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The damned wedding of An Xin would be held at Otaru City in Hokkaido two days later, on the Liu family’s cruise at Ishikari Bay. This accurately provided information was by Makedon after careful investigation. Having understood the situation, Yang Chen wasn’t in a hurry to cause a disturbance. He rushed to Sapporo of Hokkaido early to meet Jane.

Jane just finished a seminar at a scientific institution called Royal Society of London. Being a spectator and the final judge, she got anxious after receiving Yang Chen’s email, knowing that he needed help. But Yang Chen said he was temporarily fine, so she tried her best to restrain her worry and came to Japan only after the seminar ended.

Yang Chen just got out of the airport in Sapporo. Wearing a brown coat and a red scarf, Jane was already waiting for him as she stood beside a white Nissan 370Z. It seemed like she had been waiting for quite some time already.

Jane’s slightly curled, long, amber hair appeared immensely eye-catching in the crowd. Her special family background and exceptional intelligence gave this young girl the charisma of a mature Caucasian beauty. Her exquisite and near-flawless face made the men who took a glance at her feel wasteful, so she didn’t get hit on by playboys.

Jane frowned when she saw Yang Chen exit the airport with another Japanese girl. Evidently, she was feeling rather helpless towards Yang Chen’s interest on that aspect.

“Is she your new love again?” Jane glanced at Hannya and didn’t look at her anymore.

Yang Chen laughed. “Do I look like someone so casual?”

“You don’t look like one, you are one,” Jane said straightforwardly.

Yang Chen touched his nose and said, “Let’s get into the car first.” He then told Hannya, “Get your men to pick you up. I need to go handle something.”

Hannya bowed respectfully as she looked at Yang Chen enter Jane’s car.

After Jane left the airport, Yang Chen said, “That’s the new leader of Yamata Sect, named Hannya.”

Jane looked like she didn’t expect her true identity to be that, as surprise could be seen in her eyes. “Isn’t the leader of Yamata Sect Noriko Okawa?”

Soon after, she immediately thought of something. Jane opened her mouth slightly in shock, saying, “Yang Chen, did you possibly kill Noriko Okawa?”

Yang Chen pouted. “Yes he’s dead, but I can’t be considered the one who did it. I’ll explain the details later. Bring me to a place to check on my body condition first. I feel discomfort throughout my entire body.”

Jane nodded, but still looked like she didn’t fully believe what he said. “Why did you get poisoned? I don’t even think anyone could successfully poison you.”

“It can’t be explained in a short time.” Yang Chen sighed.

“I asked one of my students to empty out a bioengineering research institute before I came here. We can immediately go over there to conduct a comprehensive inspection.” Jane didn’t continue asking questions.

“You really have students all over the world.” Yang Chen looked at Jane with a weird gaze. This little girl had such a large number of students whose age could be her uncles and aunts.

Jane got slightly pleased. “I didn’t want to take them in, but I have no choice since they’re begging me to keep them.”

Yang Chen looked at Jane who held a relaxed expression. Feeling rather downhearted, he asked, “Why do I feel like you look different every time I see you?”

Jane smiled happily. Since they were meeting privately, Jane didn’t put on any makeup. Her perfect and flawless face appeared fresh and pleasant. She turned her head to wink at Yang Chen before saying, “The old woman felt as sol. It could be because I got yet another year older. You know that women’s mentality actually changes pretty easily. I used to feel afraid every time I met you, but I felt that you weren’t actually that frightening since seeing you in Hong Kong. Instead of saying you’re my savior or head, it’s more appropriate to treat you as my very strong friend.”

Smiling, Yang Chen replied, “You’re indeed Catherine’s child. But I’ve never said I wanted to be the savior and leader of you two. You guys are the ones who look up to me too much. I’m actually really old-fashioned and poor. More importantly, my name isn’t as long as your ones.”

“It seems like you know yourself well,” Jane said in a serious manner.

Yang Chen smiled awkwardly. “When I rescued you and Catherine eight years ago, I didn’t know a kid like you could give me so much help.”

“Don’t call me a kid,” Jane stared at Yang Chen angrily. “I’m not younger than you at all.”

After she finished speaking, Jane violently stepped on the accelerator, causing the white 370Z to shoot across the highway like a rocket…

The research institute mentioned by Jane was located on a mountain near a bay. It was a large silver-grey building built on top of a huge area, owned by one of Jane’s students. But her student had long been kicked out by the unethically beautiful scientist teacher.

Yang Chen followed Jane to the aseptic work place in the research institute. Jane herself gathered Yang Chen’s blood sample in a highly practised manner.

However, ordinary equipment couldn’t extract Yang Chen’s blood, since his skin was overly tough. He had to cooperate by cultivating internal energy before forcing a drop of blood into the test tube.

“I can analyse all the information within around half an hour. Wait for me outside.” When Jane started working, she acted in an incredibly serious manner, directly chasing Yang Chen out.

Yang Chen understood the girl’s personality. Geniuses always had a kind of paranoia in the fields they excelled in, which often was the reason of their success.

After walking out of the room, Yang Chen looked for the nearest staircase and walked to the roof of the research institute.

The flooring of the rooftop was made of wood. In the distance, he saw the ocean and the large number of Japanese traditional houses near it.

Although it was really cold in Hokkaido during winter, Yang Chen wasn’t affected at all. He enjoyed being blown by the dry and cold air as he silently waited for Jane’s results analysis.

After less than half an hour, Jane who was wearing a white coat walked to the roof with a report in hand.

Yang Chen turned around and noticed Jane’s expression. He could tell that the situation was far worse than expected. Her azure eyes contained a blaze of anger, as if she wanted to devour Yang Chen who was in front of her.

“Erm… judging from your look, I guess the situation is more serious than I imagined?” Yang Chen asked as he grinned. He was merely a patient while Jane was his doctor, it was only natural that he acted cowardly.

Jane flipped browsed through the folder as she asked coldly, “Tell me honestly, what did you go through? How did you consume something like that?”

Jane’s voice lightly shivered. She seemed like she was agitated.

Yang Chen knew that he couldn’t keep her in the dark, since this involved his own life. Thus, he started slowly narrating his journey, from meeting ‘Seventeen’ to getting lured into the plot set up by Noriko Okawa, Blue Storm and the two demons from Takamagahara.

When he consumed the tea made by ‘Seventeen’, since his emotions were slightly out of control, he drank all of the liquid carelessly.

After that, Yang Chen didn’t mention about having a breakthrough to level nine of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture. In short, he killed all of them while Hannya sneaked an attack to the defenseless Okawa, taking his life away before taking over Yamata Sect and swearing her loyalty to him.

As Jane listened to him speak, her eyes got rather watery. Looking at Yang Chen with her reddened eyes and biting her lips, she said coldly, “Is Seventeen that important to you? So important you couldn’t even tell such a shallow plot apart? So important that you’re not willing to accept the fact that she died?!”

Yang Chen didn’t dare to look straight into Jane’s eyes. Indeed, his heart had always been covered with the shadow, not to mention there was hope hidden within, for the possibility that Seventeen was still alive. Evidently, Nine-tailed Arctic Fox exploited his weakness to go against him.

“Do you know how many people will be annihilated by their enemies once they lose your protection, how many places will become hell in the human world because of the lack of a leader, and how many people will go berzerk to kill for God’s Stone after you die?!”

Indignant, Jane violently slapped Yang Chen on his face!


Yang Chen didn’t dodge it, but silently received the slap instead.

Tears flowed out of Jane’s eyes. “You only think about yourself. Have you thought about just how many people who love you will get depressed for your death?! Your Seventeen is dead! She had died long ago! Do you possibly want to let the other people who love you suffer forever because of Seventeen’s death?! No one can live eternally. You’re a god, you can live forever, but we can’t!

“We just hope that we can see you by our side when we’re alive. Regardless whether or not you’re loved, hated, sad, or depressed, don’t avoid us! Because no matter whether we’re in danger or not, dead or alive, we’ll still be willing to trust you! What about you?! You shied away yourself to hide in China, and left us behind! Do you think what you’re doing is to protect us?! You’re hurting us! Yang Chen! You’re too selfish!”

Yang Chen stood still on the ground. Gazing upon Jane who was sobbing, his mind was filled with complex emotions.

Am I really too selfish... Although the reason he gave for returning to China was because he was done with the life of constantly killing. However, deep down his heart, he actually was afraid of witnessing the people around him die. Regardless if they were his friends or subordinates, how could he look at the people he cared for die for him?

Of course, the women who loved him and whom he loved were included as well.

Yang Chen was reminded of the similar gaze and aura Seventeen held. She must be hating him now, just like what Jane said—he was overly selfish.

“Yang Chen…” Jane wiped her tears and calmed herself down. “Do you know that… it is really, really possible for you to die…”