Quote of the day (by Nisem0n0):

"Tigers aren’t scary. They’re fine as long as there's a beast tamer.” -Lin Ruoxi


Lin Ruoxi who was prepared to head upstairs for work turned around and looked at Yang Chen. She noticed that he didn’t look like he was joking. Nodding emotionlessly, she said, “Talk to me in my study room.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she walked upstairs alone.

Yang Chen didn’t mind her actions and followed her to her study room.

This room was the same as before. It was filled with the fragrance that was exclusive to Lin Ruoxi, causing Yang Chen to inhale deeply in greed.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t notice what he did. She felt rather repressed at heart. Walking to the windows that extended from the ceiling to the ground, she looked outside the thin yarn curtains at the residential area which was quiet and dark. She seemed absent-minded but was waiting for Yang Chen to say something at the same time.

Yang Chen didn’t plan to rush the discussion. He looked at the overwhelming collection of books and the stacks of thick folders on the office desk. Feeling nostalgic, he said, “I still remember the look you held when I went out to buy books with you, you were much crazier than women buying clothes. At that time, I was wondering why such a woman was a CEO who could manage a multinational corporation, and wasn’t a nerd-like PhD student nor a lecturer in a university instead. I think I understand it slightly now. Sometimes when something lands on your head, even if you originally weren’t willing to do it, you still could somehow show good results. Certain things are inborn while some other things will always be incomplete no matter how you make up for it.”

Lin Ruoxi looked like she was pondering. She could see the reflection of the man on the glass window in front of her. He stood there with a slight smile on his face and seemed like he was telling a tale.

Yang Chen remained quiet for a while. He asked, “Have you finished reading the books you bought earlier?”

“Yes,” Lin Ruoxi said lightly.

Yang Chen nodded before sighing. “The books… regarding how a woman should take care of the relationship between husband and wife, have you finished reading them as well?”

“Yes, but I forgot about them,” Lin Ruoxi replied.

“Could be because you noticed they weren’t useful at all. How can normal logic be applied on a relationship like ours?” Yang Chen said as if he was disdaining himself. “In this marriage that was destined to come to a dead end, our struggles have no other effect than going deeper into a quicksand. The more we move, the quicker we fall.”

Lin Ruoxi’s shoulders lightly shook. Biting her lips, she said, “Do you just want to talk nonsense like this?”

Yang Chen shook his head. “It’s just a small lament from me out of boredom. I want to talk about something serious. You tried to accept me and put in effort to allow our marriage to continue, you gave me the chance to a business trip and brought me to a banquet of the upper class, and now, you made me the director of the new company. Although various problems have arisen, I know that everything you do is for my sake. I want to thank you.”

“Oh, so you know how to say thank you as well,” Lin Ruoxi said as she smiled coldly.

“I know, but I don’t always do,” Yang Chen replied.

“Then you’re now thinking of thanking and repaying me?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

Yang Chen stared at the woman who hadn’t turned around all this time, saying, “Although I want to do it, I noticed that there’s nothing I can do for you except trying my best to not let you get hurt, so I feel like I shouldn’t affect the growth of your company. Now that I’m sitting at the director position of Yu Lei Entertainment, I newly initiated a few projects and I’m responsible for some of the core work as well. I’ve been wondering whether I should leave the company or continue sitting on the position if we divorce six months later. I should listen to your opinion.

“If you think it’s fine, then I’ll continue sitting on the position. Although I can’t guarantee I can make it earn a lot of money, I’ll make sure the company will develop normally. If you don’t want to see me anymore at that time, I’ll leave and delegate my tasks properly. This is what I wanted to discuss.”

Lin Ruoxi violently turned around. It was unknown when her face which was as cold as jade had two lines of tears sliding down.

“Since you know that I put in so much effort, and I no longer look down on you like the beginning, is your way of repaying and thanking me to divorce me?”

Yang Chen didn’t expect Lin Ruoxi to cry after what he said. He felt rather sour at heart and didn’t know how to answer her.

After taking a deep breath, Yang Chen finally said, “You saw what kind of a person I was when Zeng Xinlin and Xu Zhihong came that day. Although Xu Zhihong said that you were the culprit, the main reason Xu family came to their end is me. I did something to obliterate Dongxing, which was a union they were associated with, and caused Xu Zhihong to have nothing to depend on. The other time where you and Wang Ma got kidnapped only happened because we’re together.

“It’s been less than a year since I returned to the country, and I’ve only been by your side for half a year. However, you faced death more than once already. I don’t want it to happen again, because you’ll suffer from that kind of experience if I come close to you. I’m afraid that… there’ll come a day where I can’t make it on time to rescue you.”

“Do I not have enemies after you’re gone?!” Lin Ruoxi asked in disdain.

“At the very least, your enemies are whom you can deal with, while the people I attract are capable of taking your life,” Yang Chen said.

Hatred and anger surged in her beautiful eyes. At last, she snorted in contempt. “Yang Chen, everything you say, and the way you think, are really childish!”

Yang Chen quietly looked at the woman who suddenly changed her tone without saying anything.

“You’re simply trying to escape from reality because you’re afraid, and aren’t willing to take responsibility, you’re using a reason that isn’t even a reason at all to divorce me!” Lin Ruoxi said coldly. “If you tell me, Lin Ruoxi, I don’t like you, I’m not interested in you at all, then I’ll leave you before you even mentioned the divorce, and I won’t think it’s your fault. However, everything you’re telling me now implies you aren’t willing to get divorced at all, why do you have to congest me with such a stupid reason?! Is everything I gave in this unworthy and undeserving?!”

Yang Chen shut his eyes in agony. “It’s not what you think…”

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes reddened slightly. Coldly, she asked, “Then what is it? Do you dare to tell me you’ll similarly abandon the other women around you after our divorce? Don’t think that I’m blind, I don’t know how many women you have, but Qianni definitely isn’t the only one. I’m not stupid, I don’t talk about it because I said to not interfere each other’s personal life. I know that I don’t treat you nicely, I’m not qualified to complain about your affairs. But now you’re telling me you’re leaving because you’re afraid that I’d get hurt being together with you. Will you possibly leave all of your other women as well?!”

As she talked, Lin Ruoxi basically asked her final question in a shouting manner. Her surging emotions made her chest to rise and fall repeatedly. Her sobbing beautiful face was filled with dissatisfaction and resentment.

Yang Chen slowly raised his head and looked into Lin Ruoxi’s eyes, and didn’t seem like he’d avoid her gaze.

“I won’t leave them, but I’ll leave you. That’s because you’re different from them,” Yang Chen said.

“Different.” Lin Ruoxi snorted in contempt. “Because you like them but hate me. Is this what you’re going to say?”

Yang Chen clenched his fists tightly but soon let go slowly. He smiled sorrowfully and said, “That’s because my eyes will tear, heart will ache and I’ll even get angry if they get hurt… However, I won’t feel that way when you get hurt… I guess, I’ll go insane immediately…”

Lin Ruoxi’s last drop of tear fell onto the carpet. The look on her face got stiff as she gazed at Yang Chen.

“I’ve once lost you, I can’t afford to lose you the second time. Even if it’s merely a possibility, I still won’t allow it to happen…”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Chen silently turned around. Carrying his heavy footsteps, he walked out of the study room.

Lose again? Why ‘again’?

Lin Ruoxi stood in front of the window absentmindedly as she looked at the door get shut slowly. She didn’t know what to do.