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For the upcoming two days, Yang Chen stayed at the research institute obeying Jane’s arrangements, to help her modulate an antidote. At the same time, he informed Yamata Sect, which had strong intelligence networks, to check on Liu family’s situation at Ishikari Bay.

During the evening on the second day, inside the laboratory of the research institute, the ‘time bombs’ in Yang Chen’s body had finally gotten neutralized before vanishing into thin air, thanks to Yang Chen’s domineering internal energy and the newly developed drug by Jane.

Having gotten rid of these substances from his body, Yang Chen suddenly noticed that the True Qi of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture circulated significantly smoother in his meridians, while each of his organs became more acute than before.

Yang Chen realized that the improvements he felt earlier wasn’t the full power of the Rebirth level. Now that he wasn’t affected by the substances anymore, he could truly be considered to have grasped the full capacity of level nine.

Jane who was previously frightened by Yang Chen’s condition secretly felt relieved as she witnessed his recovery.

Yang Chen looked at the lady in front of her who’d looked pale due to the lack of two days worth of sleep . He couldn’t help but feel touched. The favor owed by the mother and daughter rising from their rescue had long since been repaid, not to forgetting that the chronic illness in his brain was contained by Jane’s treatment as well. Furthermore, they had also helped him in lots of other ways.

“Thank you, you’re always the one who can solve my biggest troubles,” Yang Chen said sincerely. If he hadn’t had the assistance of this talented girl, it was very likely that he would’ve exerted more energy to solve the same things.

Jane’s lips were rather pale. Forcing a smile, she said, “If you want to thank me, just stop doing idiotic things in the future. You are Pluto, not Idiot.”

“It’s merely a title. Gods are people too. Every person gets tied up by feelings, but I have to admit, this incident only took place because I had been dwelling in the past. This isn’t the first time it had happened, I have made many mistakes in the past as well,” Yang Chen said with a smile. As nostalgia filled his eyes, he said, “I’ve thought it through, since Hokkaido is a good place for a vacation, I’ll ask them to come gather here. I miss them quite a lot.”

Jane didn’t ask whom ‘them’ was referring to. Evidently, she was well aware of who Yang Chen was talking about. She asked, “How are you going to deal with Blue Storm, the Vatican and Takamagahara? Are you going to start a war with them?”

Yang Chen shook his head. “Although I’m not afraid of them, the balance of this world would be broken if the Vatican and Blue Storm suddenly got attacked by me. Just like what you said, the war will also be resumed because of me. The Vatican is the main force containing the Dark Parliament in Europe. This status quo has remained for several centuries and can’t be broken. Regarding Takamagahara, forget about them. Regardless whether or not we can locate all of them, they don’t even have a leader. Their members live their own lives. It so happened that this time, Nine-tailed Arctic Fox and Nine-lived Demon Cat came to take revenge for their elder sister Snow Girl. There’s no need to annihilate them for this.”

“Are you possibly planning to let them go?” Jane appeared rather furious. “They don’t even care about the consequences they have caused you in pursuit of God’s Stone.”

Smiling, Yang Chen said, “I have already asked Hannya to send the three corpses from Blue Storm and the other three corpses from the Vatican to their headquarters of American Department of Defense and the entrance of Vatican City respectively, all done on my behalf. I bet they’ll understand what I’m trying to say.”

Jane pouted. “What if they don’t?”

“Then I don’t mind killing their minister of defense before dealing with the pope in Vatican City.” Cold light flashed in Yang Chen’s eyes. “Even without unsealing, there isn’t much stopping me from bursting into their headquarters now.”

Suddenly, Jane turned around and kissed Yang Chen on his left cheek.

Feeling the gentle and cold touch on his face, Yang Chen stunned as he stared at Jane who didn’t look shy at all, confused.

“I like the current you, you are exactly how you were when you rescued Mother and I at the age of fifteen,” Jane said with a gentle gaze.

After she finished speaking, Jane stretched her body before walking towards the exit of the laboratory. “Go and do whatever you need. I’m going to sleep now.”

Yang Chen touched the wet mark on his face before sighing lightly.

Liu Yun’s wedding was arranged to commence tomorrow morning. Yang Chen felt that it was time for him to leave, so he asked Hannya to prepare a low-profile Honda sedan, and headed to a seaside hotel in Otaru City alone.

According to Makedon’s report, An Xin was locked inside a seaside four-star hotel, while the people of Liu clan were posted outside her room day and night, leaving no opportunity for her to escape.

However, fortunately for her, she wasn’t bullied too much, so Makedon’s men didn’t need to expose themselves to help An Xin out.

When he arrived at Otaru City, the night sky was already filled with stars. Yang Chen came to the hotel building An Xin was located, and suddenly felt that he was hungry, so he had two huge bowls of ramen at a traditional roadside ramen stall before thinking about how he could break in. He was in Japan after all. It wouldn’t be difficult for him to rescue An Xin out and kill everyone from Liu family. His main objective was to put up a wonderful show.

If all he wanted to do was just prevent the wedding, which wouldn’t have ended nicely anyways, Yang Chen would’ve asked the ninjas from Yamata Sect to cause everyone to faint, the proceed to extract her.

At the same time, in a spacious and bright presidential suite, An Xin who was dressed in a white wedding dress stood in front of a full body mirror. She held a bouquet of flowers in one hand while the two attendants beside her were sorting out her appearance.

An Xin’s charming body appeared purer and brighter coupled with the wedding dress. Her snow-white skin, bright and smooth face, and sharp facial features were all extremely prominent. The fortunate environment she grew up in together with the little traces of pride made An Xin look like a princess from a royal family when light shone upon her.

However, An Xin didn’t look too pleased. Her watery eyes were filled with the repressed blaze of anger, while her red lips were tightly shut didn’t speak a word.

The two attendants revealed envy on their faces when they looked at An Xin’s reflection in the mirror. To them, it was absurd for the bride to feel this dissatisfied. Being able to get married to a prince like Liu Yun from a wealthy family, An Xin still showed a miserable look, how tasteless.

An Xin sighed deeply. “It’s done now. You guys may leave.”

“Yes.” The two attendants didn’t dare to stay any longer, so they obediently exited the room before shutting the door.

After the two left, An Xin immediately threw the flowers to the back of the room before forcefully unfastening the buttons and waistband of her wedding dress. After quickly removing the dress worth hundreds of thousands, she threw it on the ground, leaving only a thin layer of white pyjamas made of silk.

An Xin grieved. Ever since she got forcefully dragged by her father into the flight, her life had always been monitored in Japan. She was forced to do many things in preparation for her marriage with Liu Yun.

An Xin felt gloomy. Having destroyed her reputation, Liu clan still wasn’t willing to dismiss her, and wanted to take her as their daughter-in-law. Although the An family had huge financial capabilities, Liu family evidently had many more choices. If she had to find a reason, it would be that Liu family wanted to take revenge on her act, not allowing her to successfully get away with the marriage.

Staring at the blurry night sky outside the window, An Xin felt a heartache as her eyes involuntarily reddened again.

I should’ve left with the bad guy back then. Why did I say stuff like letting fate decide whether I should become his woman… I gave him my body, and couldn’t stop myself from doing something shameless with him, do I not like him already? Why do I have to put up a front with the  romance of a little girl?

Great, now that the romance is gone, my life is gone as well.

However, where is this man now? He used to stand in front of me like a brave knight. Will he still do that now?

As she thought, An Xin felt that she was too laughable. She didn’t grasp the opportunity back then, and got abducted to a corner in Hokkaido. Am I still supposed to hope for his arrival? Furthermore, even if he knows I’m getting married, he wouldn’t have the ability to stop such a huge wedding anyway.

I bet I have to live the rest of my life with regret. I just hope for his life to be a blessed one. But… does he still remember me?

At this moment, the door suddenly got opened.

An Xin suddenly got reminded of something. Happily turning around, she quickly got disappointed as the person who came was Liu Yun dressed in a white suit.

Liu Yun noticed the change in An Xin’s expression. Stupid Bitch, are you disappointed to see me? He then looked at the wedding dress on the floor before his gaze turned more malicious.

Putting up a fake smile on his face, Liu Yun walked forward and asked, “An Xin, we’re getting married tomorrow. Are you satisfied with the wedding dress?”

An Xin subconsciously retreated to the bed as she looked at Liu Yun anxiously. “Talk using your mouth, don’t get near me.”

“We’ll immediately be a legally married couple tomorrow. Can’t we get intimate a day before the wedding night?” Liu Yun looked at An Xin’s curvy body under the silk pyjamas as an evil flame ignited in his eyes.

Such an alluring woman… while an animal had the first taste of her body!

An Xin saw that Liu Yun was walking closer to her with no intentions of stopping. Swiftly, she took out a utility knife under her pillow!

The shining, silver utility knife was pointed at Liu Yun. An Xin shouted, “If you come any closer, I’ll slash your face open before commiting suicide!”

Liu Yun stopped moving while the fire of anger burnt violently in his heart. But he still managed to calm himself down. He was very good at being tolerant. When he found An Xin and Yang Chen together back then, he tolerated that the same way as well.

“Alright, don’t be rash. I’ll leave now,” Liu Yun said. Bitch! Why are you still acting like you’re a virgin? After tomorrow, you’ll still have to let me finish you obediently. After I get enough fun out of you, I’ll throw you to my bear-like bodyguards. Let’s see how you’re going to meet people in the future! I’ll return you a hundred times more than what you gave me ! Oh yeah, every asset the An family owns won’t fall in someone else’s hands as well!

As he thought, a smile quickly surfaced on his face again. “Good night,” he said before walking out of the room.

An Xin finally relieved herself, as if she had used all the energy she had. She then put the utility knife back under the pillow.

However, tears of grievance still flowed down her face, before dropping onto the bed sheet…

At this moment, the door got opened again!

An Xin tensed up again. Abruptly, she took out the utility knife again and pointed at the door. She shouted, “Get out! Get out! I’m asking you to get out! Otherwise I’ll die in front of you!”