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Seventeen’s charming body shivered lightly as her eyes reddened. Turning her head away, she said, “Now you think about the child. Back then, why didn’t you give the child any thought?”

“I…” Yang Chen painfully shut his eyes. After a short while, he said, “My brain was akin to glue at that time, I couldn’t control myself…”

“Humph,” Seventeen snorted coldly. “Couldn’t control yourself? Did you ever think of controlling yourself? I really pity the child. Because of a father like you, he left just like this before he was born…”

Yang Chen’s body went stiff as he felt his scalp go numb. If someone else were there, they would have seen the bulging veins on his forehead.


“Do you think I would be completely unharmed when I fell into the ocean after the explosion without dying?” Seventeen asked angrily, agitated.

The place fell into silence once again, so quiet that the place felt dead.

In Yang Chen’s mind, he recalled the different occasions in the past. Quickly, his eyes got red…

It was extremely windy on the ocean of surging waves.

A warship stolen from the military slowly sailed into the international waters. Under the sunlight, the angular steel monster looked unruly.

On the front desk of the warship, there was a large group of people of different skin colors and dressed in different clothing. Looking imposing and ferocious, they held a killing aura as they were gathered together.

Each of their faces was filled with resentment and hatred. There were at least fifty or sixty of them, all staring furiously at a lazy-looking young man sat on the chair in front of them.

There were a few people who looked like generals behind the young man, looking solemn and respectful. Evidently, they held the young man in high regard.

“Since you guys took the money from someone else to deal with my people, you should’ve expected this to happen. So, stop giving me the look. I’ll give you all a chance to kill me together. You should be thankful that I’m not using a machine gun to annihilate you all. I advise you to quickly take action,” the young man said with a smile.

Using German, a white buff man roared, “Only a small team of us from Blaze Mercenary was involved. Why do you have to chase us down and wipe us all out?! You’re even not letting our families from the headquarters go!”

“You’re nothing but a bloodthirsty devil. You’re just using an absurd excuse to satisfy your bloodlust!” another huge-bodied man shouted angrily.

“Being the strong one, don’t you feel disgraceful when you swing your blade at children and women?!”

“Karma will strike on you one day…”

The young man suddenly opened his eyes which revealed a scarlet light. “I asked you guys to move your hands, not your mouth!”

In the blink of an eye, the young man had left his seat. When he appeared again, he suddenly rushed towards the crowd!

The two strong men who were speaking a moment ago suddenly received a forceful blow on their skulls, immediately turning into two groups of blood fog!

Shortly after, the young man’s body spurted through the group of fifty to sixty prisoners of war a few rounds just like the whirlwind of death, leaving a floor full of broken limbs and other body parts.

The dark-red blood water formed a river and flowed into the ocean following the deck…

After killing everyone, the young man’s face revealed a smile of satisfaction. He used a white handkerchief to wipe his hands before turning around and walking back to the cabin.

At this moment, a young lady dressed in a blue dress walked to the deck and looked at the pool of blood. Frowning, she said to the young man, “Thirteen, don’t kill anymore. Haven’t you killed enough people?”

Thirteen stopped walking. “My dear Seventeen, it’s not that I haven’t killed enough of them, but there seems to be people constantly looking to die.”

Painfully shaking her head, Seventeen said, “Three years ago, you told me you wanted to wipe Zero out and live a bloodless life. Now that you destroyed Zero, why do you always have to kill? The people earlier didn’t offend you at all, let alone their families! Thirteen, you weren’t like this back then!”

Thirteen smiled in an indifferent manner. “Seventeen, do you remember the time where I asked you why you liked to wear a blue dress for all four seasons in the year?”

Seventeen remained silent.

“You told me that when you were dressed in a clean-looking shirt, you’d feel a sense of achievement when blood got on your shirt.”

Seventeen turned her head away. “That was a long time ago. I don’t have the urge to kill now. I just want to live a peaceful life.”

“Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean I don’t as well.” A flame of excitement flashed in Thirteen’s eyes. “Seventeen, I get a wonderful feeling every time I finish killing these days. I get a sense of accomplishment when lives flow away from my hands, and I can only experience it deeper by killing even more people.

“You’re the one I trust the most, also the woman I like the most. I’ll get really angry if you oppose me from killing. So, I don’t allow you to try to stop me again!”

After he finished speaking, Thirteen walked into the cabin without turning back.

Seventeen stood at the cabin entrance. Silently, teardrops fell from her face.

Early in the morning, Thirteen got up from a huge velvet bed blurrily.

Thirteen’s mind was rather dizzy after a night of gulping alcohol. He reached out to feel the area beside him, only to find out that there was no one.

As he felt confused, Thirteen felt a hard object. He took it up and had a look. It was an envelope.

Upon opening it, he found a piece of paper with a few short sentences. The familiar writing made Thirteen’s eye become clear…

Thirteen, I’m leaving.

I had failed to persuade you. You changed so much that I feel scared.

It’s not that I want to leave you. The reason is I now bear your child.

Our child cannot grow up in a bloody environment full of murders. I want him to peacefully grow up.

If I told you I had a child earlier, I wouldn’t have the chance to leave. So, forgive me for only telling you after I left.

If the day where you become the old Thirteen again comes, I’ll bring the child and come back to your side.


Thirteen’s hands shivered, causing the paper to slip away…

He suddenly remembered the look on Seventeen’s face when she left the bar yesterday night. He didn’t feel very unusual at that time, but when he thought about it currently, her gaze was filled with resolution, abomination, agony and grief, as if the soul in the beautiful shell was suffering as it tried to free itself.

So, she was saying goodbye?

At a steep cliff on an island located at the Pacific Ocean, a few heavily injured individuals were forced to the cliff. If they backed off a bit more, they’d fall onto the surging waves and cold reefs!

Thirteen’s eyes were filled with anger. The scarlet glow of glow looked just like the blaze in hell, causing the few arrogant people to recede.

“I don’t care if you guys are power-users or mercenaries. If you want to take revenge on me, I’ll entertain you any day, but if you kidnap my woman, I’ll let you suffer more than you would if you died…” Thirteen’s voice sounded like the rolling of gears. Even when the strong sea breeze whistled, his voice still clearly drilled into the people’s ears.

Below the cliff, there was a whole bunch of dead bodies drenched in blood, signifying the violence of a cruel war.

However, Thirteen was still standing, while the last few people were forced up the cliff.

One of the flirtatious women laughed loudly. “Pluto, even if you kill all of us, your woman and the child in her belly will be buried with us!”

“So what if all of us can’t defeat you even when we cooperate? Once we die while you’re still alive, you’ll suffer more than dying!”

Thirteen clenched his fists. He felt a strong urge to slash the people apart. However, he didn’t know Seventeen’s coordinates, which caused him pain as if his heart was cut open with a knife.

The charming lady could be seen taking out a walkie talkie from her sleeves. Using Japanese, she said, “Mission failed, initiate explosion…”

Thirteen suddenly realized what order it was. However, when he wanted to shout ‘stop’, it was already too late!

Boom! Boom! The sound of explosion could be heard coming from another cliff far away. The stone wall shattered violently into pieces because of the strong explosives!

A black object which looked like an iron cage fell towards the ocean following the explosion, before getting annihilated by the tides and swallowed by the sea waves…


Thirteen’s roar couldn’t stop the instant explosion hundreds of meters away at all, let alone stopping the cage hidden in the cliff from falling into the ocean…

The lady laughed loudly. “Although our alliance failed to kill you this time, letting you go through the pain forever of losing the woman and child you love can be considered our victory as well!”

After she finished speaking, without waiting for Thirteen’s anger to be vented on them, the few power-users jumped off the cliff together before impacting the reefs and becoming bursts of blood, swallowed by the sea waves…

Thirteen absentmindedly kneeled on the cliff as he stared on the fluctuating sea waves. The gaze of Seventeen on the night she left appeared in front of his eyes again…

The scarlet in his eyes faded slowly at last…

Withdrawing his thoughts, Yang Chen stared at the woman in front of him as he held a complicated look.

“I made you experience those things and lose the child. Not willing to see me although you’re alive is not wrong. I definitely don’t deserve to meet you anymore.” Yang Chen’s eyes turned bloodshot. Smiling pathetically, he said, “But I’m already satisfied to see you alive.”

“Leave. Seeing you today is the last time we’ll ever meet,” Seventeen said after standing up as she emotionlessly tidied her messy, black hair.

Yang Chen quivered as he stood up. He felt like his heart was bitten by insects and snakes. As he endured the pain, he looked at the woman who was less than a foot away. “Seventeen, I know that it’s useless for me to say anything now. Back then when you fell into the ocean, I suddenly understood a lot of things. Regrettably, I didn’t manage to comprehend them when you were still beside me…”

“Stop talking about it. I don’t want to listen…” Seventeen replied coldly and mercilessly.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “In the past year of returning to China, I met a woman who looks extremely alike with you… Her look, her personality, the way she speaks and especially her gaze looked very similar. I once thought that she was a woman the heaven sent to my side as a replacement… However, I realized that she is her, while you are you. You’re Seventeen, the Seventeen whom no one can replace…”

Yang Chen silently turned around. Clenching his teeth, he looked resolute as he raised his feet to leave.

“Thirteen!” Seventeen suddenly yelled.

Yang Chen turned around, and looked at her absentmindedly.

It wasn’t known when Seventeen’s eyes were covered with a layer of mist. Suddenly, she rushed towards Yang Chen and hugged him tightly!

Yang Chen stunned for a short while before he understood what just happened. As he felt warmth in his heart, he lightly hugged the woman who was sobbing in his arms.

“Don’t leave…”

Yang Chen listened to the sad whisper. As he wanted to console her, he suddenly felt that something wasn’t right!

How can it be?!

Seventeen who was in his arms slowly took two steps back away from Yang Chen. It was still the familiar face which was tearing. However, she was now looking at Yang Chen with a playful gaze.

Stunned, Yang Chen lowered his head, only to find a dagger intertwined with lines of gold stabbed into his heart!

A beautiful flower of blood bloomed on Yang Chen’s chest!