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After eating breakfast at Mo Qianni’s house, Yang Chen directly drove to the crossroad where he was meeting Zhenxiu.

Since it was Christmas in addition to the snowfall, the entire Zhonghai was filled with the atmosphere of music and laughter. Quite a number of people were dressed as Santa Claus to promote their stores on the streets, some of which even gave out free gifts to attract customers.

He saw Zhenxiu standing in the cold wind. The kid was wearing a purple fur collar coat and a beanie on her head.

Yang Chen lowered his car window and shouted, “Zhenxiu,” before the kid fearfully entered his car. However, she spent quite some effort to open the door as she hadn’t had chance to interact with a car often.

“Didn’t you say we were meeting at nine? I came here a bit earlier and you’re already standing there. Look at you, your nose got red already,” Yang Chen said sympathetically.

Smiling sweetly, Zhenxiu said, “I’ll be fine. I couldn’t fall asleep last night, and I don’t have a habit of waking up late during winter.”

Yang Chen knew that this kid had gone through hardships when she grew up, so he didn’t ask much. “What do you think the children will like?”

Zhenxiu thought for a while before saying, “Get candies. The orphanage actually doesn’t lack clothing and everyday items. It’s Christmas today, the children will love it if we get some sweet snacks and candies.”

Yang Chen naturally didn’t have anything to say about it. He certainly found it hard to communicate with children. Being ignored at a side last time at the orphanage was a perfect example.

As a result, Yang Chen directly came to the closest shopping mall and brought Zhenxiu to the hypermarket which wasn’t filled with people yet.

When they passed by the a shop that sold electronics, Yang Chen pulled Zhenxiu’s arm.

Zhenxiu blushed when she felt that her arm was grasped by Yang Chen. “Brother Yang, what happened?”

Yang Chen didn’t notice the details, he just brought Zhenxiu to the counter that sold phones. He said, “I can’t always visit you at your stall when I want to contact you, I’ll get you a phone.”

Before Zhenxiu could reject his offer, Yang Chen said, “It’s Christmas today and new year’s is almost here. Just take it as a gift from an elder brother. Didn’t you give me a platinum pendant earlier? I want to give you something as well. Pick a model you like and I’ll handle the rest for you, then you’ll pay the phone bill yourself. What do you think?”

Zhenxiu saw that Yang Chen looked like he would get angry at any moment, she didn’t plan to push his offer away anymore as she felt touched. After seriously looking at the phones, she chose a small and affordable phone.

Since it was the era of information technology, buying a phone and doing all the procedures online including getting cell connection took less than half an hour.

Yang Chen saw the adorable look of Zhenxiu when she held the first phone in her life, and felt contented.

Possibly because both of them didn’t have parents since young, and had grown up in a difficult environment in addition to the fate that allowed them to meet, Yang Chen’s liking towards Zhenxiu made himself surprised as well, as if this stubborn girl was really his own younger sister.

“Brother Yang, can I give you a call in the future?” Zhenxiu asked after carefully closing the phone box. Her face was rather pink, perhaps due to the warm air that hit on it.

Yang Chen replied, “Of course you can, why would I buy it for you otherwise?”

“Any time?” Zhenxiu asked softly with high expectations.

“That’s right.” Yang Chen nodded.

Zhenxiu smiled until her big eyes turned crescent.

Originally, Yang Chen wanted to get Zhenxiu new clothes as well, since one should get new clothing for new year’s according to Chinese tradition. However, Zhenxiu strongly refused him this time, she just wasn’t willing to obey him no matter what. Yang Chen didn’t continue forcing her as he was afraid that the girl would be done with everything once she got pissed.

After buying some candies and small gifts, it was almost eleven in the morning already. Yang Chen carried the two huge plastic bags into the car boot before heading to New Hope Orphanage together with Zhenxiu.

As he arrived at the rather old orphanage once again, Yang Chen saw that there was a moderately sized Christmas tree by the entrance. There were stars, puppets and other ornaments hung on the tree, making it appear very well-decorated. Various colors of neon lights were hung on the door frame.

White snow was accumulated on the tens of old pine trees, causing the branches to appear slightly bent. The creepers on the wall were contaminated by snow as well. Although their leaves had already withered, they still served as a special layer when looked from afar.

Zhenxiu stepped out of the car and absentmindedly stared at the entrance of the orphanage which she hadn’t seen in a long time before her eyes got slightly wet.

“Go in, the president will be glad to see you again,” Yang Chen said after taking the two huge plastic bags out of the car boot.

Zhenxiu nodded and forcefully snatched one of the plastic bags from Yang Chen before carrying it with both her hands. “I’ll carry one as well, I’m very thankful that Brother Yang came here with me. I can’t let you do all of these for me.”

Yang Chen felt rather helpless towards this kid’s maturity, so he allowed her to do whatever she wanted.

The two of them walked up the steps and wanted to go in from the entrance, but got blocked outside by two tall and upright, average-looking but seemingly heroic women who were dressed in female western suits and had headsets on their heads.

“Sorry, visitors are not allowed to enter this place temporarily,” one of the women with a ponytail said coldly, without any emotions.

Yang Chen frowned. If he guessed it right, the two women in front of him held an aura of ferocity from the military. They should be professionally trained female special agents, but they currently looked like bodyguards of an important person.

“We came to visit the children. This girl grew up here, she came to meet the president and her other siblings. Please make an exception.” Yang Chen knew that they were merely doing their jobs, so he spoke nicely and didn’t get pissed.

The woman with a ponytail looked at the huge plastic bags carried by the two and shook her head. “Come again another day, or later in the afternoon.”

Zhenxiu appeared rather disappointed. She took a glance into the orphanage through the entrance before pulling Yang Chen’s sleeve. “It’s fine, Brother Yang. There should be a VIP inside now, we’ll come again another day.”

“Is it still Christmas after today?” Yang Chen said.

“It’s fine, it’s okay if it’s a little late…” Zhenxiu said softly.

Yang Chen said to the bodyguard with a ponytail, “How about this? You guys go in and tell President Cha that Xu Zhenxiu is here. See if she’s willing to see us or not.”

Another bodyguard with short hair looked like she felt it was absurd. “Don’t you guys understand? We asked you to come again later in the afternoon or some other day. It’s not about whether President Cha want to see you or not, it’s that you aren’t allowed to enter now.”

After she said it that way, Yang Chen wasn’t too happy about it. He tried to speak with them reasonably, but they refused to even notify the people inside of their arrival. The two only wanted to visit the children from the orphanage, and didn’t come rushing in with knives and guns, but carried candies instead. Under such a situation, even if they really couldn’t be allowed to enter, the least the bodyguards could do was to go in and notify the people inside. Furthermore, even if it was the paramount leader who came to visit, he still couldn’t behave this terribly!

Yang Chen didn’t look friendly anymore. He said, “I’ll say it one last time, go in and tell the people inside that Xu Zhenxiu is here. If you don’t refuse to do so, don’t blame me for doing something I don’t enjoy doing.”

The bodyguard with ponytail frowned in silence while the short-haired lady seemed like she just heard a joke. Sarcastically, she said, “Oh? What is that you don’t love to do? Try doing it now.”

Yang Chen didn’t want to speak anymore, he directly walked towards the entrance.

The faces of the bodyguards turned cold when they saw that Yang Chen wanted to walk inside daringly. Together, they went forward to grasp Yang Chen’s arms and hook his legs, one from each side, in an attempt to seize him.

However, Yang Chen’s arms and legs were just like reinforced concrete, they weren’t affected at all after getting hit by the two bodyguards.

The faces of the bodyguards revealed surprise. Their strengths were unrivalled by ordinary ladies, even the common male special agents in the military couldn’t get close. The attack landed by their feet output at least hundreds of newtons of force, while the suppression caused by their arms had a huge explosive force as well.

However, even when the weak points of the man carried a burden of more than 200 kilograms in total, he didn’t react to it at all! He was still walking inside as if nothing happened!


The two ladies immediately thought that he was a top-notch assassin who wanted to do harm to the person inside!

Suddenly, the two bodyguards retreated and drew out their own guns from their bodies, immediately aiming at Yang Chen’s skull from both directions!

“Don’t move! Put down the stuff in your hands and raise your hands!” the lady with a ponytail shouted.

Yang Chen coldly glanced at the two before taking a look at Zhenxiu who got terrified.

“Following my habit, you two should be dead by now, but I definitely don’t feel like killing at this place, not in front of this girl. I’ll count to three, if you guys don’t keep your guns, I’ll be forced to do something I don’t want to do.”

“Humph, do you think we’ll get frightened?” The short-haired lady snorted in contempt. Evidently, she didn’t take Yang Chen seriously.

Yang Chen sighed. It sure seems like I have to kill two fools in front of Zhenxiu at the orphanage today. How unfortunate.

Regarding how he was going to deal with the aftermath of killing them, it wasn’t within Yang Chen’s consideration. It wasn’t that he was reckless, some things were a matter of principle. He’d deal with the consequences after doing it.

However, when Yang Chen was prepared to end their lives without making them bleed, a clear female voice resounded from the walkway nearby.

“Stop! Little Wen, Little Li, what are you guys doing?! Put down your guns!”

A woman dressed in elegant winter clothing with a white scarf made of cashmere wool wrapped around her neck walked out from there. Trails of aging could briefly be seen on her bright and smooth face, but her dignified beauty still made her charming. The hair of the woman was tied up in a bun, it was clear and wasn’t gray at all, possibly due to excellent maintenance. Although her gentle eyes brought slight anger, they weren’t unpleasant at all.

When Yang Chen saw this woman, he felt that she looked familiar. He felt like he saw her before, but couldn’t recall anything at the moment.

“Madam, danger! Don’t come here for now!” the lady bodyguard with a ponytail referred as Little Wen said loudly.

The woman didn’t listen to them. “They came to visit the children and didn’t bring any weapons. What are you guys doing?”

Before the woman finished speaking, President Cha walked over with footsteps that evidently showed her old age. Agitated, she asked, “Zhenxiu? Is it Zhenxiu?”

Zhenxiu who was previously standing at the entrance nervously heard the familiar voice. Ignoring everything else, she quickly rushed over to hug President Cha.

“Are you two still not going to keep them?” the woman asked angrily.

Little Wen and Little Li looked at each other awkwardly before slowly keeping their guns, but still looked at Yang Chen with caution.