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Yang Chen’s mind couldn’t digest what just happened in that short period of time. The sudden change in situation completely went beyond his imagination!


Why did Seventeen who was right in front of him stab his heart with a dagger?!

Secondly, how was it possible for his body to be this easily penetrated?!

Furthermore, he didn’t sense the slightest bit of killing aura earlier!

Even if he was completely incautious, his keen senses definitely couldn’t allow anyone to have the time to take a dagger out to stab him!

“Your Majesty Pluto, can it be that you have not felt the pain of being injured for too many years?” Seventeen asked scornfully as she wiped the tears around her eyes. “How is it? The feeling of getting your heart stabbed must be great. You’re indeed someone people refer to as ‘God’, you’re still standing this straight even when your heart is pierced.”

Yang Chen quickly realized the lady in front of him had a completely different expression than before. He shouted, “You’re not Seventeen!”


‘Seventeen’ burst into laughter as her body moved front and back, as if she just listened to the most laughable joke.

“Of course I’m not the bitch. The woman had long sunk somewhere in the ocean after getting knocked unconscious…” the lady said contentedly.

Yang Chen’s lips started to pale. The dagger in his heart evidently brought some form of strong chemical composition.

What made Yang Chen feel even horrifying was his extraordinary healing ability was continuously plummeting!

In the past, he certainly could still recover normally even when his heart was pierced. It was because of his strong body type after getting shone upon by the divine light, and the magical ability he acquired after practising Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture. However currently, Yang Chen could clearly feel that the recovery of his body was exceptionally slow. As a result, if he pulled the dagger out, his blood loss wouldn’t be stopped on time. The high pressure in his heart would definitely spurt huge amounts of blood!

If that happened, it was totally possible for his body to be completely demolished!

However, compared to how he currently felt, listening to this lady describe how Seventeen truly died made him feel much more miserable!

This could be how it felt when one entered hell from the heaven!

When he saw Seventeen alive right in front of his eyes earlier, his heart fell into a kind of ecstasy. However, all of these were nothing but a trap! A trap planned and set up for him so that he could be killed!

However, even if this was the case, there still were too many questions in Yang Chen’s mind. After all, if someone wanted to plan a plot this precise against him, they’d require much more than just good acting skills.

How did this fake ‘Seventeen’ stalk me without me noticing? Being able to grasp my coordinates, appear at the right time and disappear into thin air is definitely not easy.

Also, how does she understand Seventeen so well that she so flawlessly mimicked her actions?! She even knows the various past events between me and Seventeen!

More unbelievably, why couldn’t my senses detect her action of striking an attack? What’s the drug that can weaken my recovery ability?! Ordinary toxins held no threat towards me at all! It definitely isn’t as simple as poisoning me!

Also, when did I get drugged?!

“I know that you must have lots of questions. Before my partners come, I can explain some of them to you.”

Smiling, the fake Seventeen walked towards Yang Chen, stopping three feet away from him before twirling leisurely…

In the blink of an eye, ‘Seventeen’ who was wearing a blue dress transformed…

“Kawanako?!” No matter how Yang Chen tried to stay calm, he still widened his eyes in shock.

Kawanako chucked. “Mr Yang, now you know how I managed to grasp your whereabouts while going unnoticed.”

Yang Chen finally realized he wouldn’t spot ‘Seventeen’ when Kawanako was around. The fake ‘Seventeen’ would only appear when he went to the market alone during free time!

Earlier in the day at Nijo Castle, Kawanako delivered tea to the bus driver with a plan in mind! She intentionally excused herself to become ‘Seventeen’ and lured him over!

As he thought about it, the reason there was no one at all outside the courtyard was all planned as well.

The yearning he held for Seventeen, together with various agitated thoughts, made him unwilling to think about these unusual details. Moreover, he subconsciously thought that no one at all could be a threat to him, so he let down his awareness!

“What a well-planned plot. Your ability to disguise yourself is perfect, but how do you—”

“How do I know the past between you and the bitch, is this what you want to ask?” Kawanako snorted disdainfully.

“You better clean your mouth up.” If it wasn’t because Yang Chen had too many uncertainties, he would’ve rushed over to obliterate Kawanako, although he wasn’t sure how much strength he had left.

Kawanako put up a frightened act as she took a few steps back. Smiling, she said, “Your Majesty Pluto, do you still remember a really beautiful woman you killed amongst all the others on the island at the Pacific Ocean a year ago?”

Yang Chen squinted as he tried to recall. Instantly, he thought of the woman who ordered to initiate the explosion when laughing!

“What’s your relationship with her…” Yang Chen already noticed something.

The smile on Kawanako’s face faded. Coldly, she said, “That was my elder sister, Snow Girl while I’m her younger sister. You can call me… Ninetails.”

“Nine-tailed Arctic Fox from Takamagahara!” Yang Chen exclaimed.

“Ah, I really didn’t expect Your Majesty Pluto to know my name…”

Ninetails clapped before spinning around once again. Instantly, ‘Kawanako’ didn’t exist anymore. The one who remained was a charming lady dressed in a pink Japanese kimono with a scarf made of fox fux wrapped around her neck.

“So, even Takamagahara was involved in that incident…” Yang Chen said with a bitter smile.

If Yamata Sect was the strongest ninja organization, the association Takamagahara which had extremely few members would be the other strongest, hidden power-user association in Japan.

The legendary Takamagahara was actually a place the Kami recided. The Japanese kings and queens would rise to Takamagahara following their deaths.

On the other hand, the real Takamagahara was an organization formed by a group of ‘monsters’ which possessed some kind of superpowers. Although they had limited members, each of them held extraordinary powers.

Yang Chen heard about Nine-tailed Arctic Fox who was in front of him before. Best in forming illusions, she could easily transform into different characters, with the exact same voice and appearance.

The more terrifying thing was… this woman could also read minds! As a result, she would understand of of the memories from the people she disguised as!

A bright gleam flashed in Yang Chen’s eyes. He asked, “Since you could imitate Seventeen so well that I failed to identify you in a short time, I bet you must’ve read her memory before…”

Nine-tailed Arctic Fox didn’t mind his question at all. Smiling proudly, she said, “That’s right. I’m also not afraid to tell you that I was the one who initiated the explosion after my elder sister Snow Girl gave the order. In fact, I had been the one who guarded your woman before that. So I’ve read a lot of Seventeen’s memories…”

“So… you’re the most direct executioner…” Yang Chen said with a weird smile.

Nine-tailed Arctic Fox looked at Yang Chen disdainfully. “Your Majesty Pluto, it sure seems you still don’t understand that your woman’s death is caused by you murdering too many people you shouldn’t have killed. You became all of our enemy and everyone’s threat. Furthermore… you refused to give up God’s Stone which is in your hands… You got in everyone’s way, so you are the true executioner who caused your woman’s death…”

As soon as she finished speaking, the door of the courtyard was pushed opened slightly, before a few people dressed in different clothing walked inside.

The face of Nine-tailed Arctic Fox revealed pride. “You guys came really late. Were you really worried that I might fail?”

Yang Chen turned his head around. It only took him a glance before his look turned solemn.