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Liu Yun and one of his assistants were having an oil massage at a high-class private clubhouse in Otaru City, for their final preparations for tomorrow’s wedding.

His assistant was a gentle middle-aged man wearing golden-framed spectacles. Lying side-by-side on the soft, white bed together with his boss Liu Yun, they enjoyed the professional service provided by the two Japanese female masseurs.

While the masseurs provided their service, they would occasionally rub their bosom againt the men’s back. This type of actions weren’t uncommon to Liu Yun and his assistant, but they didn’t respond in kind.

They weren’t interested at all to play with women of this tier.

Two of Liu Yun’s bodyguards stood by the door in a dignified manner. They were elites hired from the special forces of the Liu clan. Liu Yun would never step out of the house alone. Being a man of great caution, bringing only two bodyguards was the minimum he required..

Liu Yun’s entire body was so relieved that he almost started humming. That was when his assistant's phone started to ring.

The assistant looked at the number, and realized it was a call made by the reception counter of this clubhouse. Knowing that they had something to inform, he picked up the phone call.

The assistant spoke Japanese. He asked the reception counter what happened.

Hurriedly, the female employee replied loudly, “Sir, a group of people rushed inside looking for you guys. We couldn’t stop them!”

After the assistant asked a few more questions, he quickly ended the call. Turning to Liu Yun, he said, “Boss, they said ten or so people are coming to look for trouble. They looked like people from Yamaguchi-gumi!”

“Yamaguchi-gumi?” Liu Yun frowned. Despite being promising and calm, he was still rather confused currently.

“Yamaguchi-gumi wouldn’t cause a commotion out of nowhere. We have business partnerships with them in Japan. Logically speaking, they won’t do harm to us, so don’t do anything reckless for now,” Liu Yun said as he got up from the bed before putting on his suit in preparation to meet the members from Yamaguchi-gumi.

In less than half a minute, a bald man leading a group of more than ten people, male and female, walked into the room from outside.

Tattoos could be spotted on their necks and other parts of their body. This situation convinced Liu Yun immediately that they were indeed from Yamaguchi-gumi.

Japan was the only country in the world to legalize underground syndicates. It couldn’t be said that it was related to their history, but what could be confirmed was Yamaguchi-gumi’s development in Japan had been extremely vigorous.

Anyone who wanted to enter Yamaguchi-gumi, male or female, had to tattoo themselves. Moreover, common and small ones weren’t acceptable. Every one of them had various totems of demons tattooed all over their bodies.

The two bodyguards had long stood in front of Liu Yun, ready to escort him out of the place.

“You’re Liu Yun from Jade Clouds Corporation?” the bald man asked as he touched his chin while staring at Liu Yun with his bean-sized eyes.

Liu Yun smiled gently. Using Japanese, he said, “That’s right, I wonder what my friends from Yamaguchi-gumi are here for.”

“Your friends?!” The bald man gazed upon Liu Yun furiously. “I’m Iburo, the team leader of Yamaguchi-gumi for the division in Otaru City. My men reported to me that you traded heroin at my domain.”

“Heroin?” Liu Yun was confused. “When did I start doing business in heroin?”

Iburo snorted in contempt. “Don’t try to reason with me. If you haven’t done anything in that nature, my informants would have no reason to report to me. Although we’re an underground syndicate, we won’t allow foreigners to contaminate our citizens using narcotics. You’re a cunning businessman. If you claim that you haven’t done it, are you confident enough to let us conduct a pat-down?”

Liu Yun felt that something wasn’t right, as if someone wanted to backstab him. After thinking for a while, he said, “Mr Iburo, I know your regional chief Hashimoto. Can you allow me to make a phone call to him before deciding whether I want to accept your search? After all, I feel that there has been a misunderstanding. It wouldn’t be ideal if our relationship worsened due to this.”

Jade Clouds Corporation was a huge multinational company after all, while the regional chief of Yamaguchi-gumi was coincidentally one of their business partners. Liu Yun guessed it must be one of his enemies in the industry who held malice towards him. However, Liu Yun wasn’t afraid, since even if it was the Yamaguchi-gumi, he didn’t see the city team leader as anything significant.

Iburo hesitated for a short moment. Nodding, he said, “Make it quick.”

Liu Yun’s assistant made a call to Hashimoto’s number. After a few rings, a sound could be heard from the other side. “Mr Liu, you called me so late at night, is there anything important?”

Liu Yun greeted him politely in a few sentences before explaining to him that his man Iburo wanted to search him for heroin, in hope that he could bring his foolish subordinate away.

Unexpectedly, after Liu Yun finished speaking, Hashimoto replied, “Since you claim that you aren’t involved in the heroin business, you shouldn’t mind being searched. Our partnership is built on top of trust, we should accept inspections from the other side. Iburo is merely defending the honor of the Yamaguchi-gumi, I hope that Mr Liu can cooperate.”

After he finished speaking, without waiting for Liu Yun’s reply, he immediately ended the call.

Liu Yun’s expression turned aggrieved. He felt that something was certainly wrong. Hashimoto sounded that he knew about it and prepared the speech beforehand.

Liu Yin didn’t know that Hashimoto who was at his luxury villa in Sapporo was putting up another show as soon as the phone call ended.

Hashimoto was cowardly kneeling in front of a slender lady dressed in black. Smiling, he said, “Chief, everything is handled nicely. Liu Yun will be caught soon.”

The lady was Hannya who continued carrying out her mission after separating with Yang Chen.

Indifferent, Hannya nodded. “You should know what you’re supposed to do next.”

“Yes! I’ll definitely accomplish the mission given by Chief in full!”

“This is a mission given by my master. If even the slightest problems arise, your head will pay the price not a second longer after the mistake has been made,” Hannya said coldly.

Hashimoto swallowed his saliva audibly. He shouted, “Yes!”

Possibly the strongest and threatening underground syndicate, Yamaguchi-gumi, was one of the components of Yamata Sect!

In the clubhouse, the situation turned crystal clear.

Disdain appeared in Iburo’s bean-sized eyes. Waving his hand, he said to his people, “Go forward and check carefully!”

After yelling in acknowledgement, the group of guys and ladies immediately stepped forward roughly as they prepared to remove Liu Yun’s and his assistant’s clothing.

The two bodyguards from the special forces stopped enduring. Stepping forward, they wanted to fight the few members of Yamaguchi-gumi to knock them out.

Unexpectedly, although these members appeared ordinary, they were all carefully selected experts of judo or karate. Each of them was at the level of black belt, and at the same time had much experience in violent fights.

The two special agents didn’t manage to block too many attacks before getting whacked by the seven or eight members together, causing them to bleed so much that they couldn’t move anymore!

Liu Yun and his assistant naturally couldn’t resist. After being grabbed by the few members, their clothing got forcefully removed.

Two female members searched around the pockets of their suits. Suddenly, they took out three or four packs of white-colored powder! It was the heroin they were looking for!

Liu Yun immediately paled. Angrily, he turned his gaze to the two ladies who gave them a massage earlier, only to see that their heads were lowered as they remained quiet.

“These don’t belong to me! These two ladies must’ve snuck them into my pocket!” Liu Yun shouted in shock.

“Do you think I’ll believe you? Why would two masseurs do that to you out of nowhere? Also, how are they able to obtain such a huge amount of heroin?” Iburo said contemptful.

One of the masseurs raised her head and yelled, “Sir, you can’t slander us. We don’t know you two at all!”

Liu Yun was so mad that he almost went crazy. As he recalled, he realized that the lady rubbed his back with her bosom earlier not to seduce him, but to distract him so that she could insert the heroin packs into their pockets!

It was such a deep plot. The most important part wasn’t the plot itself, but the fact that someone managed to fully have the situation under control flawlessly!

Cold sweat exuded from Liu Yun’s forehead. Just whom did I provoke?! Why did something like this happen at such a moment?!

“I want to make a phone call.” Liu Yun shouted repeatedly, realizing that he was getting caught one way or another. He wanted to report to his father Liu Kangbai, as only he could get him out of this situation.

However, Iburo snorted coldly before saying, “Mr Liu, you tricked us once before. Do you think we’ll fall for your lie again? Take him away!”

Liu Yun’s phone got snatched away by a female member, even the stuff of his assistants got all taken away.

The members from Yamaguchi-gumi abducted the two and sealed their mouths with duct tape. After walking out of the clubhouse, they boarded a white Toyota van.

After around twenty minutes, the door of the car got opened again.

Liu Yun and his assistant could be seen walking on the streets again with their suits worn tidily, without any unusualities. They walked back to their car, but their two bodyguards weren’t following them this time.

On the sparse street, no one noticed any abnormalities.