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The remaining few days of their journey remained peaceful and quiet. Hannya who was disguised as Kawanako followed the schedule to be the tour guide for five days professionally.

However, Liu Mingyu felt that Yang Chen had experienced some changes during the trip. She couldn’t tell what specifically was different, but she had a feeling that Yang Chen’s aura was calmer than before. Is it because I got a clearer view of him after interacting for a long time? she thought.

Just like what Yang Chen said earlier, they still had lots of time to understand each other in the future. Their love would definitely deepen as they knew more about each other. This gave Liu Mingyu quite a lot of confidence.

However, she was most surprised by the fact that Yang Chen didn’t request to do that kind of activity during the following nights…

She didn’t feel that it was any bad at all. Since there were many people around, it would be a pain if their relationship got found out, but she still felt vaguely regretful. However, she still didn’t blame Yang Chen for treating her coldly.

On the other hand, Yang Chen had difficulties that he couldn’t talk about. Since the day he noticed that the radioactive drug was still in his body, and couldn’t be cleared using internal energy, he had been feeling troubled.

The drug was just like a small bomb attached to all of his cells. Every time he tried to cultivate internal energy to clear it out, he’d feel an intense recoil. If he got a little careless, it was very possible for a chain reaction to get initiated, potentially causing his body to suffer heavy internal injuries.

At the same time, the element was immensely harmful towards ordinary people. It had to be mentioned that he consumed a concentrated polonium solution worth 40 million US dollars.

Yang Chen searched for the market price for polonium and its toxicity. He realized that every gram of polonium could kill 10 million ordinary people, while the amount he consumed could totally kill 60 million of them!

Yang Chen even started to admire himself, and look up to the power of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture even more. Raising to level nine from level eight allowed him to withstand a poison that even 60 million people couldn’t resist together! It was something he didn’t dare to think about back then. It seemed like his strength had really risen to a whole new level.

This still hadn’t included any other fatal elements yet!

After finding out the situation, Yang Chen gave up forcing the toxins out of his body using internal energy. He could only do his best to contain the toxicity. He planned to ask for Jane’s help after she rushed over from Europe, since he didn’t dare to mess around with scientific stuff. But this also caused him to not dare to get close with other people, let alone exercising with Liu Mingyu. If even a trace of the poison entered Liu Mingyu’s body, he’d regret for the rest of his life.

The trip was quickly coming to an end, but the group of ladies weren’t very satisfied with it yet. Unfortunately, their purses and credit cards were all empty. They wouldn’t go as far as getting a loan to purchase handbags or cosmetics. All they could do was to return sadly.

The last place they were going was Osaka, while the flight from Kansai International Airport to Zhonghai was planned in the morning.

This airport was built on the ocean, on the land obtained from land reclamation. The scene on the way to the airport through the huge, sea-crossing bridge was still really remarkable.

When they came to the electronic ticketing counter, Yang Chen said to Liu Mingyu who was beside him, “I won’t be going back with you guys this time. I still have things to do in Japan. I have to catch a flight to another city.”

Liu Mingyu stunned. She was completely unaware of Yang Chen’s sudden change of plan. Frowning, she asked, “Are you actually serious or are you just kidding?”

“Of course I’m serious. A friend of mine hopes that I go over to stay other for a few days. We’re still on our holidays after all. You may return first, my flight ticket is already booked. I’ll be leaving later,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Liu Mingyu knew that Yang Chen lived abroad for many years. She wasn’t surprised when she heard he had a friend in Japan. Although she wasn’t too happy that Yang Chen told her about it during the last minute, knowing that Yang Chen wasn’t a reckless person, she asked out in doubt, “Is your friend a beauty?”

Yang Chen widened her eyes. “How did you come to that?”

“Humph, it can be easily guessed since you’re trying to hide it.” Liu Mingyu really wanted take a bite on Yang Chen’s arm to vent her anger. She thought about whether the reason he became well-behaved these days was because he had been thinking about another woman.

Yang Chen burst into laughter and lightly slapped Liu Mingyu’s hips. “Stop overthinking, it’s for a serious matter. I’m just not in a position to tell you about it. You’re not a woman who would behave unreasonably, go back obediently and don’t think about it anymore.”

“Who said I wasn’t unreasonable…” Liu Mingyu was finally feeling slightly better. Feeling rather sad, she glanced at Yang Chen before saying, “Take care of yourself then.”

Yang Chen nodded. He really had to take care of himself.

The other colleagues were greatly unhappy about his change of plans. They scolded Yang Chen for not bringing them together to play in Japan for a few more days, causing him to quickly leave in fear.

After bidding farewell with them, Yang Chen came to the terminal for his flight.

Upon sitting down, a black-haired, graceful lady wearing a small, black waistcoat and a purple, low-necked sweater together with a pair of tight-fitting jeans walked over. She was Hannya who changed back to her original appearance.

Respectfully, Hannya said, “Your Majesty Pluto, do you need me to employ our private jet?”

Yang Chen blinked his eyes a few times. “What private jet?”

“We have exclusive jets in every airport in Japan. It’s not publicly known since it’s a secret. All of them are at your service anytime,” Hannya explained.

“I…” Yang Chen pointed his finger at Hannya as he got speechless. After a long time, he said, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I didn’t have to book the flight earlier. Do you know that I could’ve saved more than a thousand bucks?”

Wronged, Hannya said, “Your Majesty Pluto, you didn’t tell me where you were going earlier, and didn’t ask if I had planes or not…”

Yang Chen realized that he certainly didn’t tell Hannya about it. This female ninja was frightened by his behavior when he caused the massacre on that day. Why would she dare to ask the fellow whom even Noriko Okawa couldn’t do anything against out of nowhere? She recently managed to secure her life.

Yang Chen waved his hand. “Alright, alright. Quickly bring me there. I want to get to Sapporo in Hokkaido. Damn it, you better be more intuitive in the future!”

Hannya nodded her head obediently. She didn’t look like the cool female ninja anymore, but a maid instead. Yang Chen wasn’t very used to seeing her behavior. He wasn’t aware that Hannya started treating him as her master ever since he allowed her to live. Naturally, she acted extremely soft.

He walked through a VIP channel together with Hannya who attracted countless gazes by men along the way, and finally arrived at the exclusive spot of Yamata Sect at the airport mentioned by Hannya.

It was a private mini passenger plane, a luxury model specially made by Airbus which had a very high price tag. According to Hannya, all the airports in Japan had planes which belonged to Yamata Sect. Yang Chen couldn’t help but to think that he previously looked down on its net worth.

Although they didn’t have as many elites as Takamagahara, Yamata Sect certainly had much more resources. This world wasn’t one where pure combat ability ruled anymore.

Yang Chen entered the spacious cabin, only to find a set of sofas inside made in Italy using deer leather, various furnitures and decorations made using mahogany and redwood in addition to numerous bottles of wine. This didn’t look like a plane, but a hotel instead.

Ah! The people outside called him ‘God’. He only drove a small BMW M3 on the streets in China, not to mention he was the one stepping on the accelerator, since he didn’t even have a driver. To make things worse, the car was borrowed from his wife.

Yang Chen wondered if he was too conservative. When he returned to the country, he resolutely refused to bring back the money the people honored him, since he wanted to rely on himself to keep food on the table. Although he’d look more admirable this way, wasn’t it rather foolish in fact? Yang Chen felt that he had to think over this question concerning his life values after going back.

Hannya followed Yang Chen into the luxurious plane. She changed into a light purple kimono, with a pink waistband which was tied behind her back elegantly.

Although according to Japanese tradition, unmarried ladies wearing kimonos all had to be closed off, it was evident that Hannya intentionally made the V-neck wider, allowing the turbulence inside to appear extraordinarily eye-catching. It wasn’t known if she was trying to please Yang Chen, or had some other plan instead.

Hannya walked over with a plate in her hands. The rich fragrance of natural flowers it brought immediately woke Yang Chen who was lying on the sofa up.

“Your Majesty Pluto, this sake is specially made by us at Yamata Sect. Made using rice from Hokkaido and water from Nishinomiya with our special brewing technique, it’s completely different from the ones outside. It’s suitable to be consumed during the journey.” Hannya placed the plate in front of Yang Chen before carefully pouring the sake for him.

Yang Chen had long noticed the fragrance of the rice wine. Ignoring everything else, he lifted the cup and finished everything in one go.

Suddenly, the corners of Yang Chen’s eyes sighted the snow-white skin within the kimono of Hannya who was serving him as she kneeled on the ground. There wasn’t any underwear, causing her stretched curves to appear particularly obvious.

How can it be? Isn’t she waiting for me to commit a crime? Although Yang Chen felt that she really had that intention, he’d be too cheap if he pounced on her this easily. As a result, he waved her hand and said, “Go and do your stuff. Don’t wait beside me, I don’t need to be served.”

It could be seen in Hannya’s eyes that she was disappointed. But she still stood up gently and left after bowing.

However, Yang Chen called her again before she had time to walk away. “Eh, wait a minute!”

Joy appeared between Hannya’s eyebrows. Turning around, she asked, “Your Majesty Pluto, what else do you need?”

Yang Chen pouted. Lowering his head, he poured some sake and asked, “Since Yamata Sect has such a huge network, help me contact the airline company. Ask them to refund the ticket of nearly a thousand Chinese yuan to me. I didn’t even board the plane, just ask them to get me a refund…”

Hannya, a jinnin who wouldn’t blink when she killed, suddenly felt that her legs softened. She almost tripped and fell onto the ground!

So, even gods could be this stingy…

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