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Seeing that Liu Kangbai had been gotten rid of, instead of wondering how the ship started moving, the first thing the guests did was wave and shout, hoping to tell the people on the destroyer that Liu Kangbai had already been thrown into the ocean!

Makedon’s voice came swiftly from the speakers.

“I’m very satisfied with each of your cooperation. Everyone is safe now, while the countdown on our missile launcher has stopped. The cruise will arrive at the port in an hour’s time, I hope everyone to have a happy journey…”

This news instantly relieved the guests on the cruise. Including the bodyguards originally working for Liu clan, staff, servants, and the guests, they felt lucky that they managed to secure their lives. Regarding Liu Kangbai who floated far away on the lifeboat, he had long been forgotten!

Go as far as you can, don’t get us involved!

Following the improvement of the atmosphere on the cruise, the guests are started to curse the father and son of the Liu clan, while some of them discussed just whom the Liu clan provoked.

At this moment, a military helicopter suddenly emerged from the back of the warship. Within a little more than a minute, it hovered above the cruise.

The guests on the cruise were rather afraid, as they were worried that bullets would start to rain from the two muzzles. The cruel pirates might’ve decided to use machine guns to kill instead of a missile, but they still kept their promise.

“Quickly hide inside!”

A few people shouted before the others became aware of the situation, and started squeezing into the cabin disorderly.

The deck of the cruise became a mess while the helicopter gradually decreased its altitude. Soon, a voice could be heard coming from the loudspeaker attached on the helicopter.

“May Miss An Xin and Mr An Zaihuan please present yourselves? The captain is summoning you.”

As soon as the sound got broadcast onto the cruise, the guests immediately turned their gazes towards An Zaihuan and An Xin who were standing at a corner.

An Xin wasn’t surprised as she saw it coming, but An Zaihuan was sweating heavily. Are they planning to take action on the An family after taking care of Liu family? Is it because we’re immediately getting related through marriage, so we would be dealt with together?

An Zaihuan regretted his decisions so much his insides turned sour. What the heck is with this luck? I put in so much effort to marry my daughter to Liu clan but something this ridiculous happened?! Worried, he shouted loudly, “Don’t look at us this way! The wedding didn’t go through! We’re not related to Liu clan in any way!”

However, the group of guests weren’t concerned. They newly retrieved their missile, what would happen if they went against their words?

“You’ve been summoned. Go now! Quickly!”

“Do you want to get us killed?! Quickly get your ass over there!

The helicopter hovered twenty meters above the cruise, and put down a rope ladder from above. Obviously, they were waiting for the two from An clan to board the helicopter.

An Zaihuan didn’t know what to do when the bunch of people stared at him fiercely.

When he wanted to ask his daughter what he should do, he noticed that An Xin didn’t want to entertain him anymore, and walked towards the ladder herself.

“An Xin! Don’t go! You’ll be dead if you go!” An Zaihuan hurriedly grasped An Xin’s arm.

“My dear father, do you think we’d be fine if we stayed here? Furthermore, how are you so sure that I’ll die if I go there? What if the captain knows us and wants to have a chat?” An Xin said scornfully to her father. Back then, she used to only complain about him, but after getting abducted to Japan and forced to marry Liu Yun, An Xin finally understood her position in her father’s heart.

He was a father who didn’t care about his daughter’s feelings, but treated her as a bargaining chip instead. Although she didn’t go so far to cut all relations with her father, he evidently didn’t deserve her respect anymore.

An Zaihuan paled. Seeing the fierce gazes of the guests, he could only force himself to follow An Xin to the ladder.

Being watched by the guests who appeared relieved, An Xin and An Zaihuan boarded the helicopter one after another.

The helicopter didn't stay there for long, but directly flew back to the warship behind.

Upon boarding the helicopter, An Zaihuan felt an atmosphere different from what he imagined. There was a caucasian soldier wearing a camouflage uniform who welcomed them aboard, and a soldier driving the aircraft. Both of them treated the two in a friendly manner, with a smile on their faces.

Can it really be someone we know? An Zaihuan couldn’t help but to think this way, but he still couldn’t think of someone he knew who was a pirate and acted so fiercely. Captain Makedon? I don’t know him at all!

On the other hand, An Xin held a smile on her face. Although she knew that the ‘wonderful wedding’ mentioned by Yang Chen would be unique, she didn’t know it would be so domineering that even a nuclear warhead was brought over. It was too imposing!

During the journey in the helicopter, the warship stopped moving on the ocean, and slowly separated with the cruise, staying in the middle of the sea alone.

After the helicopter landed on the helipad of the warship, a bunch of people were there waiting on the deck.

Feeling uneasy, An Zaihuan exit the helicopter after An Xin went down.

Upon exiting the aircraft, An Zaihuan saw his rebellious daughter rushing towards a man on the opposite like a happy little bird. She jumped into the arms of the man and hooked his neck with her arms, before starting to kiss him passionately in public!

An Zaihuan’s body stiffened on the spot. He wasn’t concerned about who was around him anymore. Dumbstruck, he gazed at his daughter making out with a man publicly.

Yang Chen was rather unprepared. When he wanted to say something, An Xin whose hair was still tied up in a bun in preparation for the wedding previously, rushed towards and hugged him like a koala, hanging the center of gravity of her body on his.

The ice-cold lips and burning-hot tongue made Yang Chen feel incredibly comfortable, causing him to generously respond to her kiss. He placed his hands on An Xin’s backside and groped them forcefully, causing her to stick to him even tighter.

Yang Chen could feel An Xin’s ecstasy and surging love through the passionate kiss. It was the kind of gratefulness that made Yang Chen indulge in the feeling.

“Babe, let’s stop here for now. We can’t just exercise on the deck right?” Yang Chen said smilingly as he touched An Xin’s face.

An Xin blushed. She got too excited when she spotted Yang Chen, as if he was the only figure in the entire world. Without hesitating, she pounced on Yang Chen to kiss him.

At this moment, An Xin noticed that there were actually people dressed in various ways standing behind Yang Chen. Shyly, she separated with Yang Chen and nodded at them.

An Zaihuan could finally take a good look as to whom his daughter was hugging. Isn’t this average-looking young man wearing a simple black jacket and light-colored slacks the one who slept with An Xin at a hotel and got arrested afterwards?!

An Zaihuan was dumbfounded. He thought that the arrogant young man was merely an ordinary man. Judging from the situation today… is it possible that he’s the one behind all that  had just happened?! Who the heck is he?!

Yang Chen held An Xin’s soft waist and turned her around to introduce the people around, but he spoke using English, since these people were from all around the world. Being a stewardess of international flights, An Xin naturally understood a few foreign languages.

“This red-haired fellow is called Sauron, just call him Red Hair.”

Sauron didn’t hold any expression on his face, but sincerely nodded at An Xin. To this steel-like man, bowing with his neck was already a sign of huge respect.

“This bald fatty is Makedon. This ship is stolen by his men, we still have to return it later,” Yang Chen said and chuckled as he pointed at Makedon.

Makedon, who was biting a cigar, got displeased after hearing what Yang Chen said. Taking his cigar down, he said, “Plu— erm no, Yang, I feel like it’s more appropriate to use the word ‘borrowed’, Hatakaze is too insignificant for us to steal. Here at Mossad, we pride ourselves with stealing nothing short of a cruiser. We wouldn’t want a crap like this even if it were free. We’re just using it temporarily, not like the Japan Self-Defense Forces didn’t allow us to.”

“It’s just that they didn’t notice,” Sauron added.

Yang Chen ignored them and continued pointing at a blonde-haired, handsome-looking, and tall white man. He wore a earring which looked like a gold coin that seemed rare.

“This guy is called Edward. He’s considered to be the type to look for things to do all day out of boredom, and he’s very petty. He came here all the way from England just to eat for free, you can completely ignore him,” Yang Chen said.

Edward didn’t mind the criticism. Smiling like a gentleman, he said, “Miss An, this is the first time we’ve met but I don’t have any gifts for you. I’ll certainly bring a present for you next time.”

“Humph,” Jane who hadn’t been introduced yet snorted in contempt and rolled her eyes upon listening to Edward’s speech. “Brother Edward, you owe me seven years’ worth of gifts. If you’re so unwilling to buy presents, don’t keep telling people that you want to gift them something.”

After she finished speaking, ignoring Edward’s awkward expression, Jane said to An Xin smilingly, “Nice to meet you, you can call me Jane.”

An Xin greeted the four people with a smile before looking at Jane for a while longer. This western girl was dressed casually, but her clothing still failed to cover her poised and noble aura, especially due to the wisdom revealed in her beautiful, light blue, gem-like eyes. She definitely wasn’t an ordinary character. Evidently, Jane was an enchanting lady who would cause envy to all the women around her. I wonder what’s her relationship with Yang Chen.