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Such a scene had exceeded most people’s imagination. They couldn’t visualize what happened at all.

There weren’t any fluctuations of energy, nor were there any fancy cover-ups. The life of an elder of the blood race just disappeared out of thin air. It was a completely unexplainable problem.

Before everyone regained awareness, Yang Chen bent down and picked up the dark-golden wine cup from the ground.

The side of the wine cup was engraved with ancient lines of the Common Era. Except looking particularly antiquated, it didn’t seem any special.

However, Yang Chen didn’t get too excited for holding the so-called ‘Holy Grail’ in hand. From the perspectives of the people around, he seemed like he was treating the item that could supposedly grant ‘eternity’ as a piece of broken and worthless metal.

“It’s you… Did you kill Mobses?!” Archimonde asked loudly.

Turning around, Yang Chen smiled coldly. “I can assure you that I didn’t kill him. But regarding how he died, I don’t think it’s necessary for me to give you guys an explanation. Now, your most desired Holy Grail is in my hands.”

“What does Your Majesty plan to do?” Lilith asked as she looked at the wine cup in Yang Chen’s hands, with her eyes expressing a strong desire. However, she rationally suppressed herself to not step forward.

Playing with the cup in hand, Yang Chen murmured, “This thing may really be the true ‘Holy Grail’, but regrettably, it’s merely an antique now. I believe telling you guys the reason is a waste of time. Since it’s useless now, I’ll make it disappear as it’ll still be the reason you guys fight for.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Chen pinched the Holy Grail in his right hand forcefully before waiting for the people around to react.

The metal cup acted just like a piece of hard paper—it got distorted and twisted into a ball of scrap.

Everyone widened their eyes as they refused to believe that Yang Chen really destroyed the Holy Grail!

“You… You dared to ruin the Holy Grail?!” the holy knight Thomas shouted angrily. “This is an insult to the Lord! You’re challenging us at the Vatican!”

Gabriel, Lilith and the others of the blood race felt like they were dreaming. The item that both sides fought so hard for was gone just like that!

Yang Chen directly threw the piece of scrap onto the ground. “Don’t you guys feel odd? If it was the real Holy Grail, would it get destroyed this easily by me earlier?”

“The reason the Holy Grail is unique is because it holds the divine power of Jesus Christ, not because of its special material. What’s so weird about it?!” Thomas still couldn’t calm himself down.

Smiling, Yang Chen said, “Since that’s what you want to believe, I can’t do anything about it then. Ultimately, as you guys have seen, the Holy Grail is gone. Whether you choose to fight me or go back to where you came from is your choice. However, let me warn you, all of you must die if you choose to fight. I’m not being arrogant, this is the reality. Of course, I think you guys may really risk your lives to fight me for your so-called faith. Doesn’t the Vatican like to propagate this idea?”

When Yang Chen finished speaking, everyone there kept quiet.

In fact, all of them had dismissed the thought of battling since the bizarre disappearance of Mobses. People would always be afraid of things they weren’t familiar with. All of them were worrying, Am I going to disappear suddenly like that as well?

Thomas and Gabriel looked at each other and discovered helplessness in their eyes.

On the Dark Parliament’s side, they didn’t get too upset for losing the Holy Grail, since it was something that belonged to the Vatican. Their main objective of acquiring it was to bring it back to Europe to act as a symbol of victory, and probably do some research.

After all, the believers of Satan wouldn’t gain eternity from God.

Their only failure of the mission was the loss of the elder-level Mobses from the blood race. Regarding the blood servants, they were meant to be sacrificed anyway.

As a result, Archimonde, Zobo and the others all looked at their strongest teammate, Lilith, to determine their next step.

Lilith appeared really calm. After getting slightly surprised, her beautiful, scarlet eyes slowly turned pale as they changed to the color of a blue gem, recovering her elegant blonde lady look.

Somehow, Lilith hid her Massacre Blade which glimmered a violent light behind her back. It disappeared completely. Evidently, she wasn’t going to fight anymore.

Smiling sweetly, Lilith walked forward as she gazed at Yang Chen with an indefinite look. “Your Majesty, I really like how you speak. I think I know who you are now. I represent the Dark Parliament to offer you a sincere apology for offending you earlier.”

“Have you made a decision yet?” Yang Chen didn’t think he could hide his identity for long. Although the Dark Parliament wasn’t an organization affiliated with any countries, their historical origin was much deeper than any other secret organizations. Naturally, their intelligence network was all over the globe.

Lilith nodded. “Of course, I fully believe that Your Majesty has the ability to let us leave the land of China peacefully. Since the Holy Grail is gone now, we should return to Europe already.”

“May you have a happy journey,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Smiling, Lilith suddenly leaned forward to Yang Chen’s ears before whispering something that only Yang Chen could hear.

Yang Chen wasn’t worried that Lilith would attack him suddenly during her approach. Although Lilith was strong, Yang Chen was at an entirely different level with her. To him, her ‘Massacre Blade’ was something that could be crushed with ease just like the Holy Grail. Furthermore, Lilith didn’t bring a killing aura.

After Lilith finished speaking, she moved her head away from Yang Chen’s ear before gazing at him nervously with anticipation. When she looked at Yang Chen without blinking, she didn’t look like the lady devil earlier at all, but an ordinary beautiful western girl.

Yang Chen felt embarrassed as he smiled before touching his chin.

He looked extremely perverted, shocking everyone else present. What happened to these two?!

Being a woman, Flower Rain felt a immensely disgusted. Did he just get that intimate with this vampire?! They even looked like they’re flirting with each other. This… this is so shameless!

However, she somehow felt that she was being jealous. Flower Rain had an uncontrollable, complex emotion at the moment.

“Do you really want to do that?” Yang Chen asked softly like he was making a confirmation.

Lilith’s white and smooth skin slowly reddened. As her eyes shone, she asked, “Can I?”

“I’ll sacrifice a bit then,” Yang Chen said righteously.

Elated, Lilith rushed forward as she wrapped around Yang Chen’s neck with her long hands before placing her red and delicate lips onto Yang Chen’s.

Soon, a cold and smooth tongue stretched out and intertwined with Yang Chen’s together.

This scene shocked everyone. No one understood what was happening, Why are they French kissing all of a sudden?!

Flower Rain looked away as she couldn’t stand looking at them anymore. As she kept quiet, she was talking bad about Yang Chen in her heart. It’s not like he’s related to me in any way. Why should I care about his stupid behaviour? Oh yeah, when I return, I must tell Lin Ruoxi that Yang Chen once again kissed and hugged other women behind her back!

After indulging Lilith’s blood-race-exclusive sweetness for a short while, he finally separated with Lilith. Smiling, he said, “Alright, it’s done now. Bring your men and leave quickly.”

Lilith gazed at Yang Chen for a while more before smiling and turning around reluctantly to make a hand gesture to Archimonde and the others from the blood race.

Being stared upon by the Vatican and Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, the blood race disappeared into the forest in the blink of an eye.

Yang Chen looked at Gabriel and the others. “Do you guys want to fight me by staying?”

Displeased, Gabriel said, “Although I really want to try battling, it’s not the right time currently. We’ll leave China, but Your Majesty, please remember that you’ve destroyed our Holy Grail today.”

Although they detested Yang Chen to the fullest, Gabriel and the others decided to return to the Vatican calmly to check on Yang Chen’s identity before they made any plans.

After he finished speaking, bringing an angered look, Gabriel brought Thomas, Arthur and the other holy knights to leave the scene.

At last, only Flower Rain, Yong Ye and the other members from Yellow Flame Iron Brigade were left. Although Yong Ye was irritated regarding Yang Chen’s intimidating way of handling the matter, he didn’t dare to go against him. After glaring at Yang Chen, he waved his hand as he planned to bring his injured members away.

Flower Rain on the other hand wasn’t leaving in a hurry. She stood on the ground as she looked at Yang Chen, appearing to be waiting for something.

“Ning’er, why aren’t you leaving?” Yong Ye asked, worried.

Flower Rain didn’t turn her head to look at him. She said, “I’ll contact some people to take care of the crime scene. You may bring the others away first.”

“No way, I can’t be at ease leaving you with someone this dangerous,” Yong Ye said loudly. “I’ll stay here with you.”

Annoyed, Flower Rain glared at him. “Since you know he’s dangerous, why do you want to stay? Can’t you tell that he doesn’t like you?”

Yong Ye carefully glanced at Yang Chen. Seeing that Yang Chen didn’t have any reactions, he felt even more uneasy. Although he was angry, he felt like his life was more important. Thus, he looked at Flower Rain once more before leading his teammates away.

Flower Rain sighed faintly. “Such a coward.”

Yang Chen had been looking at the scene silently. He said, “Although he’s a coward, he’s still a rather interesting fellow. Aren’t you leaving?”

“Yes, I am. But before that, I have many questions to ask you,” Flower Rain said.

“What questions?”

“Regarding what you said earlier. You said that we didn’t understand the Dark Parliament. Isn’t it wrong to see them as vampires who do harm to the human race?” Flower Rain asked.

Only at this moment was Yang Chen reminded that he was going to give them an explanation. After thinking for a while, he said, “I have to talk about the history of the blood race to start. Since they have existed for too long, I don’t know much about them. However, I can tell you the general situation about the Dark Parliament.

“Before the Middle Ages, the blood race could be considered the ruler of Europe. Back then, they were indeed a violent race. However, due to the existence of Rome Vatican, the people started to resist and fight back. Although the blood race was strong, they couldn’t defend against the collective attack of thousands of citizens.

“The blood race then set up a secret party—Camarilla. This organization is a major part of the Dark Parliament. They have six major commandments, with the most significant being ‘seclusion’, meaning they have to live hidden from the human race and give up their dominance in the world. Since then, the term ‘blood race’ seemed to have turned to a legend. The people now don’t see them as reality anymore.”

Flower Rain frowned. Lilith mentioned about ‘Camarilla’, which her family seemed to be the members of. On the other hand, the other people were from another organization. “The… what’s the other organization called Savath then?”

Yang Chen said, “Savath is referred as the ‘devil association’ in the blood race. They’re a bunch of extremists who don’t like being secluded. Anyone from the blood race or of heresy can join, but since they’re inferior in fighting ability, they aren’t as strong as Camarilla in the blood race. Today, Archimonde and the others came to snatch the Holy Grail with the intention of strengthening their position within the blood race to go against Camarilla, while Lilith and the guy Zobo came to limit them.”

Flower Rain understood something. “In other words, even if the Holy Grail really ended up in the hands of the blood race, it won’t affect the people in any way?”

“That’s exactly the case. You guys from Yellow Flame Iron Brigade just got used by the Vatican as their fighters…” Yang Chen shook his head as he smiled. “Actually, although the Vatican is an organization that serves justice on the surface, in actuality, they’re just another association that goes against the Dark Parliament. They have always been fighting for their benefits and normally won’t get involved between the interests of different countries. That’s why I asked you guys to not get dragged in.”

Flower Rain nodded. “I’ll report to General. The damned Vatican, we shouldn’t have trusted them.”

“If there’s nothing else you need, I’ll leave now,” Yang Chen said. He felt like it was almost time to go, otherwise he really had to take a cab home.

Flower Rain stopped Yang Chen as she said quickly, “How about the Holy Grail? Is the rumor true? Can it grant people eternity?”

Speaking of the Holy Grail, Yang Chen didn’t look too happy. Sighing, he said, “I don’t know. This question is very complicated. No matter what, Mobses’s disappearance earlier is an issue much more significant than you guys can imagine. However, this isn’t what you should take care of. Simply briefing your general when you return is enough.”

Flower Rain felt rather disappointed. In her heart, she still felt that Yang Chen wasn’t willing to tell her the truth.

“Then, just now….  Just now Lilith… How could you do that?” Flower Rain said as she resisted the awkwardness. She hesitated on this topic for very long, but still decided to say it out. “Aren’t you afraid of me telling Ruoxi about it? You guys just went back on good terms not long ago, do you want an argument to arise again?”

Yang Chen quickly turned around as he tried to please her. “You mustn’t say it out! Earlier, Lilith looked at me just like how a fan would look at an idol. We merely kissed for a bit using our pure hearts. I haven’t kissed a vampire in my life before. You know it as well, I don’t have any immunities against beauties. Furthermore, it really isn’t a big thing to kiss to the western people. I couldn’t hold myself back from trying, I really don’t mean anything else.”

What he said was in fact the truth. Yang Chen truly didn’t hold that kind of intention towards this woman of the blood race who had lived for an unknown amount of time. He was just curious how it felt like to do so.

Flower Rain got completely speechless. This man can’t reason at all! Is it that fun to kiss a vampire? Her mouth must’ve sucked a lot of filthy blood!

“Disgusting.” Flower Rain spit out a word angrily before leaving the scene using Lightness Skill.

[TL note: Lightness Skill (轻功 qīnggōng) – often left untranslated as “Qinggong”. The ability to lighten the body and move with great agility & swiftness. At high proficiency, practitioners of this skill can run across water, leap to the top of trees, or even glide through the air.]

Only Yang Chen was left on the scene. Puzzled, he scratched the back of his head as he mumbled, “Didn’t this woman say she was going to take care of the crime scene? Why did she leave?”