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Having located An Xin’s room, Yang Chen smilingly sneaked into it. Upon opening the door, he saw An Xin, who was dressed in her pyjamas, pointing a utility knife at herself, saying to herself she wanted to commit suicide!

“Erm… Calm down, I’ll just leave if you don’t want to see me. Don’t kill yourself…” Yang Chen said gloomily.

An Xin heard a voice which sounded rather familiar. It isn’t Liu Yun?

When she opened her big watery eyes to take a closer look, her body immediately shivered and the knife fell from her hand. Refusing to believe who she saw, she stared at Yang Chen who stood at the door with a smile.

“Ya—Yang… Y—you… Why…”

Anyone would be dazed if they saw someone show up where they thought it wasn’t impossible in that situation. It was good enough that An Xin didn’t faint immediately.

Yang Chen quietly locked the door and walked towards An Xin with his arms wide open.

Seeing the man she had missed day and night, An Xin flattened her mouth like a wronged little girl before jumping onto Yang Chen and hooked his neck with her arms. Burying her face into Yang Chen’s chest, she started sobbing loudly!

Yang Chen felt slightly troubled in his heart. Patting the woman’s back and sniffing the natural fragrance of her body, he silently listened to her uncontrolled crying. He knew that she must’ve been through a number of unfair treatments recently, so she must have been filled with negative emotions that she had to vent out.

Being abducted by her own father and brought to Japan, before getting dumped to the people from Liu family, she had been locked in the room all day while her surroundings were tightly monitored.

Just like a kidnapped wife of a village head, she was not given any human rights with the exception of living like a tamed canary every day. She had been guarding herself against Liu Yun’s sudden emergence for the past ten days. Was it possible for An Xin, who had always been confident that she wouldn’t not go insane?

Having wept for fifteen minutes, An Xin finally calmed down. Wiping her reddened eyes, she blinked a few times and looked at Yang Chen, worried that she recognized the wrong person.

Yang Chen smiled. “You saw me right. Babe An Xin, your husband is here.”

An Xin blushed. “I realized. Other than you, no one else would be so thick-skinned to call themselves my husband.”

Shortly after, An Xin asked, “How did you come here? Didn’t you get discovered for coming up here?”

How can the useless wine and rice containers notice me? He answered, “Don’t worry about how I came here. You said that if I wanted to have you, we had to depend on fate to let us meet again. I have been waiting for the day to come, but I recently found out that you were suddenly getting married with Liu Yun. This is simply breaking the rules of our game. I couldn’t gift my woman to a pussy, so I visited a monk temple to ask for divination from a daoist. After finding out you’re here, I came all the way to look for you to rescue you from the bitterness. Oh yeah, does what you said about fate still count? Now that we met again, you can’t run away anymore.”

AN Xin chuckled. “How glib-tongued. How do you find daoists in a monk temple? Be honest with me, have you always been watching me? It’s impossible that you managed to locate me this easily, and know that I got caught by the Liu family for the wedding. I’m certain that the people from the Liu family wouldn’t have let you known.”

“Even if I’d really been watching you, it’s still better than you being snatched away by Liu Yun.” Yang Chen pecked An Xin’s nose. “Look at you, you cried so much that you look like a tortoiseshell cat.”

An Xin wrinkled her nose as she looked at Yang Chen happily. At last, she tiptoed and kissed Yang Chen on his forehead.

“Thank you Yang Chen. I’ve been praying for you to come rescue me, just like how you did in the past. You really came today, I want to thank you for making my dream come true.

Yang Chen smirked. “You’re thanking me this early. Shouldn’t you ask me how I plan to rescue you?”

An Xin let out a playful smile. “I’m not stupid. You tracked me down so easily and managed to enter the presidential suite on the top floor while being unnoticed, you must have a plan. I’m too lazy to ask you about it, I’ll just do whatever you say.”

“It seems like you’re already conscious about it. Do we already have the tacit knowledge between a married couple this early?” Yang Chen asked, elated.

An Xin smiled charmingly. “Since fate had allowed us to be together, I won’t leave you, even if you want me to. I’ll do whatever you do.”

Listening the alluring lady in her arms talk this gently, Yang Chen suddenly had a fiery impulse. As he breathed, he could smell the scent on An Xin’s body which could tempt people into committing unspeakable acts. Yang Chen gently rubbed An Xin’s back involuntarily with one arm, and moved the other to her hips. The softness and elasticity made him pinch on her flesh unintentionally!


An Xin moaned lightly. Her eyebrows looked like the crescent moon while her eyes were like a mirror. Her flushed face revealed an elegant expression, as if she was enjoying Yang Chen’s rough action.

“You pinched me too hard,” An Xin said as she exhaled.

“Do you want me to pinch you a few more times? You look like you liked it a lot,” Yang Chen said with a naughty smile.

An Xin rolled her eyes in resentment. Suddenly, she thought of something and said, “Wait, I’ll do something first before you take action.”

Yang Chen stunned. My excitement is at its peak. How can you interrupt like that?

An Xin forcefully pushed Yang Chen away. Pouting, she said, “Turn around first. You can only turn back after I allow you to.”

Yang Chen looked at An Xin’s serious expression and wondered what she wanted to do. But he didn’t want to disobey the woman, so he slowly turned around.

Zipping sounds could be heard. After around a minute, An Xin said, “I’m done now. You can turn around.”

Yang Chen, with a carefree attitude, turned around before getting immediately astonished.

An Xin, dressed in the white wedding dress, instantly turning into a glorious bride. However, the unique part was Yang Chen could clearly spot An Xin’s exposed arms which were as white as snow, and her delicate collar bones, together with the firm calves on her lower body…

An Xin had removed her pyjamas. She was only dressed in the thin layer of her wedding dress!

The dress trimmed with lace together with numerous hollow designs revealed countless vaguely attractive sceneries on An Xin’s entire body. In addition to her shy and adorable expression, Yang Chen suddenly forgot to breathe.

No wonder people say that a woman dressed in a wedding dress, is one of the best moments of her life. Yang Chen started believing this sentence.

“Hubby, am I pretty?” An Xin asked in a shy manner. After she finished asking, she immediately blushed and lowered her head, afraid to look at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen’s heart almost melted. How is this a woman? This is straightup an evil spirit!

“Babe An Xin, you need not sleep today. I feel like I’m filled with boundless energy.” Without saying anything more, Yang Chen rushed forward and hugged An Xin tightly in his arms before repeatedly kissing her.

Although the two hadn’t met for more than two times, something excellent happened during their meetings. The two coordinated extremely well. Very quickly, they entered a situation of entanglement.

The two passionately kissed while they slowly moved to the huge, soft bed. Shortly after, Yang Chen let go of his hands, throwing the bride dressed in a wedding dress onto the center of the bed.

When Yang Chen pounced on An Xin, her eyes were already shut as her emotion raised to its peak. The elation in her heart, the yearning for the man, in addition to the special environment at the moment, under the arousal from different stimuli, An Xin couldn’t wait to flip the clouds and overturn the rain with Yang Chen.
[TL note: Wanted to keep the translation literal here for extra flavors. It depends on your interpretation, but it’s something along the lines of doing vigorous bed exercises.]

As Yang Chen kissed An Xin’s delicate collar bone, he said blurrily, “Babe… let’s do it with the wedding dress on… I haven’t tried this kind of uniform before…”

“Mmh… How is this a uniform…” An Xin murmured. “Don’t be afraid to spoil it, it belongs to Liu family after all… It’s… it’s fine if you want to tear it apart…”

This sentence was like a lit match being thrown into a tank of oil. Yang Chen’s eyes almost went red.

Fine to tear it apart?

If Yang Chen still didn’t know what she meant, he would have considered his life wasted after living for so many years. She was straight up begging for violence, for stimulation!

Yang Chen let out an evil smile. He shouted, “I’m coming, my wife,” before forcefully flipping An Xin’s soft body around.

An Xin cooperated by raising her hips, while her puffy wedding dress brought up a fragrant wind.

Yang Chen didn’t constrain himself. Looking at the group of white skirt, he willfully pulled it from two sides. Rip! The skirt got torn into pieces!

The only underwear An Xin was wearing, her panties, revealed itself. Wrapping around the firm and beautiful buttocks, evidently it looked undersized.

Yang Chen’s desire was raised to its highest. Leaning downwards, he pressed forward from behind…

Not before long, the giant bed of the presidential suite started shaking violently. The moans got louder one after another, resounding deeply…

If the contented and delusional Liu Yun knew that his bride was conducting vigorous sports with another man in the wedding dress specially prepared by him, he might want to vomit so much blood that he’d die instantly.

The war lasted for more than two hours, Yang Chen looked at the pitiful bride who looked like she’d almost fainted from all the excitement before deciding to constrain his wildness. Having vented all of his accumulated energy, he hugged An Xin in her arms and lay down on the bed.

Post-climax red could be seen on An Xin’s face. Exhausted, she only managed to open her mouth after a long while. Hitting Yang Chen’s chest with her powdery fist, she said, “Yang Chen… you… you bullied me…”

“Isn’t that what you wanted? I tore your dress apart and worked so hard just for you,” Yang Chen said with a serious look.

“I only said you could tear my dress… You did it for two whole hours once you started…”

“But you didn’t ask me to stop. I could hear you screaming in the beginning, and stopped after a while. I thought you didn’t have enough fun.”

An Xin got speechless. She then decided not to speak anymore.

After resting for a while, An Xin thought of something. She asked, “Yang Chen, you haven’t told me what we’re going to do next.”

In an indifferent manner, Yang Chen said, “You don’t have to do anything. Just continue being the bride tomorrow.”

“Ah?” An Xin’s head was obviously filled with question marks.

Smiling strangely, Yang Chen said, “In short, do whatever you have to. Board the cruise tomorrow as the bride. Regarding the wedding… it’ll definitely be special…”

An Xin blinked her big eyes. Seeing that Yang Chen was acting mysterious, she didn’t ask further questions. Yawning in a charming manner, she drilled her head into Yang Chen’s chest.

Yang Chen pulled the blanket to cover An Xin. He then took his phone up from the bedside. There was a message from an unsaved number…

Mission accomplished.