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Listening to Hui Lin’s ‘horrifying’ suggestion, Lin Ruoxi immediately raised her hand to stop her. “Enough, you’re excellent. Even I’m starting to admire you.”

She was actually being honest. Lin Ruoxi felt that she was impressive enough to have a master’s degree in her twenties before taking over Yu Lei International. There would always be people better than you, no matter how good you were. Even if this cousin of Yang Chen acted really shy, if her achievements were placed in front of the public, she could directly startle a huge group of people.

“Then, Elder Sister, what job do you think suits me?” Although it wasn’t Hui Lin’s first time living an ordinary person’s life, it was definitely her first time when it came to looking for a job. Furthermore, she wasn’t familiar with the people and places in Zhonghai, so she didn’t have her own opinions.

From the perspective of Hui Lin’s naive mind, whether or not her grandma hated Lin Ruoxi wasn’t her concern. Lin Ruoxi was her elder sister in terms of blood relations, so she’d directly treat Lin Ruoxi as one. This was also why Hui Lin behaved really intimately during the first time she interacted with Lin Ruoxi.

Hui Lin felt that as long as she could behave herself and be obedient, she would be accepted by the time Lin Ruoxi found out that she was the granddaughter of her ‘enemy’.

Lin Ruoxi felt rather surprised for Hui Lin’s dependent behavior, as if this girl wasn’t Yang Chen’s cousin, but her own relative.

“I feel that it’d be a pity to waste your talents. If you like it…” Lin Ruoxi turned her head to look at Yang Chen who was devouring the food on the dining table, “you can work in your cousin’s company and follow the system to learn some knowledge regarding music and dancing, before debuting to be a singer and a movie star should you qualify. If you don’t like to sing, dance or act, you can come to our headquarters. I’ll arrange you to work with Sister Mo in the finance department and become her assistant. She’ll teach you how to do things. What do you think?”

Hui Lin pondered for a while seriously. Carefully, she asked, “Elder Sister, I like to sing and play musical instruments, but I dislike dancing and acting. Can I still be a singer?”

“Yes you can, but trendy music is different from the traditional one. You still need to follow the system and learn from a teacher,” Lin Ruoxi said.

Hui Lin thought of something again. She asked, “Then do I have to be the same with the women on television, who wear minimal clothing to sing on the stage?”

Lin Ruoxi finally smiled, as if she was infected by Hui Lin’s naive thinking. Her mood became a lot better. “Not necessarily, everyone’s style is different. If you dislike sexy clothing, you can use music to conquer the others. Many singers do nothing other than singing, but everyone still likes them.”

“Then I’ll go to Yang… Cousin’s company then,” Hui Lin said happily. “Back then when I was with Grandma, she only allowed me to sing old songs. I actually really like modern music, but I haven’t had the chance to properly learn them!”

Smiling, Lin Ruoxi said, “You may spend around a year’s time on learning since you’re still very young. If you feel that it doesn’t suit you, you can work behind the scenes or maybe something else.”

“No, I won’t. As long as it’s something I want to do, I’ll make sure to perform nicely. Elder Sister, look, these certificates all came because of my own hard work!” Hui Lin appeared to be very confident.

Lin Ruoxi nodded. Liking and affinity seemed to have suddenly increased in her gaze at Hui Lin.

Yang Chen originally wanted to ask Hui Lin if she truly understood what it meant to be a ‘singer’, since she had spent most of her life in the mountains. However, he felt warmth when he saw how Lin Ruoxi and Hui Lin interacted, so he felt that everything didn’t matter anymore. He’d be satisfied as long as they were happy.

Blood was much denser than water. Although Hui Lin didn’t dare to state her identity, and Lin Ruoxi didn’t know that Hui Lin was her blood-related sister, they seemed to be able to feel a form of connection in their bones through the simple conversations, and acted extraordinarily close as a result.

After the meal, Hui Lin followed Wang Ma into the kitchen obediently to help out. In Lin Ruoxi’s eyes, this scene made her like this girl she met for the first time more and more.

Lin Ruoxi suddenly remembered that Yang Chen promised something else when he discussed with her to allow his cousin to come over. Coldly, she reminded, “Now that I allow Hui Lin to stay here, don’t forget what you promised. Bring Zhenxiu back to the orphanage.”

Yang Chen was watching the television while biting a toothpick. He nodded and said, “I know, but I have to choose a suitable date. I’ll think about it a few days later.”

Lin Ruoxi coldly replied, “Just don’t forget about it. Tell me directly if you’re not willing to do it. I’ll bring Zhenxiu back myself.”

“Trust me, I’ll definitely fulfil my promise,” Yang Chen said.

Lin Ruoxi suddenly felt a heartache… Fulfil your promise? Does that mean you’re resolute in our divorce six months later as well?

She instantly hated Yang Chen more. Lin Ruoxi stared at him fiercely before stomping upstairs and slamming her door.

Yang Chen stunned as he witnessed this scene. He didn’t understand how he pissed this woman off again.

Since he became the director of Yu Lei Entertainment, it was difficult for Yang Chen to bring breakfast for the sisters in the public relation department. So after discussing with her female colleagues, he managed to remove his burden. His duty became to only bring them breakfast occasionally.

As it was Hui Lin’s first day in the company, Yang Chen naturally had to bring her there. So after having breakfast with Lin Ruoxi and Hui Lin at home, Yang Chen was responsible to fetch Hui Lin to her workplace.

Before departing, Lin Ruoxi said to Hui Lin, “I’ll let this fellow fetch you there today. Follow me out in the future. The place is just opposite the road anyway, it’s really near.”

Hui Lin agreed without asking much. Although she didn’t know why Lin Ruoxi would make such a request, she was really happy to be able to spend more time with Lin Ruoxi. Since young, Abbess Yun Miao had been the only relative around her, and she couldn’t call her Grandma most of the time, but Master instead. When she suddenly could work and live together with her sister in the same generation, her simple mind felt particularly blessed.

On the way to the company, Hui Lin sat beside the driver’s seat and felt rather cramped. She glanced at Yang Chen occasionally, Towards the average-looking man beside her who had a terrifying fighting ability, she held a little fear and liking at the same time.

Yang Chen noticed Hui Lin’s behaviour. Smiling weirdly, he said, “If you look at me like that again, I’ll misunderstand that you secretly love me.”

Blushing, Hui Lin instantly shook her head like a rattle drum. “No, no, I just have some questions in mind.

[TL note: A rattle drum (拨浪鼓) looks like this.]

“What questions do you have? State them clearly. Guessing what a woman is thinking is like trying to retrieve a needle from the ocean. Aren’t you giving me a challenge this way?” Yang Chen asked as he pouted.

Hui Lin hesitated for a while before asking, “Why does Elder Sister seem like… she hates (Elder) Brother Yang…”

[TL note: ‘Brother’ in this case is specifically elder brother. I feel that ‘Elder Brother Yang’ is extremely awkward.]

She thought for very long and felt that calling Yang Chen ‘Elder Brother’ was more appropriate. She had a feeling that she’d irritate Lin Ruoxi by calling him ‘Brother-In-Law’.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. He answered, “Your question is very deep, I don’t know why your elder sister always gets annoyed by me as well. If I have to state a reason, she seemed to have started treating me particularly cold after I said I wanted to divorce six months later. Oh yeah, she bumped into me when I was with my other woman outside.”

Hui Lin acted like she heard the most explosive news. “Divorce? Why… why does Brother Yang want to divorce Elder Sister?”

Suddenly, Hui Lin thought of the matter where Abbess Yun Miao talked about letting her be Yang Chen’s wife. Does he possibly want to divorce to marry me?

As she held that thought, Hui Lin’s smooth, jade-like face seemed like it was patched with rouge. Her watery, big eyes were filled complexity and nervousness.

When Yang Chen talked about the word ‘divorce’, his mood became uncontrollably heavy. As a result, he didn’t notice Hui Lin’s unusual act. Faintly, he said, “In this world, a lot of things can’t be formed simply because you like something or not. While the word ‘fate’ seems misty, it is immensely important. I guess there’s no fate between her and me. I’m also definitely not a good man. When your elder sister wanted me to be her husband back then, it was just to put up a show. Honestly until now, I still don’t know if she has feelings for me or solely because she feels accountable. In short, I guess separating is a good choice for the both of us… I won’t drag her down and she can set me free.”

After listening to his explanation, Hui Lin felt slightly gloomy. “Oh…” She seemed to understand and not at the same time.

“Oh yeah,” out of curiosity, Yang Chen asked, “why do you want to work in Zhonghai?”

Embarrassed, Hui Lin answered softly, “Grandma told me I must stay here before she allows me to go back. And I’m not even given pocket money, so I have to work…”

Sigh, Yun Miao, Yun Miao… How are you a vegetarian abbess who chants the name of Buddha? You’re a blood-drinking and ravenous witch! Yang Chen shouted in his heart.

[TL note: Fun fact, the witch is literally described as someone who devours animals together with their fur.]

Upon entering the office of Yu Lei Entertainment, Hui Lin who wore light-colored winter clothing following behind Yang Chen attracted a lot of attention.

Although Hui Lin wasn’t a flawless beauty like Lin Ruoxi, she was still a beautiful and refined young girl. Her quiet aura brought up in the mountains made her innate noble aura exceptionally approachable and likable.

Since Zhao Teng was the person in charge of the company’s internal operations, Yang Chen brought Hui Lin directly into Zhao Teng’s office.

When Zhao Teng noticed that the person entering his office was Yang Chen, who had an unfamiliar and beautiful lady following behind that appeared very attached to Yang Chen, Zhao Teng immediately looked at Yang Chen with an ambiguous gaze. “Good morning, Director Yang. Is this lady possibly Director’s girlfriend?”