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If any successful entrepreneur were unaware of who the Rothschild clan was, it was no different from a soldier being unaware of Napoleon and a scientist, unaware of Einstein. It would be extremely laughable!

Developed during The French Revolution, this clan had become a legend in the financial history of the world. They would never appear in a high-profile manner, but were in fact everywhere!

Their businesses were never listed on the stock exchange, which meant they didn’t have to declare their properties.

In fact, since the nineteenth century, numerous historical books and records detailing the  Rothschild clan somehow disappeared.

The people who were interested in them could easily tell that it certainly had something to do with the mastermind of the clan. Today, none of the positive or negative news that have been reported about the Rothschild clan could be confirmed.

Many people thought a huge portion of Rothschild’s assets were destroyed during World War II and Cold War. However, how could the true power of this clan which rose among wars simply be estimated? Furthermore, having operated for a few generations, the business of the clan had gotten involved in every domain in the world. The full potential of their influence still wasn’t revealed yet.

An Zaihuan’s hands shivered as he flipped open the document. Having briefly looked through the contents, he finally understood what Yang Chen meant.

Since the businesses of the Rothschild clan weren’t allowed to be listed, if their direct descendant from the family, Edward, wanted to send someone to help An Zaihuan take over Jade Clouds Corporation, the person certainly wouldn’t appear as the leader of the company, but would only help An Zaihuan to deal with usual problems of business operations secretly.

However, the condition that they offered was to receive half of Jade Clouds Corporation’s profits every year.

To An Zaihuan, it was an incredibly huge amount. But if the Rothschild clan was willing to lend a hand, did he still have to worry about the future of the company?!

Even if he could only receive half of the profits, the company would definitely still be much stronger than before!

When An Zaihuan nervously searched his pockets for a pen to sign the contract, Yang Chen and Edward looked at each other with a faint smile. The matter could be considered to be perfectly dealt with.

After An Zaihuan finished signing the contracts, Edward walked towards him and shook his trembling hands.

“Mr An, we don’t have too many assets in China. I hope our partnership can be a good start.” Edward appeared dignified when he was faced with serious work.

An Zaihuan’s facial expression was still very stiff. “Mr Edward, I know how strong Rothschild clan is, but I’m worried that the other shareholders would get upset if an outsider gets involved.”

“Mr An, do you know what we’re taught growing up in the family?” Edward asked weirdly.

An Zaihuan shook his head.

“Any kind of unpleasant conversations would halt immediately once money is exposed.” Edward’s smile appeared very bright at this moment.

The following procedures were much easier to deal with. An Zaihuan decided to immediately return to Zhonghai instead of taking a few more days of rest in Hokkaido. After all, many guests from the wedding would spread the news of Liu clan once they returned to Zhonghai. If the two from Liu family quickly went back to Zhonghai, the disaster in Jade Clouds Corporation could be avoided.

Yang Chen didn’t mind about his decision very much. He asked An Xin if she wanted to go back as well.

Without hesitation, An Xin decided to have fun in Hokkaido for a while longer. Evidently, she wasn’t willing to return to Zhonghai using the same flight as her father. This, to her, had become a horrifying experience.

Edward arranged two assistants to follow An Zaihuan back to Zhonghai to act as the people he’d directly contact in the future. On the other hand, Yang Chen asked Hannya to send two elites from Yamata Sect to disguise as the father and son of Liu clan, to put up a ‘car accident’, before the two ninjas returned to Japan.

Before An Zaihuan was sent off, he pondered for a while before walking towards Yang Chen with a weird smile. He said, “Mr Yang… may I… talk to my daughter for a while?”

Yang Chen replied, “Of course, you’re An Xin’s father. I’m not a bandit of any sort, why wouldn’t I allow you two to speak?”

You’re much more overbearing than bandits, An Zaihuan thought, but still held a smile on his face.

Bringing the indifferent-looking An Xin to a secluded corner, An Zaihuan said happily, “My treasured daughter, I’m very satisfied with this son-in-law you got me. I, An Zaihuan, can finally have my place in society! An clan will be the top clan in Zhonghai in no time!”

An Xin felt irritated when she saw her father’s look. Previously, when he forced her to marry Liu Yun, it was because of An clan and his own sake as well. Now that she was together with Yang Chen, all he cared about was still his reputation and enterprise. He mentioned nothing about giving her any blessings for her future.

Nothing unusual could be seen on An Xin’s face, but she felt dismal at heart.

“Is this what you want to tell me, my dear father?”

An Zaihuan still didn’t notice anything wrong. Smiling, he asked, “When are you going to get married with Yang Chen?”

An Xin snorted scornfully. “Don’t you know that Yang Chen has a wife? Your daughter is merely his outside lover.”

An Zaihuan was stunned for a while, and pondered with his eyebrows frowned. Soon, he smiled and said, “There’s nothing wrong about being a lover. It’s normal for a man as competent as him to have more than one wife. It’s not as if he’s mistreating you. You should never get mad at him, but always obey him instead. Serve him properly, so that your father can benefit as well. Do you understand?”

An Xin clenched his fists tightly until her knuckles turned white. Smiling coldly, she asked, “Are these all the things you have to say?”

“Pretty much. I’m just afraid that you’d annoy him. He doesn’t look like a good guy,” An Zaihuan said before sighing. He then changed the topic, saying, “My daughter, my great daughter, is it possible for you to snatch the position of Yang Chen’s wife? Can you be his real wife? He may really be so in love with you that he’s willing to be your husband.”

“Enough!!!” An Xin couldn’t continue listening to him anymore. Trying her best to restrain her anger, she said, “I want to be his lover because I love him. When I thought I had nothing left, I would think of him in my heart. It isn’t because he can bring wealth and power to An clan, or bring you face, that I’m willing to stay with him. But also, a person like you wouldn’t understand what true love is. After you go back, you better behave yourself. If you do anything wrong, I won’t even blink if Yang Chen wants to kill you.”

An Xin furiously turned around and walked away, leaving An Zaihuan who was tranced. He seemed extremely confused.

The others stayed in the resort comfortably in the following three days.

Yang Chen brought An Xin fishing at a seaside and skiing at a ski park. An Xin didn’t know how to ski, but she was glad to be carried on the back of Yang Chen as he swooshed through the forest.

At night, the two who were deeply in love naturally entangled together like glue.

Yang Chen finally got a taste of what it meant by seductive in nature. An Xin’s desire and stamina in bed was definitely one of the best he had encountered in his entire life. She would daringly ask for one or two rounds when they had free time during the day. Naturally, she’d go on a rampage, until late into night before she was willing to go to sleep.

If it wasn’t for his unnaturally sturdy body, any other ordinary men definitely couldn’t satisfy and stand this stunning woman.

Actually, An Xin did it intentionally. Although both of them understood how each other felt, there was still a lack of understanding between them. Now that she was sure to follow this man for the rest of her life, An Xin started planning how she could earn more recognition for herself. Even if she was merely a mistress, she still wanted to be the war machine among mistresses.

Especially when the western beauty Jane was around, An Xin certainly couldn’t ‘an xin’. What if she lost her favor in the future when more beauties wanted to snatch the man away?

[TL note: 安心 (ān xīn) means to be at ease.]

An Xin was very aware of her appearance. Although her body was outstanding, she was still inferior when compared to a lady like Jane who had an incredible appereance and aura. As a result, An Xin was most concerned about establishing a place in Yang Chen’s heart. No matter how she thought about it, freeing her restraints to be a vixen around him seemed to be the best choice.

Yang Chen could vaguely feel An Xin’s intention. He couldn’t help but to think of the imperial harem of ancient emperors. An Xin should be feeling like a concubine who was competing for the love of the emperor.

However, the queens would allow the emperors to sleep with the concubines. Sister Lin from his house wouldn’t even pick up his phone calls since the day she picked up his call, let alone allowing him to enter her room to get intimate…

Yang Chen was wondering if he should hold a strong attitude when he returned to the country, to talk about other things only after forcefully doing it, to subdue the rouse using a gun!

However, when he thought of how stubborn Lin Ruoxi was, he soon gave up his thought while exuding cold sweat, as she’d really commit suicide by banging herself into a wall.

The vacation was finally coming to an end. Yang Chen and An Xin had to return to the country to celebrate Chinese New Year. Thus, they needed to go to the airport on the fourth day.

During the night before they left, in the luxury room of the resort, Edward sat on the sofa, while his cousin Jane was standing on the opposite while staring into the distance.

Jane’s amber hair looked like it was just washed. Being reflective, it seemed like the most precious of silk one could find.

Edward was holding a glass of lafite in hand. After carefully tasting the wine, he said, “Jane, Yang Chen has stuck with Miss An Xin for the past three days. I have to say it isn’t a good sign for you.”

“That’s none of your business. I’ve said this before, I’ll decide myself on how I’m getting along with Yang Chen,” Jane said calmly.

Edward shook his head. “The problem is you haven’t even been able to talk to him. How are you going to improve upon your relationship this way? The time where it’s too late for you to get his heart will come one day.”

“I’m his doctor. He won’t be able to leave me,” Jane said.

“If his illness doesn’t strike, he will leave you!” Edward sounded very serious. “My dear sister, you should know that our clan has their eyes set on you.”

“I have contributed to the clan more than most members. Do I have to live my life as a mission to accomplish as well?”

Edward squinted as a light flashed in his eyes. He then sighed and said, “Jane, you must be aware that there are almost more than thirty pairs of married couples in Rothschild family who are close relatives of the clan. Our royal bloodline is slowly decaying. We need a brand new, absolutely noble bloodline to mix into our clan.

“You are the female member we’re most proud of, while Yang Chen will be the most important key to secure our position in the world. We need to establish a substantial relationship with him before he can be considered one of us. We can gain deterrence towards other clans from him. You should understand this simple principle. The expectations the elderly have towards you are far beyond your simple comprehension.”

“Edward.” Jane turned around and look at her cousin furiously. “Did you only become Yang Chen’s friend to take advantage on his influence?”

“Of course not, but other than being his friend, I’m also a proud member of the Rothschild clan, as well as a brother who hopes for his sister to be happy!” Solemnly, Edward said, “Jane, stop being so cowardly. This doesn’t look like you. You should confess to him since you love him. Even if he already has Persephone as his wife, and has other lovers at the same time, it doesn’t mean you can’t also obtain his love!”

Jane looked dismal as she remained silent. After a long time, she said softly, “Edward, I’m tired now. Leave.”

Edward sighed deeply before downing his grape wine and leaving the room.

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