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After leaving the restaurant, Yang Chen didn’t return to his office, but wandered around Zhongnan Street without a destination in mind. He wasn’t seriously thinking of anything, he just felt rather down. As a result, he walked to get two poor-quality cigarette packs and smoked them all before finally feeling a tiny bit better.

Yang Chen didn’t feel at fault, but didn’t think he did anything right either. Not everything in the world had rights and wrongs, for instance, feelings. Whether you disappointed someone, or you did that for somebody else’s sake couldn’t be made clear.

After the sky got dark, Yang Chen made a call home to tell Wang Ma he wasn’t going home for dinner. He then drove to the direction of Mo Qianni’s house as planned.

When Yang Chen stopped his car at Mo Qianni’s place downstairs, Mo Qianni’s red Audi coincidentally reached home as well, as if they planned it in advance.

Upon stepping out of the car, Mo Qianni who was dressed in an office uniform couldn’t be seen with any form of tiredness. Carrying a light-colored LV handbag, her long and slim legs which were wrapped in fishnet stockings and feet slipped in thin high heels stepped onto the firm ground covered in snow, appearing stylish and eye-catching.

When she saw that Yang Chen similarly arrived at her house, Mo Qianni smiled in silence. Her moving elegance couldn’t be explained in the snow.

Yang Chen suddenly had an illusion, as if the woman standing in front of her was his true wife. The two of them reached home together after work, and stepped out of the car together before staring at each other with a faint smile on their faces. The countless, passionate feelings could be understood even when not a single word was said.

Seeing Yang Chen stare at her with a foolish smile, Mo Qianni’s cheeks blushed. She complained, “What are you looking at? Your eyeballs are almost falling out already. Pervert, quickly come over to help me carry the stuff.”

“What did you buy?”

“They’re the vegetable and meat I’m going to cook tonight. You have such a huge appetite, there’s nothing other than tomatoes, eggs and milk in my fridge. So I had to get everything I need,” Mo Qianni said as she opened the car trunk, revealing lots of plastic bags from the supermarket which filled almost half of the space.

Yang Chen looked at Mo Qianni weirdly. “There are so many things here. Did you carry them onto your car alone?”

“What else should I do? I just had to take a few more trips, it’s no big deal,” Mo Qianni said with a smile.

Yang Chen frowned and looked at her before saying, “Didn’t I ask you to take care of yourself before? What if the condition of your leg worsens after carrying these many things? What will happen if you fall after feeling the pain when I’m not with you?”

Mo Qianni pouted and said, “It’s my first time cooking for you at home, I just want to perform a little better and make you good food. I really didn’t think that far…”

With a complex facial expression, Yang Chen looked at the woman who had her head lowered in front of him. “Stupid,” he murmured before carrying all the things in the boot with his hands. “Go upstairs, I’m fine taking everything myself.”

Mo Qianni saw that Yang Chen wasn’t mad anymore. Smiling happily, she said, “It’s really better to have a man. I’ll have to spend a lot of time taking them myself.”

Yang Chen followed behind Mo Qianni and walked to her small apartment. It was his second time here, so Yang Chen didn’t feel too unfamiliar with the place. He just thought of the incident that took place during his first night there. He couldn’t help but to smile.

Mo Qianni seemed to have also thought of the night where she tried to kiss Yang Chen when he was asleep, which Yang Chen intentionally acted like he was unaware. She rolled her eyes at him and said, “Stop smiling, otherwise I won’t cook you dinner anymore. Put the stuff in the kitchen and you may watch television.”

“You don’t need my help?”

“You’ll only further delay me if you try to help. I’m making Sichuan cuisine, it’s not like you know how to cook them. Forget about offering me help,” Mo Qianni said.

“I’m really good with knives. I can help you cut anything you want,” Yang Chen said.

Mo Qianni knew that Yang Chen was certainly good in fighting, his knife skills could be excellent as well, so she agreed to his offer.

Thus, the two busied themselves in the kitchen. Mo Qianni washed and picked the vegetables while she ordered Yang Chen to cut them and some fish into different shapes and place them into plates.

After Yang Chen tidily finished cutting everything, Mo Qianni kissed Yang Chen on the lips in satisfaction as a reward. She then brought a brisk rhythm to simmer and fry different dishes as she felt excited.

Yang Chen didn’t turn on the television in the living room. He stood at the entrance of the kitchen and looked at Mo Qianni absentmindedly. After having her coat removed, she only wore a sweater and walked around in the kitchen with an apron worn on her neck.

Yang Chen had dreamt of such a scene before, but the woman in his dream had never appeared clear. After tonight, if he ever had that dream again, Yang Chen felt that she would be the woman in front of him now.

After almost an hour, Mo Qianni finished making five stir-fried dishes, a bowl of soup and a plate of hot and sour fish. Yang Chen helped by carrying them all out to the small dining table.

Mo Qianni took a bottle of half-finished, ten-year-old red wine out of nowhere. Embarrassed, she said, “There’s only this bottle of wine at home. I usually drink some before bed to help me sleep. We’ll just drink this in the meantime.”

Yang Chen smiled in an indifferent manner. “I don’t love drinking alcohol a lot, it’s better if you keep it for other nights.”

“No, we have to drink a bit for this meal to be complete,” Mo Qianni said stubbornly and took two wine glasses before filling them up.

Yang Chen received the wine glass and clinked it against Mo Qianni’s. There was still some sweat on Mo Qianni’s face. He said, “Little Qianqian, if you want it to be complete, I advise you to close the lights and use some candles.”

Mo Qianni opened her big eyes widely as she looked perturbed. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I don’t have candles at home. If you reminded me, I would’ve bought them from the supermarket, probably the ones with rose fragrance. I really like the smell.”

Yang Chen pouted as he looked upset. He said, “I just brought it up casually, do you really want to have a candlelit dinner?”

“Of course, don’t you know that romance is the right of a woman?” Mo Qianni said cheerfully.

Looking at the expression of the charming lady, Yang Chen subconsciously smiled and shook his head. His heavy mood in the afternoon suddenly turned much better.

The two chatted happily as they enjoyed their meals. Mo Qianni was rather good at cooking, which made Yang Chen eat in a very enjoyable manner. Mo Qianni herself hadn’t had such a spicy dish in a while, she wiped her sweat with tissue papers repeatedly as her white and smooth face flushed.

After handing a fried chicken thigh to Yang Chen, Mo Qianni suddenly said, “Our vacation is starting in a week’s time. You’re going to Japan while I have to lead the team to Hainan. We won’t be seeing each other in a while.”

“You’re going to Hainan?” It was Yang Chen’s first time listening to Mo Qianni talk about it.

“Yeah, the group from the finance department is going to Hainan. They said it’s warm there, and isn’t as hot as summer. I also feel that it’s a good decision.” Mo Qianni wondered as she asked, “Why don’t you know about it? I thought you knew I was going to Hainan since Ruoxi is going with us this year as well. Hasn’t she told you about it since you guys live together?”

Yang Chen got more surprised. Ruoxi is going as well? He really hadn’t heard about it at all. However, when he thought about it, the gap between them in addition to how Lin Ruoxi had been treating him these days, it was most logical that she didn’t tell him anything.

Mo Qianni noticed that there was something wrong. Carefully, she asked, “Did you argue with Ruoxi?”

Yang Chen pouted. “You understand her personality as well, it’s normal that she doesn’t tell me. Great, she really has to rest after working so hard for all four seasons in a year.”

Mo Qianni didn’t ask more questions. She sighed and said, “Yeah, this is my first time seeing that Ruoxi is willing take a break after entering this company so long ago. She’s even going on a vacation with her employees. You should’ve seen how everyone in the office went crazy when I announced in the department that the CEO was going with everyone. Even I’ve started getting jealous of your wife’s charisma. So many people idolized her even if she behaves so coldly and silently. I thought it was you who persuaded her to go with us, it sure doesn’t seem like it now.”

“How can I manage to persuade her? She doesn’t say it out, but she’s more stubborn than everyone else,” Yang Chen said with a bitter smile.

Mo Qianni nodded as if she understood the statement. They didn’t continue talking about the topic, but chatted about other stuff in the company and everyday life instead.

After the meal, Mo Qianni washed the bowls in the kitchen while Yang Chen sat on the sofa as he watched the evening news.

After Mo Qianni finished washing, she took off her apron and stretched her body lazily before obediently leaning onto Yang Chen’s chest. Smiling, she asked, “Are you going back tonight?”

Yang Chen lowered his head and kissed Mo Qianni on her lips. “I’ll have to see how you behave, I’ll stay if you behave nicely, and leave immediately if you don’t.”

Mo Qianni squinted and revealed dissatisfaction on her face. She stood up and stared at Yang Chen fiercely as she said, “Leave if you want to, I won’t be sending you off—”

Before she could finish her sentence, her arm got grasped by Yang Chen before her entire body fell onto his chest once again.

This time, Yang Chen directly flipped Mo Qianni and pressed her below his body. Leaning his head forward to the beauty’s ear, he said with a deep voice, “I’m really sorry, your behavior earlier is exactly what I like. It’s exceptional, I decide not to leave anymore.”

“Mmh…” After a hot breath hit on Mo Qianni’s ear, she felt like electric current passed through her entire body. “If you’re staying… don’t… do this…”

“Do what?”

“Do what you’re doing now.”

“Then what do you want to do?” Yang Chen asked with a naughty smile.

Mo Qianni blushed immensely. She mumbled, “I don’t know…”

“Then we’ll do this…” Yang Chen smiled faintly before kissing the fragrant lips which were very close to him.

The two got entangled together on the sofa, causing squeaking sounds to echo as a result of the pressure exerted from above.

However, when Yang Chen wanted to remove the restraint on his lower body, the phone on the coffee table started vibrating.

Yang Chen stopped what he was doing helplessly. He took his phone over to have a look. It was a call from Tang Wan who had been ignoring him ever since the day she mistook Yang Chen to having a weird relationship with her daughter Tangtang. He didn’t expect that she’d give him a call at this moment.

Mo Qianni grasped the opportunity and hurriedly escaped from the sofa. Just like a wife who was running away from her home, she said, “I’m going to take a shower,” before hiding into her own room.

Yang Chen pouted and picked up the phone call.