Chapter 1/1 of the week.

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At the same time when Yang Chen and Rose saw Lin Ruoxi, Lin Ruoxi similarly saw him who was slightly dumbfounded.

From Lin Ruoxi’s perspective, Yang Chen was kneeling in front of an elegant lady and holding a brand new dark red high heel with one hand, and the lady’s foot with another. Judging from his position, it was clear that he was helping the lady wear shoes.

This was undoubtedly an incredibly intimate act, so intimate that it could make a passerby blush!

What surprised Lin Ruoxi more was the woman’s exceptional appearance. Her eyes were bright and teeth were white, lips red and skin fair, not to mention her particularly charming aura. Similarly being a woman, Lin Ruoxi was very aware that such a woman held immense attraction towards men.

Although she knew that Yang Chen had quite a few women outside, whom he didn’t even try to hide, seeing and hearing one had a day-and-night difference.

Lin Ruoxi’s face didn’t hold any emotions, but her clear eyes held a bone-biting cold aura. The torment in her heart could only be felt by herself.

Although she had been mentally prepared, Lin Ruoxi still felt that her heart shattered at this moment. A kind of impotence and exhaustion from her soul eroded Lin Ruoxi’s entire body.

If it wasn’t for her final trace of rationale and perseverance, Lin Ruoxi could even guarantee that she’d faint on the spot.

Do I really care this much?!

How can this detestable man do this? Is… is this how he treats women outside? Kneeling on the ground to put on shoes for other women?!

When she recalled how the fellow told her he wanted to shorten their marriage contract to six months, Lin Ruoxi was really tempted to rush forward and give him a violent slap!

Why am I so disappointing? I changed this and that for him, thought for him, and tried so hard to learn how to be a wife. In the end, am I still inferior to these women outside?!

He can even kneel for them. I gave him such a huge hint that I didn’t want to divorce, but he so brutally cut off an entire year!

Following different thoughts in her heart, Lin Ruoxi had arrived in front of Yang Chen and Rose.

Yang Chen didn’t stand up, but maintained his original position, while Rose managed to calm herself a short while after getting shocked. Being a woman who had seen the storm, even using her identity of a mistress, Rose didn’t choose to shrink back at all when she faced Lin Ruoxi for the first time.

Lin Ruoxi stopped moving. Turning her head slightly, she crossed sight with Rose who was seated on the sofa. One was as cold as an iceberg, while the other was casual and generous. None of them got affected in any way.

“The shoes look really good. They suit your woman a lot,” Lin Ruoxi said coldly without any emotions.

Yang Chen knew that he couldn’t avoid the situation. Smiling bitterly, he replied, “Really? I thought so too. Did you come here for work?”

“Golden Palm Tower is a property under my company. Is it weird that I came for an inspection?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

Yang Chen stunned. Her assets are too overwhelming. Why is the shopping mall I randomly entered hers? And it’s so coincidental that she came here for inspection!

He didn’t know if the heavens did it intentionally or not. Yang Chen could imagine that Lin Ruoxi’s heart must be really stormy currently.

However, since he made it clear that he’d part with her in six months’ time, this could be a good opportunity to allow her to look at him clearly. It would be a good thing if she couldn’t tolerate him anymore as a result.

Our marriage started only because of an absurd reason. Except bringing her different kinds of problematic issues, all I gave her was various dangers. It’s time for me to clench my teeth violently as I leave Lin Ruoxi. This would only bring good to her.

After Lin Ruoxi finished speaking, she glanced at Rose again before resolutely looking at Yang Chen and bringing her employees away.

“I didn’t expect this to be how I meet the queen for the first time… It’s finished, she seems to be… in a very bad mood,” Rose whispered softly. “Hubby, does she hate me a lot now?”

[TL note: Rose referred Lin Ruoxi as the queen in a way that Lin Ruoxi is the first wife of the king (Yang Chen) in ancient times, while Rose herself is merely one of the king’s lovers in the imperial palace.]

Yang Chen raised his head and smiled in consolation. “Don’t overthink too much, just obediently put on the new shoes and have lunch with me. We’ll continue shopping after that.”

Rose complained, “It’s all your fault that you wanted to put on the shoes for me this way. She must be thinking that I’m a vixen who wants to break you two up.”

Frowning, Yang Chen said, “Stupid Girl, why would you think that way? Even after I leave Ruoxi, I still won’t give you up. You’re different than her.”

Rose blinked her eyes a few times. “Hubby, between you two… did anything happen? Why did she so easily walk away and let me go…”

“Stop asking questions. Regardless whether or not you’re a vixen or a spider, let’s not think about other things during our date.” Yang Chen reached out to pinch Rose’s precious nose, making her complain once again.

When Yang Chen brought Rose to the lift as they planned to dine in a restaurant in the mall, Lin Ruoxi who brought a few executives for inspection stopped walking after passing through a long pathway.

An employee who was introducing the business situation of the building got confused. “Boss Lin, what is it? Did anything go wrong?”

Lin Ruoxi took a deep breath. Her eyes were slightly wet. Turning her head, she said, “We’ll stop inspecting here. I suddenly thought of something urgent I had to do. Pass a report to me regarding the rest of the specific situation. I’m leaving now.”

“Yes, Boss Lin.” A bunch of executives quickly sent Lin Ruoxi away, but most of them were extremely confused.

Taking a lift to the underground parking garage, Lin Ruoxi basically ran back to her red Bentley. Upon entering the car, Lin Ruoxi couldn’t hold it anymore and started tearing away. She lay her body on the steering wheel as she shivered…

Yang Chen just arrived at the western restaurant. After ordering food, his mood was erratic as well.

The resolute gaze of Lin Ruoxi repeatedly appeared in Yang Chen’s mind. The kind of familiar and unforgettable gaze greatly affected him.

She must hate me a lot now. Maybe, she’s even deeply regretting what she said to me yesterday, to maintain our marriage for six more months.

Rose was really thoughtful. Softly, she said, “Hubby, you’re feeling terrible now. I can tell that you angered Miss Lin rather intentionally.”

Yang Chen’s facial expression changed. “Why do you say so?”

“I’m not sure as well, but I get the feeling. Hubby, can you tell me why you did it? You don’t look like someone who’d do that. I can tell that you two actually care about each other a lot, and you’re not a man who would intentionally hurt women,” Rose said.

Yang Chen remained silent for a while. As he understood that it was meaningless to hide this from Rose, he briefly told her about what happened to Xu Zhihong and Zeng Xinlin.

“Zeng family from Beijing may really come at me with all they have since I killed Zeng Xinlin. Also, my past isn’t something a woman like her who had been living in a peaceful environment since young can imagine. In this world, there are countless people who hate me and want to take revenge.

“While I’m fine with that, my wife on the surface will easily become their target. Furthermore, someone like me who have a pair of hands drenched in blood isn’t qualified to get married at all. Things like having a family will only become my perfect weakness. Ruoxi got kidnapped a while ago, but luckily I managed to exchange for her coordinates with the kidnappers on time to save her. I can’t guarantee that I can keep her safe like this every time. It isn’t fair that she gets so many life threats because of me,” Yang Chen said.

Rose didn’t expect there to be such a complicated backstory. After listening to him, she slowly said, “Living in this world, there are always situations where you have no choice but to do something. But Hubby, isn’t it too brutal this way? Although it was my first time seeing her, similarly being a woman, I could tell that she actually didn’t want to leave you.”

“Who knows? To be honest, I still can’t tell what she’s thinking until now. However, getting upset is still much better than being frightened all day because of me. I can only cross the bridge when I come to it,” Yang Chen said.

After the main dishes were served, the two quietly finished their lunch.

When Yang Chen was prepared to bring Rose to continue shopping in the mall, Rose pulled Yang Chen’s arm, saying, “Hubby, I’ve shopped enough for today. Let’s go back to my place, can we?”

“But it’s still early now,” Yang Chen said. “Won’t you feel bored this way?”

Blushing, Rose whispered something softly at Yang Chen’s ears.

“Vixen, do you really miss that kind of stuff…” Yang Chen smiled.

Shy, Rose lowered her head. “It’s because you haven’t looked for me for a very long time.”

Facing Rose’s proactive request, Yang Chen didn’t get too horny, but was really touched instead.

It wasn’t because Rose really had that kind of desire. Evidently, this woman wanted to let him vent his sorrow and forget his trouble through this method while he was feeling down.

It’s exactly because of stupid women like her, how am I supposed to let go of them?

However, Yang Chen didn’t expose her even when he already knew her true intention. After bringing Rose out of the shopping mall quickly, he drove back to the big bedroom behind Rose Bar.

Indeed, he needed a channel to vent on.

The weather was cold and the north wind whistled outside the room. A dim, yellow lamp lit up the room. The two who hadn’t lingered together for a long time behaved just like glue. Removing their shoes and clothing, they quickly started tangling together on Rose’s big and comfortable bed.

When they finally ceased action, Yang Chen hugged Rose whose body wasn’t covered by anything, and was busty and warm. Kissing her on the forehead, he said in a deep voice softly, “Thank you, I’m feeling much better now.”

Rose raised her mellow chin and dragged across Yang Chen’s chest. Using a cold and fragrant breath, she said, “Hubby, do you know that since the first day you wanted me, I have been secretly praying? In my next life, my following life, or no matter how many times I reincarnate, I want to be this man’s woman. Even if I’m solely your lover and not your wife, I’d still be satisfied.

“But now, I don’t think that way anymore. I feel that this life is enough, there won’t be a more satisfying one than the life I’m living now. I can’t be greedy, because I feel that I’m already the most blessed woman in the world.”

Yang Chen felt sympathetic, and couldn’t speak a word.

Pouting her red lips, Rose looked at Yang Chen with her big eyes. He said, “Promise me, my man. No matter what happens in the future, don’t treat me the way you treated Lin Ruoxi. I really can’t leave you.

“I’m not as pretty as Lin Ruoxi, and not as rich as well. I’m not qualified to be matched with you. I.... Except loving you much more than you love me, I don’t have any qualities that can exceed yours. So, if someday you don’t want me anymore, it would mean I lost everything…”

Staring at the woman’s gaze which seemed as deep as the ocean, Yang Chen felt a faint heartache.