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After chatting for a short while, Yang Chen asked Makedon to sail Hatakaze back to port. After everyone exit the ship, Makedon’s men would return the warship to the Japan Self-Defense Forces.

When the Japanese flag was raised on the destroyer, Hatakaze, An Xin opened her mouth in shock. She didn’t dare to believe it was really a warship stolen from Japan Self-Defense Forces.

An Zaihuan had remained silent all this while, since he vaguely felt that the few people surrounding Yang Chen were all confident and at the same time powerful. However, they all held Yang Chen in high regard, this made An Zaihuan unable to tell just who Yang Chen was.

On the other hand, An Xin wasn’t concerned about all of these. Although she soon came to the realization that Yang Chen’s background was not as clear cut as it seemed, but she was rather thoughtful in that regard as she didn’t ask any questions, since she knew Yang Chen wouldn’t be willing to explain too many things. She knew that as long as the man beside her was the man she loved, she’d be satisfied.

Being one of the best places for a vacation, Hokkaido appeared particularly scenic during winter.

The green forest was covered in a white, thick layer of snow. At the bottom of the mountain, there was a town full of traditional Japanese houses.

Yang Chen thought of something, and turned to ask Edward, “Edward, why didn’t Ron come with you?”

Smiling, Edward replied, “Ron said he was old already, and Hokkaido was too cold for him. He’d rather stay in the Mediterranean Sea for sunbaths. He asked me to convey his apologies for you, and at the same time hoped that you could meet him before he went to heaven to meet the Lord, so that you can retrieve the things you left at his place as well.”

Helplessly, Yang Chen said, “He’s still lazy as ever.”

“It’s not entirely true. At least Ron had remotely planned your journey to eat and have fun in Hokkaido,” Edward said.

“Speaking of eating, I’m really hungry now. Where are we going?” Makedon asked.

They followed Edward towards a small seaside town upon getting off the ship, but they didn’t know where they were heading to.

Edward answered, “I’ve acquired a resort here, which has the most genuine Japanese leisure facilities and food. It’s my treat to you this thime.”

Jane looked at Edward in disbelief. “My dear cousin, how much money have you taken from Ron?”

Edward immediately looked embarrassed. Coughing a few times, he said, “My distinguished younger sister Jane, can’t you save me the embarrassment…”

“You said that you can lose things like face for money,” Jane said jokingly.

Edward smiled awkwardly, but didn’t deny her statement.

An Xin felt much more relieved when she listened to them joke around. To her, these people with incredible backgrounds acted much more adorably than numerous insignificant characters.

An Xin finally understood why Yang Chen had always held an indifferent attitude. If even the people around him could simply steal a warship from Japan Self-Defense Forces to use for a while, it was hard to imagine what Yang Chen himself could achieve.

Standing at such heights, matters like those of Liu clan or An clan were indeed miscellaneous and trivial affairs which couldn’t be taken seriously.

Thinking that such a competent man was someone she met in a bar whom she could hug after meeting merely thrice, An Xin felt that fate was certainly magical.

“Yang Chen, what happened to the two people from Liu clan?” An Xin asked out of curiosity.

Yang Chen let out a mysterious smile. He said, “They… should be in for some excitement now…”

In the middle of the international waters, there was nothing around but boundless sea water.

A small lifeboat was floating on top of the ocean.

There sat two men, one young and one elderly. They were the previously abandoned Liu Kangbai and Liu Yun who was just thrown onto the lifeboat, fully naked, with only a thin piece of towel covering his body!

When Liu Kangbai wast left in the ocean alone, he shouted loudly for help for a long time. He waited for quite a while before a small yacht came to his direction. Unexpectedly, it belonged to Yamaguchi-gumi, whose men sent Liu Yun over.

Liu Kangbai wanted to ask for help, but soon saw his languished and shriveled son being thrown onto the lifeboat by the members of Yamaguchi-gumi.

They utterly ignored Liu Kangbai’s cry for help, and took a few large plastic buckets out from the yacht before opening their caps and throwing them into the ocean, surrounding the lifeboat.

Suddenly, Liu Kangbai realized that the scarlet liquid flowing out from the buckets had started  to spread throughout the sea water slowly.

Shortly after, the group from Yamaguchi-gumi left as they laughed!

Liu Kangbai was rather confused. He leaped towards Liu Yun and flipped him over. Liu Yun’s eyes were sunken in while his face had turned yellowish. Scars of whippings and beatings were evident all over his body. More grossly, the thing on Liu Yun’s lower body had gone out of shape…

Liu Kangbai recalled the clip he saw on the cruise where Liu Yun was played by the fat Japanese lady. He knew that Liu Yun must’ve been tortured so bad that he became completely handicapped.

Liu Yun’s body was extremely weak. He regained minimal consciousness and called out, “Dad.” Those were the last words he uttered.

Liu Kangbai felt hateful yet sorrowful when he saw his previously proud son suddenly become this way, but didn’t know what he could do about it as well.

What made him more upset was that he had no clue whom he provoked!

As a result, he pushed all the blame to Liu Yun. He scolded, “You’re such an unfilial child, it’s all because of your bad acts that you annoyed such a powerful character! How are we supposed to go back now?! There’s no food or water on this boat. Are we going to die here due to hunger or the cold weather?”

Liu Yun rolled his eyes, but couldn’t speak a word.

At this moment, several fins appeared, causing the surface of the ocean to become particularly turbulent!

Liu Kangbai stunned for a while before getting dumbstruck. Are they sharks?!

He thought of what he heard on the cruise. Captain Makedon said tiger sharks frequently appeared at this site…

Oh! The water buckets thrown into the ocean by those people contained fresh blood! They’re intentionally luring tiger sharks here!

Upon discovering the small lifeboat, the tiger sharks immediately started surrounding it. Evidently, they were very interested in the meat on board.

Liu Kangbai was so terrified that his body shivered. He didn’t know what he was supposed to do.

At this moment, some tiger sharks started acting on their impatience. They used their heads and tails to hit on the lifeboat!

The lifeboat shook violently. Liu Kangbai paled as he listened to the sound of the sea waves generated by the tiger sharks. He received a fright which made him feel like his soul was departing from his body!

Seeing that the lifeboat would get overturned immediately, Liu Kangbai suddenly had an idea. He came to Liu Yun’s side and lifted him up with both his arms. As malice appeared in his eyes, he said, “Son, for your dad to live, I’ll have you require to sacrifice yourself for me. I’ve fed you for more than twenty years. Since your life is ruined already, you’ll only suffer more if you continue to live. Don’t worry, I’ll find out the culprit and take revenge for you in the future!

After he finished speaking, Liu Kangbai resolutely pushed Liu Yun out of the lifeboat, causing him to fall into the ocean!

Liu Yun’s final gaze was left on the evil face of his father. It was filled with bone-penetrating hatred, which made Liu Kangbai shudder.

Quickly, Liu Yun who had fallen into the water became the target of the tiger sharks. Using their sharp, white teeth, they opened their mouths widely and began violently biting. In the blink of an eye, Liu Yun who was defenseless got his skull bitten off…

Having witnessed his son die just like this, Liu Kangbai wasn’t concerned about getting sad or regretful, but entered an insane state instead.

He knew that his idea could only temporarily distract the tiger sharks, so he had to quickly leave this region which was filled with blood. As a result, clenching his teeth, he took the oar on the lifeboat before starting to paddle with all his energy.

However, Liu Kangbai underestimated the speed and number of tiger sharks.

It didn’t take more than ten seconds for Liu Yun’s flesh and bones to be completely devoured. The increased amount of fresh blood further enraged the tiger sharks, causing them to rush towards the lifeboat!

The small lifeboat was no match for the continuous pounding by the sharks on its side. After receiving several hits, the lifeboat finally overturned!


Liu Kangbai only managed to yell a word, before silence ensued.

The sea turned peaceful again, leaving only a capsized lifeboat floating on the surface...