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As the sky got darker, the air in Japan became abnormally fresh. One could see the lustrous gleams in the galaxy.

After having a relatively mild Japanese dinner, Yang Chen didn’t plan to follow the ladies to the hot spring, but went straight back to his room instead. He turned on his laptop and discussed with Makedon and Sauron about Liu family’s wedding which was taking place in a week.

Together, the two old, unscrupulous men gathered lots of resources to plan a disturbance at the wedding event. Yang Chen realized that he himself didn’t have to be involved in the plan, so he assigned the task to the two completely. What mattered the most was Makedon could take care of An Xin’s safety and occasionally monitor her situation in the dark.

Yang Chen sat near the floor-to-ceiling window and stared at the night scenery as he contemplated the time where he saw Seventeen’s back view this afternoon.

There were too many uncertainties that Yang Chen couldn’t understand. He saw the same figure twice consecutively. Yang Chen faintly felt that it wasn’t a coincidence.

However, if Seventeen noticed that he was there and stalked him, he should’ve noticed her presence long ago. It wasn’t a matter of whether she was particularly skilled in stalking or not, but a kind of instinct he acquired over the years. Yang Chen was confident that he definitely would’ve noticed if he was being stalked, unless the opponent was at the same level as him.

Regarding why Seventeen only followed him but wasn’t willing to see him, Yang Chen wasn’t too surprised. After what he’d done back then… he definitely didn’t dare to meet her face to face. There was nothing weird about her unwilling to see him.

A few hours had passed. The cold wind outside blew, causing the wind bell hung on the ceiling to ring.

Yang Chen’s contemplation got interrupted. He took a look at the time, it was almost twelve at midnight, while his door hadn’t been knocked yet. Did she forget about coming to my room? Or is she unwilling to come because she’s shy?

Knock! Knock! As Yang Chen pondered, his door finally got knocked on.

He rushed towards the door like an arrow and pulled open the traditional Japanese wooden door. Expectedly, there stood Liu Mingyu by the entrance.

Liu Mingyu was wearing a kimono-like pyjamas prepared by the resort after bathing. Her black hair was tied behind her head in a simple manner while her creamy-white collar of her pyjamas was loose. As a result, Yang Chen could see her surging waves within. Also, she wasn’t wearing anything inside.

“Stop looking, quickly let me in,” Liu Mingyu said. She got shy when Yang Chen stared at her collar for a long time.

Smiling, Yang Chen pulled the woman into his arms before closing the door.

Without waiting for her to speak, he turned her over and pressed her onto the soft blanket placed on top of the tatami.

[TL note: A tatami is a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms.]

Yang Chen indulged in the natural fragrance released by the tatami and the body scent exuded by the woman as he deeply inhaled the air. Smiling, he said, “Babe, I would’ve gone to your room to look for you if you aren’t here yet.”

“Are you that horny? Can’t you wait for a little longer?” Liu Mingyu rolled her eyes at Yang Chen.

“Of course I can wait if there aren’t women around me, but you’re not letting me take a bite of the meat in front of my mouth. Aren’t you a bit too cruel?” Yang Chen asked.

Liu Mingyu’s look suddenly turned serious. She asked, “Yang Chen, in your eyes, am I just a lover who can satisfy your desires in bed?”

Yang Chen stunned. “Why did you suddenly ask?”

Liu Mingyu took a deep breath and moved Yang Chen away. She climbed out of the bed and tidied her hair before saying, “I’m just a bit curious about what position I hold in your heart. On that day, Department Head Mo and I, oh, I should call her Qianni now, we went for a drink. We talked a lot, mostly about you. I know that you’re not an ordinary man. There must be something extraordinary about you, otherwise you wouldn’t have saved me back then. Although I was surprised that a woman like Qianni is also your lover, she told me that you still have other women.

“At that time, I struggled a lot in my heart. Although I never expected us to go out publicly one day, I still very much want to know how you look at me.

“I’m not a little girl anymore. Since I gave you my first time back then, I won’t regret my decision. I want to listen to your honest thoughts. Even if you say I’m your lover, or you merely treat me as your toy, I won’t blame you no matter what. Also, if it wasn’t for you, I would’ve been harmed by Department Head Ma back then. But… I want to give myself an explanation at the very least.”

Yang Chen thought for a while before reaching his arm out to hold Liu Mingyu’s gentle soft hands. “Have you ever thought of leaving me?”

Liu Mingyu stunned for a while before shaking her head. “No, I’ve complained that you’re unfaithful, but I haven’t thought of leaving you before. This surprised me as well.”

“Me too, I’ve never thought of letting you go. I sometimes hate that I’m always provoking women, and I can never reject someone I like. I’m especially possessive, I’d rather occupy a woman first before thinking of how I would take care of my relationships with other women. It is easier to move mountains and rivers than to alter one's character, so I’ve never thought that I was any good. I told you about this when we newly knew each other. When you told me you wanted to do it with me that night, I asked you to carefully think it through first, for the same reason.”

Yang Chen sighed. Smiling faintly, he said, “You’re not my toy, I treat you with sincerity. However, I can tell you very clearly that you won’t be the woman I love the most, since we’ve only known each other for a short period of time, not to mention that you know even less about me. For example, Qianni and I have a much deeper connection since we’ve been through a lot together… However, since both of us are not letting each other go, I believe our relationship will deepen as well when we know more about each other as we spend more time together in the future. Even if our relationship had to be kept secret for our entire lives, as long as we can be blessed together, wouldn’t it already be a life people admire?”

Liu Mingyu gazed at Yang Chen’s eyes which reflected her own slightly confused expression. She said, “I really don’t know why I like you, you’re really a man with no attitude. In front of your woman, you’re telling her that your relationships with other women are better. Don’t you even know how to lie to me?”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “But you asked me to tell the truth…”

“Did you have to tell the truth just because I wanted you to? You’re such an idiot,” Liu Mingyu said angrily.

Seeing that Yang Chen looked helpless, Liu Mingyu smiled. “But I like idiots like you.”

Yang Chen felt that he got tricked. He pounced on Liu Mingyu like a wolf before pressing her onto the blanket once again. He kissed her all over her body, causing her almond-shaped eyes to lightly reflect light as she felt comfortable down to her bones.

“You won’t let me go, will you…” Liu Mingyu asked blurrily and gently.

Yang Chen nodded. “You said that I wasn’t an ordinary man. If I can’t even do this, wouldn’t I be too normal?”

Liu Mingyu’s look displayed satisfaction. Closing her eyes, she put up a charming appearance, signalling her man that he could do whatever he wanted.

Yang Chen had been refraining himself long ago. How could he bear with huggin such a soft and springy body as he got asked multiple questions?

Seeing that Liu Mingyu cleared her doubts, he immediately reached into her pyjamas collar with both his hands before lightly pulling from both sides…

After an entire hour, the continuous moans in the room finally retired for the night.

Liu Mingyu lay on Yang Chen’s chest as her fragrant sweat broke out from her body. With her pyjamas messily covering her body, she looked like she didn’t want to move as her watery eyes were half closed.

Yang Chen on the other hand was extremely energetic. He appeared to be totally ready for another round.

“I finally know which part of you isn’t common, you’re only good at doing this kind of stuff…” Liu Mingyu complained. Every time she did it with this man, she would get the urge to sleep for a few days consecutively.

Yang Chen didn’t know if he should feel proud or shy. He didn’t know if his ‘talent’ continuously leveled up through practising Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, or because he had a life-and-death experience when he was ten years old. Following his improvements in strength in the recent years, although he’d gotten the chronic disease in his brain, his biological ability seemed to have become more powerful.

Yang Chen was aware of just how violent he was on the battlefield, so he didn’t force Liu Mingyu into a few more rounds even if he wasn’t satisfied.

“Rest well, we still need to wake up early tomorrow,” Yang Chen said.

Liu Mingyu shook her head. “What if Hongyan finds out about this if I sleep at your place? I wouldn’t have the face to meet them anymore.”

Yang Chen felt that it was true. Although he wouldn’t mind, other people would have their own reserves after all.

Liu Mingyu climbed out of the bed. She was exhausted, but should be able to stand up barely.

After fastening the belt of her pyjamas, Liu Mingyu stumbled when she stood up…

However, before she gained balance, the entire room suddenly vibrated!


Liu Mingyu lost her balance and fell right back into Yang Chen’s arms once again!

Following the tremor, the room started shaking. The television, the chandelier, the books on the shelf, the window… everything started shaking!

“Is it an earthquake?!”