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Yang Chen recalled the scene where Mobses disappeared last night, and thought of the vague feeling he got when the Holy Grail landed in his hands. He felt rather worried.

“Lilith, do you know that every organism in the world is eternal?” Yang Chen asked.

Lilith widened her eyes and seemed like she refused to believe such a sentence just came out from Yang Chen’s mouth this seriously.

“How is it possible? When it comes to us in the blood race, although we’re eternal and indestructible in theory, we just grow old and die at an incredibly slow speed, and aren’t eternal at all. How are other organisms all eternal?” Lilith murmured.

Yang Chen stood up from his seat and walked to the window before staring at the dense roads, big and small, outside the apartment.

The stream of countless cars and people were endless.

“Lilith, do you know about the Russian roulette?” Yang Chen asked.

Lilith nodded. “I know. It’s a game testing on fate where two people load one bullet into a revolver capable of holding six bullets before taking turns to shoot themselves.”

“That’s right. In this game, one person will definitely be shot in the end.” Yang Chen let out a strange and vague smile at the corner of his lips. “However, if you believe in the theory of multiverse in quantum mechanics, then you can assume that no one would die in the end.”

Having lived for more than 200 years, Lilith had witnessed the development of the scientific theory of parallel universes and quantum mechanics.

That was because when Einstein died, Lilith was already old enough that her age could make her a grandmother already.

However, even if she was a vampire who had limitless experience, she still expressed astonishment when she heard Yang Chen’s unrealistic speech.

Yang Chen knew that Lilith wouldn’t necessarily understand. He continued explaining, “The theory of multiverse states that the world is formed by countless parallel universes folded together. This mean in any of the universes, there exists completely identical things. They are interrelated but exist as individuals. In quantum mechanics, this world is made of different microscopic particles. Including living and non-living things, the particles that form them are unstoppably in exercise.

“In other words, there are countless you’s, me’s and identical worlds. However, all of us and all of the parallel universes are folded together, while the matters that make up everything are microscopic particles that are constantly changing places. Regarding what the particles are specifically, they’re constantly changing as well,” Yang Chen said.

Lilith seemed to have understood some of it. She asked, “However, what does this have to do with people not dying in the Russian roulette?”

Smiling, Yang Chen answered, “The Russian roulette is just one of the many examples. In fact, the moment any of the bullets shoots a fatal part, for example the temple, according to quantum mechanics and the theory of parallel universe, regardless of how low the possibility is, there will be one universe in which the bullet penetrates the place where microscopic particles coincidentally separate. As a result, in that universe, the bullet won’t pass through the ‘dead victim’’s temple, but will fly through the person’s head instead without damaging his tissues. Thus, in that universe, the person is alive.”

[TL note: Temple: the flat part of either side of the head between the forehead and the ear.]

Lilith widened her eyes as she felt incredible. If the person speaking wasn’t Pluto whom she wouldn’t resist against, she would’ve thought that the man was talking nonsense. Why does there exist such a terrifying and bizzare thing?!

“Your Majesty Pluto, according to what you said, why do the people in this world still die?” Lilith asked.

Yang Chen chuckled. “As you just said, the ones who die, are the people.”

Lilith suddenly understood something. “Are you saying that gods really don’t die?”

Yang Chen smiled rather bitterly.

The corners of Yang Chen’s lips revealed bitterness. “I believe there are records in your family’s historical literature regarding this topic, but you refuse to fully believe what’s written. Actually, gods being eternal and indestructible isn’t as impressive as it sounds. It doesn’t signify the so-called divine power nor is it reincarnation. The reason gods can live forever is due to the existence of infinite parallel universes, if you look at it from a scientific standpoint. No matter what diseases or injuries we get, there will be one universe where we’re perfectly fine.

“However, every other living organism other than gods isn’t able to detach themselves from the universe they’re initially in. As a result, they’ll die after getting a fatal injury, while gods can gain a new life through the multiverse.”

Lilith remained quiet for a long time, as if she was trying to digest what Yang Chen just said. Confused, she asked, “According to what Your Majesty Pluto just said, aren’t all gods extremely old beings then? Even if they can avoid death through the multiverse, they shouldn’t be able to get away from the decaying of the body.”

“That’s right, but this involves a field you don’t need to know about. All I can tell you is, gods have their way of recovering youth,” Yang Chen said. “You’re more intelligent than I imagined. I only explained once, and you managed to understand it.”

Lilith rolled her eyes at Yang Chen as she felt resentful. “I’m more than 200 years old already. I haven’t been living for nothing.” After thinking for a while, she continued saying, “I finally understand why gods would form Treaty of Gods to limit the battles between themselves. Since all of them live eternally, battling is pretty much a meaningless act that may cause unnecessary damage.”

“You’re right, but gods don’t necessarily live eternally. They’d fall under certain conditions as well. However, that is overly complicated, and not something you need to know. In short, although damaging the parallel universes won’t affect gods, it’s a huge disaster towards other races,” Yang Chen said as he looked rather gloomy. “Mobses is a good example of a sacrifice.”

Lilith widened her eyes in shock. “Did Elder Mobses really disappear out of thin air because of cracked universe?!”

“I’ve been wondering even until now, on who damaged the parallel universe last night to snatch the Holy Grail in front of my eyes.” Yang Chen sighed. “It must have been done by a god. I have a feeling that he definitely isn’t weaker than me, and is even stronger than me. Even if I unsealed at that moment and used the same way of manipulating the parallel universe to track, I wouldn’t stand a chance on chasing him.”

“Did he snatch the Holy Grail away? But isn’t the Holy Grail still in your hands?” Lilith asked, confused.

Yang Chen shook his head. “That wasn’t the Holy Grail anymore. Although I’m not sure if the Holy Grail previously had any miraculous divine powers, I can guarantee that the one that dropped on the ground had something important stripped off of it, with the culprit being the robber god. The one that was left is merely a metal antique cup which doesn’t hold any value.”

Lilith finally relieved herself. “In other words, the god isn’t an enemy of the blood race, but only went for the Holy Grail.”

Yang Chen nodded. “That’s right. Having said this much, I just want to tell you that you guys can return to Europe without worries. The fellow isn’t coming for the blood race. Also, don’t worry too much about the legend where one can gain the so-called eternity by solely relying on the consumption of some holy water. If that’s the case, gods would be too invaluable.”

Lilith grinned. “Your Majesty Pluto, since you told me so much key information, do you possibly like me?”

Yang Chen waved his hands as he smiled stiffly. “Although I like beauties, Miss Lilith, you’re more than qualified to be my ancestor with your true age. I guess I’ll pass.”

“I hate you!” Lilith shouted in dissatisfaction before stomping on the ground. “See you next time!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Lilith rolled out of the meeting room like wind before disappearing away.

Yang Chen felt really helpless. He seemed to have triggered Lilith's sensitive part. Apparently, human and blood race included, women are all sensitive to age.

Lilith’s going made Yang Chen feel rather despondent. The god that appeared yesterday evidently had the ability of an Olympian. However, none of the remaining Olympians he knew had that kind of energy fluctuations…

Who would it be? Is he some ancient and nameless mighty god?

No, it’s impossible. Ever since the world was created, the strongest gods have always been the Twelve Olympians. There are only a few of them that went missing. Could it be one of them?

However, if he’s really an Olympian, why isn’t he willing to reveal his face? Why did he snatch the Holy Grail away? Why did he publicly violate the Treaty of Gods and unseal the use of his divine power?!

Yang Chen felt a headache. It seems like I need to find time to discuss this with the others. I hope it isn’t too terrible of a situation.

At this moment, Wang Ma sent a message over to ask Yang Chen if he was going home soon or not.

Yang Chen just realized that he stayed here for too long. He quickly replied the message, saying that he’d reach home very quickly.

After around twenty minutes, Yang Chen returned to the bungalow. In the living room, the freshly-cooked dishes were served. Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma were seated and prepared to start eating.

After resting for a while, Lin Ruoxi appeared slightly better but still looked rather bleak. Seeing Yang Chen rush home after being out for the entire day once again, who didn’t immediately sat down to eat, she said, “Wash your hands before eating. Take care of your hygiene.”

It was Yang Chen’s first time hearing Lin Ruoxi’s request on good hygiene. Snickering, he ran into the washroom to wash his hands before coming out again.

Taking up a bowl of rice served by Wang Ma, Yang Chen started eating like a hungry wolf.

“Eat slower, no one’s snatching the food from you,” Lin Ruoxi complained as she frowned.

Yang Chen smiled awkwardly before slowing down. He too felt that he was rather uncultured, not to mention he was sitting beside two women.

After a short while, Lin Ruoxi seemed like she felt something wasn’t right again. She said, “Why are you only eating meat? Have more vegetables. You need to replenish vitamins and water during the winter.”

This time, Yang Chen really stopped everything he was doing. He felt like the dinner tonight was too weird. Raising his head, he stared at Lin Ruoxi as if he was doing a research.

Lin Ruoxi panicked as she got gazed upon. Frowning, she asked, “What is it? Why aren’t you eating?”

“Wifey, you’re behaving very weirdly today. Do you not feel well?” Yang Chen asked, concerned.

“No. Why do you ask?”

Wang Ma chuckled as she witnessed the behavior of this married couple. She understood what was going on, but remained silent as she lowered her head.

Shaking his head, Yang Chen said emotionally, “Why do I feel like you’ve suddenly become a housewife that’s taking charge of everything? Your usual coldness is nowhere to be found, I’m not used to it!”

Lin Ruoxi’s face turned cold. “Are you complaining that I’m restraining you too much?!”

“No, no!” Yang Chen instantly denied. Smiling, he said, “You’re doing it correctly, this is how you should restrain me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Chen quickly pinched some cabbage into his bowl with a pair of chopsticks before eating away.

Lin Ruoxi stared at him as she refrained from smiling. Clearing her throat, she started chewing away as well.

Wang Ma witnessed the entire scene. She smiled faintly as she shook her head.