give up.

At this moment, after Yang Chen’s astonishing power level was revealed, he seemed to be the determiner of the ending no matter which side he decided to help.

“Mister, although I’m very curious who you are, I only want to know which side you’re helping now,” Lilith said solemnly after keeping her water-like Massacre Blade. She was the one who could most clearly feel Yang Chen’s ability.

Although Yong Ye detested Yang Chen, he knew that he must stand on Yang Chen’s side if he wanted to live. As a result, he immediately said, “Do you still need to ask?! Didn’t you see that he saved one of us? He’s naturally on our Yellow Flame Iron Brigade’s side. Quickly hand over the Holy Grail and piss off from China!”

Yang Chen glanced at Yong Ye coldly. “Which one of the heck of your ears heard that I’m one of you? If you talk nonsense once more, I’ll kill you first. Do you think your stupid life is worthy of being saved by me?”

His merciless words pushed Yong Ye’s arrogance back to his stomach. Looking pale, Yong Ye didn’t dare to say a word. He was afraid that Yang Chen would really leave them or even fight them.

Having felt Yang Chen’s terrifying pressure in addition to seeing his horrifying speed, Yong Ye didn’t dare to go against him.

Gabriel’s heavy armor had some scratches currently. However, he was generally highly skilled, he wasn’t injured heavily. Frowning, he asked Yang Chen, “Your Majesty’s ability is far beyond us. Are you possibly doing this for the Holy Grail as well?”

“I can’t even confirm the authenticity of your Holy Grail, why would I be interested in it then? Furthermore, the term ‘eternity’ doesn’t hold any major meanings for me,” Yang Chen said as he smiled disdainfully.

“Then what does Your Majesty want to do?” Archimonde asked nervously.

Yang Chen thought for a while. He said, “I just want to leave a peaceful life here, so you can’t kill too many of the members from Yellow Flame Iron Brigade too quickly. Of course, if they want to kill you guys no matter what, I can also give you a hand. I personally don’t hold any feelings towards your Vatican and the Dark Parliament. To me, none of you is considered good or evil. So, I advise you all to disperse now and see today’s matter like it never happened before.”

“So many of our glorious holy knights died. How can I simply ignore this matter?” Gabriel asked with a deep voice.

“Humph, Gabriel, I think you’re just unwilling to give up the Holy Grail, not because of the deaths of your people,” Mobses said fiercely.

Smiling, Lilith said, “I wonder what the name of Your Majesty is. Judging by the situation, even if we’re willing to get out of China, the opposite side isn’t. May I know what Your Majesty thinks about it?”

Yang Chen pouted. “Since you guys aren’t willing to give up the stupid Holy Grail, let’s do it this way, hand it over to me and I’ll destroy it on the spot. It’ll be fair after that.”

“No way!” Gabriel, Archimonde and the others shouted loudly.

Yang Chen suddenly turned expressionless. “Do you guys think I’m here to listen to your opinions? Don’t irritate me anymore. When I take action myself, none of you will be benefited.”

“Your Majesty mustn’t look down on us too much. Although Your Majesty is much stronger than most, I don’t think we’re free to be killed easily,” Archimonde said solemnly.

Yang Chen didn’t have the patience to talk anymore. If I return a bit later, Lin Ruoxi may really go home herself and I would’ve to catch a cab. This late at night, isn’t it torturing?

“Since none of you can compromise, I’ll search every single one of you and see whose body it’s on. I’ll take it myself if you guys don’t hand it in willingly.”

As soon as Yang Chen finished speaking, his body immediately disappeared from his original position. When he appeared once again, he stood beside Charlie’s body.

Astonished, Charlie wanted to dodge away. However, before he could do that, he felt Yang Chen’s hand grabbing onto his forearm!

A painfully cold killing aura and domineering oppression appeared, giving Charlie’s old spirit palpitation, making him forget to resist!

After Yang Chen quickly searched Charlie’s body and made sure it wasn’t with him, he threw Charlie away and leaped onto his next target—Mobses!

As everyone present looked at how Yang Chen unbelievably threw the elder-level Charlie away like a toy, they quickly noticed that Yang Chen’s so-called ‘take it myself’ was real!

However, when everyone felt helpless but contented that Yang Chen wasn’t killing, Yang Chen suddenly stunned on the ground!

“Why is it so…”

Yang Chen’s expression instantly turned dull like he witnessed something unbelievable, gazing at Mobses who stood three feet away.

At the same time, as everyone felt confused, Mobses vanished into thin air!

“Mobses!” Archimonde and the others shouted. Evidently, they were extremely nervous as they weren’t aware of what was happening as well.

Before everyone’s shout could be heard, at the spot where Mobses disappeared, a small, dark-golden wine cup suspended in the air!

In this incredibly strange scene, Mobses didn’t appear anymore, while the wine cup fell alone, rolling around on the ground before coincidentally ending up in front of Yang Chen’s feet...