( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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The Christmas night dismissed badly at last. No one was in mood to continue eating. Hui Lin and Zhenxiu only took a few more bites before ending their meal, leaving more than half of the cooked dishes to waste.

Yang Chen sent Zhenxiu back to her rented place. She seemed like she wanted to say something, but ended up saying, “Goodbye Brother Yang,” before entering her house.

When Yang Chen returned to the villa, the three women were all back in their rooms to rest.

After returning to his room and taking a hot shower, Yang Chen lay on his bed as he felt his chest burdened. Various complicated thoughts appeared in his mind, causing him to be unable to fall asleep.

Since it was the year end, there were particularly many things to be done in Yu Lei International, not to mention their vacation was immediately starting in a few days’ time. Almost all of the employees were leaving the company for two to four weeks, so they had to rush their work beforehand.

As a result, Lin Ruoxi didn’t have much time to meet Yang Chen in the next few days. The two lived their own lives and didn’t even see each other.

In the blink of an eye, a week had passed. It was time for the vacation trip. Lin Ruoxi and Mo QIanni brought the people from the finance department to Hainan, while Yang Chen followed the ladies from the public relations department to Japan.

Before departing, Yang Chen specially informed Rose and the members of Sea Eagles to pay attention to the situation in China. At least, they couldn’t allow anything bad happen to Wang Ma or Hui Lin. Although Hui Lin had extraordinary skills, it couldn’t be guaranteed that Yang Chen’s enemies wouldn’t come over when he was absent.

Cai Yan’s situation was still unknown. Yang Chen asked the bald Makedon who was proficient in intelligence and had eyes around the globe to check as well, but there was no news temporarily. Under such a situation, it was most possible that Cai Yan entered some kind of hidden region which even Makedon’s men couldn’t step into.

However, when he was checking on Cai Yan, An Xin whom he had always paid attention to appeared at a place where he thought was rare.

An Xin had been flying across the globe as she worked in an international airline. Coincidentally, she was a crew member on his flight on the day Yang Chen was flying to Japan.

This made Yang Chen’s mood turn slightly better, previously down due to Cai Yan’s incident.

Although strictly speaking, he’d only met An Xin twice before, this rebellious yet adorable seductive woman left a deep impression to Yang Chen after their two passionate encounters.

Such a woman wouldn’t necessarily stay beside you obediently. She’d always been more inclined to independence and freedom, even a marriage certificate was only considered as a piece of waste paper to her. However, once she decided to put you in her heart, she wouldn’t let go of you no matter what, as if she was making her life difficult for herself. She’d cling to you forever and constantly think about you secretly when she wasn’t with you.

Yang Chen enjoyed spending time with An Xin. It was relaxing, peaceful, cozy, and of course, he could indulge in the intimate activity between men and women.

Since it had already started, Yang Chen of course wouldn’t give up the ending that should belong to him.

Back then, An Xin hoped to decide the destiny between her and Yang Chen through fate. Yang Chen felt that the slightly crazy woman would open her little mouth wide open and fail to say something when they met in the airplane at that time.

It was a sunny morning in Zhonghai where almost all the accumulated snow was melted. After driving to the car park in Yu Lei International, he searched the address and came to the place where the travel buses were.

The ten or so ladies from the public relations department had long been there as they chatted away. They were putting on makeup and smiling in a relaxed manner, causing them to look exceptionally energetic.

In fact, there were a lot more people from the public relations department, but some of them chose other trips to other locations while others decided to spend time with their family members until Chinese New Year. Thus, there were only around ten people left going to Japan.

In the entire group, Yang Chen was indeed the only man.

However, Yang Chen took up an important role of being a translator ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) as he was fluent in various foreign languages including Japanese. There were many people who knew English, but knowing Japanese was rare.

It was known that Japanese hated English. The usefulness of the language in Japan was much less than in China.

Wearing a white casual sportswear and a pair of light-colored sunglasses, Liu Ming’s skin looked particularly white and smooth while her black hair was let loose. When she saw Yang Chen board the bus, she took a magazine and acted like she saw nothing.

Yang Chen knew that she was shy, since it was a shameful for her to have such a relationship with him. So during this trip, Liu Mingyu evidently didn’t hope the others to notice the intimacy between her and Yang Chen.

However, Yang Chen couldn’t care less about these. He minded his own business as he sat on the seat beside Liu Mingyu which was empty. Grasping the opportunity when nobody was looking at his direction, he grabbed Liu Mingyu’s springy thigh.

“Don’t do this, it wouldn’t be good if others saw it,” Liu Mingyu said hurriedly. Although she intentionally tried to avoid Yang Chen, she was in fact still glad that Yang Chen sat beside her.

Women were always this contradictory, even she herself hadn’t noticed her behavior.

Yang Chen smiled faintly. “The more you act this way, the more people would suspect us. Behave naturally and relax yourself. Didn’t you tell me very casually that after doing it, you’re still you while I’m still me? Why aren’t you as cool as before now?”

Liu Mingyu removed her sunglasses and rolled her eyes at Yang Chen. “You’re making me speechless. Fine, since I’m already a mistress, touch or fondle me as much as you want. If the worst comes to the worst, my reputation will just plummmet together with yours. What do you think? I have my ‘work ethics’ as a mistress.”

After Yang Chen listened to her, he grabbed her thigh once again without hesitation, causing Liu Mingyu to start behaving obediently.

After an hour, the group of people boarded their plane at Zhonghai International Airport. All of them bought tickets of the economy class. This made quite a few of the ladies complain, since they’d be sitting on the plane for more than four hours.

On the other hand, Yang Chen was thinking if An Xin was solely serving the business class or not. If that was the case, it wouldn’t be as convenient to communicate as the time he went to Hong Kong a while ago, let alone doing something that’d heat his blood up.

Following a long queue, Yang Chen slowly walked into a large Boeing 747 passenger plane and sat down according to his seat. He didn’t manage to locate An Xin’s figure in the plane.

Fortunately, he sat beside the walkway. Yang Chen planned to look for her after the plane took off.

After yet another half an hour, the flight finally departed. When the plane got stable, the Chinese and Japanese flight attendants each sent the tourists beverages.

Yang Chen thought that it was time. After unfastening his seatbelt, he walked towards the direction of the business class.

He came to the business class area and walked a whole round before even taking a look into the service area. He still hadn’t managed to locate An Xin yet.

A kind-hearted Japanese stewardess, the chief of the service crew, saw that Yang Chen seemed like he was looking for something. She approached him and spoke using jerky Mandarin, “Sir, do you need anything?”

Yang Chen felt that asking someone was faster. Using fluent Japanese, he said, “Miss, is there a stewardess called An Xin on this flight?”

The chief got slightly surprised when she listened to Yang Chen’s Japanese. Smiling, she answered in Japanese, “An Xin? She originally is in this flight, but she had something to do yesterday night so she changed her flight early in the morning today and flew to Tokyo early.”

“Early? Why?” Yang Chen frowned. No wonder he wasn’t able to locate the crazy fellow.

The chief shook her head. “I don’t know about this as well. It’s an order from the headquarters. An Xin seemed like she was forced to change, but it still happened at last. Oh yeah, I think An Xin’s father is in the same flight as hers.”

Yang Chen immediately realized that something bad must’ve happened. An Zaihuan brought An Xin to Japan? An Xin only became a stewardess to avoid her father. Now that she got ‘escorted’ away, it mustn’t be something good.

However, the plane had already taken off. Yang Chen couldn’t immediately contact Makedon to track An Xin’s newest whereabouts. All he could do was to patiently wait for his arrival in Japan.

However, Yang Chen wasn’t too worried, since An Zaihuan wouldn’t harm An Xin. Otherwise he wouldn’t go such a big round to escort his daughter to Japan.