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Having listened to Jane’s conclusion, Yang Chen was unsure if he should cry or laugh. Of course he understood what she meant. If something were to happen to him, the worst that could happen was the utter destruction of his body. However, in a sense, it was no different from dying in this world.

“Is it very serious?” Yang Chen asked in an obscure manner.

Jane nodded. “Right now, every single drop of the blood in your body is mixed with countless amounts of lethal toxins, including heavy metal and radioactive ones. There are still various complicated compounds. Any one of these elements can cause endless deaths, especially the radioactive ones. All the elements in your body combined can be used to develop ten atomic bombs, as a conservative estimate.”

Yang Chen swallowed audibly. “Are you sure it can go so far that my body contains ten atomic bombs?”

“What else do you think it is? Do I have to be this mad otherwise?! Do you know that even I find it incredible that you’re still standing in front of me like nothing had happened?!” Jane shouted really loudly as she couldn’t care less about the manner of speech she learned through the education of noble families anymore.

Yang Chen secretly praised the technique passed down by Song Tianxing. <i>Even this can be contained?!</i> This meant, eastern martial arts when trained to the extreme, was more domineering than the divine power of gods! He just didn’t know if he had a chance to develop into a higher level, since he had finished training the last level of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture. There were no other techniques he could try.

“Since you make it sound so serious, can I still be saved?” This was the question Yang Chen was most concerned about.

Frowning, Jane said, “It’s totally possible to purely destroy these harmful substances. Although the technology of Blue Storm is world-class, I’m confident in dealing with any substances as long as they are already discovered. The problem is the drug in your body has spread out in all of your veins and arteries, not to mention most tissues are already infected. Even if I want to put together antidote to neutralize these substances, it’s not possible to neutralize your entire body. After all, this is equivalent with fighting poison using poison. Although it can take care of all the substances currently in your body, it’ll bring other harmful substances into your body.”

Yang Chen pondered for a while before saying, “Then what if… I can gather all of the harmful substances to an area, will you be able to deal with them this way?”

Jane stunned. Surprised, she raised her head and asked, “Can you really do it? How is this possible? There are no scientific theories at all that make it possible!”

“This isn’t science,” Yang Chen said, satisfied, “this is internal energy.”

“Internal energy?” Jane thought for a while. “Is it the Chinese martial arts you told me you were practising? Magical stuff like that definitely has no scientific theories to base upon.”

“That’s right, I had a breakthrough two days ago. I think I can achieve that if I tried my best. Although I will certainly feel an immense amount of intense pain if I do that, I can withstand it for a while and forcefully move these substances to one of my organs. I’m quite confident that I can do that,” Yang Chen said. He only dared to say something like that after his internal energy reached the ninth level. He was completely helpless back then.

Jane finally relieved herself. “If you can do it, the only problem left is to make an antidote to neutralize them. This isn’t too big of a huge problem for me. Many scientists in Blue Storm are my students.”

Yang Chen smiled stiffly. “The students you taught are causing me trouble now…”

“You should feel lucky that none of my students knows ‘Chinese medicine’ that you Chinese always talk about.” Jane seemed like she wasn’t worried anymore as she revealed a smile.

“Chinese medicine? Why?”

Jane explained, “Because in this world, only the medicational drugs of a Chinese nature are difficult to be explained using scientific theories. Many of them have an unimaginable amount of complexity surrounding it. I tried to analyze a type of Chinese medicine pill before. At last, I concluded that the composition of the medicine used at least ten to fifteen years to develop, and my estimation may not be accurate. Just imagine how terrifying something even I have difficulty in analysing in. This means if you got poisoned by something from Chinese medicine, you might really have to live tens of years with ten atomic bombs in your body.”

Yang Chen’s back sweated unstoppably. Judging from the situation, he should stop looking down on these poisons. If a madman really poisoned him using a combination from Chinese medicine, he really had to give up touching women for the rest of his life!

Jane was rather pitiful. Yang Chen wasn’t worried that his body was carrying atomic bombs, but was concerned about not sleeping with women ever again.

Since a solution was found, and Yang Chen had to deal with something three days later, Jane didn’t further delay the treatment. She contacted the suppliers of the ingredients in the fastest way possible, and planned to develop an antidote within two days.

Only people like Jane dared to promise the development of an antidote within two days. After all, the people who developed this kind of drugs were all at her students’ level.

After listening to Jane’s series of complaints, Yang Chen couldn’t calm his mind for sometime.

Over a year ago, due to Seventeen’s death, his violent and bloodthirsty heart was soothed, while his brain could finally be controlled after getting the serious stimulus.

It was safe to assume that, if it wasn’t for Seventeen’s death, Yang Chen may really have turned into a walking corpse which only knew how to kill, or a brutal beast.

The unforgettable agony made Yang Chen feel some fear more terrifying than death itself.

Now that he got to the level of ‘Rebirth’, he understood more about the reality of life. Together with killing Nine-tailed Arctic Fox disguised as Seventeen, Yang Chen actually understood slowly that his Seventeen really wasn’t there anymore.

The words earlier by Jane acted just like an alarm bell in his mind, knocking the heavy clouds in his mind away.

Because of his fear, he hurt the people around him. Also because of him, the people around him got harmed. These are both undoubtedly a kind of suffering.

In an instant, Yang Chen’s mind got so clear that it seemed like an entirely different world.

He suddenly had a strong urge to listen to the cold woman’s icy cold voice, even if it meant he would get scolded or treated coldly by her. As he thought about these, they both seemed like something to enjoyable at this moment.

<i>My, my, my… When have I become a masochist?</i> Yang Chen smiled bitterly. He took his phone out and dialed a number. “Fuck, Japan doesn’t allow international calls!”

After walking around anxiously on the roof, he immediately thought of the chick Hannya from Yamata Sect whom he could use. Thus, he sent a mail to Hannya’s contact number.

“Contact the telecommunications company immediately, ensure my number will be able to make and receive calls internationally!”

He didn’t know how Hannya would react to his order. She should’ve gotten speechless to this boss of hers who was always troubled by insignificant matters, but she still replied the message quickly with a confirmation.

Bringing about a joyful mood, he called Lin Ruoxi’s phone which was far away in Hainan.

After the beeping sound rang a few times, the phone got picked up.

Although the call was connected, Lin Ruoxi didn’t say a word, as if she was waiting for Yang Chen to open his mouth.

Yang Chen cleared his throat before saying happily, “Wifey, how did you enjoye your trip?”

Lin Ruoxi on the other side still remained quiet. He didn’t know what she meant this time.

Yang Chen frowned as he thought, <i>This chick is playing the game of icebergs again.</i> He continued speaking, “Babe Ruoxi, I originally wanted to return to Zhonghai today, but my friend invited me over to Hokkaido to have fun, so I’ll only go back a few days later. Remember to call me once you reach home safely… Oh ya, do you want any gifts? I’ll buy them for you. Do you want a diamond as big as a cow’s eye? How about a golden bracelet as thick as a toe? Or do you want glutinous rice balls produced in Japan? It’s quite difficult to bring stuff like that back. It expires very easily…”

There was still no sound coming from his phone. Yang Chen started suspecting that Lin Ruoxi walked away upon taking up the call.

Yang Chen felt helpless at last. Having said a bunch of nonsense, he said, “Bye bye,” before ending the phone call.

Yang Chen sighed deeply. Lin Ruoxi seemed to have harboured deep hatred for him. They hadn’t met for so long, but she still refused to talk to him after he gave her a call.

However, what he didn’t know was the situation in the suite of the five-star hotel in Hainan.

Lin Ruoxi had just finished bathing. Wearing a thin pyjamas made of silk, her hair was still rather wet, while her clear skin reddened. Her big, beautiful eyes were wide open, pointing at the phone in her hand with a weird expression.

After triple checking the phone call was made by the man, Lin Ruoxi turned around and forcefully threw her phone onto the bed!

The phone bounced a few times on the bed before finally stopping.

Pointing at her phone while placing her other arm on her waist, Lin Ruoxi said angrily, “You only bothered to  call after so long, do you think I’ll entertain you this way?! Stupid Yang Chen! Stinky Yang Chen! I just didn’t want to speak! I’ll see how you feel! All you’re waiting for is our divorce! A diamond the size of a cow’s eye? A friend from Hokkaido? Continue flirting with your Japanese girl! Who ever said glutinous rice balls would go bad quickly? Why would they go bad in just a four-hour flight?! Don’t look for excuses if you don’t want to bring them back! I’m not waiting for another six months! I’ll divorce you immediately when the respected me gets home!”

At this moment, Mo Qianni who, similarly, just got out of bed in her pyjamas walked over from another room. She coincidentally spotted Lin Ruoxi who had one of her arms on her hip while  pointing at her phone as she scolded Yang Chen. Suddenly, her entire body petrified on the ground...